Keep on Truckin’

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It was a beautiful late spring afternoon as I was rolling down I-80 across the endless Nevada desert, headed for California. My truck was purring like a well-fed lion as those 18 wheels chewed up the miles in the warm afternoon sun. I had been on the road now for 23 days without seeing home. Home, if you want to call it that, was a one bedroom apartment, nice but spartan. I didn’t need much since I spend a lot of time on the road. Truck stop showers and mini-marts are my amenities, an occasional motel if the truck breaks leaving me grounded for a few days. A lonely life but it has its perks. I love to drive. Best of all, I get to see this big beautiful country and get paid for doing it.

In the side mirror I could see a red Corvette convertible that had been drafting me for several miles. The woman driving had long blonde hair whipping in the wind but that’s all I could tell from this distance. Out here in the wastelands of Nevada there isn’t a lot of traffic so you kind of notice when someone is on your tail.

The Corvette finally moved out to pass and I got my first look at the driver. She was quite pretty, and wearing “Daisy Duke” style denim shorts and a loose blouse that billowed in the breeze. As the car pulled alongside she flashed a bright friendly smile and waved. I nodded and waved back shooting her a big smile as she slowly rolled by. I could see her breasts clearly as the wind whipped open her top. They looked firm, proud and high. She glanced back at me and winked as she pushed those beautiful mounds together, teasing me. I almost lost it. This woman was lovely to look at and she was ‘flashing me’. I gave her a big thumbs up and blew her a kiss. She continued the cat and mouse with me for 10 or 15 miles dropping back, then passing, always playing with those luscious orbs or rubbing her crotch through her shorts.

I found myself touching my own bulge as I fantasized what I would love to do with this ‘road angel’.

I just had to meet her, so I signaled to her to have a cup of coffee at the next stop about 5 miles up the road. To my surprise and delight she smiled and nodded yes as she shot out ahead to disappear into the distance. I figured she was just teasing again so I didn’t expect to the red Corvette parked at the restaurant/bar/service station just off the road. I parked my rig in an area for truckers and went in.

The coffee shop was just a small greasy spoon but it was the only stop for miles. I blinked to get my eyes accustomed to the low light of the place. The woman had arrived first so I looked around for her as I took a booth, pretending to study the menu.

“What’ll it be, Hon.” the waitress asked just as the blonde appeared from the back. Up close she was more stunning than I had guessed. She was about 5’6″ with a walk like a runway model, her long legs, tanned and well-muscled. Smiling broadly she slipped into the seat next to me and we each ordered coffee and a piece of pie. The waitress scurried away and we were left alone, country western music lulling us played in the background.

I turned and looked into her big blue eyes, “Well, my name is Steve and you are?” I said.

“Maryanne,” her voice was soft and musical as she introduced herself and told me she was on her way to Reno to find work. She wanted to be a dancer in one of the shows at a casino but would settle for anything to start. I learned that she was the proverbial Midwest farmer’s daughter tired of the quiet, lonely farm life and wanted to experience something more exciting than watching the corn grow and the animals mate.

I returned the information with that of my own nomadic lifestyle as we ate our pie and drank coffee.

As she talked, I sat there, chin on my hand, taking in her natural beauty and charm. She started my juices flowing by putting her hand on my leg, letting it move up and down as she Antalya Escort talked like we were dating. I slipped my arm around her moved a little closer, brushing against those wonderful tits whose nipples were showing hard and erect beneath her silky top. Her hand quickly stole to my crotch touching the bulge that had returned. In the dim light of the cafe, we were able to play unnoticed.

I was beside myself with delight as this young beauty demonstrated her need to touch and be touched. I couldn’t help thinking that she may be prick teasing me and would say farewell to leave me tending to my own needs.

With a flick of her practiced fingers my button fly was open releasing the pressure on my straining cock. “Are you always this forward,” I asked?

“I’m sorry don’t you like it? I’ve been on the road all day and the vibrations from the ‘Vette always make me horny,” she cooed. “Besides, I haven’t been with anyone for much too long.”

“Not at all, I love it. It’s just that I don’t want to be left at the alter so to speak.”

“That’s not going to happen.” she smiled broadly, her blue eyes bright with lust.

That was it. I couldn’t stand it any longer, my hand found it’s way between her legs. I could feel the moist heat from her pussy as my fingers worked loose the leg of her shorts. She wasn’t wearing any panties and my finger quickly found her wet slit. I caressed her as she spread her legs to allow me easier access. We played with each other in secret until I finally whispered, “We should move to my truck.” She looked at me with a question in her eyes so I said, “It has a sleeper, that is, if you would like to join me.”

“Oh, that sounds like fun, like camping out,” she mused.

“It’s OK, but it gets old after a week or more on the road.”

“Is it big enough for two?” Maryanne said, those big blue eyes sparkling in the low light.

“Just barely…but that depends on how you like to sleep, or if you sleep, I said grinning. This place has showers so we can wash the road off first if you like?”

“Oh, That would be wonderful. I could use some time to freshen up.”

I looked out the window and noticed that it was getting dark and cooling off rapidly. “Why don’t you just stay with me tonight. We can both get an early start in the morning.”

“That would be great. I won’t have to drive anymore tonight and I can save what money I have for Reno,” she said excitedly.

I paid the bill as I watched Maryanne strut gracefully across the parking lot to retrieve some things for the shower. I decided that I had better straighten up the sleeper and make it presentable while she was gone. When she returned I told her to make herself comfortable while I went to shower.

She said, “Hurry back, I’ll just make ready for you.” I couldn’t help but grin broadly like a fool.

I had to keep mentally pinching myself, fully expecting to wake from this dream. I guess all thing happen for a reason and are given to us at the proper time. And, boy was this the proper time. It had been nearly a month since I felt the touch of a woman, and this one was everything I had been fantasizing about for the last week. I rushed into the shower. As I washed, I couldn’t touch myself down there without responding, my cock growing long and tumescent as I tried to hurry.

“This is cozy,” Maryanne said as I climbed into the sleeper.

“It has to be it’s my home away from home.” I laughed. I found Maryanne already undressed and snuggled under the covers. She watched with eagerness as I removed my clothes, her eyes darting from my face to my crotch. We wrapped each other in a warm embrace. I kissed her deeply letting my tongue play inside her mouth. She reacted by sucking on my tongue and reaching for my stiffening cock. I worked my kisses down lingering at her neck, taking in her Antalya Escort Bayan sensual fragrance. Whatever she was wearing went straight from my nose to my crotch. I took my time kissing my way to those great tits taking a strawberry nipple in my mouth, tonguing and sucking on it. She moaned her approval as she lay back allowing me the freedom to do as I pleased.

I fondled and kissed her breasts for long minutes, sucking in each erect nipple in turn before I continued slowly and deliberately down her flat smooth stomach. Finally, reaching her fertile delta, I was thrilled to find that she was well-groomed, having only a small patch of silken hair just above her clit. I love women to be shaved or at the least groomed. It shows they have a vested interest in their own sexuality. Holding her legs together I slid my tongue up and down her cleft, feeling her clit grow with each lick. She tried to spread her legs but I kept them together teasing her with my mouth until she begged me to let her move.

Lifting and separating her legs, I plunged my tongue into her wetness, lapping and sucking at her clit. Again and again I brought her to the edge of orgasm, only to withhold my teasing so that she was writhing with need. Her juices were flowing freely now, wetting my face and her own ass. I indulged in her delight, savoring my own as I kept up the taunting. I slid a finger inside her to explore for that little lump of flesh that made women wild, all the while sucking and tonguing her button. I continued until in one great moan she forced my face against her, holding me there tightly with her hands and legs, she came explosively as I suck hard on her pulsating clit. She held me in that position for what seemed like forever. I was barely able to breathe as she climaxed several times in a row.

Finally, she pulled away breathlessly saying, “Now it’s my turn…I want you on your back.” Her demanding voice took me by surprise as she ordered me like a drill Sargent. I was only too glad to oblige her as my cock was about to burst with pressure. I rolled to my back as she gripped me and began to pull on my cock. I was now oozing my own copious lubrication as she milked my slick cock.

Her hands were so skilled I just had to ask, “Were you raised on a dairy farm?”

She looked up at me her wet lips smiling, “As a matter of fact I was. We had lots of animals and I had to care for most of them. That’s how I earn the money to buy the Corvette. Besides, you can learn a lot from working with animals you know.”

My shaft was swollen and rock hard. Maryanne held it against my stomach and began kissing my balls, sucking one then the other into her mouth, she hummed a song and the vibrations went through my pelvis like electricity. It was like nothing I had ever felt before. Returning to my fleshy pillar, she took the whole length of me down her throat in one mind blowing move. Now, I’ve been around but I never had a woman that could actually deep throat me before. She did it like it was effortless, no gagging or complaining. I could feel her throat open up to accept my rod, the muscles squeezing tightly around the head. She was doing to me what I had done to her, taking me to within a breath of orgasm, then pulling me back.

After doing this several times, Maryanne turned around on her knees with her beautiful ass in the air and demanded that I fuck her. “Give me your big beautiful cock. I want to feel you inside me…spread me open…give it to me,” she commanded. I was only too happy to oblige. Her bottom looked fantastic poised in the air with her puffy lips begging my cock. For a moment I just looked on as she swayed to and fro, wiggling her hips, tantalizing me. I raised to my knees and pressed my swollen member into her anxious sex. It slid in easily with all the dew dripping from her excited Escort Antalya slit. I thrust deep inside her. Holding it there, relishing her warmth and feeling her pelvic muscles rhythmically squeeze me. Her hips began to rotate, tugging on my dick, sucking it with her adept pussy. I didn’t have to do anything but stay upright and hold on. Soon, I found myself matching her rhythm stroke for stroke. When my legs finally became tired we changed positions and she mounted me as I lay on my back. I watched as she climbed over me and slowly guided my bloated cock to the mouth of her sodden sex. She rubbed the spongy head against her clit and along her silky lips before allowing it to enter her. With a squeal of delight she sank upon me, taking my turgid member as deep as it would go and began to ride me like one of her horses.

I clutched her tits and strained to reach them with my mouth as she continued her exquisite rocking motion. She looked wonderful sitting astride me, eyes closed, lost in the moment, my cock filling her, appearing and disappearing with our movements. We changed positions again and I got on top in the good old missionary position. Her legs were spread as wide as my sleeper would allow. Her feet braced against the top of the cabin, I began to thrust into her, slowly at first, then pounding into her hard and fast.

“That’s it …fuck me hard baby…Oh yes…I love it,” she cried. Her head thrashed from side to side as my balls made vulgar slapping sounds against her wet ass that was saturated with our combined juices. Sweat was beginning to drip from me when she stiffened, her eyes glazed, pupils enlarged, staring at me, yet not seeing me. From deep in her throat came a low moan, closing her eyes, she reached a thunderous climax. The blonde traveler’s pussy gripped me tightly as she bucked wildly, devouring my meat in her frenzied hunger.

By now I too was at the point of no return and I could feel the orgasm boiling up inside me. With a breathless shout, “I’m coming too baby,” my cock gave up it’s bounty, flooding her insides. I was throbbing hard, each pulse expelled another white-hot torrent into her. She held me tightly as I jerked uncontrollably with each contraction.

As my own frenzied orgasm subsided, I rolled to the side, taking her with me so that we remained coupled. We lay there, quietly immersed in the immense pleasure of the afterglow.

I must have dozed for a while. When I awoke, she was caressing my cock again. I lay there motionless letting her explore until I felt her mouth envelop me once again. With that I couldn’t remain passive, I raised my hips to meet her. I was hard again as she fondled my balls, her mouth continuing it’s slow dance. This woman loved to suck cock, that was for sure, and she was an expert at it.

I tried to raise up to join in but she waved me down, her mouth left me long enough to say, “Relax, just let me do this.” With that I fell back, savoring the feel of Maryanne’s expertise. She played me like a fine musical instrument. When she wasn’t sucking on me she was manipulating me in that same slow even motion until I couldn’t stand it any longer. I looked up to see her watching me, her eyes again had that vacant hypnotic stare as she urged me on to climax with those fantastic hands.

“Are you ready to come,” she asked in a breathy voice, as she opened her mouth over my swelling manhood.

“Yes…,” was all I managed to say as I unleashed a second load. She milked my cock as the gush of white fluid splashed out and sprayed her waiting tongue. My orgasm surged on filling her mouth. When it finally subsided, she rubbed my dick over her face, smearing my juices on her lips and cheeks. She took me into her mouth again sucking my now deflating organ dry.

In mid-morning we arose, showered, dressed and together had a quiet breakfast at the diner. Each of us were still in our heads and emotions from the night before. All to soon, I walked Maryanne to her car, kissing her one last time, we bid farewell to each other, promising to get together again. I wistfully watched as the red Corvette disappeared in the distance, down the interstate.

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