Kim Possible: Dreams Can Come True – Chapter 5

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Kim Possible: Dreams Can Come True – Chapter 5Kim Possible: Dreams Can Come True – Chapter 5 – Up Your Lair!!!Ron was a little distracted during the briefing of the mission so he asked Kim all about as soon as the opportunity arose.”Wade showed me a video of Drakken and Senior Jr. fighting in a lab. He said that they stole a bottle of pheromones, for whatever reason,” Kim replied. “They entered a cosmetics lab and stole a bottle of human pheromones.””A cosmetics lab? And what is pheromones?” Ron asked with a puzzled look in his face.He may be good with computers, but Biology was way out of league.”This lab was testing a perfume which contained human pheromones. It’s an essence that is produced from the human body and make other people feel good around you. It was originally designed to help people relax in stressful situations.”With that, Kim turned her attention to the maps that were in front of her. They knew that the bottle was in Drakken’s new lair in Central Europe, but didn’t quite know the full layout of his new lair yet.For the rest of the trip Kim was studying the maps and Ron was studying Kim’s ass. The tape he saw that morning put their friendship to a new, albeit more perverted, point of view. Ron tried a few times to begin a conversation about Kim and how she was feeling lately, but Kim quickly stopped every conversation from starting by saying that she had to study the maps and to make plans for when they get there. She did that, not because she had to, but because her pussy canlı poker oyna had begun itching again.She was once again feeling horny, but she had to save the world first…Finally, after a long trip, they were on the ridge of the mountain and the two of them started climbing upwards. It wasn’t an easy task, but it was safer. Kim was going first. Her pussy still itched and she felt very horny, so she thought going first would distract her from looking up at Ron’s ass and getting rather naughty thoughts running around in her head as he climbed. She thought that she felt a moist between her legs worsen with every ledge they reached, but had no idea as to how she was going to see just how moist she was.Ron was climbing behind her. He was trying not to concentrate on Kim’s ass and his own safety, but it was impossible. He noticed the wetness between her legs, even through the thick clothes they were wearing, and wandered why his friend was so horny. And what could possibly get her in such a state.They reached Drakken’s lair from the back, thinking that if they entered from the front they would be easily spotted. They opened a hole in the wall, entered the building and started searching for Drakken and this new pheromones based perfume.They searched every room on the main floor, but Drakken was nowhere to find. Neither was the perfume or Drakken’s sidekick, Shego. There was no one there to set up the traps, fire at them or trigger the alarm.”That was very easy,” Kim said. “Let’s canlı bahis check upstairs, hopefully something will present itself,” and off she went to the staircase.The first floor of Drakken’s lair could be described “simple” at best. It was a long corridor with three door sat the end of it. One on the left, one on the right and one on the center wall. They started walking the corridor, making no noise.”Are smelling something funny?” asked Ron, holding his nose.”Yes. But I can’t understand what it is,” Kim replied as she crept along.Then, they heard a noise come from behind the door at the central wall. They approached quickly but quietly and peaked through the half open door. What they saw took them both by surprise.Inside the room was a king size bed. Lying on the bed was Drakken, naked with his cock buried deep inside Shego’s mouth.She was also naked, on all fours, sucking Drakken’s dick like there were no tomorrow. And loving the sensation of having him inside of her.They could only see Shego’s back, but they had a full view of her wet pink pussy.”Your mouth is so sweet and hot baby, but now I want your pussy,” Drakken said to Shego.Shego let the dick out her mouth and climbed on top of Drakken. They could now see the full length of Drakken’s cock. It was a little over 7 inches long, and not too thick at all. Shego took the cock in her hand and guided it in her pussy. She then rubbed it against her pussy for only a few stripes before penetrating herself with his member. bahis siteleri She started riding him slowly and then went wild.She was riding him like a cowboy on a bull.Drakken was enjoying every moment of it. And when she thought that she was in control, Drakken grabbed her from the waist and started fucking her really fast. Still in the fast track, he started pinching her nipples and driving deeper and deeper. He was doing well; her moans of pleasure couldn’t lie. And he was determined to fuck her until he came inside of her tight little body.The orgasm hit Shego first. With a loud moan, she came.Feeling Shego coming triggered Drakken’s orgasm. With a final plunge, he came deep inside her, his seed plastering the walls of her inner self.She collapsed on top of him, while they both tried to catch their breath. Both happy that they made the other climax in such a way.Kim and Ron were watching all the time.Kim, who was still horny from her climb, and increasingly horny ever since entering the building for some reason found herself rubbing her pussy over her pants, fantasizing about having Drakken’s dick in her pussy and her mouth inside Shego’s crotch. She knew that Ron would catch her at it if he just turned his head ever so slightly.But he didn’t turn his head.Ron knew what he was doing when he started rubbing his dick over his pants. He was glad he didn’t wear his tight boxer today. He was fantasizing of Shego’s pussy and ass. He almost came when she rode Drakken’s cock. He knew that there was another goddess he just had to fuck, and her name was Shego.They were so concentrated on the fuck fest in front of them that they didn’t notice another presence in the room until late.They were hit by a zap and out went their lights….

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