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The four of them took the elevator to the tenth floor. The penthouse suite consisted of a large living room with a dining table sitting up to ten, a large main bedroom, a smaller one, a kitchen and a huge bathroom with a bath/shower and a separate Jacuzzi and sauna. The curtains were drawn and every thing was warm and cosy. There were two large settees in the living room.

As soon as they got in, they could hear that they were not alone. Moans of pleasure came from the main bedroom. Kate went to the door and looked in; Claudia was lying on her back naked, her breasts quivering, legs wide open. Randy was kneeling on the floor, his head between her legs, getting acquainted with that sweet delectable pussy! Kate noticed with admiration his firm black butt and strong muscular thighs. She closed the door and let them get on with it.

“We are booked in for two nights, guys.” Announced Sue. “Everything is paid for – just order whatever you want. Do you mind opening the champagne, George? Tonight dinner is served in about an hour – I suggest we all freshen up. Randy and Claudia seemed to have claimed the main bedroom. Still, he was the winner. Kate and George will be in the other bedroom. I am sure Ferdy and I will manage in here – we always have done, haven’t we darling?” She gave Ferdinand a loving smile. “By the way, Mr Maddox said he would try to pop in tomorrow – I know he wants to thank us all personally. I hope he makes it.”

After they had a glass of champagne and refilled their glasses, Kate and George went to their allotted room, leaving Sue and Ferdinand sitting together on the settee.

“I fancy a Jacuzzi.” Said Ferdy. “Then a sauna; sweat off some of this alcohol. Are you coming?”

“Yes, but first give me a kiss, you bugger! I am going to fuck you senseless whether you like it or not. I only get one chance a year, you miserable bastard. Do you know, I’ve been going on one-night stands for the last six months. It’s the only way I can get any! I don’t want to start anything serious until I know how I stand with you.”

Sue had taken off her jacket and kicked off her shoes as soon as she got into the room. Now she removed her top and unfastened her bra. Her breasts fell out, huge and white, wobbly with enormous round brown aureole. Her nipples stood out strongly, bursa escort bayan eager to be caressed. Sue stretched her arms in the air so that her breasts stood out proud and shapely.

“See, they’re not that bad are they?”

“You sure have lost a lot of weight, Sue.”

“Have a look at the rest, Ferdy. I did it just for you.”

She removed her shoes, unbuttoned her pants and pulled them and her panties down together. She was not wearing stockings or panty hose. She paraded her voluptuous naked white body in front of him, gently fingering her fully shaven pussy, and was pleased to notice the bulge appearing in his pants.

“I see someone’s getting in the mood, after all!” She smirked looking directly between his legs. “You’re almost as horny as I am.”

Then she pounced! She went straight to the zip and pulled it down. She tugged excitedly on the sides of his pants and got them down over his slim hips. His underwear followed; his dick sprang up ready and willing. He was leaning back on the settee with a big smile on his face. This was replaced by a look of surprise as she tore his shirt so that the buttons popped off to reveal his hairy chest. She forced him to lie horizontal and lay on top of him, kissing his mouth and face, while she grabbed and squeezed his hard, thick, long, circumcised dick.

In a trice, she had eased on top of him and rammed her wet pussy down on him. It was tight at first and it took three or four strong thrusts to get it all the way up her. She had been thinking about this moment for the last year, every day, almost every hour. In the gym or pounding the streets in her skin-tight Lycra sweat suit, she had imagined how it would feel; that had been the incentive that kept going, even through the winter nights. It was all worth it, Sue thought, as she moved up and down on him; she loved the sight of Ferdy’s face, a look of pure pleasure on his face. His blue eyes had gone a deeper colour, almost black; she had only noticed this before when he had been beside himself with anger at work. It made her even hotter and wetter; she rode him even harder. As she tightened ahead of her first orgasm, she felt him grow bigger and thicker inside her.

“You’re mine, Ferdy, and don’t you ever forget it!” She cried, as she started to rub hard bursa merkez escort on her swollen clitoris. Then she was lost as her climax ripped through her body; she screamed loud and long. She did not notice that Kate and George had returned to the room and were standing, hand in hand, with amused smiles on their faces. They had fucked quickly in the missionary position and then both cleaned up and changed into bathrobes.

Sue’s large tits bounced up and down to the rhythm she had set; Ferdy noticed their shape changing as they wobbled in front of his eyes! He placed his hands on her hips and encouraged her into an even faster pace. She was gibbering in a state of total abandonment as she went into a series of strong orgasms, her juices flowing down the crack of Ferdy’s arse onto the settee below.

Then, as he got ready to come, he took over the rhythm of the fucking, rolling her over, off the settee, down on the carpet. Now on top, he pulled in and out in long, slow and hard thrusts. She lay there in supreme ecstasy, with her eyes closed, concentrating on the spasms racking through her body; she opened them to see Kate looking down on her – she had opened her robe and was casually fingering herself.

Ferdy now put on a special show for them as he drove in and out. He loved an audience! As he reached his point of no return, he suddenly pulled out and released one long white spurt all the way over Sue’s hair, face and breasts, followed by two or three smaller, thicker deposits over her breasts, tummy and down to her shaven pussy where his juices mingled with hers. He rolled off her and lay on his back on the floor, sweating and satisfied.

Kate needed no encouragement, as she flung her robe off and joined Sue on the carpet; she rubbed her breasts against Sue’s and then licked and sucked the juices off her face and all the way down her body. She went between Sue’s legs and enjoyed the tastes of Sue and Ferdy with her tongue. This was reinforced by the sensation of George’s strong male hands behind her, parting her legs, followed by his tongue exploring her wet pussy lips and tasting the remnants of their own love-making.

Ferdinand lay next to Sue, enjoying watching the attention she was getting. Then he found he was the subject bursa sınırsız escort of the attention of sexy Claudia. She had left Randy relaxing in the bath and heard the noise from the living room; she was soon naked again! Attracted to the fluid still oozing from the end of his semi-hard member, she lowered herself on to him, her thighs on each side of his head and went down on him. Her tongue flicked out greedily to lick the tip of his penis, which was rock hard again now. She grinned insatiably and took him in her mouth and began to suck up and down as she pushed her pussy, fresh from the bath, down on his face.

Ferdy could hardly breathe but soon allowed his tongue to enter her, sliding up to the clitoris. They feasted on each other; soon Claudia was pushing a finger up his tight bum-hole. Ferdy reciprocated by pushing his index finger up hers. They finger fucked together until Claudia had to pull up and release him from her mouth; her orgasms were returning and she squealed with pleasure. As Ferdy found her spot and rubbed harder, she felt as if she was about to pee into his face.

“Stop, please! I can’t take any more.”

Although he had stopped sucking her as he pushed her up so he could breathe properly, he continued finger fucking her arse hole until she exploded. He felt a big shower of sweet, musky liquid shooting over his face and stinging his eyes; he was shocked – no woman had ever done that to him. Claudia was shocked by the strongest, longest, most satisfying orgasm she had ever known; it seemed to go on forever!

Even George, who was now taking Kate from behind and getting ready to come himself, was distracted by the noise Claudia was making. It spurred him on to thrust in harder and harder. As he came, Kate came. As Kate came, Sue came. Claudia had returned to straddle Ferdy; he was the last to come so he had an audience as he grunted and released himself into her. What an audience he thought:

Sue, lying there with her legs open, a large pool of juice on the carpet between her legs.

Kate kneeling on all fours, with George on her back in a state of exhaustion.

Claudia looking down with that sex-mad expression on her face, as if she had enjoyed her starters and was now ready for the main dish.

Randy, standing there in his bathrobe, wandering whether he had missed the party.

And, as if from nowhere, their old friend Frobisher, Mr Maddox’s butler, standing by the table as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened. His studied English voice broke the silence.

“Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Dinner is served.”

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