kate monday afternoon

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kate monday afternoonKate told me to leave the room I went down stairs just admiring my self in the mirror , spinng around so my skirt lifted exposing my pink knickersI then face the mirror and lifted my skirt , looking at the bulge of my cock in the caressing knickersI could see the outline of my balls, stretching the material.My shaft pointing straight up , stopping just under the elasticated waist bandAt the top the material had gone a darker shade of pink due to my pre cumI pushed my fingers in the waist band and pulled them down over my erection, I gasped at seeing the thin stripe of hair hiding behind my shaft the rest just baldI took my cock and pulled back the foreskin the head was covered in pre cum, I placed my finger on the head and rolled it round coveringmy finger tip, then licked my finger clean, I pulled the foreskin back up , my pee hole open , even more pre cum ooozed from me, I pulled my knickers back up , feeling the soft material mould it self back around my cock and ballsAs in run my fingers over my blouse and my padded bra, Kate’s voice rang out Christine come up hereI entered room sally was sitting on the bed Kate closed the doorSally said Chris I really am sorry for being a bitch to you, I shouldn’t have been so nasty, her eyes glanced at Kate standing behind meCome hear please, I stepped towards her She reached out and lifted my skirt , hold this pleaseI gripped the skirt I felt her fingers slip in the top kıbrıs escort of my knickers and eased them over my cock, I looked down as her tongue licked my smooth balls, her tongue licked so slow and softly,She lifted them slightly her chin when between my legs looking down I could only see her forehead and eyes staring up into mine , her tongue flicking the back of my balls, she pushed my thighs wider,her hear disappeared between my legs her arms wrapped around me and parted my bum cheeks her tongue running like silk from the back of my balls to the lower crack of my buttocks her tongue stopping just short of my bum hole,I arched my back the tip of her tongue touched lips of my bum I groaned,She pulled her head back out her tounge licked my balls and run up my shaft licking so soft it tickled, her hand pulled my foreskin back a drip of pre cum hung from the head, she giggle, you like your boy pussy lick don’t youYes I sighedthe drip of pre cum heavier causinga string to hang from my cock Sally poked out her tounge , the dip landed on it, she raised her head her mouth open catching slipperys strand, her tongue touched my head her mouth then closed over my shaft, her hand pulling my foreskin back till it hurt a little, her tongue was slipping around my head getting every drop of the sticky pre cum off my head, she sucked hard as she pulled her head back, looking down I could see my shaft being held by her lips sucking on escort kıbrıs my head , the tip of her tongue probingmy pee hole I’m cumming I shouted ,My shaft disappeared into her mouth her finger nails dug into my buttocks pulling me deeper in her mouth My cock pumped the first load, into her mouth, I let out a groan , her tongue running round the head in a frenzyI felt my knees buckle as the second load sprayed her mouth , her head moved closer her nose touching the small line of my pubic hairI pumped the rest of my load into her mouth, her grip weakened on my buttocks , her head and tongue slowed down,She pulled her head back looking up at me she opened her mouthI could see her teeth in a sea of my cum , her mouth closed , she gulped, the opened her empty mouth, thank you Christine,was I good enough for youSally the way you sucked my cock was wonderfulKate then said Christine, you don’t have a cock when you are dressed , you have a clit and a man pussy , girls don’t have cocks , I want you to really be a girl and feel what its really likeSally reached up and licked the residues off my softening cock , I jumped back laughing , no stop it ticklesLick his pussy Sally while I get dressedBend over the bed please Christine sally askedI bent over sally parted my cheeks licking up and down then her tongue probing deep inside meKate started dressing , look we can be matching today as she slipped on another pink bra and a pink thongShe kıbrıs escort bayan pulled on a jumper and a pair off black leggings that hugged the contours of her legs and bum, Go she looked so sexyPull her knickers up sally I want some more tea, Sally’s tongue slipped out of my anus , her tongue run up my crack as she pulled my knickers up thank you ChristineI made the tea Kate bent down into the washing machine , her buttock became visable,through her legging , and the pink v disapearing in between her buttocksI will hang this out then we can go for lunch and shop I can’t go out in this dressed in school uniform what if a teacher saw usKate thought for a moment , yea your right Christine, hang this outside I will find something elseI hung out the skirt I had worn the night before as well as the stockings bra knickers and suspender belt Come and try these on ChristineIst was a clingy black dress , sally giggled you can see her clit Kate I tried on a purple dress Kate stepped back, I didn’t like that on me, I definitely don’t like it on you,Try this she passed me a cream cotton skirt with little flowers , she passed me a pink jumper and helped me pull it over my wigShe then said take the socks off and put these on passing me a pair of tights, I sat down and put my feet in the tights sally said let me helpShe stretched the tights around my feet and over my ankles and pulled them up to my knees reaching back down, You don’t want wrinkles she laughed, she pulled them over my thighs I felt them gently squeeze my skin, she pulled them over my bottom and asked me to squat a little , she pulled them up into my crotchGod you look good said KateLet’s go shoppingTbc

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