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The master-slave relationship that we have been developing is coming along nicely. The experiences and trust that we have for each other has left us both feeling very fulfilled. Since that first time, we have had “slave nights” with ever more increasing frequency. Each time we both fall into the pattern more easily and we are more relaxed. Tonight I have decided to raise the stakes a bit. I want to see if you will truly do whatever I ask.

Unbeknownst to you, I have arranged to have two other men meet with us tonight. You are dressed in your usual outfit of black skirt, thigh-highs, boots, thong and collar. The main thing that you notice is different is that I have surprised you by bringing you to a hotel.

We walk right into the hotel without stopping in the lobby and this makes you wonder even more. You know better than to ask though as we stop in front of a door and I give it a few hard raps.

Almost immediately a young man who looks like he is definitely not more than twenty opens the door. Behind him is another young man and they both look very nervous. I introduce you to Don and Mark as two of my friends. I actually met them on-line and after talking about what it was I wanted, met them both individually and then together to make sure they were what I was looking for. The both have the necessary prerequisites. They are both young, both fairly sexually inexperienced, and most importantly have been tested for STD’s.

While this is a huge fantasy of mine, the fear of losing you to someone was at the back of my mind during planning. Being young and inexperienced keeps me from feeling threatened by them and the test is for obvious reasons.

“Mark, Don, this is my cum slut.”

The slightly taller of the two, Mark, reaches forward to shake your hand. You look to me and when I give a slight nod of my head you give it a quick shake. Don does the same and suddenly there is an uncomfortable silence. Both of them have been told about our master/slave relationship and I have described in great detail what it is I want from them. They are only waiting now for me to begin everything.

“Well gentleman, why don’t you have a seat on the bed,” they both do and look anxiously back and forth between us.

I finally decide to kick things off. “Slut, why don’t you entertain us a bit.” An understanding has arisen between us that when I am not specific about such things, you are free to do as you like. The fact that you do not hesitate at all before beginning makes me happier than you can imagine. I have trained görükle escort you well and my heart swells with pride as hop up onto the dresser facing the bed and slowly spread your legs.

As your crotch comes into view, I hear a sharp intake of breath. I cannot see from where I am sitting, but from experience I know that in this position your panties sometimes pull up into your pussy and your lips peak out from the side. Both the guy’s eyes are glued to you as you begin to rub yourself. You lean back on one arm and spread your legs even wider as you rub first up and down and then left and right. Your eyes move between the three of us, stopping on each to make eye contact.

After a few moments you pull your panties to one side and they see their first few of your pussy. It is completely smooth just like I promised them and they both grin with excitement. Your pussy is wet and glistening and the quick suck that you give your finger before inserting it is for our pleasure only. You begin with one but quickly add two.

As I see you begin to get into it, I direct you to remove your panties. You do so and quickly go back to touching yourself. You are fingering your pussy with one hand and rubbing your clit with the other. We can actually hear the wet sound of your fingers going in and out of your wet cunt and the musky scent of sex reaches our noses. I am so turned on by what I am seeing that I’m in danger of cumming before I even get involved.

When I see Mark begin to rub his obvious hard-on, I tell you that it’s time to make our guests comfortable. Standing, you direct both of the guys to do so as well and then quickly help them out of their clothes. They are both very hard and you look at me for direction. I give you a curt nod and you lower your mouth and begin to suck on the closest dick. You start by licking just the tip, but quickly manage to work most of it into your mouth. With your free hand, you reach over and begin to stroke Mark.

Don looks like he is about to cum as soon as he enters your warm mouth and I want to make sure that this goes according to my fantasy, so I quickly take control and direct Don to lay on the bed. I have you get on your hands and knees between his legs and you immediately go back to sucking. I gesture towards your pussy and tell Mark to have at it. He quickly moves behind you and after a quick rub up and down your slit, I watch as another man’s cock pushes into your pussy.

A moan escapes your mouth from around Don’s dick and in no time the three of you have set orhangazi escort up a rhythm. It is such a turn on watching you on your hands and knees. I can see Mark’s dick glistening with your juices every time he pulls it almost all the way out before ramming it back in. You are bouncing back and forth between their dicks and in no time I see Don tense up as he shoots his load into your mouth. Mark quickly follows suit and jams himself in as far as he can go as he unloads his cum into you pussy. They both pull away from you and you look to me to see what I want you to do next.

I have since taken my clothes off and wave at you to come to the chair where I am sitting. As you approach me, I can see cum running from your pussy and droplets of it in the corners of your mouth. I pull you towards me so that you are straddling my lap and then push you down on my dick. I can’t believe how wet and hot you are as I push into your cum soaked pussy. I can feel juices squeezing out around the edges of your pussy as I slide farther in. It feels so dirty and sexy all at the same time and I pull you forward so I can kiss your salty mouth. It seems that not more than 2 minutes go by before I am adding to the load inside your cunt.

This display has turned our two friends on and looking over to the bed I can see that they both have gotten hard again. You give me one last kiss before climbing off of me and moving back towards the bed. You are oozing semen and the tops of your stockings are soaking it up. They do not seem to notice though as you crawl onto the bed and make your way towards Don. You put your hand on his chest and gently push him onto his back. His dick is now standing strand up into the air and you get on top of him before guiding him into you with one hand. We hear a wet squishing sound as he slides into you. This is the third man to be inside you tonight and you are living up to what I have been calling you for weeks. You are finally a slut, my slut, and I don’t think I can care about you more than I do now.

Mark, feeling left out, stands on the bed and you reach for his cock and pull it hungrily to your mouth. You suck and lick the combination of both your juices that had begun to dry on it. You are grinding yourself down onto Don’s dick and sucking Mark’s with all your might. Even though you don’t normally cum in this position, I see your body first tense, and then begin to tremble, as you have your first orgasm of the night. I decide that now would be a good time to make the rest of my mudanya escort fantasy come true before our two friends lose it again.

I direct you to get off from Don and then lay down on the bed myself. I have you turn around and as you begin to lower yourself down onto me, I point my dick towards your sexy ass. Cum has run down between your cheeks and the combination of juices that already coat my dick provide the lubrication for me to penetrate your tight asshole. Once I am buried to the hilt in your ass, I pull your legs wide apart. Knowing what I want from our previous discussions, Don climbs between your legs and slides himself into your pussy. You literally scream as you feel the fullness of two cocks in you at once. Don immediately begins jack hammering into you and as you open your mouth to continue moaning, Mark puts his cock to your lips. As you begin to suck, the erotic dirty feeling of have three cocks in your body causes you to orgasm again.

As you writhe between our sweaty bodies, I feel your asshole tighten around my dick. Apparently Don feels it two because I see him tense up and can actually feel his dick pulse through the thin layer of flesh separating your ass and pussy, as he shoots his load into you. You pull Mark’s dick from your mouth and begin jacking it.

“Cum on my face. Please, I want you to shoot your load on my face.” You continue to repeat that over and over again. When suddenly Mark takes over with his own hand, you open your mouth and stick your tongue out. That’s all it takes and streams of cum erupt from his cock and begin striking you in the face. Some of it gets in your mouth, but most of it hits your cheeks, chin and neck. Some of it drips down onto your breasts and runs towards your stomach. This dirty display sends me over the edge and I join the orgasmic moment by spurting into your ass.

As soon as we all relax from our respective orgasms, Don pulls out of you and Mark sits down on the bed. You roll off from me and my dick makes a popping noise as it pulls out of your ass. As we agreed before, Don and Mark get up and put their clothes on. They thank us both before quickly leaving.

You open your eyes and look at me. I smile when I see exactly how slutty you look. There is tons of cum running out of your pussy and mixing with the cum coming out of your ass. By my count there are three loads in your cunt, one in your ass, and one glistening on your face and chest. I immediately get hard and pull you towards me. I have you lick my dick clean before I slip it into your abused pussy one last time. The combined juices of all of us cause our bodies to alternately stick and slide. You have one last orgasm before I shoot into your splayed cunt. We fall asleep with our bodies still entwined and the juices of our most memorable night drying on our skin.

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