Just Wanna Be the Girl You Like

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I would like to say thank you to those who have read all four parts of this story! I hope that you enjoy the final installment! If you have any comments or feedback then I would really appreciate it!

If you have stumbled upon this then you don’t need to have read the previous three but if you enjoy you could always go back!

Thanks to all of those who have sent me messages in the past! You’ve kept me writing.


Daisy sat on the tube home, watching the different stations fly by and different people shuffle off and on at regular intervals. All day she had felt tired and tense all at the same time and a day full of meetings hadn’t helped matters. Listening to music on the way home to try and chill herself out she eventually pushed herself to stand, tugging her tight fitting pencil skirt down neatly as she stepped onto the train platform. Climbing the stairs and heading towards her flat she groaned as she felt the heavens start to open. Pulling her tailored blazer close around her so as to protect her white silk blouse from the rain she picked up her pace, wanting to get inside before she was soaked through.

Getting into the porch she fumbled for her keys, her skin flushed from the brief jog, the balls of her feet aching from her heels. “Come on… don’t have forgotten them…” she groaned to herself as she fished around inside her handbag for her keys. Seeing her mobile flashing she checked the messages.

Lou : Hey slutbag. Out for dinner tonight. See you in the AM. Don’t drink all of the wine 😛

Rolling her eyes at the message she smiled to herself, finally spotting her keys and letting herself into the flat. Unlocking the interior door Daisy was just about to run up the stairs when she saw light coming from the kitchen. Hesitating for a moment she told herself Lou had just changed her plans and forgotten to tell her and yet she still slipped her keys between her fingers. Creeping slowly up the stairs she hung her bag on the bannister and slipped her tight fitting blazer off. To her dismay she saw that her blouse had gotten soaked and was mostly see through and the blouse was likely ruined. Realising she had bigger problems she walked slowly across the landing, psyching herself up as she took hold of the kitchen door and she had no idea what she was expecting, but seeing Hayley there in her underwear was definitely not it. “What – what the fuck?!” Daisy gasped out, unsure of whether to laugh or kill her.

“What?” Hayley said with a hopeful smile, her pert little body only covered by a little pink lace bra and matching panties. Reaching for the bottle of wine she had opened to breathe she offered the glass to Daisy. “How was your dayyy?”

Daisy accepted the wine and only then seemed to notice her ex girlfriends state of undress. “I – what – why – so many questions. How. Let’s start with how?” Daisy said, gesturing to her flat. Leaning back against the counter she kicked her heels off, letting them skid across the floor as she took a long sip, nearly drinking the whole glass in one go.

Hayley watched Daisy, her eyes focused on her narrow waist and how perfectly that blouse emphasised the swell of her breasts. She had been aroused for the better part of an hour as she anticipated the night ahead but Daisy rocking up looking like a naughty secretary with that slutty red lipstick… Hayley could barely take it. “I still have the key you gave me. From before. I knew Lou would be out.” Hayley shrugged her shoulders. “Surprise!”

Daisy looked at Hayley over the rim of her glass and sighed out softly, draining it and then reaching for the bottle, pouring a fresh glass. “So you’re not angry with me anymore?”

Closing the distance between them, Hayley rested her hands either side of Daisy’s hips on the counter, keeping her where she was. “No. I realise you have every right to do what you want to do. I broke up with you,” Hayley said slowly, her words seeming rehearsed. Leaning in close she breathed in slowly, smelling the sugar and lychee perfume that Daisy always wore to work. “God you smell good…” Hayley murmured, her lips lightly grazing Daisy’s neck.

Taking a deep breath in, Daisy tried not to react to that gentle touch, but just the feel of her lips alone and the sight of her dressed like that driving her wild. “You’re still with that boy.”

“He’s on holiday.” Hayley shrugged as she slid her fingers slowly over Daisy’s hip.

“So I’m just – you’re just here to get off because he’s not here to service you?” Daisy asked with a frown, putting her once again empty glass to one side as she met Hayley’s blue eyes.

Hayley shook her head, sliding both hands around Daisy’s waist and slowly unbuttoning it and then sliding the zipper down. “How anyone gets work done in your office… I’ll never know.” Hayley smiled as she kissed slowly along her jaw. “I’d be playing with your beautiful tits… and eating that delicious pussy all day…”

“No you wouldn’t.” Daisy said with a roll of her eyes.

“Yes casino şirketleri I would.” Hayley laughed, trying to ease down her skirt.

Daisy covered Hayley’s hands with her own, stopping her from revealing her body. “No, you wouldn’t. You’d be too scared to even make eye contact with me in case someone thought you might be a lesbian.” Daisy pointed out and pushed her back with a frown. “You’d think about eating me out all day… you’d squirm at your desk… but you wouldn’t even say hi to me in the kitchen for fear that someone might think you’re a lesbian just for being my friend… So you would just go home… and finger yourself till you were sore dreaming about me serving my pussy up to you on a plate… knowing you would never have it.”

Hayley’s jaw clenched at that, her eyes narrowing as she stayed close, Daisy just holding onto her hands to keep her skirt up. Swallowing thickly she pushed Daisy’s hands away and shoved her skirt down, admiring the lined stockings that covered her legs. “I think we both know that isn’t true… I’ve licked you out plenty.”

“Yeah… but you know what I’m saying…” Daisy murmured and frowned, hating how easily Hayley could get what she wanted from her. Even as she stood there, feeling Hayley’s fingers working quickly on her blouse only to drop the material to the floor. “Do you even like him? Like sucking his dick?”

“It’s okay.” Hayley shrugged her shoulders. “I wish he’d manscape more but what can you do.” Hayley asked.

Daisy cupped her jaw, bringing their faces close enough so that the tips of their noses grazed one anothers. “You could fuck women.” Daisy pointed out and shoved her back only to walk through to her bedroom in just her underwear. “Smooth… smell good… know what you like…” she called after herself.

Hayley watched Daisy walking away, her plump little but hugged by her black satin panties, her stockings shaping her long legs. Hayley had tried to focus on her boyfriend and while she did like him and came when they had sex, she never felt the same hunger that she always felt when Daisy was in the same room. Not even in the same room, just the thought of taking her this evening had made her call in sick to her bar job and lay here in wait. Following after Daisy she caught her around her hips and just bit into the back of her neck. “I know. I know. I’m not gonna be the girl you want… I’m not gonna hold your hand or introduce you to my friends… I just want to fuck you till you scream…” she mumbled into her skin as she sucked on the mark that she had bitten. “I just want make you fucking quiver and scream my name… can you be okay with that?”

Daisy felt Hayley’s teeth sink into her and she groaned, her eyes clenching shut as she felt her clit throb. “Just this once… because I’ve had a shit day.” she murmured.

Laughing to herself at that, Hayley spanked Daisy’s ass and pushed her to bend over the dressing table in her bedroom. “Mhmm.. sure…” Hayley murmured as she sank down onto her knees and pushed her knickers to the side, plunging her tongue into her wet pussy and started to work it inside her, sliding her hands over her thighs and dragging her short nails over her skin.

“Fuck yes… eat my pussy… had such a tense day…” Daisy moaned out, sliding her hands down over the dresser, her perfume bottles rattling as she bucked her hips back towards Hayley’s face.

Hayley smiled as she heard Daisy give in, sliding her fingers slowly over her pussy to work her clit as her tongue thrust in and out of her soaking wet pussy. Moaning softly as she reached into her own underwear Hayley started to rub her own clit with her free hand as she let her tongue slip over Daisy’s rosy lips. Sucking on her clit she worked her tongue around her clit in large circles only to progressively make them smaller and smaller, loving the way that Daisy squirmed as she did so. Sliding her fingers down over Daisy’s lips and plunging them into her tight pussy she started to her fuck her with them as her tongue lapped at her clit eagerly.

Daisy could feel Haley moaning against her pussy and so she arched more, her ass sticking up in the air as she peered between her legs, seeing Hayley’s hand working furiously inside her underwear. “Take your pants off.. I want to watch.” Daisy moaned softly.

Hayley took her fingers out of herself and Daisy and quickly lost her underwear, spreading her legs wide as she moved up onto her knees, keeping them spread wide so Daisy could see how wet she was. Sliding her hand down over her own stomach, her wetness smearing over her fair skin she teased her own clit only to sink her fingers back into her own pussy, her thumb curling to work her clit at the same time.

“You have such a pretty pussy…” Daisy moaned out, still enjoying Hayley’s tongue going to town on her pussy. Reaching back she undid her bra, tossing it away and reaching down to tweak her own nipples as she shuddered with pleasure, torn between her eyes sinking shut and keeping an eye on Hayley pleasuring casino firmaları herself. Slowly but surely she felt her body starting to tighten and clench, her walls contracting as Hayley returned her free hand back to Daisy’s pussy.

Hayley could feel her jaw getting tight but she didn’t dare let up, her face covered in Daisy’s juices as she moaned against her hot, wet pussy. “Mm fuck,” she groaned out, bucking her own hips down onto her hand as she sucked hungrily on her clit, her lips tightening around the little nub as she fucked Daisy with her fingers, curling them against her tight walls and sliding them down the way she knew Daisy loved. Hayley was immediately rewarded with Daisy’s moans echoing through the room, her hips jerking eagerly and Hayley knew she was on the brink. “Fucking come for me,” she gasped out as she got her breath back only to dive back in, sliding her tongue down over her labia to where her fingers were pumping inside her.

Daisy cried out in pleasure as she felt herself on the brink. Grinding her hips down onto Hayley’s face she finally got there, crying out loudly as her whole body shook with pleasure. Her painted red lips parting in a perfect O as she came hard.

Hayley saw Daisy’s chest heaving and knew what she wanted. Pulling back when Daisy was through it she reached into her chest of drawers, pulling out a thick purple strapless strap on dildo. Seeing the tingle lube in the drawer Hayley knew they didn’t need it but for the sensations alone she took it out, smiling as she saw Daisy still bent over the dresser, her dark hair all over the place. Squeezing some onto her fingers she pulled her back and smeared it over her pale pink nipples, pulling on them gently as she massaged it in.

“Mm – what’re you doing?” Daisy laughed, shivering as she felt the gel on her sensitive nipples.

“Shh…” Hayley said as she slid the dildo inside herself, the g spot stimulator pressing firmly against her spot and she moaned out unexpectedly at how good and full she felt. “Fuck..” she murmured, rocking it inside her self slowly to get used to it only to spank Daisy’s ass hard, loving to watch her pale ass blossom with pink. Taking hold of her hips she bent her back over the dresser, holding the dildo carefully as she pushed the thick nine inch dildo inside her, groaning herself as the dildo pressed deep inside Hayley’s pussy. Turning on the vibrations she stayed buried deep in Daisy as she got used to it.

Daisy’s eyes snapped open when she felt that thick head pressing into her pussy. It had been a while since she had taken it and she shivered with pleasure as she felt the thick silicone spreading her pussy open again. “Oh – oh – mmm..”

“That’s what you like isn’t it?” Hayley whispered into her ear, sliding her hands slowly over Daisy’s flat stomach and up to her tits, massaging them lightly only to pull on her nipples roughly. “Being fucked… bent over like this… like a little whore… my whore.” Hayley said as she bit into her earlobe, grazing her teeth over her ear lobe as she ground deep inside Daisy, both of them being stimulated by the toy.

“Yes… mmm fuck yes… forgot how good this feels…” Daisy moaned as she hissed softly at the pinch of her nipples but she just pressed into it.

“How do you want to be fucked?” Hayley asked, spanking her again only to slid her hand over her hip, sliding it slowly over her hip bone only to tease her clit with her fingers, loving how Daisy pushing into her hand rocked the dildo closer to Hayley’s gspot.

“Hard.” Daisy gasped out. “Fuck me hard… I – fuck I missed this…” she moaned out as she rocked back against the dildo inside her.

Smiling to herself Hayley kissed down the back of her neck only to grab a fistful of Daisy’s hair, pulling her head back and then starting to snap her hips in and out of her quickly, moaning out in pleasure as the vibrations of the movement touched every sensitive inch of her pussy. Pulling her hair a little harder she started to rub her clit more firmly, knowing with the pounding that she was taking that she could take it.

Daisy felt her whole body burning up as she felt Hayley’s small hips slamming into her own, the dildo pounding into her pussy over and over again and it felt so good so soon after her orgasm that she couldn’t keep herself quiet even if she wanted to. Her tits swung with each thrust and she caught sight of them in the mirror and Daisy was aroused by the side of herself like that, with Hayley looking consumed with pleasure right behind her. “Fuck – does that feel good?” she asked, knowing the answer already. Panting harshly she keened softly, grinding her hips back eagerly onto the dildo.

Hayley nodded quickly, kissing her back and biting her shoulders as her fingers got covered in her juices. “So good. So good… gonna eat your pussy out right after this…” she moaned, turning herself on with the idea as she felt the pressure getting too intense on her g-spot and clit. Gripping Daisy close she ground hard into güvenilir casino her, crying out her name as Hayley came, her moans muffled by Daisys’s skin as she fucked Daisy harder so that she could feel those intense movements too. “Oh – oh yes… yes… fuck!” Hayley cried out, her body shaking all over as she rested against her.

Seeing Hayley was going to be a bit useless Daisy slid off of the dildo, pulling Hayley up and kissing her firmly as she walked her back towards her bed. Daisy’s tongue slid into her mouth, tasting herself in Hayley’s mouth and it only turned her on more. Pushing her down onto the bed, the dildo protruding from Hayley’s petite body like a giant alien cock Daisy smiled and straddled the dildo. Dragging her fingertips over Hayley’s flat stomach and up to her little tits she worked them slowly between her fingers only to lean over and work her nipples with her tongue.

Daisy started to fuck herself down on the dildo, knowing it would still stimulate Hayley with each and every thrust. Rocking her hips slow and firm, grinding the thick cock inside them both for a little while, her tongue working around each little nipple she eventually sat up, panting softly as she looked down at Hayley, tossing her hair back as she started to bounce in her lap.

Hayley’s eyes were barely open at this point, so overwhelmed with that orgasm that she just allowed Daisy to take what she needed. Seeing her sat up in her lap, her curvy hips rolling, her tits bouncing with each thrust she knew why she kept coming back. This woman was pure sex and while she looked like a lovely, sweet, professional woman to everyone outside these four walls… she was pure sex when she was inside them. Grabbing her hips Hayley helped her grind down harder and faster, moaning softly as watched Daisy fuck herself to orgasm.

As she fucked herself harder she felt her walls getting tighter and tighter, finding it hard to force the thick dildo into her pussy as she got closer, her stomach clenching tight as she reached down and started to work her clit. “I’m gonna come,” she warned, though knew that Hayley wouldn’t protest at this point. Her hands clenched as she game, her nails digging into her palms as she moaned out Hayley’s name. Rolling her hips down onto the dildo until she was done she let out a slow breath. Her usually pale skin flushed pink as she just smiled down at Hayley, her hair all in her face. “mmm… I feel better.” she admitted. Sliding off of the dildo she carefully removed it from Hayley and then flopped down in bed next to her.

Hayley turned on her side and rested her hand over Daisy’s breast, feeling her heart thundering inside her chest. They lay there in silence, just the sound of their heavy breathing for a moment and Hayley could feel her eyes welling up. “I’m sorry,” she eventually whispered.

Daisy opened her eyes, peering at her for a moment. “…for?”

Hayley pressed a gentle kiss to her cheek and sighed out softly. “I’ve really hurt you… and been a total bitch… and you didn’t deserve any of it. I promised you a lot of stuff when we first got together that I was never going to be able to deliver.” Hayley murmured, swallowing thickly. “I – but you have to know? I just… was saying whatever I could to keep your interest.”

Daisy turned on her side as well, pulling a throw from the bottom of her bed over them so they wouldn’t be too chilled by the air. “You always had my interest Hayles…” Daisy said softly, sliding her fingers through Hayley’s candy floss pink hair.

“Dirty bisexuals can’t be trusted… bi curious is even worse.” Hayley pointed out, repeating things she had heard so many lesbians said in the past. “They’re all straight or scared.”

“I never said that,” Daisy pointed out softly, biting into her lower lip as she kept sliding her fingers through Hayley’s hair soothingly.

“I know.” Hayley murmured. “But if I said from the start that I was bi curious? You wouldn’t have given me the time of day.”

“You’re not bi curious though,” Daisy pointed out. “You’re bisexual. I’d even go as far as to say-“

“I’m not a lesbian.” Hayley was quick to correct, her tone sharp for a moment only for her to sigh out, running her hands over her face as she groaned softly, shaking her head.

“Sorry.” Daisy whispered softly. “But if you’d told me from the start.. maybe I’d have walked away,” she nodded in agreement. “Or maybe I would have stayed. But that would have been my choice. My informed choice,” Daisy pointed out.

“I know.” Hayley said with a sad smile. “I just couldn’t bare the idea of you walking on by. I’d never been so consumed with another person before. I – I knew you. Or knew of you before you even know. And I did wish I could touch you and I’d never felt that way before. I still feel that way and I just don’t know what to do with it. And I’m sorry.”

Daisy met her blue eyes and she kissed her forehead. “Don’t apologise. I just can’t keep going around in this circle with you. It’s not what love is about. I don’t want to be the cliché lesbian looking to move in and get a dog two weeks after meeting but I’m not only looking for a fling either. And even if I was? I wouldn’t be looking to be someone’s dirty little secret.”

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