Kira and the Satyr

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Back in the times of Greek mythology there lived all kinds of mythical creatures. Our story tells about two such creatures, Kira got it?’ He said “Oh but my sweet you don’t mean that, this is what you were made for, our parts would fit so well together. Believe me, I know!”She then made a face and said, “No they don’t and never will, no matter how much you flatter me, I’m just not interested”. But, she kept on looking at his crotch and felt warm between her legs. He inched a little closer to her pretending to look at something on the ground and then he reached out to grab her arm, and found only empty space. Looking up, he saw her a few feet away laughing at him.“You think you are so clever, Ha! Not by a long shot my friend” and she took her basket of mushrooms and ran off into the forest. Oh darn, I was so close, he lay back and continued to stroke his dick dreaming of what might have been. He finally ended up having a great climax, shooting way up into the air. He then laughed got up and continued on his tour of the forest, thinking oh my Kira there will be another day just you wait oh yes indeed!So as the days went by Kira and Kronos would meet in the forest he always trying to seduce her and she kept laughing at him and running away. Being so much smaller than him, she was way more nimble.But, he was not one to give up and told himself, “one day, my Kira, one day!” This was one game he was going to win no matter how long it took him.In the meantime he met all of his neighbors some even of his own kind, they invited him to come party with them, which he did with great enthusiasm. He did love his wine and dancing and there were always some human girls at these parties they were so easy to flatter, easily coming under the satyr’s powers. Once these girls got a taste of what the satyrs had to offer they then couldn’t stay away from them for very long. Human boys and men could never measure up to what the satyrs gave them. The girls may escort avcılar have gone home sore and that was a fact, but they also were very, very satisfied. That would lead to lots of parties and all kinds of pleasures which Kronos was up for at all times. He had a good life and knew it. The only fly in the ointment was Kira. He just wasn’t making any headway with her and for some reason, she was what he wanted most, he was becoming obsessed with her. Just thinking about her made his dick become so engorged that he had to stroke it, til he got some relief. So his days went on like this but overall he was a happy satyr. And he had a lot of patience too. One day he would say to himself, one day.Then one day his luck changed for the better. He came upon Kira, singing and dancing around her woodland friends. As usual when she saw him he mocked him and ran away. This time he followed her trying to keep up, he wasn’t giving up. Finally tiring, she nimbly climbed up a tree and settled on a branch just out of his reach. She smiled at him, and said “Now what will you do? You can’t reach me so why don’t you just give up?”He said, “I will never give up, I must have you and that is all there is to it.”Then he started with his usual flattery. “Now Kira honey, why don’t you just relax? I won’t hurt you, I just want to give you pleasure.” His member was huge by now and the loincloth didn’t cover him at all. He started to stroke it as he talked to her. This always worked for him with other girls.But Kira just shook her head and said “In your dreams Kronos”! All of a sudden she heard a crack and said “Oh no”, and the tree limb broke away from the trunk, crashing down and taking Kira with it. She landed with a loud thump and lay still. Kronos rushed over to her to see if she was alive. Bendingdown he put his ear to her chest and listened. Then he heard a heartbeat and relaxed. Oh that was close, he didn’t want to lose his Kira. Then he looked escort bahcesehir at her, this being the first time he had ever been this close. She was so lovely. Dare he touch her? Oh of course, she needed to be touched and he was just the satyr to do it, he chuckled to himself.As he was thinking these thoughts, he heard her groan a little. Good she was going to be alright. He bent down and said, ” Kira how do you feel?Where are you hurt?” She moaned; ” I hurt all over, but I think I am alright” He said, ” I better check, just to make sure.” She said, ” Okay “Pushing her skimpy transparent garment to the side, to have a better look he now saw there was going to be some bruises, but that was all.He said; “It looks like your going to live” and he then bent down andgently kissed her lips. She looked up at him and smiled.He was encouraged.He lightly ran his hand along the side of her neck and down to her sweet breast pushing it gently inwards. He then did the same with the other one, making them come together, so pretty. Now they were easier to put his face between them and lick each one in turn and suck at them. She moaned a little, wanting him to do more.Oh this was glorious; his engorged member was beginning to ache now. He wanted to put it in and bang at her, just thinking about it made his member drip pre-cum. Then just as he was positioning himself between her legs, he thought no, he shouldn’t do this so fast. He had waited so long he should make the best of it, as he might not get another chance at her. There were just so many things he wanted to do to her.So, he got comfortable, spread her legs nice and wide and looked at her pussy. It was like one of her flowers with many folds which he spread apart with his fingers then he saw what he was looking for her little button. He then bent down and flicked it with his tongue. At the same time his large finger stroked her along the folds. He flicked and sucked on her for awhile,causing beylikdüzü escort her to moan louder.So, he went back to sucking and licking her. But now his tongue traveled all along the folds too, while his finger went inside moving in and out she then got very wet so he was able to put two fingers in.More moans came from her as she started to squirm. Oh gods but he was enjoying himself eating her pussy and with his free hand stroking his engorged member which was really aching now and more pre-cum was leaking out of the head. He smeared this all over his phallus and then moved into position. First he rubbed her up and down the folds giving her button extra rubs, she moaned some more, this encouraged him to go on.Now he guided his dick to her entrance and pushed the head in then stopped. Yes she was so wet and tight so he slowly pushed himself in a little more and sucked at her nipples at the same time.He was sweating a lot now trying to keep control himself to last as long as he could.As he moved deeply in and out of her she began to moan louder and squirmed underneath him. He liked looking at her this way it was so hot. He kept on moving building up a faster pace, and then he would slow his strokes down, and then quicken them again. This was what he was meant to do, oh gods he knew he was getting closer. Kira moaned some more and moved under him like she was getting close to coming too. He had seen it many, many times in his life.So then he took her hands in his big ones and held them above her head, she continued to moan, he put his lips on hers, and slipped his tongue inside.Her tongue mingled with his and her body started to move in sync. with his. He began to move faster and deeper pausing to rotate his hips just before driving in again. He wanted her little button to be rubbed as well as the rest of her pussy. She just moaned all the more, making him move faster and faster.He pulled out of her completely and lifted her up and carried her to a large rock nearby and turned her around to face the rock and pushed her against it. Then he pulled her hips towards him and slid his huge rock hard dick back inside of her.She hung onto the rock arched her back and shouted, “Don’t stop.

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