Just You and I – Sam’s Story Pt. 01

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If you have read ‘Just You and I Pt. 4’ you know that she has just told her tormentor the story of her first time. I wanted to explore what it was like from Sam’s point of view. I also really wanted to know more about Sam. I will continue both these story lines until they converge into one.

I’m grateful for all of the thoughts and encouragement on the first four parts of this story. I am always hungry for feedback and suggestions, so please, feel free to let me know what you think.

I promise to work very had to not ‘let life get in the way’ and allow so many months pass before the next installment.

Thank you all for your support and readership!

Oh, and just to be clear all sexual acts take place when the characters are 18 years old and over.


Just You and I – Sam’s Story Part 1

I remember the first time I saw her. I was 12 and she was a year behind me in school and couldn’t have been more than 10 or 11 years old. I had sprained my ankle playing baseball and was relegated to a bench on the edge of the playground during recess. She was swinging high on the swing-set, her long, dark red hair flying out behind her; sparkling in the sun. I didn’t know her name so I nicknamed her ‘Red’ in my mind. She pumped her legs furiously, arcing into the air before flinging herself off and into space. She arched her back and landed as gracefully as a cat on the gravel.

I was just discovering girls and she had me fascinated. That vague attraction to the opposite sex, without being aware of why. I couldn’t stop watching her as she laughed with her girlfriends playing jacks and jumping rope. I was fairly new and hadn’t made many friends yet, so I sat on my bench day after day watching her completely undisturbed. I knew, even then, that she was special.

I wasn’t the only one who noticed the spark that lit her up. A crude, chubby boy from my grade named Ricky Hutchins tried desperately day after day to capture her attention. I don’t think she ignored him. I think she just didn’t see him. I thought, “Don’t feel bad kid, she doesn’t see me either.”

He was relentless, following her around, pulling her hair and basically doing anything to get her attention. All he did was make her dislike him. I almost felt bad for him. Me, I kept my distance. I wouldn’t know what to say anyway.

At least I kept my distance until my dad told me he was dating her mother. He showed me a picture of her and I immediately recognized the girl with her and realized she was the same girl from the playground. From that moment, I became more than fascinated; I became her protector. I didn’t stalk her, I just watched out for her. That’s why when Ricky Hutchins pushed her down and tried to kiss her, I was there to intervene.

I pulled him off of her by the collar of his shirt and heard the satisfying crunch of his nose as I slammed my fist into his face. I think that’s the first time I ever wanted to kill anyone, but one glance at the surprised look on her face stopped me. Her eyes were as wide as saucers and her mouth gaped open at me. That kept me from hitting him again and I settled for growling out a warning at him and letting him go. He ran like the devil was chasing him. They moved shortly after that. I don’t know if the broken nose was the reason, but I was just glad he was gone.

I held out a hand to help her up as she continued to stare at me. After a moment, she asked me who I was and I explained how I knew her. My father told me her name when I saw the picture of her and her mother but I just said “Anytime, Red,” when she thanked me. She then primly informed me that she never let anyone call her ‘Red’, but she’d guessed she could make an exception for me. As far as I know, I’m still the only one that calls her that.

I walked her home, if for no other reason than to be around her just a little longer. When we got to the corner where we would have to go our separate ways I said, “I have to go this way, but I watch until you get into your house.” She looked up at me with those incredibly blue eyes for a very long moment, then she tugged on my arm. I leaned down expecting her to say something, but instead she swiftly kissed my cheek before walking quickly to her house. I stood there like a fool, with my hand over the spot where her lips had touched my cheek. I was still standing there like that when she turned and caught me. I knew then that I would do everything in my power to be sure no one ever hurt her. Ever.

Months passed and my father asked her mother to marry him. That created a very strange situation for us. I was getting my wish to be near her, but now I was her brother. I put my energy into being brother-like and my role as protector doubled. Now she was my little sister. It was weird and often awkward, but I never made a false move with her. I was bratty and teasing and annoying just like a brother was supposed to be. It wasn’t until she was approaching 18 that I allowed myself to notice what a beautiful Antep Bayan Escort woman she was growing into.

I was grateful to leave for college and spent as much time away from home as possible. I had no desire to be tempted by her. She was too young; she was my sister in the eyes of the world and I just found it easier to be away. I hadn’t been home in months when Mary called me to ask me to come home for her Red’s 18th birthday. I was excited but reluctant at the idea because I knew I was playing with fire. As of Saturday, she wouldn’t be too young any longer. I hesitated but realized that I had to know if she felt the same way about me as I did about her.

I drove home from college that Friday evening and arrived just as the parents were leaving for a party. Mary told me Red was out on a date and would be home by midnight. I felt a familiar pang of jealousy when I heard this, but I thought, ‘She’s beautiful, of course she has a date.’ I was half relieved to think that maybe she didn’t have feelings for me and half disappointed. Life would be easier if I didn’t have the hots for my sister. If only I could just find a girl that measured up to her.

Right around midnight, I saw the lights flash across the window when her date brought her home and it was killing me a little inside when she didn’t come in right away. I admit it, I was spying on them. It wasn’t easy with the rain pouring down in sheets and I could barely see through the darkness but I peered out at them anyway. Thank god I was watching because I saw her head disappear and her feet begin to pound on the driver’s side window. A green-eyed dragon reared up inside me and I think I lost my mind, because the next thing I knew I was sprinting through the rain, wrenching the car door open and pulling her date from on top of her. I was holding him by his shirt in one hand and punching him over and over with the other. I was happily beating the snot out of the guy while Red pulled on my arm and screamed my name over and over, interrupting my attempted murder.

I came back to earth when I saw her face and, like magic, the madness quickly drained away. I was still angry enough to pull the douchebag up by the scruff of his neck and throw him into the driver’s seat of his car. As menacingly as I could, I said “Drive away and never talk to my sister again, or I will kill you.”

I put my arm around Red and we ran back into the house as quickly as possible through the pouring rain. When I got the door closed behind us, we stood there a moment dripping water onto the floor and just looking at each other.

She hugged me tight before stepping back and breaking the silence by saying, “I didn’t know you were here, but I’m glad you were. It seems like you’re always rescuing me.”

I smiled down at her and replied, “It seems like you always need rescuing.” playfully pulling a strand of her hair, my thumb reaching out to stroke her cheek without my consciously thinking about it. I stared into her bright blue eyes seeing the expectation, the hope in them. She was making it hard. I was trying to resist her, trying not to do what the jerk in the car had done, but I found myself transfixed and leaning toward her. All resistance melted when she licked her lips and I bent down to kiss her just as lights flashed across the window bringing me back to my senses.

I pulled back quickly, reading the disappointment in her eyes, and cleared my throat, “You better get out of those wet clothes and into a bath,” I said, ‘You’ll get sick.” I couldn’t stop myself, I reached out and stroked her cheek.

She took my hand from her cheek and kissed my palm sending a shiver through me and said, “You too. Hot shower,” she paused, “that’s an order.” Then she turned away and ran up the stairs pausing at the top to turn and look at me for a brief second before disappearing from view. I hurried to get some towels to dry the entryway before heading to my own shower.

The next morning I woke up early to find the parents getting ready to leave for the day for an estate sale. I decided that since they wouldn’t be there, I was going to have to be the one to make her special day start out right. I gathered the ingredients for her favorite breakfast; baked vanilla french toast.

I waited for what seemed like forever for her to wake up, until I finally gave in and started brewing the coffee and mixing the batter for the french toast. I put it all together and got it in the oven just hoping the aroma would awaken her. I had already decorated the kitchen with a ‘Happy Birthday’ tablecloth and silly paper plates. I even got a couple of paper hats out for each of us. Then I sat drinking coffee and trying to read the paper while the french toast cooked.

When it finished, I pulled it out of the oven and was covering it with foil to keep it warm when I heard, “Good morning, Sam.”

I jumped about a mile then turned and took in her Scooby-Doo t-shirt and boxers, her mussed hair and sleepy, but sexy smile. I wished her a happy birthday, then made her sit and let me put a silly birthday hat on her. She wasn’t thrilled about that but was a good enough sport to at least let me take a picture. I served her breakfast and coffee before sitting across from her. We ate in silence. Now that the moment was here, I had no idea what to say to her or even how to begin to tell her what I was thinking. I just kept sneaking glances at her and catching her doing the same.

“More coffee?” I asked.

She said no and I gathered the plates to throw them away. When I turned she was bent over in the refrigerator putting the syrup away. I watched her shorts ride up the back of her legs and realized that I couldn’t wait any longer, I had to take a chance. I moved behind her and when she turned from the fridge, I was right there. I took a step toward her and reached out to take a strand of her hair. I watched a shiver go through her as I said, “So, how’s it feel to be 18?”

Her response of, “Feels good. I feel like I can be whatever I want; do whatever I want.” was exactly what I wanted to hear. Still, I hesitated and she pulled my arm and I leaned down so she could kiss me on the cheek. I started to straighten up then stopped and before I could change my mind, I kissed her. Her lips were so soft and she yielded to mine immediately, her mouth opening to allow my tongue to tease hers. She kissed me back as hard as I kissed her.

I lifted her off her feet and her legs went around me like the were made to be there. I set her down on the counter and pressed my hard cock into the softest part of her. It took all of my control not to tear her pants off and have her right then and there. Instead, I tugged at the bottom of her t-shirt and she leaned back to give me more access. I ran my hands across her stomach and around her back pulling her shirt up as I went.

Her skin was so soft and warm and her stomach jumped as I touched it. I looked down as her shirt went up and was rewarded with the sight of the most perfect breasts I had ever seen. Even whiter than the rest of her skin and soft and heavy. Her nipples stood out, pink and perfect, straining toward me. I couldn’t resist clamping my lips over one and tugging the nipple into my mouth. Her skin tasted so sweet and the low moan she breathed into my ear was almost my undoing. I lavished the same attention to the other one before finding her lips again, her mouth hot and moist against mine.

Her hands traveled around to my back and down my chest and over my abs. I had hoped that they would continue their downward trajectory, but she moved them around to my back again and then, surprising me, down over each curve of my ass pulling me toward her. I was pressed as hard against her as possible and I marveled at the heat that was radiating out from her. I was about to suggest that we go upstairs when she drew back from me. I heard what she heard. The parents were back.

I swung her down from the counter and we both made a break for the stairs. I stopped at my room watching her continue onto hers. She blew me a kiss as she went inside and closed the door. At least now I had no doubt that she felt the same way I did. But damn I was frustrated. I finished in the shower what we had started in the kitchen but before long my mind wandered back to her and I was forced to turn the hot water off and let the cold spray rain down on me.

After, I paced my room, trying futilely to do some homework I had brought with me. Failing that I flipped through at least a hundred channels on the TV before finally giving up. I went to the window when I heard the back door slide shut and watched her walk to the garden to say hi to Mary. She was wearing a low v-neck t-shirt and a pair of short shorts. My hand found my cock again, nearly unconsciously as I watched her bend over to pick some herbs. I was really trying to save something for her but watching her bend over (and over and over and over) was making me crazy.

I resorted to yet another cold shower, then about 100 push-ups and even more sit-ups when I heard a soft knock at the door. I opened it a crack to find her standing there looking and smelling good enough to eat. I was losing it.

“Um, what are you doing in there?” she asked peering around me. “Watching porn?” She looked pointedly at my half-erection.

I opened the door further to reveal that there was no porn on the TV. Like I needed it with her parading around in short shorts. I told her the truth including the two cold showers and she laughed and invited me to come out to the pool with her. I looked at her like she was nuts. How was seeing her wet in a bikini going to help? She said she had a plan to help me out and reminded me that the parents kept the pool super cold, so I relented. I really did want to see her in her wet bikini, but this was going to kill me. But, I was dying to know what this plan was.

She said she’d meet me by the pool and I closed the door to change. After, I made my way through the house carrying a towel in front of me to hide my semi-erect cock. I had no control over it, just the thought of her and it was standing at attention again. I tried thinking of anything else and managed to achieve this half-mast state. But, when I got to the pool and saw her lying on her stomach with her at bathing suit rising up over each luscious cheek of her ass I could feel myself harden again. Damned if I didn’t want to just sink my teeth into it!

I groaned and asked her, “How is this helping?”

She laughed and said, “It gets worse. I need you to sunscreen my back.”

I was already having trouble hiding my erection, but I couldn’t resist the chance to feel her soft skin under my fingertips again. I hid my ever growing cock with my towel and leaned over her and spread the sunscreen into her velvety skin. I asked desperately, “Why are you doing this to me?”

She replied that getting me hot was getting her hot and I smiled in spite of my distress. She wanted me as much as I wanted her. AND, she had a plan. I hardened into granite at the thought of that plan.

“A plan, right.” I said as I turned over and laid down on my stomach driving my cock into the chaise under me wishing I were driving it into her, “You know I have to lay on my stomach and it’s very uncomfortable.” I was trying to sound grumpy, but all I could hear was the frustration in my voice.

I rested my head on my hands and turned to look at her. She stared back for a minute before smiling that devilish smile of hers and rolling over to lie on her back. I swear I drooled as I saw her firm, round breasts come into view. This bikini was the smallest I had ever seen and it barely covered them. It was thin and white and I was dying to see it wet. I could only imagine what the cold water would do to her.

“You know they’re leaving on a road-trip, right?” She asked me.

“No! When?” Could the stars really align like this for us?

She told me they were leaving early tomorrow morning and would be at estate sales in Ohio for the next three days. The thought of three days alone to do whatever we wanted made it worse and I said as much. She again told me she had a ‘plan’ and not to worry. Then she winked at me before calling out to Mary, “Hey mom, would it be ok if I ride with Sam to the restaurant? We want to swim for a while.” The parents were stopping at the antique store my dad bought for Mary two years ago. They’d have to leave about an hour before we did in order to do so. My cock twitched as I wondered what we were going to do with that time.

Mary said fine, just don’t be late then headed into the house to get ready. Red gave me another devilish smile then suggested we going swimming while we waited for them to leave. We jumped in and came up screaming. The water was so freaking cold, I had no erection left. That was fine with me because I needed a little relief. We played around and acted like kids, dunking each other and racing each other across the pool. I was fine until Red leaned against the wall and propped her elbows behind her, sticking her chest out at me. Her chest was still heaving from our last race and I was mesmerized by the motion of it.

Her skin was glistening and her nipples were hard and clearly outlined through the thin fabric of her bikini top. My mouth watered, dying for a taste of that sweet skin. I knelt down in the pool in front of her to once again hide my growing staff, the cold water suddenly losing its power to keep it under control. She knew it too. She was doing it on purpose.

After answering my query as to when the parents were leaving, she announced she was getting out of the pool and gave me a nice view of her bathing suite clinging to her pussy as she pulled herself out of the water and sat on the wall, her legs spread slightly. Damn, that bathing suit was thin! I watched her walk over to the chairs and dry herself off. It took all I had to keep my hands off my cock as she bent over to dry her legs and feet. She turned to sit and I, not being able to take it anymore, swam away from her, my cock so full of blood it was like a anchor pulling me down.

I swam until I had regained control and deciding that a little payback was in order, got out of the pool and stalked over and stood above her while shaking my head spraying her with icy droplets. She squealed in protest but I just smiled at her. We sat in silence as we waited for the parents to finally leave.

At exactly 4:30, the parents came out of the house and with a reminder to not be late, got in the car and finally drove away. I looked up at Red and she grinned at me and grabbed my hand and we ran into the house as fast as we could. I slid the door shut with my foot and swept her up into my arms to give her the kiss I’d been wanting to give her since our little interlude in the kitchen this morning. When I came up for air I asked her, “Where to?”

“Your room,” she replied, surprising me.

“My room? But you’ve probably got clean sheets and everything.” I panicked a little thinking of the clean sheets still sitting in the basket of freshly washed clothes at the foot of my bed.

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