Katie , Rowan – Opposites Attract – pt 1

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Where we left off:This evening was turning out much differently than Katherine had expected. What began as a ladies’ book club meeting has now turned into a hookup with Rowan, the town bad boy…____________________________________________________Rowan’s mouth trailed down from her lips to her neck, licking and biting the hollow of her neck, causing her to gasp, arching her back against the bookshelf.”Oh my!” Katherine breathed, running her hands through Rowan’s hair as his lips made their way to the beginning of her sweater, pulling the fabric aside to kiss her collarbone. She ground her hips against him, feeling how hard he was and needing him desperately.Rowan laughed against her skin at Katherine’s eagerness, running his hands up her thighs to grip her ass. “I want you so bad, baby. Would you like to go to the couch or–“”No.” Her lips captured his mouth, kissing him with all the fire she could muster. “Right here, take me right here.” Katherine started to lay down on the carpeting in the book aisle, grabbing Rowan’s collar of his leather jacket so he followed her down to the ground. She brought their lips back together as she laid down, Rowan encircling her.He pulled back suddenly, startling her. His eyes were glazed with lust, lips looking slightly swollen bahis siteleri from their feverish kisses. “Katie, I don’t have a condom. I don’t wanna–“Her heart ballooned. She silenced him with a toe-curling kiss, her body feeling like it was on fire and wanting to share that same flame with him that was burning within her. “I’m on birth control, it’s fine. I promise.” Katherine smiled up at him, nervousness starting to creep in that this was actually going to be happening.Rowan laughed breathlessly, bringing her head up as their lips met, this kissing reaching a feverish pitch. The scale tipping as they both descended into passion. His hand began pushing her skirt up until it was bunched at her stomach, her underwear exposed. He began to touch her, feeling how wet she was, his finger going back and forth over her clit. The fabric and his fingers created more friction that made Katherine gasp, mini jolts pulsing from her core as her back arched into him.”You’re so wet, baby,” he rasped, his voice grating with need. Rowan began kissing his way down her neck, over her clothed chest and stomach, to her exposed underwear. He sat up, looking directly into Katherine’s eyes as he started pulling her underwear down, completely exposing her to him. Her heart was beating canlı bahis siteleri rapidly in her chest as her breathing escalated.With a sensual slowness, he pulled it over her ankles and set it to the side. She felt her face flaming, her self consciousness seeping into the moment that she was completely exposed, before Rowan of all people. He sat back, looking at her. “You’re so beautiful, Katie.” He whispered and Katherine felt like she was glowing from the inside out. He started kissing at her ankles, nipping at certain places on her legs that made her moan.Rowan made his way to her beautiful, curvy thighs and lavished them with kisses. He loved her thighs, something that she always hid from the world but he was kind of obsessed with them. He kissed his way over from her thighs, to her hip bone. Then, with Katherine watching him as he looked to see her reaction, he kissed either side of her sweet pussy. She gasped and Rowan thought she would break their eye contact but she continued looking at him, which turned him on even more.He waited a beat more before flicking his tongue over her clit, which made her breath skitter out in a rush. He was going to take it slow but he just wanted to eat her out so badly that he could not stop himself once he had one canlı bahis taste of her. Rowan began to devour Katherine, gripping her hips as he sucked on her clit. Then he started lapping up her wetness. Katherine moaned, her breath coming out in tiny gasps. Rowan’s eyes kept flickering up to her face, gauging her reaction as he slowly inserted a finger inside her.”Oh! YES!” She put her hand on the back of his head, running her fingers through his hair. He added another finger, beginning to move his fingers out of her pussy faster and faster. Rowan continued his assault of her clit as his fingers entered and exited her at a rapid pace. Her breath was hitching, eyes blazing with need.”OH! Oh my GOD, Rowan, I-I,” Katherine moaned as he felt her walls contracting, milking his fingers as an orgasm rippled through her core. Her hand tightened in his hair as she pushed his face closer against her. He slowly licked her, pulling his fingers out of her as he kissed her sensitive bud, causing her to shiver.Rowan pulled away from her, standing up as he started taking his shoes and pants off. Once his pants and boxers were off, Katherine could not help but lick her lips at the sight of his hardness. He was much bigger than she expected but that did not stop her from wanting to taste him; in fact it made her want to lick him all the more. Rowan got down on his knees, beginning to align himself with her pussy but she put a hand on his chest. He stopped immediately, his eyes shooting up to her face.

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