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My name is Kit and I’m twenty-three years old. I know Kit is an unusual name for a man but I had no part in choosing it. My mother was consumed with American history, especially the old west. Kit Carson was a famous frontiersman and army officer. My mother was fascinated by his life and exploits and she named her only son after him. So my name is Kit and I’m used to it.

I work in the maintenance department of the local university. It’s a large state school, the job is easy and the benefits are fantastic. I earn an hourly wage higher than most non-salaried federal employees. I have fully paid health insurance and a retirement program that will follow me into early retirement and make my life easier than most.

Not bad for a guy that never graduated from high school and still lives at home with his mother. You might conclude a number of things from my situation but you’d probably be wrong about most of them. Some of you might smirk at the thought that my relationship with my mother is more than is apparent. Its not. I love my mother but I also respect her and I’d never consider approaching her for something that a son shouldn’t expect from his mother.

You might conclude that my sexual experiences have been limited because I never went to college or have an apartment to entertain female guests but you’d be wrong again. I’m very popular at the local pub and I’m there four or five times a week. I rarely leave without an attractive member of the opposite sex on my arm on the way to their home, apartment or nearby room for rent. I’m a believer in the “use it or lose it” school of physical fitness and the results have been predictable. I’ve never had a single complaint from any of the women I’ve entertained. However, I have received numerous complements.

My assignment in the maintenance department at the university is the Sports Hall. There’s a large indoor arena; several smaller gyms; workout areas and men’s and women’s locker areas with large shower rooms lined with multiple showers on the walls. I get to work at two in the afternoon and work until ten-thirty, including a thirty-minute dinner break. It’s a huge building and I’m not alone. I overlap with four other workers and spend the first half of my shift cleaning empty rooms and sweeping hallways and the floors in the gyms. The rest of the time, after most activities are complete and on non-game nights, I’m responsible for the locker rooms and showers, both the men’s and women’s. I have several green uniforms, trousers and shirts that I can rotate to have a clean one each day. The shirts have an oval on the left breast with “Kit” embroidered on it which is perfect since it’s my name.

I give each area a general cleaning, sweeping the floors, disinfecting the flat surfaces and mopping the shower floors. I’m usually finished by ten-thirty and, after a shower before leaving, I have time to visit my friends in the pub where there are attractive women usually waiting for me.

My Sunday schedule is different. Sunday mornings are reserved for intensive cleaning focused on the locker rooms and, more importantly, the showers. Activity in the Sports Hall is almost non-existent on Sunday mornings. I come in between six and seven in the morning and spend about four hours in each of the locker rooms doing a deep cleaning. On a Sunday over a year ago, I finished with the men’s locker room and shower about nine. I took a short break and started on the women’s area. The place was empty. No sounds other than the echoes of my labor. I finished the locker room area and started on the shower area by just after ten.

The shower area gets special treatment. My supervisor believes the shower area is a potential breeding ground for problems. I use a special, highly antibacterial mixture on the walls and floor of the shower. It’s a major project involving a hose, bucket full of antiseptic, a wall brush on a long handle and a mop. keçiören escort The mixture is damaging to clothing and after staining a uniform beyond recovery, I generally work in my underwear and canvas shoes.

The mixture also dries on the wall if it’s left on too long and is difficult to remove. I break the room into thirds and clean it a section at a time. I spread the cleaning solution on the wall of one side of the room and rinse it off with the hose before moving on to the back wall. I was spreading the mixture on the last wall of the room, wearing just my tighty-whities, when I heard noises coming from the locker area.

I heard the voices of excited women. Many voices. Many women. It was obvious to even me that one of the women’s teams had entered the locker room. I was stunned. I’d never encountered a team in the locker room on a Sunday before. “Why today?” I wondered. I hoped they were changing into their game uniforms prior to a practice or game. If so, I was relatively safe since they wouldn’t be taking showers. If, on the other hand, they were finishing a practice or game, I was trapped and probably fired. I kept still and as quiet as I could to avoid detection.

I learned later that the women’s softball team had an unscheduled practice that Sunday morning and had not put it on the schedule. I always checked the schedule carefully before cleaning the locker rooms just to avoid the situation that was developing. Unfortunately, the practice had just ended and the locker room was full of tired, sweaty and dirty young women who were anxious to get showers.

I’m not a big person, but my size was not important while I was trying to look as small as possible, hiding in the back corner of a large, brightly lit shower room without privacy barriers between the showers. I cowered in the far corner as the first of the athletes hung her towel on a peg at the entrance of the showers, walked in, completely naked, and turned on the first shower. While she was waiting for the water to warm, she turned and saw me.

She screamed and tried to cover herself. “What the fuck are doing in here?” she shouted. “Who the hell are you?” she added.

“I’m the maintenance man. I clean the showers every Sunday,” I said without looking up at her, trying to minimize my presence and preserve her modesty.

By now, her scream had brought the entire team into the shower, all seventeen of them. Some were naked like the first woman; others were wearing sports bras and panties. Still others wore bras without panties or panties without bras.

“You need to get out of here, now!” she said, staring directly at me with her hands on her hips ignoring her nakedness.

Her request was going to be difficult to fulfill since I had to negotiate a path through a bevy of mostly naked women.

While I was considering how I was going to proceed, another woman said, “I saw a shirt on the bench in the other room. You’re Kit, aren’t you?”

“I am,” I replied.

“I don’t care who you are. You need to leave,” the first one repeated.

“This stuff,” I said, pointing to the bucket and mop, “is not good for you. I need to rinse it off the wall and floor or your skin will burn.”

“Then hurry up,” she said as she turned under the shower and began to wash herself.

As I worked, the rest of the team finished undressing and turned on the showers where I had completed cleaning while the rest waited patiently for me to finish, all naked.

I was almost done when the woman nearest to me said, “Actually, this is quite funny. Kit,” she asked, “did you ever imagine being alone in a room with seventeen naked women?”

“I never imagined myself in a shower with more than one naked woman,” I replied.

Most of the crowd laughed at my statement. “You’re cute,” said one.

“He’s more than cute,” said another. “Kit,” she added. “Turn etlik escort around and look at me.”

I did as she asked. “Look up at me,” she ordered.

I looked up. I saw seventeen naked women looking back.

“Ladies,” she said, “he’s way more than cute. He’s excited. Look at him. He’s stiff as a bat.”

Another spoke up. “Kit, why are you wearing underwear?”

“I didn’t want to ruin my uniform,” I said candidly.

“Aren’t you afraid of ruining your underwear?” she asked.

“I hadn’t thought about it,” I answered.

“Do you believe in fair play?” the first woman asked. Her attitude was much softer now. Her initial shock and reaction seemed calmer.

“What?” I asked.

“Do you believe in fair play?” she repeated.

“I guess I do,” I answered.

“Then I think, in the interest of fairness, you should take off your underwear.”

Sixteen other voices chanted, “Take ’em off. Take ’em off.”

“You want me to get naked?” I asked. I was in over my head and taking off my underwear was certain to make things worse.

“It’s only fair. You’ve seen us naked. We should see you naked.”

“I don’t think my getting naked is appropriate,” I countered.

“Appropriate isn’t the issue. Fairness is. You’ve see ours and now we should see yours. From where I stand you don’t have anything to be ashamed of.”

“Makes sense. Only …”

“Only what?” she asked.

“In my experience, taking off my clothes leads to nakedness and nakedness leads to other things.”

“Oooh,” said sixteen voices.

“Depending on what you show me, I’m okay with that,” she said. She turned to the other women, “Are you okay with that?” she asked.

The chorus responded on cue, “Yesssss.” “I want to see,” echoed a single voice in the rear.

I caved. It wasn’t that difficult. I actually thought that looking for a new job was worth the potential benefit that these seventeen women presented. I stripped off my Fruit of the Looms. I stood proudly in front of the softball team, waving my bannerless staff in front of them. I was pleased with my “use it or lose it” philosophy and the many practice sessions I managed to perform. Apparently, so was the women’s softball team.

A blonde pushed through the crowd. “I want to fuck that,” she said.

“Wait your turn,” said another.

“Kit,” said the first woman. “Would you like to fuck all of us?”

“How many days do I have?” I asked.

“You have a point. There’s no way we could all be satisfied today.” She turned to the group. “Do any of you have any suggestions?”

The blonde spoke up. “Why don’t we all sample him today and then work out a schedule for each of us to spend time alone with him?”

“I like that. How many of you want to sample fuck Kit now?” she asked.

Seventeen hands went up. One cock went up further.

“Okay. Here’s what we’re going to do. Kit, come up here behind me. I’ll bend over and you can push into me from behind and fuck me. Don’t go too far. You have to last for all seventeen of us. Maybe just a half dozen strokes then you move to the next one of us who will bend over next to me. If you get through all seventeen of us, I’ll finish you off and the others will set up meetings with you later. You good with that?”

I nodded. What else could I do? What would you have done? I thought it was the most ridiculous suggestion I’d ever heard and I was anxious to get started.

“Are you girls all right with that too?”

No one objected. Patsy, she was the team captain and the one who made the offer, bent over and I stepped up behind her. “Don’t be shy,” she stated as she reached between her legs and guided me to her pussy.

“One, two, three, four, five six.” I focused on counting to distract from the incredible feeling of being inside Patsy. Anything else would have derailed the goal of seventeen rus escort “samples,” today.

By the time I finished counting, another team member was next to Patsy.

I made it through, or is that in, all seventeen naked women. The last was the blonde. She reached behind and refused to let go of my hips when I finished counting. She pushed harder against me and pulled me into her well past the agreed upon count. We got a good rhythm going and, when she let me go, I grabbed her hips and pumped into her even harder. I didn’t last long after sampling the other sixteen women. I came strongly inside her and I felt her stiffen in response as she climaxed as well.

“That was selfish,” said Patsy to the blonde.

“It was,” she responded, “and I’d do it again.”

“You might get the chance but you’ll have to wait. You’re at the end of the line.”

“All right ladies,” said Patsy. “That’s all for today. Finish your showers and get dressed. Let’s get together in the morning and work out a schedule for time with Kit.” She turned to me. “Kit, are you okay with us generating the schedule?”

Of course I was. I’d be an idiot if I wasn’t. Anyway, I could change some of the times and dates if I had to. I gave her my cell phone number and told her to call anytime.

I finished scrubbing and rinsing the rest of the shower, picked up my stuff and left to get dressed myself. Many of the women stopped to encourage me, kiss me and make promises. One offered a tit to kiss and I gleefully took her up on it. Before I left, Patsy, stopped me and told me to wait outside until she had a chance to talk to me.

Patsy found me waiting outside around the corner. “Come with me,” she said as she led me back inside and to a small room with mats on the floor. There we got undressed again. She sucked my cock. I sucked her nipples. She sucked my balls. I sucked her clitoris. Patsy seemed impressed with my endowment. We fucked, twice.

As we got dressed, Patsy said, “Kit, I’m available whenever you want more than the schedule allows. I also think we’ll be able to get through the schedule more than once before the semester is over. We may even be able to have a go at it again next season. I hope so.”

“Patsy,” I said. “I hope you’re right. I don’t know if I’ll be available that long.”


“What we’ve done is not part of my job description. So much so, I could be fired.”

“Never happen,” she said. “None of us will ever tell and I’ll make sure we’re careful enough that no one will ever find out. And even if they do, we’ll raise so much hell they’ll never follow through with firing you. We know where all the bodies are buried and all the penises are hidden, metaphorically speaking, and you have no idea how many administrators are involved. We could screw everybody, even those we haven’t already.”

“Thanks,” I said, “and thank you and your teammates. I’m blown away.”

“Not yet, but I’m sure everyone will contribute until you are,” she said with a smile.

We got through the schedule just over three times before the end of the season. I met with them one on one, in pairs and, once, with three of them. Having more than one naked woman in bed with me at a time was addictive. Patsy got far more than her share and I got more of Patsy. I also had a half dozen extra sessions with the blonde, outside of the schedule, with a promise to not tell anyone on the team and they all knew where to find me on Sunday mornings.

The women at the pub noticed my reduced attendance, a problem I did my best to correct by spending time with more than one of them at a time.

The summer was a slow period and I compensated with more time at the pub. In the fall, before the softball season, I connected with some members of the team and they introduced me to several coeds who were new team members.

Maybe I didn’t graduate from high school or go to college but I’ve been to school in other ways and I’m a huge supporter of the women’s softball team. I look forward to the start of the season with added enthusiasm. I plan to attend every practice and game my work schedule will allow and offer whatever post game services they require.

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