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A/N* All characters are over 18 and consenting adults. No trigger warns in this one folks! This is part of a series I have been working on awhile and each chapter is related but meant to stand alone for it’s own kink n fun. FYI The character Andrew lives at home with his widowed mother Liza, this is part on a large work that is focused on a Mother/son incest storyline*


Andrew had just gotten home from his classes and didn’t expect his mom home for about another hour. So he started some laundry, grabbing a basket and filling it with his weeks work of pants, shirts and socks. Stripping off the shirt and pants he had worn today and put on some basketball shorts. He waited for the washer to fill and added his clothes, closed the lid and left the laundry room. He was making himself a sandwich in the kitchen when he heard the door bell ring. Shuffling over to the door he pressed his eye close to the peephole in the front door, it was a young lady with long brown hair and the cheer uniform of his community college.

Andrew opened the door and instantly recognized the girl on the porch. It was Jennifer, one of the cheerleaders, very upper class local hierarchy. Her dad was a rich computer wiz and she lived in the huge home that overlooked the town. “Hi Jennifer, what’s up?” Andrew just wondered what she wanted from him, and who gave her his address.

“Oh hi Drew! Um….Can I come in?” She looked behind her nervously and sidled past him into the house without waiting for him to accept. He let her, it wasn’t like he objected to having her in his home. Just didn’t know why she was here.

Jennifer slowly entered his living room like a nervous gazelle, checking every corner of the room and listening for noises. He wondered if she expected anyone else to be here. He figured he give her some time before shooing her away before his mom got home, in about 45 minutes.

“So Andrew…” She she patted the couch next to her which she had daintily perched. Knees shut. “You know how I am friends with Amelia?” He nodded. “She was telling me about you and it got me really curious, the…. stuff she told me.” He instantly knew she meant the intimate stuff that he had done with Amelia, they hadn’t had sex but had messed around alot and it had been fun. When she shut up.


She looked at the walls of the room and not at his face, her hands were wringing her purse in her lap. “I was wondering, if you know, you could do that stuff with me!” Her eye darted to his in alarm and looked away from him again. She seemed to expect immediate rejection and her stiff muscles showed how agitated she was.

Andrew shrugged, “Okay.” It sounded pretty harmless, she had just asked him if he would kiss her and whatever. Nothing he wasn’t perfectly willing to do at any moment of his life. She nearly jumped off the couch, standing over him. “Really?” Her voice awkwardly loud in his quiet house. Andrew followed her up off the 1xbet yeni giriş couch, standing infront of her. He reached out his hand for her to take and she did. His other arm wrapped around her waist and pulled her into him. Gently bringing them together for a light kiss on the lips. Jennifer sighed against his face and kissed him again, then again.

He fully enveloped her in his arms and pressed his hands into the muscles of her back making their whole bodies touch. She sighed happily again and became relaxed in his arms. He used one hand in her hair to tilt her head and at the same time he swiped his tongue across her lower lip to request her lips to open for him. She got the hint and he slowly reached for her tongue with his, finding her mouth minty. She really had come over in hopes of kissing him.

She responded enthusiastically and fully opened her mouth and shoved her tongue against his. It was a bit much but he really liked her enthusiasm. Amelia had never been half as enthusiastic as Jennifer. Her excitement got to him and he felt his cock rising against his basketball shorts. She was also grinding her little body against him as they kissed. Minutes passed and she parted her legs and he used his knee to press against her mound as she ground herself against it while they kissed.

“Oh my god Andrew!” She gasped at an air break for them. “Please fuck me! OH man, I need it now, I want you to do it!” She almost shouted at him.

“What do you mean?” Andrew said while he used his fingers to brush her hair away from her rosy cheeks. Her eyes got big and round and vulnerable. “I.. well… I’m…uh… okay so… I’ve tried to get close to other guys you know? They were so stupid that I just hated it. Like. Ew! And then Amelia told me about you and I hoped you weren’t so gross, and instead you are really.. Like… so good!” Her face blushed red. “I want you to pop my cherry Andrew!”

Andrew was shocked and his face showed it, making him blush instantly. They were standing with their arms wrapped around each other both beet red.

“Wow!” He said seriously considering whether he really should do it. But looking at her hopeful face. He realized that she had obviously thought about this and it’s what she wanted. That she is trusting him by asking him this and the inherent secret they two would keep.

He leaned forward and whispered in her ear, “take off your panties Jennifer.”

He could see her quiver and blink at him, but bent down and hooked her panties under her cheer skirt and yanked them down. Kicking them off over her tennis shoes and across the floor. Andrew sat back on the couch and beckoned her onto his lap, she giggled and straddled his hips with her knees and they kissed some more. But this time his fingers went under her skirt and she was moaning and writhing in his lap as he circled her clit and plunged fingers into her fresh virgin pussy.

She broke off the kiss with a moan and 1xbet giriş her back bowing from his magical fingers. “Okay! Okay… I’m ready.. God Andrew… stop..ohhh!” He teased her clit and took his fingers out of her wet ready pussy. She leaned over and grabbed her little purse and opened it. Pulling a condom from it’s depths and ripped the package open and handed it to him.

She was panting, waiting patiently while he gingerly stretched the condom over his head and down his shaft. She watched intently and it felt awkward but he knew this was new to her and she needed to see it. When he was done he pulled her hips close to him so that she could sit on his dick in the right position.

Andrew looked into her soft brown eyes as he positioned his dick at her slick entrance and pressed her hips down towards his. Extremely slowly he felt his cock stretch her lips open and begin to enter her, he didn’t rush, knowing that going slow made it much easier. “Try to relax your abdomen okay, almost like you want to pee.” He said, her eyes were closed and she focused on the sensation. Slowly pressing down on his shaft, knees slipping further apart, her breath hitching in her throat.

Andrew stretched his neck out to kiss her collar bone and shoulders, she pushed suddenly and pressed all the way down to take his whole shaft inside her. “Ohh!” She said with only a tiny tinge of pain in her voice. “It feels so big inside me, stretching me wide open, oh my god!” It might be overwhelming for her so he didn’t begin fucking her yet. Instead he wrapped his arms around her and continued their make out session, in minutes she was writhing again and pumping her own hips against his. Only when he felt her wetness reach his balls did he begin pushing up into her, she was pleasantly surprised and within minutes she was moaning loudly and bouncing in his lap singing his praises.

Andrew found Jennifer’s loudness to be endearing and hilarious. She also just couldn’t shut up and continued to tell him how good it feels, how hot her cunt is and how she is so happy that she came over to do this. His ego expanded two sizes, into very fat and happy and he knew he would be telling Brandon all about this later.

Leaving her name out of course.

Jennifer came on his cock, face blushing scarlet and hips grinding his.

Just as he pulled out of her still hard, the washer beeped it’s cycle done. It made him think of something and he stood up and pulled her along with him. “Come here Jen.” He tugged her into the laundry room.

Quickly he pulled his clean clothes out and threw them into the dryer and turned it on. He picked up Jennifer and set her on top the dryer, at the perfect height for him to fuck her bright red pussy that he finally got a glance at while spreading her legs and folding up her cheer skirt.

“Is this good for the dryer?” She asked just before he pushed his cock back into her, see-sawing until her wetness recovered 1xbet güvenilirmi on the condom. “Oh…oh…..ooohhhhh” She made little cooing noises while he set to work thrusting into her shallowly while the dryer giggled under her ass. Her limbs wrapped around his shoulders and waist as she went along for the ride.

The shallow but rough thrusting allowed them to last awhile and Andrew had completely forgotten about the time. No clock in the laundry room, the noise of the dryer muffled everything outside the small space. Which meant he had no idea that his mother had arrived to the sound of a teenage girl moaning somewhere in the house.


“Andrew?” She called and got no answer, the sound of love making was obvious and she was surprised that whoever the girl was was quite passionate. She didn’t remember having that good of sex in her earlier years. She wondered if it was Andrew at all but other people?

Finally she walked up to the laundry room, the moaning and voices quite loud and clear now, no mistaking where it was coming from now. The door was cracked and robotically her hand pressed against the door and she took in the sight.

A cheerleader was bare assed on her washer while her son was rutting into her pussy. A bright red condom caught her eye and held it. Liza just stared at her sons cock thrusting into the young lady. Spell bound and quiet she stood in her gym clothing just watching the two mature teens fuck in her laundry room. The noises were obnoxiously loud at this proximity, Jennifer’s voice pleading with him.

“Oh god Andrew! Oh My God! Andrew! Ah, ah, ah, ah, yeah! Keep going! Don’t stop, it’s so much! Too much Oh my god!” Her back and shoulders wiggled and she used her grip on his biceps to keep him locked together with her. She began to come, body jerking and flexing and spine bowing.

In that moment Andrew looked over and saw his mom. Instead of feeling shame, Andrew felt pride. He was making this girl come so fucking hard for his cock that she was drooling. His mom was staring at his cock and took a moment to register his face turned to hers. Liza’s face went bright red and Andrew slowly gave her a mischievous grin, a silent promise of pleasure in his arms.

Liza took a breath as if to say something but instead ran away. He could hear her footsteps through the kitchen and down the hall and up the stairs. He held Jennifer close and let her calm down, completely unknown to her that she had had a spectator to her orgasm. A deep satisfaction settled over the two teens, that frankly, had very little to do with each other.

“Would you like to use the half bath right here?” Andrew opened up the door leading towards the garage that hid a half bath and a storage closet that was extremely convenient for a busy family. Jennifer followed his suggestion, bouncing off the dryer and closed herself into the tiny room. He heard the sink pouring and the cabinet door bounce as she closed it.

Andrew was still smiling to himself as he was pulling the condom off his cock and tied it off. Then tossed it into the trash that was in the laundry room, not caring about hiding it.

His mom had already caught him red dicked.

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