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Kathy and I got married 5 years ago. They have been the happiest years of my life. When you’re married to a Goddess, life’s got to be great.

You probably think I’m kidding about the Goddess part. When I describe Kathy you’ll know I’m totally serious. She is 5’11” of blond bombshell. She weighs 130 pounds and has a 38D, 24, 37 figure. She keeps her hair shoulder length and often wears colors matching her deep blue (almost black) eyes. She is a real knockout in anybody’s book. And she’s all mine.

When I first met her I didn’t think I had a chance with her. Hell, I’m only 5’10 and have thinning hair and a slight beer belly. A mutual friend set us up on a blind date. He was playing a practical joke. Well, the joke was on my friend. Kathy and I really hit it off.

Kathy didn’t dress to show off her body. I’d say she wore the same type of clothes that other girls were wearing. Nothing real sexy, but there was never a doubt that she was all woman.

Kathy was a virgin until about four months after we started dating. After that first time we did NOT have sex every chance we got. She didn’t want to take a chance on getting pregnant and thought only bad girls took the pill before getting married.

We did have sex two or three times a month until we got engaged. Then we had some kind of sex on every date. It might only be masturbating each other, or oral sex. She still didn’t want to get pregnant or take the pill. She wanted to walk down the aisle in a white wedding dress with no one but us knowing she wasn’t a virgin.

Once our vows were spoken it was a different matter altogether. She couldn’t get enough of my cock. And I was in her pussy every chance I got. We didn’t want kids right away so she was on the pill and we were on each other.

After the honeymoon, I even got her to loosen up a little bit in the clothes department. I took her shopping one day and had her try on a mini-skirt. When she looked in the mirror she said it was way too short. I told her it was just right.

I told her I could prove to her that the dress was just right. I stood beside her and pushed my hand up her dress and on her ass. She giggled and blushed, but I pointed out that looking in the mirror from the front you couldn’t even tell if the dress was raised in back. She said I just liked the dress because I was a pervert. I told her I couldn’t agree more. She laughed at that, but we bought the dress.

That was the start. After that when she went shopping she would buy the kinds of outfits she usually wears when out in the world, but she would also pick out something much more daring for our private times. No one else knew about the daring clothes, they were just for us when we were around the house.

Last night we were home and she was wearing her shortest mini-skirt and a see-through blouse, and nothing else. I was drinking beer and she was sipping wine coolers. We were both feeling mellow until I went into the kitchen to get another beer and wine cooler. My cock had been about half-hard for the last hour or two and I was ready to head back to the family room when I got a wild idea.

I put the beer and wine cooler back in the fridge. Then I went in and took Kathy’s hand and pulled her up. She wanted to know what was going on but I pulled her toward the car without saying a word.

A few times every year we would get in the car and go somewhere to fuck, just like the old dating days when we didn’t have any place else. It’s hard to beat the excitement of screwing in the backseat of a car. That’s what she thought was going to happen now and she was all for it. When we got in the car I started it up and headed down the road.

Kathy was giggling and asking me which make-out spot I was headed for. She was also driving me crazy by rubbing my rock hard cock. I drove to a tavern about five miles out of town. When we got there she wanted to know what was going on. I told her I wanted to play some pool. She said she couldn’t go in the way she was dressed. I said, “I want you to, babe. I want us to go in there and play some pool.”

Kathy knew what I wanted. I had tried to get her to expose herself to other guys before. She always refused to do it, saying she was too embarrassed. I could see her struggling with the idea of fulfilling my fantasy now. “Will it really make you happy görükle escort if I go in there and let everybody see me? I’m not even wearing any panties. If I play pool there’s not going to be any secrets.”

I gave her a kiss, “Yeah, babe. It’ll really make me happy. I’m glad you’re not wearing a bra or panties cause I want them to see all of you.”

“In that case why don’t I just go in and strip for them?”

I knew she was being sarcastic, “Babe, that’d be great. I’d love to see them drooling while they stare at your naked body.” She punched me in the arm and said she’d never strip for anyone but me. What Kathy didn’t know, because I’d never told her, was that I would love to see more than that. What I really wanted was to watch another guy fuck her.

She looked at me for a minute then said, “Let’s go.” My heart started pounding. She was actually going to do it. She was going to go out in public and let other guys see her pussy and tits.

I knew she was already hot from our playing on the way there. And I could only hope she would get even hotter once we got inside and she could feel the other guys looking at her pussy and tits. I got nervous just thinking that I might even get to see my wildest fantasy carried out.

We went in and had to walk all the way through the place to the pool table. I left her standing there while I went and got us a drink and some quarters. There were four guys in the place, including the bartender, and they were all undressing my wife with their eyes. Not too difficult a task considering the little she was wearing.

I racked the balls and told Kathy to break them. She was blushing a bright red as she bent over the table for her first shot. She was so embarrassed she miscued. I got the cue ball back and told her to try again. She took another shot and broke the balls to a round of cheers.

She was startled to look around and see all four guys sitting at tables close by. They had moved over quietly and were in good position to see Kathy’s pussy whenever she bent over to take a shot at the head of the table. She took a healthy gulp from her drink and waited for me to shoot. I was so excited I almost missed the cue ball myself. That got some snickers from the onlookers.

Kathy was left with the only shot requiring her to stand directly in front of the men. I moved around so I could have the same view they had. When she bent over her skirt rode up high enough that her cunt lips were clearly visible. It was also clearly visible that they were wet.

I could tell by the looks the men gave each other that Kathy was not going to get out of this bar without getting fucked by them. Whether or not she or I was in favor of it. They were ready to rape her right then but the bartender motioned for them to sit still. I watched him walk over to lock the door. He flipped the switch for the outside lights and came back to the pool table area. He looked at me to see if I had anything to say. I sort of smiled and shrugged. He gave me a knowing smile. He could read in my face that he was going to get to fuck my wife without any arguments from me.

Kathy turned around to see what was taking me so long to take my shot. All that did was give the guys a good look at her tits. Her nipples were standing out stiff and the material of her blouse was catching on them when she moved. That was making them even harder.

I took my shot and missed on purpose. I left the cue ball where she would have to bend over directly in front of the guys again. Kathy knows I’m a pretty good pool player. She knew I missed on purpose. She knew that I was forcing her to expose herself to the other guys.

Kathy had decided to give me as much of a show as I wanted. She decided she was going to go as far as she could until I stopped her. When she bent over this time she didn’t move. She just stayed bent over giving us all a good look. Then I almost lost it because after we had a good long look she spread her legs. I couldn’t believe how she was opening herself wide for these other guys pleasure.

The bartender came up behind her and put his hand on her ass and gave her another wine cooler. She smiled at him and thanked him. Kathy let him fondle her ass while she took her shot then moved away from him. I took a quick shot and missed, putting bursa sınırsız escort her right back in the same position.

When she bent over this time she immediately spread those long legs. The bartender was still standing beside her. He looked back and winked at the guys. Then he took his beer and put it right up against my wife’s cunt lips. She yelped and jerked away, but she didn’t straighten up. He asked her if that was too cold and she told him it was.

The bartender put his beer down and unfastened his pants. Kathy was still bent over the table trying to line up a shot when he stepped behind her and pressed his cock against her cunt lips. “How about that, is that too cold?”

“God no! That’s too hot!”

“I don’t think it’s too hot for you. In fact I think you’re going to make it hotter.”

I know I was getting hotter. This guy was getting ready to fuck my wife right there in the middle of the bar and I was watching it. So were three other guys. And it looked like she was going to let him fuck her. All of a sudden it was getting hard to breathe. This was happening so fast I was having a hard time absorbing it all.

He told her he could tell she was getting too hot and told her he would help her out. With that, he reached around her and unbuttoned her blouse. He pulled it off and tossed it back toward me. Then he bunched her skirt up around her waist. There wasn’t a sound in the place except for six people’s hard breathing.

The bartender swung my wife around so she was facing all of us. He looked over her shoulder at me, “Is this your wife?” I nodded. “You want me to fuck her?” My heart really started pounding and I was trying to breathe through my mouth. My mouth had gone dry and I licked my dry lips. Then I nodded again.

He sat on the pool table and lifted Kathy up over his lap. He began lowering her towards his big cock. I’d never seen her face so contorted by lust. She grabbed his cock and guided it between her cunt lips. He slowly lowered her more until the head of his cock was in her love canal. Then he dropped her. Her own weight forced her all the way down on his cock, driving the wind out of her.

After sitting there for a minute with his cock buried to the hilt in my wife’s pussy he reached around her and started squeezing her tits. Kathy was moaning and panting. He cruelly pinched her nipples and said, “Fuck me, bitch. Fuck me good.” He pinched and pulled on her nipples so hard tears sprang to her eyes, but she didn’t try to get away from him.

She couldn’t reach the floor with her feet, so she put hands down on the pool table and began lifting herself off his cock until he was almost all the way out. Then she relaxed and let her weight impale her cunt on his spear again.

He didn’t let up on her tits. If anything he increased his cruelty. Kathy started frantically fucking him by raising up and then dropping down on his rod. Her poor tits were turning red from his rough treatment but she began hissing through clenched teeth, “Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.” Then she screamed as she came, sending pussy juice cascading over his cock and balls.

That was all it took for the bartender. He pushed down on her shoulders, holding his cock buried deep in her cunt while his balls emptied their fertile load into her womb.

The other three guys couldn’t wait any longer. They had already stripped and were just waiting for their chance. They grabbed Kathy and pulled her off the bartender and pushed her to the floor. They shoved her to her hands and knees and one of them got between her legs and rammed his stiff cock all the way in her dripping hole. Another one yanked her head up by her long blond hair and shoved his cock down her throat.

The third guy got down beside her and started mauling her already sore tits. The only reason she didn’t scream was the cock fucking her throat. The two guys fucking my wife picked up a rhythm. They would both pull back at the same time then slam in together. They were trying to turn her into an accordion. And she was loving it. Her moans filled the air.

It was an amazing sight. Two big hard cocks pulling out of her. Her cunt lips trying to keep the one in her pussy from leaving and her mouth sucking on the other one trying to keep it in her mouth. Then the bursa otele gelen escort cocks were shoved back in her, jarring her body and arching her back as they fucked her.

She was moaning and twitching as she came and came. The guy mauling her tits went crazy. He lay down under her and bit her tender tit flesh. He was growling and biting Kathy’s poor tits. She reached out and grabbed his cock and started pumping it like mad. It was only a minute or two before all three of the guys blew their sperm in or on my wife.

She had cum dripping from her pussy and cum on her face and chin. Her wedding rings were covered with sticky cum.

I was ready to take her home, but the bartender had other ideas. Before I could get up, he had got down behind Kathy and was rubbing his once again hard rod over and between her cunt lips, wetting his cock with cum and pussy juice. My wife was sliding back and forth, encouraging him to put his tool in her burning pit. Then he pulled back slightly. I could see his cock was all wet and slimy.

He looked at me and said, “Get over here.” I guess I was as crazy as everybody else. I moved over beside him.

“Sit on her head, goddamnit. I want her ass up in the air.” I roughly pushed her head down and moved to hold her down.

“Now, spread her ass cheeks. I’m going to ream her good.” I was beyond myself with lust. I wanted to see him abuse my wife’s virgin asshole. I leaned over her back and spread her ass cheeks for him. I was only inches away as he moved forward and guided his steel hard rod to her little rosebud.

Kathy was whimpering and moaning, “Oh, please no. Oh, please no. ” That just fueled the fires burning in me. When he first touched her puckered little hole with the head of his cock I went insane. I grabbed his cock and pushed it as hard as I could, forcing it into my wife’s asshole. She screamed as her little puckered hole was pierced for the fist time in her life. Once the head had penetrated her I yelled at him to give it all to her.

He drove his cock deep in my wife’s asshole, his body banging against her ass cheeks. I held her in place so she couldn’t escape from his savage attack. The other guys gathered around and roared their approval of his assault.

The bartender grabbed Kathy’s hips and held her tight as he banged home time after time in her tight little butthole. I finally had the chance to get my own cock out of my pants. I lay down on the floor beside her head and pushed my cock into her whimpering mouth, shutting off her cries of protest.

Kathy used my cock like a pacifier. She sucked at my rod like a baby nursing at his mother’s tit. I knew I wouldn’t last long with this. I could feel the pressure building in me as the bartender continued violating my wife’s ass.

My whole body shook when my cock erupted, spewing hot cum into my wife’s mouth. She sucked faster to get all of my cream in her parched throat. The bartender let out a yell and buried his shaft in her asshole, pumping his load of cum deep in her bowels.

Kathy passed out and collapsed in a huddle on the floor. One of the guys rolled her onto her back and got between her legs. He stuffed his prick into her pussy and started fucking away. The sight of my wife’s tits jiggling as he pounded in and out of her cunt was so hot that I started jacking off. The other two guys joined me and soon we were hosing down her face and tits with cum.

That got to the guy fucking her and he filled her pussy with another load of spunk.

Kathy didn’t wake up, so the other guys helped me carry her out to our car. We dumped her in the back seat. Her dress was still bunched around her waist and the bartender threw her blouse on top of her. “You can bring the slut back anytime. Drinks’ll be on me.” He laughed.

I drove home in a car that reeked of sex. Kathy didn’t even stir until I pulled into our garage. She was only half-awake when I helped her into the house. I laid her down on the floor and stripped. I lay down on top of her cum covered body and pushed my dick into her soggy pussy. I’ve never felt anything hotter than to rub my body over the gooey mess while I fucked her stretched cunt.

Kathy moaned as I slowly fucked her. She opened her eyes and looked at me. For a minute neither of us said or did anything. Then she put her arm around my neck and pulled me down in a deep kiss. I tasted the salty bitter taste of cum, mine and another man’s, in my wife’s mouth. Our bodies were beginning to stick together as all the cum dried while we were fucking.

We both knew we would go back to that bar again. I hoped there would be more guys next time.

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