Katie Judges A Kissing Contest

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Katie Judges A Kissing Contest”So, did you like my pussy?” whispered 16-year-old Katie, with a sleepy smile. Scott softly panted, eyes closed. He stroked Katie’s just-fucked cunt as his heart beat like a jackhammer. His head lay on her young chest, his shaggy hair flopped over her breasts. He could feel her crazy heartbeat under his cheek. Scott lazily opened his mouth and began suckling his step sister’s cherry-red nipple. Katie sighed contentedly, holding her step brother’s head in her arms. She had her answer.Ding, dong!”Oh my God! That’s Josh!!” said Katie with a gasp. “He’s here for our date!”Scott smiled around Katie’s breast, his sister’s nipple deep inside his open mouth. He gave it a final slow pull, then let go with a slurp. The young girl’s tit jiggled; her erect nub pointed at Scott’s face.”No worries, Kat,” said Scott with a grin. “Josh is a good guy. I’ll stall him while you get dressed.” Scott tousled Katie’s hair, and casually slipped off the bed. He pulled his board shorts up over his lean hips; his tanned legs and chest were bare. As Scott buttoned his shorts and pushed his hair out of his eyes he looked at Katie’s naked open slit, dribbling his pearly cum. Scott had a nearly irresistible urge to press his lips against his sister’s no-longer-virgin hole and lap her juices. Katie’s breath caught as Scott looked up directly into her eyes. They shared an intimate smile.Ding, dong!As her 17-year-old stepbrother loped downstairs to answer the door, Katie tried to collect herself. With her pussy so thoroughly fucked, it was hard to remember what her problem had been. What was the reason she had called Scott into her bedroom?Katie looked down at herself. Just below her full breasts a red satin dress was bunched around her waist, stained with a few globs of creamy liquid. Her knees were spread open obscenely. Katie’s pussy slowly throbbed and oozed Scott’s cum. I remember now! I needed Scott’s advice about this dress. I was afraid it was too tight and too short. Too slutty. Scott’s reaction to it was obvious; she needed to pick out a different dress.The last thing she wanted was to look slutty.After shimmying the dirty red gown down her slender hips and off onto the floor, Katie slipped off the bed. She stood still for a moment, trying to think straight. It was tough. The girl’s right breast was wet from Scott’s mouth. Katie could almost still feel his flicking tongue on her elongated nipple. The pink tip of her still-erect clitoris, where Scott had focused his sucking, nearly peeked out from between her puffy pussy lips. She took a deep breath.Standing in front of the full-length mirror, Katie looked at herself.Her hair! Instead of her earlier careful bun, her blonde hair was a wild mass of soft curls. I have sex hair. Scott fucked me, Katie thought dreamily. He spread me open and ate me. Scott sucked my cunt like a little baby. Katie haltingly ran her fingers through her curls, smoothing the musses. He pushed his cock between my virgin pussy lips and fucked me. I fucked my step brother.Katie’s full lips in the mirror looked a little swollen. Her lip gloss was completely gone; the girl felt a twitch in her pussy when she realised it might still be smeared onto Scott’s cock. Katie swirled her tongue around the inside of her cheeks, remembering how her brother’s thick cock head had filled her small mouth. Katie could still taste him.Licking her lips, Katie opened her closet door. The clothes hanging inside were mostly too tight, as her breasts had just recently grown to their present lush proportions. Distracted, Katie picked out a stretchy white shirt. How bad could it be? It has a high neck, she half-thought to herself. Katie chose a pleated navy skirt to go with it.Completely forgetting to put on a bra first, Katie pulled the snug shirt over her blond head. She stretched the slinky material down over her full breasts. The shirt had a high neckline, covering Katie’s cleavage entirely. However, the smooth fabric clung to her like a second skin, exposing not only her blunt nipples but also the bumps on her areola. Even the colors showed through the flimsy cloth — the plump tips were rosy-red, surrounded by a deep pink. The shirt hugged her flat tummy down to just above her belly button.In a daze, Katie stepped into some cotton panties and buttoned her blue pleated skirt. The hem fell just a few inches below her slim ass. After absentmindedly strapping on her new high-heeled sandals, Katie teetered in front of the mirror.The young girl was suddenly overwhelmed by the throb of her messy pussy inside her panties. She closed her eyes, remembering her brother’s rooting mouth and tongue reaching deep inside her young cunt. “I love sucking your little baby clit,” Scott had whispered, his face sticky with her juices. Katie was hit with a wave of desire, and had to steady herself.”Hey Kat, are you ready?” Scott called up from downstairs. “Josh is here.”With a start, Katie realized she could hear the two boys talking and laughing downstairs. “I’ll be right down!” she called back.Without looking in the mirror again, Katie grabbed her purse from the dresser, kicked aside the discarded red dress and left her bedroom. The young girl’s breasts joggled as she carefully stepped down the stairs, unsure in her new heels. As Katie successfully made it down to the living room, she looked up and prepared to greet her date.Josh had watched little Katie walk down the stairs in her slutty outfit. He had never seen anything so hot in his life. My God! When had she grown those perfect tits? He could see every detail of her nipples, even the dimpled indentation at the very tips. He got an electric thrill thinking about licking her there, wiggling his tongue into each small pucker. The 17-year-old hastily lifted his eyes from staring at Katie’s breasts and smiled into her eyes.”Hi Katie, you look real pretty,” Josh said admiringly. He shifted from foot to foot. “Are you ready to go?”Katie türbanlı kocaeli escort beamed. Josh was a nice guy. He always seemed to be hanging around their house. Josh and Scott had been good friends for years, and both played on the school football team. Josh’s short black hair and brown eyes contrasted with Scott’s streaky sun-bleached hair and blue eyes. Both boys were very tall. Josh wore black jeans and a dark soft shirt. His aftershave smelled like pine trees.”Sure, I’m ready,” said Katie. “I’m sorry I kept you waiting.” The girl threw a sidelong glance at her brother Scott, who stood next to Josh. Clearly amused, he was lazily looking down at her tits. Katie felt the heat of his glance. Her pussy pulsed; a glob of Scott’s cum seeped into her panties.”I see you decided against the red dress,” said Scott, trying to hide a crooked smile. “What happened, did you get something on it?””Something like that,” said Katie, her face flushed. “I decided on this instead.””Nice.” A moment passed as Scott looked at his sister’s tits again. He absently stroked his tanned stomach. “So, Kat, I guess you guys should get going,” said Scott. “Josh is taking you to a party at Sam Foster’s. Sam’s parties are always a lot of fun.””OK Scott, I’ll see you later.” The girl leaned forward to let her brother kiss her on the cheek. Her arms goose-bumped as Scott reached down and put his hand on her waist, touching her warm skin. His lips brushed hers. “Bye Kat, have fun.”Katie could smell herself on his face.On the drive to the party, Josh kept sneaking peeks at the young girl sitting in the passenger seat. If anything, Katie was even sexier with a seat belt on; the diagonal strap divided her breasts and stretched the silky fabric of her white shirt tight against her chest. Her thick nipples pointed forward. Josh had a sudden urge to reach out and touch one, but he restrained himself. The teenager reminded himself that Katie had been a skinny flat-chested k** climbing trees just last year. His cock swelled in his jeans.Katie self-consciously clutched the hem of her blue skirt. At least this shirt has a high neckline! Katie thought, relieved. She was nervous about showing so much of her thighs. The young girl didn’t realize that Josh was too distracted by her tits to even notice how short her skirt was.Moments later Josh pulled over and parked in the street in front of a large house. Tall palm trees lined the dim driveway and clustered in lush groupings in the yard. “Here we are. This ought to be fun,” said Josh. “Sam’s parties are usually memorable.”Booming music blared from the open front door. Teenagers in various stages of drunkenness spilled out into the lush yard and milled about. Many had plastic cups of yellow beer topped with white foam; others held beer bottles.As Josh stepped out of his car, a group of boys in the driveway waved to him. “Hey Josh, glad you could make it, dude” said the tallest, wearing his baseball cap backwards. The boy took a deep drink from his beer.Josh waved back. He walked around the car, took Katie’s arm and helped her up and out of the low bucket seat. The girl balanced on her heels, breasts swaying, and smiled up at him. They walked over to the boys in the driveway. Katie didn’t know the teenagers personally; they were all older — juniors and seniors at the high school. These are Scott’s friends, she thought, self-conscious and a little excited.”Hey guys, this is Katie, Scott’s little sister. Josh said. He d****d his arm casually over Katie’s tan shoulders.The boys looked down at Katie, who even with high heels barely came up to Josh’s chest. Her high firm breasts and prominent nipples were on full display. Katie’s hands held her hem down, keeping her pleated skirt from showing more leg than necessary. She smiled at the boys, who returned the smile while looking her over, from her shiny heels to her short skirt to her clingy, nearly see-through shirt.The boys were silent for a moment. They grinned at each other, slowly nodding. The tallest boy said, “Hi Katie, nice to meet you. I’m Sam Foster.” He smiled at her; his teeth were very white in his tanned face. “Thanks for coming to my party. Hey, would you like to help us out?””Sure, I’ll help. What do you need me to do, Sam?” said Katie, flattered and a little embarrassed by the attention.”Well, we’re going to have a contest, and we need a judge,” said Sam. “Can you be the judge for us?””Sure, I-I guess so,” stammered Katie. “What kind of contest is it?”The boys again grinned at each other, and Sam looked down, adjusting his baseball cap. “It’s a kissing contest,” he said. “My parties always have one. We need a girl to judge, and the other girls here at the party already know us,” Sam said. “We need someone fresh.”Katie blushed and glanced at Josh, who was also smiling. He shrugged. “Whatever you want, Katie. It might be fun. It’s just kissing.””Uh, OK. Sure! What do I need to do?” Katie asked, still blushing. Her brown eyes sparkled.Sam thrust a cup of cold beer in her hands, and another into Josh’s. “You guys just chill for a while, and we’ll get set up inside.”The boys went into the house, laughing and joking about the contest rules. Josh and Katie stood facing each other on the dim driveway, tasting their beers. Nervous, Katie drank hers quickly; Josh got them both refills from the keg on the porch. Katie had never had beer before, and it left her lightheaded. She drank deeper, and leaned back against the trunk of a big palm tree. Her head felt like it was spinning, in a nice way.”Do you like your beer?” asked Josh, slowly wiping away a bit of beer foam from Katie’s bottom lip.”It’s not bad! I feel a little giddy,” the young girl said. “Mom would die if she knew I had a beer.” Katie giggled, and spilled a bit of foam on her shirt.”I won’t tell her if you won’t,” Josh teased. He looked down at Katie’s breasts and saw a dab of white foam near her stiffened türbanlı kocaeli escort bayan nipple. Josh casually reached out, wiped away the foam and in the same gesture deliberately fondled her erect bud with his thumb. He rolled the nipple and pulled slightly, lengthening its tip.Katie closed her eyes, and literally went weak in the knees.”You had some foam on your shirt,” said Josh under his breath, as he withdrew his hand and calmly sipped his beer.Katie suddenly found it hard to balance on her heels. Flushed, she shyly smiled up at Josh. Oh my God, did I just let him do that? Katy thought. Did he like it as much as I did?Just then, Sam stuck his head out the front door. “Hey guys, we’re ready! Come on in,” Sam called from the front door. “The contest is all set up in the family room in back.”Josh and Katie walked into the darkened house, and made their way to the family room. The thumping music made it hard to think. Rowdy teenagers filled the rooms, drinking, making out and talking too loudly. One dark room held dancing couples, including several paired-off girls undulating closely together. A corner of the big family room was clear of people, and held a single leather barstool.Someone turned the music low, and Sam raised his voice. “OK everybody, time for the world-famous Foster kissing contest,” he said, to cheers and catcalls. “Our judge is little Katie here.”Sam motioned for Katie to step forward. All eyes turned to the young girl as she shakily made her way to Sam and the barstool, stepping over people on the way. The cheers immediately grew louder, mixed with whistles and foot stomping. Katie reached Sam and turned to the crowd, her breasts bouncing prettily.Standing there with all eyes focused on her, Katie realized she was totally aroused by the thought of judging a kissing contest. She’d barely been kissed before, after all. The tipsy girl had a sudden flash of what Scott had said earlier that evening. “I don’t know which is sweeter — your tongue or your cunt,” said her brother after kissing both with his open mouth.Like before in her bedroom, Katie suddenly became aware of her thighs continually rubbing against her engorged clit, massaging it. Her cotton panties were soaked through, both from her own juices and from Scott’s cum.Katie took Sam’s hand as he led her to the tall barstool, surrounded by a chorus of cheers and loud whoops. Katie tried to climb into the tall seat, but had a little trouble because of her heels.”I’ll help you, little girl,” said Sam. He faced Katie, put his hands around her narrow waist, and easily boosted her up into the seat. As she sat down, Sam’s hands slid up to the deep crease under her breasts. He cupped the perfectly shaped tits, expertly rolling his thumbs over her excited nipples. Katie gasped, tilting her chest toward Sam’s exploring fingers. He looked Katie right in the eyes. With his back to the group, no one else knew Sam touched the young girl so intimately. Her heart pounding, Katie felt the cool leather on the back of her trembling thighs.”Here, you get to wear my lucky baseball cap,” said Sam, settling his hat on Katie’s blond head.Sam turned and faced the crowd. “Rules, people, rules. Here’s how we play: I pick three people to compete. They get one kiss. One. That means if their lips stop touching Katie, their turn is over.” The crowd in the family room whooped. Sam turned towards Katie, perched on the bar stool. “Katie, you get to pick the best kisser out of the three. Sound good?”Katie nodded. “Yes! I’m ready.”Sam stepped behind the barstool and pulled a black silk scarf from his pocket. He rolled it up and carefully tied it over Katie’s eyes.”Are you comfortable, Katie?” asked Sam.”Oh yes. Thank you, Sam,” said Katie. Her tummy fluttered with nervous excitement; her breasts gently heaved up and down. Katie waited breathlessly for the first contestant as the pounding music swelled again, filling the room with a thumping beat.Moments later, Katie felt strong hands cup her face, as someone tilted her mouth up. She smelled Josh’s pine-tree aftershave; it had to be him. A soft mouth covered hers, then Josh slowly tasted Katie’s lips, caressing them with his tongue. Josh’s insistent tongue then snaked into Katie’s mouth. The 16-year-old turned her head and opened her mouth wide. The two kissed deeply, tongues dancing and teasing. The boy brushed back Katie’s blond curls and put both hands behind her baseball cap as he ravaged her mouth. The crowd chanted “Kiss her! Kiss her! Kiss her!” cheering them on lewdly as the two teenagers kissed. They began to breathe heavily.After a minute, the boy took a breath, and began kissing Katie’s mouth again.”No fair! No fair!” yelled the drunken onlookers. “Only one kiss! The rules say only one kiss!”Laughing, the boy withdrew his mouth from Katie. The girl caught her breath, her lips tingling.”OK, that was contestant No. 1,” said Sam, standing behind Katie, rubbing his hands up and down her arms. “Are you ready for No. 2?”Katie slowly nodded, smiling beneath the black blindfold. She felt warm all over. The crowd was rowdier than before, whooping and laughing.Katie then felt an open mouth delicately taste her neck, and begin tracing a slow trail downwards. The soft lips never left Katie’s skin as they nibbled down her shoulder blades, over her white shirt, toward her right breast. Katie shivered as the small mouth approached her nipple, which poked indecently against the silky fabric.”Suck it! Kiss it! Suck her nipple!” the crowd ordered.The stranger’s mouth hesitated at the jutting nubbin, and licked around it, wetting the shirt over Katie’s pink areola. The young girl forgot herself; she arched her back, pushing her tit forward, yearning for the release of a good suck. The nuzzling mouth never left Katie. It circled her nipple, tickling and teasing, then slipped the hard tip inside and began to suckle through the silky türbanlı escort kocaeli fabric. Katie inhaled sharply.The stranger’s mouth worked Katie’s nipple skillfully, sucking deep and hard, soaking the thin cloth. In a daze, Katie felt the stranger’s head bobbing rhythmically on her breast as her nipple was pulled and stretched. Without thinking, Katie reached up to cradle the stranger’s head; her fingers felt long hair and a soft, hairless cheek patiently milking her nipple.A girl! Katie’s pussy rippled as she caressed the silky hair spilled in her lap. Katie traced the girl’s nursing lips with her finger, then slipped her finger in the girl’s mouth. The stranger let go of the nipple, and continued to suck on Katie’s finger, making loud slurping sounds. The fabric over Katie’s breast was sopping wet and see-through. Everyone could see her scarlet nipple and pink areola in minute detail, including the puckered dimple at the very tip.Katie’s heart was pounding as the stranger let go of her finger with a final wet suck. The crowd whistled and chanted “Winner! Winner! Winner!””Hey, not so fast! There’s one more lucky contestant,” said Sam. “Let’s see No. 3 top that!”After a moment, someone slowly twirled Katie’s barstool around so her back faced the crowd. The onlookers booed their disapproval. Katie could tell the corner of the room was very dark in front of her. Big hands reached around her narrow hips and scooted her gently forward on the leather seat, until she sat on the very edge.”I didn’t get a chance to clean you up earlier,” a low voice whispered in Katie’s ear. “Be a good little girl, and let your step brother suck out your messy pussy.”The girl involuntarily quivered. Her eyes were closed under the black blindfold. She forgot the raucous crowd existed. Her arms and legs broke out in goosebumps as Scott ran his hands down her sides to her thighs. He caressed her knees, then reached under her skirt to her waistband. Scott grasped the top of her panties on either side and tugged them down.”Lift up for me, pussy Kat,” murmured Scott. “You know what I want.”Katie tilted up her ass, letting her brother slip the tiny panties down and off. He fingered the white cloth, and brought it to his face. Scott inhaled deeply, and licked the damp crotch.”Oh, you are a dirty girl, Kat,” Scott whispered. “Your big brother needs to suck your little cunny clean.”Scott put his hands on her knees, and firmly pushed them up and wide apart. Katie’s feet in their strappy high heels rested on Scott’s shoulders. She held her brother’s head in her little hands, stroking his thick hair as he flipped up her pleated skirt and exposed her hairless slit topped with feathery blond curls. Katie’s pink folds glistened in the low light. Scott used his thumbs to spread open her cunt lips. Katie’s pussy pulsed, pushing out another glob of combined girl-cream and cum.”Mmmm, a snack.” Scott delicately scooped up the creamy glob with his tongue, then curled it between his lips. “Tasty.” He swallowed and smacked his lips.”Now I want you in my mouth.” Scott stuck his tongue out and pushed it deep into his sister’s pussy. He pressed forward until he could reach no deeper. and languidly hump against his face. He began sucking deeply, making slurping sounds and audibly swallowing. Katie could feel the suction from her brother’s mouth as he drank from her. Her hips tilted and rocked in time.Katie could feel her erect clitoris bumping against Scott’s nose as he fed on her pussy. Every time he nudged her clit she felt a luscious surge. As he cleaned his sister’s hole, his fingers reached up and pinched her clitoral button between his slick fingertips. He expertly rolled the tip and tugged on the hard shaft, causing Katie to jerk forward and groan loudly. Scott then slid his mouth upward. His fingers continued massaging and pinching Katie’s clit as he began lashing the red tip with his cream-covered tongue.”Aaahhh… Oh my God!” Katie could hardly speak, as she felt the muscles low in her belly twitch and jerk.Scott lowered his mouth to cover Katie’s clit. The young girl grunted, and thrust upward with her pelvis to give Scott the best possible access to her cunt. He wrapped his lips around her protruding clit and began sucking with intensity, like a hungry infant breastfeeding at his mother’s nipple.As Scott nursed on her clit, Katie felt an overpowering wave that caused her to cry out, clutch at her brother’s rooting head and thrust against his tongue in slow, slick rhythm. The climaxing young girl bucked against her brother’s mouth, humping urgently. Her convulsing cunt squirted a fresh load of girl-juice directly into Scott’s open, working mouth. His jaws kept moving, increasing the suction to pull every drop of cream out of his sister’s slit.Spent, Katie sat slumped in the barstool, panting, her blindfold askew. Her body hummed. Scott again used his thumbs to hold her pussy open, thoroughly licking all her pink folds clean, moving up to taste her mound with its silky blond hair.”I can’t get enough of your furry pelt,” Scott said in a low voice, inhaling deeply as he smelled his sister’s pussy.He lapped at her, bathing her cunt with his tongue. When he was satisfied that his little sister was clean, he stood up, pulled off her blindfold and leaned in close. Scott whispered in Katie’s ear, “Lick my face and see how you taste.”Katie lazily stretched out her little tongue and flicked Scott’s cheek. “Mmmm. Tastes like ripe peaches.””Told you so.””Oh, I brought your sweater for you,” Scott whispered, dr****g a fuzzy cardigan over her shoulders. He buttoned the top two buttons, and pulled the sweater together to cover her nipples. Scott smoothed the fabric over her breasts.”I know the last thing you want is to look slutty.”They smiled into each other’s eyes.As Scott helped Katie off the barstool, they both became aware that they were not alone. The family room had erupted in loud cheering and clapping. Everyone in the room was standing up in a sustained standing ovation.”Best. Kissing. Contest. Ever,” gushed Sam, grinning from ear to ear. He retrieved his baseball cap from Katie’s head. Sam’s tanned face was flushed; beads of sweat stood out on his upper lip. “I guess we don’t need to guess who won.”Katie looked up at Sam, her eyes dancing.”Who was that girl?” she asked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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