Kathy Ch. 2

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— Author’s Warning —
== You should not read this if you’re under 18, you should not read this if you’re over 18.
== This is a fictitious story very loosely based on the well-buried memories, insatiable imagination, and the huge ego of the Author.
~~ It’s not entirely necessary to read the first part of this continuing story, “Kathy”, although it probably wouldn’t hurt. I’ll aim to make each story as autonomous as possible.

1. Planning

I had just arrived home, I’d been thinking about my adventure with Kathy during the entire ride home from work. I could still feel her lips on mine and smell her perfume. I felt very relaxed and my mind was free to dream about what new and interesting things I could make Kathy do for me.

I mentally added up everything I knew about her again. I thought about her tightly packed athletic body. Kathy’s at least a foot short than my six feet three inches of height, I’m thin at about 180 lbs., but she could weigh more than 105 lbs., if that. I turned over the memory of her soft blonde hair sliding through my fingers and thought of how sexy she looked in ponytail. I wondered how she’d look in school-girlish pigtails. I loved the look of quiet supplication she could put into her cloudy pale bluish-gray eyes.

I had never been into the B/D/S/M type of lifestyle that Kathy had just introduced me to. I knew how it worked. I had an internet connection, and I’d never found any kind of sexual situation to be unacceptable, as long as it didn’t cause anyone serious harm or left a mess that was too difficult to clean up afterwards.

Kathy was a nymphomaniac, pure and simple. She couldn’t satisfy herself sexually through normal means. Kathy hopped from boyfriend to boyfriend and bed to bed as soon as she got bored. She had been planning on jumping to mine after her last relationship, one that included my close friend, had ended due to her lack of fidelity.

I’d never been a very good partner as far as monogamous relationships went myself. My own problems with fidelity were a much-talked about topic among my own social circle. Now, here I was presented with a type of relationship where fidelity was not only not expected but was never even part of the equation.

I leaned back in my favorite easy chair and shook myself out of the clouds. I had to get busy and plan something exceptionally slutty for my new slavegirl to accomplish tomorrow night. I’d made plans with Kathy after our brief tryst earlier in the storeroom where I work. I had to think of some way of making Kathy perform some seriously slutty actions within 24 hours, and then there was the weekend to think of.

The first order of business was to get out of riding the register tomorrow night at work. It was a Friday night and I knew it wouldn’t be easy. This meant I had to call my manager whom I’d nicknamed, “The Fat Cross-eyed Hair-Bag”. That could wait until morning though. Tonight I had to do some dreaming and research. The dreaming was easy, like any other filthy minded teenage male I had enough fantasies in my head to fill up a library. I felt slightly lagging behind Kathy in her knowledge of B/D however. Research was definitely the next order of business.

Online I went, a quick glance at my bookmarks made my decision for me and off to White Shadow’s it was. I spent the next few hours pouring over as many different types of stories as I could.

With the knowledge of a thousand fellow perverts (authors) coursing through my mind I sat back again and began piecing together my plan of action.

2. Positioning

As it turned out, getting that Friday night off was much easier than I thought it would be. I only had to promise the “Fat Bastard” that I’d work a double open to close shift for him on Sunday. This wasn’t any serious problem however, it was getting to be the end of summer and people always had better things to do on their weekends than come bother me at work. Sunday’s were always dead quiet at the store anyway, so I just focused on all the different ways I could play with Kathy all over the shop.

I had my plan well thought out when I arrived to school on Friday. I was running a little late as always and was hurrying to my locker when I saw Kathy leaning against the locker right next to mine.

Her hair was pulled back into the exact same style ponytail that she wore the night before during our encounter. She had on a plain white blouse tucked into a pair of tight blue jeans. She took one quick glance into my eyes and then lowered her gaze to the ground between her feet.

“I love your hair that way.” I said, as I stepped up to my locker.

“I hoped you did.” Kathy replied, “That’s why I wore it this way.”

“You did very good, Kathy.”

“Do you know what we’re going to do tonight?” she asked. Her eyes were gleaming.

“I have everything all planned. I have a few questions for you though.”

“What kind of questions?”

“What kind of bikini do you have?” I asked.

“I just got xslot a new thong one,” she brightened up quickly, “it’s red and very stringy.”

“Perfect,” I said, “I want you to wear that tonight with a wrap, and bring something comfortable to change into as well.”

“I can’t wait for tonight.” Kathy’s eyes were dancing and her smile was infectious.

“I’ll pick you up at 6 o’clock. I want you to be ready, and only wear the bikini.”

Just then the bell started ringing and I shut my locker door. Kathy just had enough time to wrap her arms around my neck and breathe “Yes, Master” in my ear before giving me a quick kiss and running off to her own class. I had a smile pulling at the corners of my mouth all day as I was thinking about what the evening would bring.

I only had three classes each day, being that it was my last year in high school. I got out a few hours earlier than Kathy, but she had her lunch hour just as I was leaving school so she was able to catch me in the halls on my way out the door.

“I’m dying to know what we’re going to do tonight,” Kathy was breathing a little hard, “especially if I have to go around half naked all night.”

I tilted her face up to look directly into her eyes and smiled my best sly smile.

“You’ll find out soon enough, and if you’re good, I’ll let you go around completely naked.”

3. Presenting

I picked up Kathy exactly on time. Before I could even get my truck stopped she came bouncing down her driveway and jumped up into the cab of my truck. I drive a restored 30 year old Chevy with a lot of room in the cab.

Kathy slid across the bench seat and planted a tight clinging kiss on my lips then sat back. I had time to give her bikini a good looking over. It was a small as she’d made it out to be. Her firm high breasts were held amazingly by two very small triangles of red material. The bottom was very high cut in the front and held to the back with strings that slithered up over Kathy’s slim rounded hips. I didn’t have a chance to see how her ass looked in the thong so I asked her to roll to one side and let me see.

It was amazing. Even under the transparent wrap she had wound around her waist Kathy’s ass was a beautiful as it could be. The thong ran snugly between her cheeks and looked wonderfully at home right where it was. Her ass is beautifully soft when relaxed and deliciously firm when flexed.

And she had her hair tied up in a ponytail.

Kathy ran her fingers down my arm and gave me her sluttiest pouty face and asked me, “Where we going, Master?”

“It’s such a warm night I thought we might take a walk along the boardwalk and watch all the pretty people.”

“You want to show me off is that it?”

“That’s part of it.” I couldn’t help but grin my evil grin when I saw Kathy’s arms ripple with gooseflesh.

Once we arrived at the boardwalk I could see it was about half as busy as it usually is. It was still early but people were strolling along and the sun had just disappeared making all sorts of shady spots for lovers to relax in.

I took Kathy’s hand and we walked along the water pausing now and then to point something interesting out to one another. We found a nice part of the pier overlooking the darkening lake to stop and leaned against it staring down into the water. I thought this would be a good time to test Kathy’s exhibitionist tendencies.

“Take off that wrap.” I leaned over to whisper into her ear.

She did so and started to turn to face the walkway with her back to the water. I turned the same way and then pulled her quickly to me so that her beautifully shaped ass was on display to anyone who happened to walk past.

Kathy fidgeted slightly at her exposure until I started running my hands over her back and down over her firm little ass. Then she quieted and melted against my chest. I slowly started working the thong of her bikini out from between her ass cheeks. I slid my fingers inside the tight fabric, over her tight asshole and began slowly massaging her pussy lips and clit with my fingertips. Kathy lifted her head and her eyes were a little wide and staring. I reassured her with a warm passionate kiss and she returned her head to my chest and drew her nails down my back.

I continued to do this for a few minutes without drawing much attention to ourselves, until that is, a young couple walked past. The woman glanced over and seemed to pause in her stride and tilt her head just a bit. It was as if she was gauging what was going on. The man she was walking with moved off into one of the bathrooms nearby not noticing that his girlfriend had stopped.

The woman looked after him then approached us slowly from behind Kathy. I’m sure Kathy couldn’t have heard her approach with her head pressed against my chest the way it was. I made eye contact with the woman and she raised a hand in a “what’s going on” gesture. With the hand that wasn’t buried in Kathy’s crotch I waved her closer. The woman smiled xslot Giriş and seemed to understand the situation immediately.

4. Performing

She knelt down behind Kathy and I reached down with both hands and spread her ass cheeks for the woman’s inspection. She leaned in close to Kathy’s ass and I could tell from the way Kathy stiffened and looked up at me that the woman had just taken a taste of Kathy. Later I found out from Kathy that the woman had started by licking Kathy’s tight puckered asshole and slid her way down to her pussy. I however neglected to tell Kathy that it was another woman who was going down on her. I saved that bit of information until later on. I looked directly into Kathy’s eyes and whispered to her that she needed to put all her faith and trust in me. I told her that I would never let her be hurt in anyway and that she was perfectly safe there in my arms. Kathy’s eyelids slid closed slowly and she returned her head to my chest stifling a low moan. The woman still had her face buried between Kathy’s legs but would every so often pull back to look at the bathroom door.

After about five minutes of this the woman lost her nerve or decided she’d pushed her luck enough because she stood up, gave me a smile and went to stand next to the bathroom door. A few seconds later her boyfriend came out and the wandered off without a look back.

At this point we were completely alone the boardwalk along the beach had started to empty out and only a few people were scattered across the sand looking at the star’s reflection in the water. I still had the painfully stiff erection I’d gotten when the other woman first knelt down behind Kathy.

“Ever have sex on the beach, Kathy?” I asked her.

“Of course, but not with you.”

“We’ll have to change that then.” I said leading her off and down some stairs to the still warm sand of the beach.

As soon as we found a nice quiet spot far enough away to avoid being interrupted I sat down on the soft dry sand an told Kathy to kneel next to me. I undid the top of my shorts and had Kathy take out my large swollen member. Kathy held it softly in her warm hands and looked to me for permission. I nodded and as she dipped her head down to take me into her mouth I swiveled around nearer to her ass. We were in a pseudo-sixty-nine position when I untied her bikini bottom completely and used my talented fingers on her clit again. She got very wet very quickly while I stroked her smooth little bud. Kathy’s pussy juices were actually dripping down my fingers and over my wrist. She was making quiet whimpering noises in her throat at first, which quickly blossomed into muffled moans. Kathy’s hot wet mouth was wrapped around the head of my cock tightly and the extra sensation of her moans made my entire body ripple with pleasure.

My quick fingers brought Kathy to the brink of orgasm over and over, leaving off only at the last frustrating moment. This treatment continued for about twenty minutes. Kathy’s body was shaking and her breath was coming in ragged gasps from around the large shaft still pressed between her lips. Once again, as I played my fingers fluidly over her clit, she started to buck and grind her pussy back against my hand. I stopped just a split second before her orgasm crashed over her and tapped her shoulder.

“I want you on your hands and knees, slavegirl.” I rasped to her.

Kathy quickly complied, sliding away from me and thrusting her hips up into the air. I moved behind her and taking my slippery steel hard shaft in my hand ran the head of my cock down the crack of her ass and across her pussy lips. Kathy’s whole body quivered visibly when the head of my cock rubbed up against her sensitive clit. Then, slowly, I began working my cock between Kathy’s tight wet pussy lips. I moved very deliberately, teasingly to draw out every ounce of pleasure from the experience I could. Kathy was whimpering and writhing beneath me, wanting nothing more than for me to pound her as hard and fast as possible.

As soon as my cock reached rock bottom Kathy gave out a short sharp cry and bucked against me as hard as she could. Wanting nothing more than to satisfy her burning need she began thrusting back, rocking herself on her hands and knees, forcing my cock in and out of her gripping tunnel as quickly as she could.

That just would not do, and I gave her a sharp slap across her right ass cheek. Kathy gave a quick squeak or surprise and stopped in mid-thrust.

“Remember who is in control here, slavegirl.” I growled down at her.

“Yes, Sir, I’m sorry.” Kathy looked back at me over her shoulder, “I just got carried away.”

“I know you’ll do better in the future, Kathy.” I said as I slowly brought my cock to the very point of slipping out of her before sliding it back in.

This elicited a throaty purr from Kathy and I set up a slow fucking motion of my own. Savoring every texture and muscle in her tight velvety pussy and slowly working us xslot Güncel Giriş both up to the breaking point. I felt my own orgasm coming on strongly and Kathy’s breath was a short, heavy kind of panting. Kathy’s pussy was so wet that I could actually feel it dripping down over my balls and sliding across the skin of my thighs so I knew the next thing I was going to introduce Kathy to would work out just fine. I slid my left hand up over her bouncing ass cheek and around her hip to her swollen clitoris and set up a quick practiced rubbing motion there. Kathy’s grunting and moaning picked up an even quicker pace. Her pussy was positively gushing around my thrusting shaft now. She was starting to cum, and was repeating barely loud enough to hear, “I’m gonna cum”, like a private mantra.

Using my free right hand I slid out of her hot clutching pussy and easily slid my soaked cock about halfway up her vise-like asshole. Kathy froze a squeaked a high sharp note before sliding herself all the way down onto my cock and orgasming so hard that her arms wouldn’t support her and she crumpled into the sand just as my own orgasm released a huge steaming load of cum deeply into her bowels. This burst of lubrication and Kathy’s clenching sphincter practically shot my cock out of her ass and we both collapsed into the sand still naked from the waist down.

5. Playing

Once she caught her breath Kathy crawled up next to me and laid her head on my chest.

“That was so fucking intense. I’ve never cum like that before.” Her voice was husky and low.

“I had a feeling you’d enjoy that.” My smile crept into my words and Kathy sighed quiet laughter against my chest.

“You really do know me pretty well then, don’t you?”

“And I wouldn’t have you any other way.”

“I’m hoping you plan on having me many other ways.” She giggled and stood up to retrieve her bikini bottom.

“I’m a mess, may I take a quick dip in the water?” She was asking for permission.

“Of course, I’ll be right behind you.” I gave her ass another quick but less forceful slap. I was looking forward to washing off the sweat and sand myself after our workout.

“Mmmmm, thank you, Sir.”

She turned and ran down the beach and splashed into the cool water. I was a few seconds behind her after retrieving my shorts and slipping into them. We splashed each other and played in the water until a cool wind started up. We got out and dried each other using my T-shirt. I took this opportunity to mention that the cool air and water had a very pleasant effect on her nipples, which were very close to ripping right through her bikini top. They also gave me another wonderful idea.

We decided to get back to the truck and change into our spare clothes and go for some food. Kathy looked a little dazed but happy as she readjusted her wrap and we went on our way back to my truck. As we were walking I curled my arm around Kathy’s waist and slowly began loosening the tie that held her bikini top up while rubbing her back. Eventually I got it to the point that a quick tug would completely expose her breasts to anyone looking directly at her.

The opportunity to display my slavegirl came along perfectly once we got to the parking lot. The bright sodium arc lights made the lot as bright as day and parked a few spaces before my truck was the woman who had gone down on Kathy and her boyfriend. They were leaning up against their car chatting softly to each other and they both looked over when they heard our footsteps. I took the opportunity to take the last of the resistance out of the tie holding her bikini together and in a flash Kathy’s high firm breasts we completely exposed for the five or six seconds it took her to get over the shock and to cover up.

The woman cheered loudly, clapping her hands and smiling broadly while her boyfriend just continued to stare slack-jawed. Kathy looked shyly down at the ground and then up into my smiling face. She recovered quickly and gave the couple a saucy smile and flashed them again before retying her top and jogging off to my truck.

I had just gotten in and rolled down my window when the woman from earlier leaned into the window on Kathy’s side of the truck and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. I also noticed that she slipped a folded piece of paper into Kathy’s hand before turning and running back to her boyfriend’s car. Kathy opened the paper to find the woman’s phone number and name scrawled inside the folded sheet. She looked over at me with surprised wide eyes and said, “That was fucking weird. Do you think she gave me her number just because I flashed her? I’m not even bi!”

I had to drive for a few minutes in the cool night air before I got control of my laughter and started explaining to Kathy exactly who was behind her on the boardwalk.

To Be Continued…

* * * * *

Well, there you go. Chapter two of the story begun in “Kathy”, I hope everyone enjoyed it. I got an incredibly warm and pleasant response to my first-ever submitted story and so I ask you again to share you opinions with me. Good or bad or indifferent I’d love to hear what you have to say so email me and thanks to everyone who emailed me and encouraged me to continue. Thanks guys and girls.

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