Kelly and Stacey

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My wife, Kelly, and I had fancied Stacey for years. She had a round face, an easy smile and loud laugh. She was a big girl, with wide hips, slim waist and enormous breasts that I would have loved to taste, and I knew Kelly had been curious too. Kelly was a smaller version of Stacey in some ways. She had the great arse, the oh so slim waist that I loved sliding my arm around, and her breasts were also very large, though still half the size of Stacey’s. Kelly wasn’t much taller than Stacey’s breasts, so she certainly got an eyeful whenever she wanted.

The three of us were lazing around chatting when the conversation lulled. I kissed Kelly and she gently slid her tongue into my mouth, teasing me. Bitch. She knew I wasn’t going to try anything with Stacey there. But I held the kiss a little longer, playing along and enjoying myself.

“Guys? Hello,” Stacey reminded us of her presence.

“What?” I broke off the kiss indignantly. “I like kissing pretty girls!”

“So do I,” retorted Stacey. Things suddenly seemed to move very quickly.

“I wouldn’t know,” said Kelly, “but I’d like to.”

“It’s fun,” I grinned. “You should try it.”

“Where would I get one?” Kelly countered.

“Aww honey,” said Stacey. “I’m always here for you.”

Kelly raised an eyebrow.

“Go on,” I dared, and to my surprise, she did.

Stacey closed her eyes as Kelly leaned in and my dick instantly went rock hard. Their lips met and Kelly paused briefly, uncertain. Then Stacey parted her lips slightly and Kelly accepted the invitation and slid her tongue in. Stacey responded and slid her arms around Kelly pulling her against those huge soft breasts. Kelly gripped her back and the two of them started running their hands over each other’s backs as they nibbled and licked each other’s tongues and lips. I knew Kelly was a great kisser having experienced her enthusiasm so many times before and Stacey sighed as those delicious lips explored her own. I would have liked to kiss Stacey myself, but I was having more than enough fun just watching. I saw Kelly twirl her tongue around Stacey’s soft feminine mouth and Stacey’s tongue emerged to meet hers, then returned the favour. Their breasts were mashed together and Stacey moved herself just a little up and down so that their bodies rubbed. Kelly moaned. I didn’t want them to stop, but eventually Kelly broke the kiss and the two of them gazed into each other’s eyes, panting. An awkward silence descended.

“Was that fun?” I asked.

“Hell, yeah!” Kelly responded still panting.

“Would you like to do it again?”

“Hell yeah!”



And Kelly leaned in again. Stacey paused, smiled, and then leaned in also. This time their kiss was slower, less demanding. They savoured each other’s lips and tongue, enjoying the taste and feel. Their hands circled each other’s waists and Stacey’s hands moved cautiously down to Kelly’s sweet arse. I knew how much she’d like that, and I saw Kelly begin to sneak her hands lower down Stacey’s back also. I couldn’t take it any more and settled in behind Kelly, nuzzling her neck. She moaned and I took that as a sign to continue, so I started kissing below her ear and worked my way towards the sensitive nape of her neck, which I knew she loved. I was used to doing this from the front and found this was easier to do from behind. I enjoyed the familiar yet different sensation and ran my hands along her sides. I wasn’t sure where Stacey’s hands were until I brushed one. She didn’t pull away, and so next time I brushed her hand on purpose. She maintained contact and I slid my hand over hers and followed it down Kelly’s side. We cupped my wife’s gorgeous arse Beylikdüzü escort together.

I slid my other hand higher to Kelly’s breast and Kelly pulled her body a little away from Stacey so I could reach between them. Stacey, meanwhile, had noticed how much Kelly’s neck was enjoying my licking and sucking. Her lips had left Kelly’s and kissed their way along her cheek and were now nibbling the other side of Kelly’s neck. Kelly must have been in ecstasy. I cupped her breast and squeezed her nipple through her shirt.

“Ooh yes,” she sighed.

Stacey’s hand escaped from under my other hand and now we both had one of Kelly’s arse cheeks to cup and squeeze. When Stacey’s newly freed hand started working Kelly’s other nipple, we both also had a breast each. Kelly’s head was thrown back and Stacey and I both started working our way towards her throat with our kisses. I got there first, but Stacey didn’t stop. Our cheeks brushed, then our lips, and then we were kissing, tentatively at first, with the occasional lick of Kelly’s throat. Then Kelly’s throat was ignored as we explored each other’s mouths, though our hands continued stroking Kelly all over.

Despite her reputation, Stacey’s mouth was smaller than Kelly’s but tasted just as good. I explored her sweet lips, her smooth teeth and her silky tongue, feeling her respond in kind. No wonder Kelly had enjoyed kissing her so much. I abandoned Kelly’s breast, partly because the position had become awkward, but mostly so I could stroke Stacey’s fine dark hair. I was mildly surprised and very turned on to find one of Kelly’s hands there already, doing just that. I stroked Kelly’s hand instead and we clasped fingers tightly, enjoying what was happening. I felt Kelly’s satiny cheek against my own, and Stacey and I opened up our kiss to let Kelly join us. I licked from Stacey’s lips to Kelly’s and back again. Our three tongues twirled between us and I felt Kelly’s soft cheek on one side and Stacey’s more rounded cheek on the other side of my face. I opened my eyes and drew back to take in the glorious scene before me. Kelly and Stacey continued kissing, their hands kneading each other’s breasts, while I played with their hair and kissed from neck to neck. Stacey started undoing Kelly’s top buttons, so I started undoing her pants. I lifted her shirt and kissed her bare waist, eliciting a giggle. Then Stacey did something that made her sigh. I looked up and Stacey was kissing down Kelly’s neck to her cleavage. I moved back to behind my sexy wife and removed her shirt and ran my fingertips over her bare shoulders and down her back to her bra strap. Stacey was nuzzling Kelly’s breasts while waiting for me, and once I had the bra undone, Stacey pushed it down with her nose and took a glorious nipple in her mouth. Kelly threw her bra away and held Stacey’s head to her breast with both hands, still occasionally running one hand through Stacey’s hair and down her cheek to Stacey’s chin. She supported it there while Stacey slurped and gulped at her naked breasts. I went back to kissing the base of Kelly’s neck, where I also had a good view of Stacey sucking her friend’s tits. I also slid my fingers inside Kelly’s undone pants. They were soaked with her juices and Stacey and I could easily smell her delicious cunt. I slid my fingers inside her and over her clit and she whimpered as Stacey gently nipped at her hard nipples. I slowly began to work my wife’s nub and she writhed appreciatively. Her own hands had removed Stacey’s shirt and she was fumbling to undo her friend’s bra. I could tell she wasn’t far from orgasm, so I slipped my middle finger inside her and pulled her back a little while pushing my aching cock against Beylikdüzü escort her arse. Stacey had a hand there, which she moved from between us, then settled on my arse. I removed my finger from my wife’s hole, ran it up and down her slit, and then started working her clit. My other hand went to squeeze her free breast and I found both her and Stacey’s hands there doing exactly the same thing. One of them squeezed mine, and then the three hands played with Kelly’s breast, nipple and each other. Kelly’s other hand had Stacey’s bra off and was somewhere underneath her, no doubt fondling one of those legendary breasts. I tried to see but couldn’t with Stacey’s head still suckling Kelly’s gorgeous breast. I was content with that lovely view. I started circling Kelly’s clit faster and her breath started coming in ragged gasps.

“Are you having fun?” I breathed.

“Oh, yes,” she gasped.

“Do you like having Stacey’s mouth on your juicy tit?”

“Oh yes!” She was finding it harder to talk.

“Do you like my fingers in your cunt?”

“Uh, uh huh!”

“What are you?”

“I’m a, ah, ah…”

“A what?”

“Ah, ah, ah… slut!”

“Cum for us, slut!” I commanded.

Stacey bit Kelly’s breast and I squeezed Kelly’s other nipple while someone held my hand. My other hand dived into Kelly’s cunt and then worked her clit furiously. She began to cum with a high but quiet cry. Stacey was looking up at Kelly’s face screwed up in pleasure. Her lightly freckled nose was resting against the top of Kelly’s breast and she saw me watching and smiled, still working Kelly’s tit with her mouth. I smiled back and continued scratching Kelly’s clit until her cry became a sigh, and she sagged between Stacey and I panting desperately.

Stacey’s hand left my arse to enfold Kelly’s waist and stroke her bare shoulder. I swept the hair back from Kelly’s brow and she gazed up at me smiling. I removed my cum soaked fingers from her cunt and placed one in my mouth. She tasted so good and I enjoyed those familiar juices I’d swallowed so many times before. Kelly pulled me to her and kissed me, tasting her cunt on my lips, and we shared a finger until Stacey joined us also. I plunged two cum soaked fingers into her mouth and she sucked them clean of juices, looking into Kelly’s eyes the whole time. Stacey went “Mmmm” and Kelly smiled approvingly. They both leaned forwards and kissed again, shifting occasionally so that their naked breasts rubbed over each other. Then Stacey started kissing down Kelly’s neck, over her breasts, lingering awhile on each nipple, and on down to her belly. I helpfully started removing Kelly’s pants completely, and Kelly spread her legs wide as Stacey arrived between them. Stacey started licking the inside of Kelly’s thighs, and I knelt beside Kelly and started sucking her breast. I reached a hand across to pat Stacey’s hair until Kelly started fumbling for my belt. She stopped trying when Stacey’s tongue licked the length of her slit, so I started taking my own pants off while watching Stacey lap at my beautiful wife’s cunt. “Ooh yes,” Kelly whimpered. “That feel’s sooo good.”

She stroked Stacey’s hair and cheek while Stacey continued to eat her out. Then noticing my painfully erect cock, Kelly reached over and took me in one hand while continuing to caress Stacey with the other.

“Careful,” I warned. “I’m ready to explode.”

“Me too,” groaned Kelly as Stacey thrust her tongue into Kelly’s juicy hole.

We watched Stacey feasting on Kelly’s cunt, exchanging long soft strokes with short deep thrusts of her tongue. Soon, Kelly began to tense as her next orgasm started and Stacey increased her pace. Kelly’s fingers Escort Beylikdüzü grasped my cock as she screwed up her face and screamed silently. That was all it took to set of my orgasm and I cried out not so silently as cum exploded from my cock over Kelly’s face. She pointed me away as she came down from her own orgasm and the rest of my cum spurted over her divine tits.

Kelly and I looked at each other a little dazed, my cum covering her. But Stacey took a final lick of Kelly’s cunt, and kissed her way up to Kelly’s tits. There she proceeded to lick my cum from my sensuous wife, following the trail up Kelly’s neck and over Kelly’s face. Then she licked her way back to Kelly’s mouth and kissed her deeply. Kelly responded eagerly and when I moved my face between them, they opened up and the three of us shared the mixed taste of mine and Kelly’s cum: the warm sweet sour taste of our juices and Stacey’s gentle lips.

Kelly and I began kissing our way down Stacey’s neck to her magnificent breasts. She had large dark nipples that were rock hard and I took one into my mouth and ran my teeth lightly over it. She tasted every bit as good as I imagined and I rolled my tongue around it, exploring the contours and texture. After suckling Stacey’s breast, licking her nipple and tracing the curves with my tongue, I joined Kelly at Stacey’s other breast. We took it in turns to lick her nipple, we both tried sucking around her breast and we licked and kissed each other also while Stacey lay back smiling and watching. Then Kelly started kissing her way down to Stacey’s crotch. I fumbled with Stacey’s pants and Kelly and I slid them off and took in the sight of Stacey’s wet pussy. Kelly licked tentatively around her slit, exploring her taste and savouring her smell. She pulled back and I took over, parting the folds of Stacey’s cunt with my tongue, scooping the moisture from inside her into my mouth. I looked up and Kelly kissed me. We shared Stacey’s flavour between us and Kelly slipped a finger into Stacey’s hole, making her moan aloud.

Kelly looked at her, then lowered her face into her cunt and started licking her with long slow strokes.

“Ooooh, honey!” gasped Stacey, and Kelly started gently to increase the pace while I kissed Stacey, sharing the last of her taste with her. I nuzzled my way down to her enormous tits, marvelling once again at their size, and started suckling them. Kelly had a hand between her own legs and was gently fingering herself. I realised how hard my cock was again, already, and moved behind my lovely wife whose arse was raised ever so invitingly as she licked her friend’s cunt. I traced the tip of my cock outside her hole and she moaned into Stacey’s cunt, making Stacey moan also. Kelly was sopping wet and I was rock hard already. After a little teasing, I eased my cock deep into my wife. As I thrust forward, her face was pushed further into Stacey’s cunt, and the two of them moaned in stereo. Stacey started gasping and panting and I quickened my pace. Kelly grunted as I slammed my cock into her wanting cunt and she licked harder at Stacey’s soft folds, trying desperately to gulp up the ever increasing fluids almost gushing from her friend.

“C’mon,” cried Stacey. “Eat it slut.”

I joined in. “Eat her you fucking whore. You sexy little slut.” I hammered my cock into her.

“Oooh yes! You cunt. You fucking slutty cuuuuuhhhhh…” Stacey threw her head back and pushed Kelly’s face into her cunt as she came. Kelly started screaming into Stacey’s cunt as I thrust a final few times into her and started screaming myself. My own orgasm ripped through me as I came inside my gorgeous wife. I fell on top of her as she collapsed breathing hard between Stacey’s legs, who fell back panting herself. She patted and stroked our heads with her hands as we all came down, and we snuggled up against her. It was Kelly who finally broke the silence.

“Let’s all go to bed,” she suggested. So we did.

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