Keeping her wedding day vow with bro.

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Keeping her wedding day vow with bro.HALF TERM, DAY 9, SUNDAY – returning to the real worldI’ll admit I’m concerned.When I awoke, Emma wasn’t in our honeymoon suite. She’d left her phone, keycard, purse… everything. I had to be honest – she’d probably gone to fuck someone. In itself, that wasn’t a massive problem, although I’d rather she’d told me, or at least left a note. I don’t know where she is, or who she might be with. I can’t shake the fear that she might have gone back to find that dangerous DJ.There’s only 5 minutes left until we have to be out of the room. Emma knows this, so I decide to check out and wait for her in reception. Laden with our luggage, I struggle out of our room…And here she comes, striding down the corridor with a little bounce in her step, looking tired and a little sheepish, and very very hot – she’s wearing a tiny, tight, lipstick-pink latex skirt that’s only 10 inches from top to bottom; an extra-small thin white vest top that sits above the pierced belly button and butterfly tattoo on her flat stomach, and is stretched taut over her perfect breasts and nipple rings; and the thigh-high white leather stiletto boots that she wore yesterday. Her hair’s damp and dishevelled.”Where have you been?” I ask as she kisses me. She reeks of sex. “Or rather, who have you been with?””Here, let me take that case,” she offers.”I’ve got it, we need to get moving,” I say as we enter an elevator. Emma gets a disdainful glare from a middle-aged woman already in there; her husband’s glare is a little more admiring.”So, who was it?” I press.”Santi,” Emma replies, avoiding my gaze.”Who?””The drummer from the band.”The middle-aged woman sniffs the air – she must be able to smell Emma too.”You know he has a massive crush on you, right?” I ask, worried.Emma shrugs, again sheepish, and tries to hide a little smile.Bing-bong! The lift doors open – ground floor – and we all pile out.I let the middle-aged couple go ahead of us.”She could smell the sex on you.””I showered, but he insisted on sending me back to you with a leaving present. That’s why I’m late.”She subtly slides her fingers up her skirt, then lifts them to show me – they’re sticky with his spunk.Unsure what to say, I lead the way to the reception desk while Emma licks her fingers clean, and we queue behind the middle-aged couple.”I thought you’d like it,” she whispers to me.”What time did you go?””About 2.””You can’t have been doing it all that time?!””Not all, no.”I don’t want to ask what else they might have been doing. Visions of them chatting, laughing, and cuddling flash before my eyes. The sort of things lovers do.I’m thankful that there’ll soon be over a thousand miles between Emma and this Santi guy.***The trip home was uneventful. I’d had it in mind that we might join the mile-high club, but Emma was wiped out and slept virtually the whole time.We got back to her place to find The Boyfriend had moved out, which was a relief. There was also a message from Emma’s school – she was to return to work the next day.As she was still shattered, and tomorrow I would need to commute to my old job some 2 hours drive away, we decided we’d better have an early night.***The first couple of week back were a blur.I’d been apprehensive about returning to work since Emma fucked Steve, my boss, and let him film a humiliating video of it. Turns out I needn’t have worried.He was actually really nice to me (which was weird), and was understanding when I told him I’d be looking for another job closer to my new home. He even offered to help, saying that he knew a couple of guys in that area. Maybe he was looking for a repeat with Emma. That was not going to happen.Emma returned to work without any problems. The boy who’d blackmailed her was moved to a different class. Her outfits remained sexy, but not outrageously so – we thought it best not to rock the boat so soon after a near-scandal. High heels and knee-length leather skirts were our favourite… for now.The Boyfriend may have moved on, but he’d taken a parting shot. He’d always been popular with Emma’s mum, and he’d apparently told her (in detail) why they broke up – including the story of Emma being made airtight by three hulking black men at Halloween.The result: a huge argument between Emma and her mum; and Emma being banned from seeing her little sister. Emma was angry and hurt, but her mum didn’t want Emma being a bad influence.At least her mum had seemed to keep the stories to herself. Each day, when I would finally get home from work, there was always someone there – Emma’s family and friends congratulating us on our wedding (and no doubt wanting to find out who this guy was that stole her from The Boyfriend and convinced her to marry him at such short notice).Between visits, Emma was busy arranging a wedding party to invite everyone to. Except for one day, when she took the time to visit Leah on her way home from work.When I got home that Wednesday to find our living room full of more unfamiliar faces, there was also a nice surprise. As she told me that Leah was throwing her a late bachelorette party, Emma gleefully showed me a new silver ring in the top of her right ear, and a tiny stud in her left nostril – the piercings I’d asked her to get before we went away. I loved them, but there was more…On the inside of her right wrist, she’d got a small tattoo of an arrow piercing a heart.I wanted to make love to her, right there and then.***Finally, an evening where I return home and there isn’t an unknown car in our driveway.Relieved at the idea of having a relaxing night, I stumble through the front door to find Emma sat on the stairs, naked but for red patent stilettos, legs spread wide, frigging herself frantically.Ok, sod relaxing. This is so much better.”Thank God you’re home,” she breathes. “Get here and fuck me now.”Always eager to please my wife, I strip in record time and step over her pile of discarded clothes and kiss her lips, glossed in the same colour as her 5-inch heeled pumps.I push into her and she moans loudly. She’s dripping wet.”What’s got you so hot?” I ask.”My cousins were here,” she whispers, and then with a grin: “With Alex. My brother.”My eyes widen, and my pulse quickens. This is the first time Emma’s seen him since her wedding day vow to have sex with him.I slam into her, hard, and hold myself deep inside. “So…?” I ask, perhaps a little too eagerly. “Did something happened?””I told him I’d fuck him.””Holy fuck!!” A part of me had thought it was just a game – that she wouldn’t really want to do it. “What did he say?!”I slowly rock in and out of her.”We only had a sec alone while he helped me get drinks. I asked if he was seeing anyone, and he said no-one in particular. So I teased him about being a man-whore, and he laughed and said he did alright, and I said ‘I bet – I would’!””You’re unbelievable!” I’m stunned she would be so bold.”He sort of looked at me funny and said ‘if we weren’t brother and sister, right?’, and I just smiled and went back to the girls! When he came back in, he had a chubby on.””I bet he did!””I sat on his lap! He felt so big! I teased him about my piercings.””What did you say?” I ask, increasing the pace, using my full length to pleasure her.”He said he hoped I wasn’t turning into a rock chick or something, with my new nose and ear piercings, and he asked how many I had now. I said nine and I felt his cock twitch! My cousin, Tracy, asked what I had, and I said the five they could see plus four they could only see if I wanted them to!”Tracy asked if I’d get any more, and I said I was thinking of getting a couple in my lips. Alex said I shouldn’t cos ones around the mouth look weird and feel like kissing a keyring, and I said I wasn’t thinking of those lips!””Oh God,” I mutter.She bites her lower lip as I pound into her hot pussy. “I could tell he liked it. He was stroking my leg, really small and subtle so the others wouldn’t notice, but it felt really good.” I grab one of her tits and squeeze; then tweek the hard, pierced nipple. She bucks up into me.Her heavy-lidded and sluttily-made-up grey-blue eyes stare into mine. “He wants me, doesn’t he? My brother wants to stick his big fucking dick in me.””Yes!” I cry.”Oh! Fuck… I can’t wait… aaaaaaAAAH!” She cums with a scream loud enough for the neighbours to hear, and I unload too, her tight pussy milking me for all I’m worth.I’m pretty sure we’ll be adding ‘i****t’ to her growing list of slutty kaçak bahis acts in the not-too-distant future.***Then came the biggest news of all. Emma was pregnant.It couldn’t possibly be a surprise for either of us, but it was still incredibly exciting. And from the due date, they’d calculated that she’d most likely conceived during the week around her birthday – which would guarantee I was the father.I think we were both relieved, but I thought I could sense a tiny disappointment in Emma…***Today, Saturday, has been lovely. Just Emma and I, enjoying spending time in each other’s company. There’s been an added sexual tension in the air because it’s Emma’s bachelorette party this evening. And Emma has made us abstain from any sexual contact all day, because she wants to be ready to burst when she goes out. I love watching her get ready. She’s put a centre parting in her luscious long blonde hair, which she’s teased and tousled to get that wavy just-fucked look. She’s wearing now-familiar thick fake lashes and heavy, dark eye make-up; and a dusky pink lipstick.And sitting naked at her dressing table, changing her nipple bars for shining silver rings, she looks like a pornstar.Emma agreed to let me help pick her outfit. I think we both found it hot that I was helping her look as slutty as possible to send her to get her fucked by another man (or men… or women).And it had been Leah’s idea for them all to go dressed as schoolgirls.I must remember to thank her.Emma and I had agreed that this should be one of the rare occasions that she would a) not wear leather or latex, and b) wear underwear. We knew Cathy, Emma’s oldest friend, would take the opportunity to wear a latex costume, so Emma wanted to do something different. And with the length of skirt Emma had, she wanted to wear underwear for the first part of the evening – while her workmates and cousins were there – but after they’d gone home and it was just Cathy and Leah with her, the second part of the evening would begin and the underwear could come off.I started by handing her some stockings. She rolls the sheer black material sensuously up her long legs, settling the lace hold-up in place at mid-thigh. I move close to her, breathing in her old sweet perfume that reminds me of a time before she was a slut and still just a sweet girly-girl, and straighten the seem up the back of her stockings.Her pumps next – they’re white but for a black toe and heel, with an inch-high hidden platform and a 6-inch stiletto. I slide them onto her delicate feet, and there’s a shift in more than just her posture – high heels always seem to bring out the whore in Emma.I pick up her lacy thong, hold it low for her to step into (which she does daintily), and pull it up her legs until the thin strings ride low on her hips and the tiny see-through black triangle settles over her mound, her clit hood piercing still obvious. She pirouettes, and the thong behind is so slim that I can see her arsehole either side of it.She slips on a matching bra, which hoists and pushes her tits together to an amazing cleavage. Her nipple rings are clearly visible through the elegant and sexy lace.I help her with her white, cap-sleeved blouse. It’s so tight that I can’t button it over her bulging breasts, and it’s transparent enough that the black bra could be seen even without the gaping neckline. I reckon if she gets under some bright lights at the club, you could see her nipple piercings too.Next, I hold a navy blue skirt open for her to step into. At first sight, it might have appeared surprisingly long, but it’s designed to be highwaisted. Despite being stretchy, it’s so tight that it’s a real struggle to get on but, with some tugging and wiggling, we do, and I zip it at the back. The top of it sits just over her pierced belly button and completely covers her tramp stamp, but the lower hem is high enough to reveal the lower curves of her buttocks even while she’s stood up straight. When she sits, it rides up to hide nothing.The finishing touches are her genuine old school tie, knotted loosely around her neck; and a too-small navy-blue blazer with a single silver button and 3/4 length sleeves.In a little-girl voice that’s a lot sexier than it really should be, she asks, “Do you think the boys will like me?””If girls had looked like you when I was at school, my grades would have been so bad I’d probably be cleaning toilets for a living,” I tell her, wrapping my arms around her and pulling her bum into my crotch. “Got a little time before you go?””No,” she smiles, shimmying from my grasp. “Now, what do you think – rings on or off?””It’s your hen-do. Should be engagement ring on, wedding ring off.”She slips off her wedding ring and hands it to me. “Look after it for me.””You bet.”She leads me out of our bedroom – she looks so fucking hot, she’s going to have her pick tonight.***Emma insisted on taking a taxi (and getting one home) so that I wasn’t waiting up for her. I told her it wasn’t safe for her to travel alone as there was a real risk of her getting ****d, especially the way she was dressed, but she just laughed and said she was feeling so horny it was unlikely to be ****.It was a struggle not to whack off while she was gone. I just couldn’t distract myself from the knowledge that she would be getting up to no good. To keep my hands from wandering to my crotch, I kept them occupied by playing with Emma’s wedding ring.I must have drifted off, because I’m woken with a start by the doorbell.I stumble to the front door, glancing at the clock with blurry eyes. 6:41am? Is this Emma just getting home now?It is. And she’s in a real state.Her school uniform and underwear has gone, replaced by a man’s white office shirt. The buttons are fastened only as high as the lower curve of her breasts, and she has “SLUT” scrawled across her chest in big red-lipstick letters. A couple of hickeys mark her neck and collarbone; her lipstick is smudged and her mascara has run, and her hair is a tangled mess.She steps inside, unsteady on her high heels, and moving like she has aches and pains all over.”Are you ok?” I ask, genuinely concerned, putting my arm around her.She smiles up at me, weakly. She seems absolutely shattered. “I had an amazing night.”I notice a little dribble of cum on her chin. “Er, you’ve got something…”She wipes it up with a finger, then sucks it off. “Taxi driver’s,” she explains with a little grin.”Do you want me to run you a bath? I can get you something to drink, or eat…”She shakes her head. “Later. Bed please.”I walk her up the stairs. “So you had a good time?””The only way it could have been better was if you were there,” she says.”Why didn’t you come back here then?””Because if you’d seen what he was doing to me, you’d have stopped him.”Alarm bells reverberate around my head. I’m fully awake now.”Who did what?””Get in bed, I’ll tell you.”Worried, I do as she asks. Slowly, she unbuttons ‘her’ shirt.Her breasts look like they’ve been tortured. There are red marks and hickeys all over them, and a few stripes where it looks like she was hit with a cane or something. And some serious looking bite marks around one of her hard pierced nipples…”What bastard did this to you?” I fume, my blood starting to boil.”It wasn’t just him, it was Leah and Cathy too…””WHO WAS IT?!”Emma seems a little taken aback – I’m not sure she’s ever seen me this angry before.”It was a stripper called Mark. He came dressed as a headmaster. Leah got him…””I’m gonna fucking kill him.””He didn’t do anything I didn’t want him to do…””He bit you! He fucking drew blood!””That’s when I came,” she protests, embarrassed. “One of the times.””I don’t understand,” I say, trying to calm myself. “You’d always said you didn’t like pain, but a few times now you seem to have really enjoyed it. And now this…”She doesn’t seem sure how to answer. I notice her fingers are subconsciously stroking her swollen and gaping pussy. It’s an angry shade of red, and also shows some signs of punishment.”I don’t like it most of the time, but when I get really turned on… yeah, I guess. I s’pose it’s submitting to someone, giving them my body, letting them do whatever they like to it… It feels so slutty. It makes me wet.”My mind is blown.”So you got off on them hurting your tits?”She nods. “That, and this…” She turns around, facing away from me. Her butt is even worse than her boobs. It’s bruised and covered in welts, enough to draw bets10 blood in a few spots…”…I wanted to see if I could cum just from being caned…”…and between the welts, on her right buttock, is a pair of pink lips. A kiss.I’m stunned. “A new tattoo?””Yeah. I did cum, and Cathy kissed my bum better. Mark said it would make a hot tattoo, so Leah did it.” She’s looking back at me over her shoulder, concerned. “Do you like it?”I stare at her. Her beaten butt; her laddered and ripped stockings and her sky-high heels; her tramp stamp, and now this new tattoo.”He was right. It’s hot.” She smiles with relief.”So you liked this bastard Mark, then?” I ask.She smiles coyly. “He’s like this God’s-gift-to-women type, really arrogant and full of himself. As a person, he’s a complete prick, but he’s got an amazing body and a really nice dick that he definitely knows how to use…””You’d fuck him again, wouldn’t you?”She smiles again, but this time it’s wicked. “I’m seeing him Monday after work.”I’m actually surprised that I’m not more surprised. I guess I’m getting used to how big a slut she’s becoming. “You aren’t going to let him hit you again, are you?””Probably not. I should let this lot heal first.” She leans close and whispers, “His dick’s so big, he’s never had a girl let him fuck her arse before. I promised him mine.”I lunge across the bed to get to her, but she evades my grasp.”Nuh-uh,” she teases. “I haven’t told you about the best bit yet.””There’s more?””Yep.” She slips out of her heels, slides the ruined stockings from her long legs, and gingerly eases into bed next to me, her wounds obviously causing her some pain.”Tell me,” I ask, too eagerly.She takes my rock hard cock in her delicate hand and gently strokes it. “Alex was there.” “Oh my God! Where? What happened?””On the dancefloor at Revolution. We proxy-fucked.”Her strokes lengthen and strengthen.”What?””I fucked Mark while Alex was fucking some skank a few feet away. I was dreaming Mark’s big cock was Alex’s, and I could tell he was fantasising about me too. The girl he was banging even looked a bit like me. It was like we were fucking each other.””Seriously?””Our eyes were locked, like, the whole time,” she says as she locks eyes with me now, pumping my dick. “We came at the same time.” “You’re k**ding? What happened then?””He vanished. The little fucker disappeared.” I can feel her frustration. “I promise you, next week, at our wedding party, I’m gonna fuck him. Even if I have to do it in front of everyone.””Oh God,” I grunt, and Emma, quick as a flash, moves her mouth to my dick just in time to collect my i****t-inspired load.She swallows my spunk and licks me clean. “Yum,” she purrs, with a smile.”I want to watch,” I tell her. “Promise me I can watch you fuck your brother. It doesn’t have to be the first time, but I have to see it.””I want you there the first time. But you aren’t going to be just watching…”***Time continued to fly by. When I wasn’t working or on my long commute to work, I was doing interviews for jobs closer to home. I hardly saw Emma all week. But she kept herself busy.On Monday, she got arsefucked by Mark, which she said hurt but was “fricking amazing”. On Tuesday, she went to Cathy’s for a girly-night-in and they wound up sharing a double-ended dildo. Wednesday: she went shopping and helped some guy who was shopping for his wife’s birthday present in Victoria’s Secret by modelling outfits for him – and then fucking him. Thursday evening she spent at a spa getting pampered (and 69ing her masseur). And on Friday, she went out on the town and spent the night in a university dorm with a couple of students.And somehow, between all these adventures, she organised our wedding party.The day went great. Emma had booked the local rugby club again – the team her brother plays for, and where she had her 30th birthday party – and had done an amazing job with decorations.We recreated our ceremony for our friends and family. Emma’s mum and sister didn’t come, but everything else was perfect. Emma looked almost exactly the way the did on the actual day, with the same hair style, the same blue tongue piercing, and a bracelet she’d found that matched the one she’d borrowed. The only visible differences were the new piercings in her ear and nose.The non-visible differences were under her dress. She was wearing the same white patent leather stiletto boots, but that was it. No underwear – she didn’t want anything to get in the way of her brother’s dick.I was besotted all over again. We’d been holding hands almost all afternoon, and we still are now the party’s in full swing.There’ve been so many people congratulating us, and it seems I don’t know the vast majority of them. Emma’s always been popular, and her family is bigger than mine, so our invite lists were lopsided. It’s been cousin followed by aunt followed by friend from work…But Alex hasn’t spoken to Emma or I once, outside of a tense moment in the receiving line before dinner. He’s spent virtually the whole time propping up the bar.Emma wanted to leave him until he was pretty drunk. He’s a mountain of a guy – a flanker for his rugby team – so it could take a lot of alcohol. I could tell we were both surreptitiously watching him all evening – I was even counting his drinks. After his seventh beer, I suggested now was the time.I sense a little tremble of excitement in Emma as we make our way across the room, and she taps him on the shoulder.”You’ve been here all night. Hoping I’d dance on the bar again?” she teases.”No,” Alex mumbles, avoiding looking at Emma.”I saw you when we were here for my 30th. You couldn’t take your eyes from my cooch!”He freezes, a rabbit in the headlights. “That’s bollocks!””I saw you!” she smiles. “You’d have been staring even more if I’d had my clit piercing in.”His eyes widen and his jaw drops.”That’s right – now you know about six of them,” Emma purrs. “Would you like to see all nine?””Is this some kind of sick joke?” he hisses, keeping his voice low, not wanting to draw attention. “I mean, what the fuck are you doing?” Then he turns to me. “Are you blind or stupid?”Emma’s surprisingly calm, considering she’s trying to seduce her brother in a room full of our families.”It was all his idea.” She squeezes my hand. “I tell him everything, and everyone, I do. He knows everything that happened at my bachelorette.” She subtly puts her hand on his thigh – not high enough to rouse suspicion should anyone else see, but enough to rouse his dick. “Everything.”They stare into each other’s eyes – Emma’s steely assurance answering Alex’s questioning glare.”This isn’t a wind up?” he asks.”I need to feel your big dick inside me, right now,” Emma declares.I’m surprised how loudly she said it. I look around: my parents are ten yards away; Emma’s father is on the other side of me, no more than 3 feet away. Again Alex turns to me. “Is this serious?”I nod.Emma says to me: “Take him to the changing rooms. I’ll be there in two minutes.”She disappears into a conversation with someone else I don’t know, and I lead Alex out into the corridor. I’m a little surprised he follows without protest.We enter the home team dressing room, and a history of mixed feelings rush back at me. This was where I fled to after watching Emma accept The Ex-Boyfriend’s marriage proposal; but it was also where Emma and I conceived our c***d just minutes later.Oblivious to my memories, Alex paces around like a caged lion. Despite my excitement, I try to radiate calm.”This is fucked up. Seriously, this is just plain wrong,” he grumbles.”Why?” I ask.”Why?!” he repeats, incredulous. “She’s my sister!””So?”He stares at me like I’m out of my mind, and continues pacing.”You’d fuck her if she wasn’t your sister, wouldn’t you?”He stops. I can see the turmoil.He looks like he’s about to bottle it. Emma had better get here soon…She bustles through the door, locking it behind her. Then, with a wicked grin, unlocks it again.”Get undressed,” she orders. “Both of you.”I do as she says. Alex hesitates. “We can’t do…”His protests stop as Emma’s dress hits the floor. Naked but for her white thigh-high boots, she looks spectacular. I can see Alex drinking in every curve, every piercing, every tattoo… and then his eyes fix on her waxed, wet, pierced pussy.She’s been becoming more and more of an exhibitionist, but seeing the effect she has on her own brother really lights her up.”So, now you can see all bets10 giriş nine,” she grins. “Do you want to pick where my tenth will be?” She tickles her pussy lips suggestively.”You’re crazy,” he mumbles, almost fearful of the embodiment of sex that his elder sister has turned into. “No, I’m horny.” She whispers, edging closer to him. “You can pierce me anywhere you like.”This isn’t some nerdy virgin here, Alex is a serious cocksmith, yet he’s turned into a jabbering mess. He really doesn’t seem to know how to deal with Emma.”How about one on the side of your ear?””Hmm, that’s a little safe and boring, isn’t it?”As she gets within his personal space, he backs away.”I’d want it to be somewhere I could see it.””This isn’t a one time thing. You’ll be able to see it wherever you put it. Regularly.”He backs into the wall. Emma stops an inch in front of him – not touching him, but he’d have to touch her body to move away.”Or maybe you want to pick my next tattoo? Get your name inked somewhere intimate…”She leans forward to kiss him, and he pulls away. She tries again – he’s too slow, and their lips touch…Time stops. I watch as they stare into each other’s eyes for the longest time, so close that their noses are almost nudging.She’s challenging him to make the next move – to choose to commit to this, or to stop it. I can see he wants it, he wants to kiss her. But something’s holding him back.The tension rises, and rises, until it’s unbearable.Something’s got to give…It’s Alex. He pulls Emma to him and kisses her hungrily. They’re almost frantic, pawing at each other, their lips and tongues mashing and twisting in a frenzy.I’ve never seen Emma so desperately passionate. They’ve lost themselves in erotic rapture.Against his bulk, Emma seems even more slim and petite than usual. She cries out as he shoves two large fingers into her dripping snatch, and she practically tears his trousers off.She’d intimated he was big, but I didn’t realise how big. Nearly ten inches long, and really really thick. I can hear her moan in anticipation as she struggles to get her hand around it.He lines his monster up with her slit, and…”Wait,” Emma breathes.Alex stares at her like she’s gone mad. “What!?””I want my husband to feel the first time my brother’s cock pushes into me too.”She signals to me to sit down on the bench, in Alex’s spot. The spot we fucked in at her 30th party.I obey, my dick sticking straight up in the air expectantly.She struts over and turns to face away from me, her legs straddling mine. The sight of her perfect butt and the little dimples in her lower back (with the lipstick kiss and tramp stamp tattoos) is glorious. She takes hold of my prick and holds it against her arsehole, and stares at her brother while she forces her sphincter to stretch around my pole. She moans as she bounces up and down on my dick, taking the full length up her unbelievably tight rectum.Alex’s eyes are locked on his sister’s arse accomodating my rod. “What the fuck?!”Emma sits back and settles onto me, getting comfortable. Or as comfortable as she can be while I’m impaled in her arsehole. “Your sister is a complete fucking slut. The sooner you get used to that idea, the sooner we can all enjoy it. Now come here and let me taste your beautiful cock.”He steps forward in a daze. As soon as it’s in range, Emma grabs his python and pulls it to her mouth.His girth makes it difficult for her, and she strains her jaw to push herself as deep as possible onto his dick. I guess out of habit, he takes her head and helps her, jamming until she gags on his cock.”This is absolutely fucking mental,” he says.She pulls back and spits on her brother’s massive rod. “If it helps, don’t think of me as your sister. Just think of me as another one of your skanks.””Is that what you’re doing? Thinking of me as just another guy?””No. I’m gonna get off at how naughty it is that I’m gonna have my brother’s big dick inside me.”She swallows him again, gripping his arse and fucking her face onto his cock. I’m actually worried she’s going to hurt herself.I guess Alex is too, because he has to forcibly pull away to stop her choking herself. “What the fuck happened to you?!” He’s shocked and properly concerned.”Just hurry up and fuck me before someone comes and finds us.” She opens her legs wide and spreads her pussy lips with her fingers.Obviously deciding to just go with it for now and get his head around it later, he moves his huge member down to her mound and slides it between her labia.”Do you really want your lips pierced?” he asks.”If that’s what you want. I’ll do anything, just stick your big cock inside your sister’s slutty little cunt. Go on, do it. Do it! Oooh yeeaAAAHH!”Being deep in Emma’s arsehole, I can feel Alex’s dick as it edges inside her too. It’s an amazing sensation. Emma almost crying, she’s so happy. “Oh my God, b*o, no-one’s ever felt this good. We should have been doing this years ago.”Alex pulls back a bit, then jams back into her – and Emma’s as surprised as the rest of us as she cums, squirting into the air, soaking all of us. She locks her ankles behind Alex’s back to keep him inside as she vibrates on my cock. It takes all my self control not to unload myself.”Shit, s*s, you’re a squirter?” Alex is almost laughing.Emma stares up into his eyes, her body still twitching with little aftershocks. “This is the hottest thing ever. It makes me feel so sexy that even my brother can’t say no. Fuck me hard, little b*o. Use me.”He begins thrusting, building up the pace.”Come on, you’re not even using all of it!” Emma urges. “I’m the biggest slut you’ll ever fuck, make the most of OH FUCK!” His strokes lengthen, and I can feel their bodies thud together as he gives her all of him. “That’s it!” she cries, and cums again. Alex pauses but Emma begs him, “Don’t stop, God, don’t stop! Keep goiiinnnnngggg…”Her orgasm seems to roll on, never ending.Alex takes one of her breasts in his big right hand and plays with the nipple ring.”Yeah, twist them. No, hard.” She yelps in pain. Another squirt from her dripping pussy. “Yes! Oh God, like that!””You like that?” he asks, genuinely unsure.She seems completely out of control – her body’s constantly jerking and trembling, and she’s desperate beyond any time I’ve seen her before. “Don’t worry if I like it. Do whatever you want with my body. It’s yours.”The familiar twinge of jealousy hits my heart and my cock simultaneously. But this time it’s a little different; a little more taboo, and that makes it even more delicious.Alex slams into her. I can feel the power from his rugby training like a jackhammer, and I’ve got Emma as a buffer between us. God knows what she’s feeling.”This is where I got pregnant,” Emma tells Alex. “In your seat, minutes after getting engaged to The Ex-Boyfriend, and with my now-husband talking dirty about how much I wanted to fuck you.”I’d been concentrating so hard on not cumming yet, that the momentary distraction of the memory of me impregnating Emma has me spunking in my wife’s naughtiest hole. My orgasm’s so powerful that I go a little light-headed. “Oh fuck, he’s cumming up my arse! My husband’s baby-making juice is filling my arse while my brother’s fucking my pregnant cunt.” Emma squirts again! She’s gonna be severly dehydrated if this carries on much longer. “I’m getting close,” Alex warns.”Do you want a nephew or a niece? A girl you can turn into a slut, just like her mum? Your cock’s so close to her right now…””Oh fuck!””Oh God… imagine if I was having your baby,” she pants.”I’m cumming!” Alex grunts.”In my mouth!” Emma urges, and Alex quickly pulls out. His first shot unloads on her stomach; the second hits her on the cheek; but he gets his cockhead in her mouth in time for her to get the rest.She mewls contentedly as her mouth fills up, and sighs as Alex withdraws his cock. Emma mimes for Alex to take a picture.”You’re fucking k**ding me!”Emma puts her hands together in a begging motion. Disbelieving, Alex nevertheless searches his trousers for his phone.Emma hurriedly retrieves a pen from my jacket pocket and writes in big black letters on her flat, toned stomach, ‘I JUST FUCKED MY brother’.She gets on her knees in front of Alex, displaying the pool of cum on her pierced tongue, and poses for a few pics.I am definitely going to have to get copies of those.Emma swallows her mouthful, and kisses Alex on the cheek.”Thanks b*o. You’re amazing.”We all hurry to get dressed. Emma massages the cum on her stomach into her skin, then wipes her cheek clean with a finger and runs it around her pouting mouth.”Who wants to watch me kiss Dad with b*o’s cum on my lips?”Her Dad? I wonder if she’d ever…

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