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We ran into the bedroom, jumping from each side, me from the right, her from the left to land with a thud on the bed, our bodies bouncing towards each other. I slipped my right arm underneath her neck, sliding down her back. She pushed her left arm under my arm pit as I lowered our bodies to lie on the bed. My left arm slid under her right arm, down the small of her back, sliding to her ass, cupping her softly through her jeans. Wrapping our arms loosely around each other, I stared into her eyes. I leaned forward slowly, very slowly, my mouth forming a kissing. She glanced to my lips, forcing me to steal a glance at hers. Her tongue darted quickly out, licking her lips, the salvia glistening. Our heads moved closer, our lips touching softly. We hesitated, feeling the softness of the kiss. We stared into each others eyes. My eyes closed slowly, to match hers. Puckering again, our lips pressed tighter, pressing against hers. Repositioning, I opened my mouth slightly, her mouth formed to mine, melding gently. My tongue darted out, touching her lips as it exploded into her mouth.

Her tongue met mine, tips dancing slowly, exploring, touching, dancing with more intensity. Her tongue entered my mouth, my lips closing on her tongue, sucking the intruder softly, the suction pulling it into my mouth. Our salvia mixed as I tasted her. She tasted of lime, a sweet, candy lime. The sucker she had taken from the branch bank earlier in the hour. I wonder if she tasted my lemon. I groaned with the kiss, shallow at first, but deeper as I pulled her body to mine, pushing her to her to the side of her back, lying against her, her tit squashed by my chest. I could feel her body flattening against me. I kissed her softly again, driving my tongue deeper, exploring the depths of her mouth. I slid my hand from her backside to her torso, up her body, over her tit flesh slowly, very slowly to caress her cheek. My forearm rested on her tit, pressing firmly to feel her, to mash her tit softly. I rolled my crotch forward as I leaned to kiss her again, wanting our bodies to touch there, to feel our desires. I wanted her to feel my hardness, to gasp at the size of my cock sliding down the leg of my jeans.

I pushed my knee forward, parting her knees, pushing firmly, my thigh sliding against hers. Raising her leg, she lifted it to me, draping it over my hip as I pushed our bodies together. I could feel her gasp in our kiss as my leg pressed against her sex. I moved to add more pressure on her mound. grinding my leg softly, pushing our crotches together. She could feel my hardness. She groaned deeply as I sucked her tongue deep into my mouth. I released our kiss, kissing down her cheek, passing slowly over the jaw, lips leaving a moist trail of soft kisses, traversing to her neck, my tongue dancing over her skin, extending, licking softly, followed by a kiss, softly sucking the flesh into my mouth. I would nip very softly, holding the flesh gently, my tongue probing softly. I continued my movement, moving to the nape of her neck. My body melted as I reached the softest skin, most sensitive skin on her body. I kissed her there, lips opening enough for me to grab a clip of flesh, sucking it gently into my mouth. She arched, groaning softly, gasping as I pulled the flesh into my mouth. I sucked this flesh harder, tongue probing as I moved slightly over a half inch to start again. I love the nape of a female, tasting, kissing, sucking the soft skin, nibbling, moving to the back, grabbing the muscular ridge between her neck and back, biting softly. A deep, guttural groan emanated from her, almost growling as I bit into her flesh.

Until this instant in time, she had thrown her head back, allowed me to dominate her, to kiss her as she absorbed each kiss, each probe of my tongue on her sensitive flesh. She turned her head, leaning to me, biting my neck firmly. She pulled my head tighter against her neck. I nibbled, biting firmly, softly. Her body simply arched downwards, surrendering her neck to me. My hand moved down, palm flat against her body. I moved down, over her collarbone, fingers feeling the gentle ridge, sliding along from her shoulder to the front of her neck, lightly allowing my fingertips to rake my nails over the exposed skin along the scoop of her top. Once flesh was felt, nails directly, lightly scratched along the bone, feeling, leaving a trail of a tender scratch. Her chest arched with a deep breath, lifting her tit flesh, her desire for my fingertips to dip along her cleavage. Flattening my hand, the soft pads of my fingertips slid slowly down, along the left side of her right breast, dipping slowly under the neck line of her top.

My fingers curled underneath the material, nails again first to touch the soft flesh. I felt the lace edge of her bra. My fingertips moved along the edge, pushing the tit flesh down, away from the material as they moved even deeper into the material covering her flesh. I tugged on the material, pulling it down, to expose an untanned portion of her breast, the white flesh Antalya Escort a stark contrast to the tanned portion. I leaned to kiss the taut flesh. She arched as my lips touched her, pushing the flesh against my lips. She groaned again as I kissed her flesh. My hand flattened against her breast, cupping the underside of her tit through the top and bra. I pushed up, pushing the flesh against my mouth as I kissed over the flesh. My thumb and index finger closed over the hardening nipple through the material. I rolled the nipple firmly, putting pressure on the hard nub. Dropping down quickly, I grabbed the nipple through the material, biting down on her softly. My tongue probed her, poking at the material of the top and bra. She flexed her pectoral muscle, pushing the tit into my mouth. She groaned again. Squeezing the tit flesh firmly, the nipple jumped upwards, forcing more tit into my mouth. I groaned as I bit her flesh through layers of material.

I pushed my thigh against her mound, groaning as I humped against her, pushing my hard cock against her, grinding slightly. She arched her hips against me, her hand dropping quickly to cup my ass, pulling my body forward, her fingers wrapping my cheek firmly, pulling me tight against her. My fingers intertwined her hair, I pulled her mouth to me, kissing her deeply as our bodies pressed together. I flexed my cock as only a man can do, expanding size, jumping, twitching against her body. She rocked her crotch against me, pulling my ass firmly to her, our pelvises tight against the other. Breathing was growing more ragged.

I slipped my hand down, around her back, and under her top. Sliding up her back, I found the 3-prong clasp. With one hand, I squeezed the clasp, practice allowing me to open the clasp with ease, releasing the bra. Her small boobs were now on their own, held by the material of the bra loosely. I slid my hand back around her body quickly. She froze, waiting for me to move up and grab her tit. I moved quickly, sliding my hand up, my fingers running over the tit flesh, thumb caressing the nipple as I moved up. Wrapping the top side of her tit, my thumb rolled back and forth over the hardening nipple. With the first pass over, flattening her nipple, she gasped, then groaned with each flick back over her flesh. Arching my wrist, I pushed the material up, away from her tit. Leaning back slightly, glancing down, I found her nipple topping a firm mound of flesh, her dark brown areolas covered with goose bumps, her long nipple rigid, standing tall, puckered firmly.

I leaned forward, my tongue extending to touch her nipple, washing over the sensitive skin as I slowly moved down, my lips pressing against the base of her nipple, forming a seal. I sucked her nipple into my mouth softly, my tongue continued to hammer the flesh as I drew it into my mouth. I rolled over it quickly as she arched her body to push more tit into my mouth. Wrapping my hand around the taut flesh, I squeezed firmly, lifting the tit, pushing more to my mouth. I opened wide, allowing a big bite of tit flesh to flood my mouth. I bit down softly, my tongue probing her nipple as I grabbed more flesh with my teeth, holding softly. I growled deeply as I sucked hard on her flesh. Her hand reached around the back of my head, pulling me down hard on her tit, pushing the flesh hard against my mouth, groaning deeply as I sucked and bit her flesh.

I released her tit, moving my hand down her body, sliding quickly to her mound. I wrapped my fingers over her mound, pressing hard against her jeans, running my hand over her hidden sex. My middle finger pressed firmly, attempting to find access to her clit. Rubbing side to side, I flicked my finger back and forth as I continued to suck and nip at her tit flesh. She growled, tilting her hips to meet my probing hand. I pushed my thigh against the back of my hand as I manipulated my fingers, pressing on her sex. Her hips humped against me. I pushed her to her back, rolling over on her, positioning my body between her legs. Pulling my hand back up, I lifted her top and bra, exposing both tits to me. Firm, nipples rigid, her flesh stood ready to be sucked. I moved to the other tit, biting down softly on the ignored nipple. Rocking, she lifted the nipple to me. I ground my hips down, pushing my crotch against her.

My rigid cock pressed firmly on her mound. I rocked my hips, grinding my cock firmly against her. She arched her hips, humping against me. Her knees lifted, wrapping around my waist, our crotches aligned, our sexes desiring to meld, to force my cock deep in her soft, wet sheath. I humped her hard, grinding against her body. I pulled her top and bra up and over her head, pulling it off her arms. Rising to my knees between her legs, I reached to her jeans, unsnapping the button, unzipping, and opening the top of her pants. Moving quickly, I lifted her body, sliding the material down and off her ass. I pulled the material off her mound, staring at the wisp on hair covering her mound. As I Antalya Escort Bayan exposed her mound, I stopped just off her sex, the top of her folds visible. I leaned back to her, my mouth covering her mound. I moved slowly, tongue extended, licking her flesh. Her breathing stopped as my tongue dipped into the exposed slit, snaking between her lips gently. As my tongue flicked over her clit, her hips tilted, a guttural groan erupted from deep in her body. She reached to me again, her fingers intertwining in my hair, pulling me forward, firmly against her sex. I darted my tongue in and out of her slit, lightly touching, probing her clit. I focused on her clit, sucking it between my teeth. Holding her down, I tugged the clit into my mouth, my teeth holding it firmly, my tongue dancing over the sensitive flesh. It hardened under my tongue.

She grew rigid, her breathing coming in gasps. Her head thrashed back and forth with each flick of my tongue. Her hands reached to her nipples, each taking a firm nub and rolling it, twisting it firmly, pulling the nipple as she arched her hips to my mouth. Grunting, she lifted her head to look at me, my tongue pushing between her folds, flicking over her clit hard. I bit softly, holding and flicking her clit fast and hard in my mouth. She growled, groaning deeply as she arched her shoulders, pushing her tits up to her waiting hands, pulling on her rigid nipples. I thrashed her clit, tugging, pulling, sucking hard. I pushed down hard, driving my chin into her wet slit as I sucked her lips, her clit into my mouth. Ragged breathing filled my ears. Her hips lifted, holding, flexing hard to lift her cunt to my mouth. Flexing hard, she raised her hips, holding several inches above the bed. Grunting, her hips flopped on the bed as an orgasm washed over her body. She bucked under my mouth involuntarily, her hips thrusting up and down as I continued to suck her clit, slowing my tongue to allow her to absorb her orgasm. She groaned deeply as I slowed my assault on her clit.

Pulling up, I moved to pull her jeans and panties off her body, leaving her completely naked on top of the bed. I danced my fingertips up her legs, sliding, teasing the flesh as I passed close to her slit, glistening with wetness. Hesitating, I moved again to her pussy, inhaling her musky odor. My fingertips moved to her labia, parting them, penetrating them so slightly, she froze, and anticipating penetration of her wet hole. I slid two fingers between her lips, sliding up and down to gather wetness, finding the hole. I reamed her softly, sliding my hand forward, pushing both fingers into her body, so slowly, a muffled groan erupted as she pulled her legs up, spreading her knees. Her cunt exposed, she watched me, caught me staring at her wet, open pussy. I pushed deeper, sliding my fingers into her flesh, her body absorbing, sucking my fingers deeper into her sex. As I pushed forward, her hips wiggled, almost pulling me deeper. I leaned to her, grabbed her protruding clit between my lips, sucking softly, nipping at the sensitive flesh. Holding it firmly between my teeth, I flicked my tongue over the flesh quickly, mashing the clit hard against the inside of my teeth.

I thrust my fingers in and out of her cunt, jamming them hard, moving in, sideways, and out, thrashing her wet hole. Seconds passed, her body reacted as I hoped. Hips arching, gasping for breath, she bucked under my mouth. I reached under her legs, up over her hip and holding firmly as I sucked her clit and finger fucked her hard. Thrusting in and out of her cunt, her hips arched fast, lifted up hard against my mouth. Holding a foot off the bed, she came again. Her body flopped down, but continued to buck hard as I slowed my tongue, keeping her clit sensitive, but not overpowering her need for sex. I slowed to suck gently. I pulled my fingers out of her slowly, reaming her tight hole for a second. I pushed forward, popping my finger knuckle deep in her ass. Biting down softly, I flicked her clit hard again. Her body erupted in a third orgasm. Now very sensitive, she pushed my head from her clit, moving her body off my finger.

She moved quickly, pulling me up on the bed, pushing me to my back. Her hands pulled my jeans open, my rigid cock poking out of my briefs. Growling, she attacked my cock, pulling it vertical to my body, her tongue tasting my precum, sucking hard on the head. She fisted my cock, pumping hard as she licked the head, her lips sealing over the bulb, poking hard into the eye, sucking to get juices from my body. Abruptly, she quit, moving over me, pulling my t-shirt up and off my body. Her hands caressed my chest, fingers contouring my pecs, her nails raking over my nipples. Sitting on my crotch, she leaned to me, lightly kissing my chest, licking to the nape of my neck. She bit my flesh, her tongue flicking back and forth over the skin held between her teeth. Releasing, she moved to kiss more, licking, nipping softly. I closed my eyes, enjoying her journey over my body. I raised Escort Antalya my head to watch as she started a dance over my nipple, her tongue licking, flicking my sensitive flesh, her lips sealing over the nipple, sucking the flesh between her lips as I had done to her. She nipped, sucked, and flicked my nipple rapidly, and moved quickly to the other, repeating her pleasuring attack on my nipple.

She slid off me, moving to take my waistband and pulled my jeans down. Lifting my ass, she was able to pull them free of my body, throwing them on the floor. Reaching out, she grabbed my cock through my briefs. She pumped the shaft several times. Again, grabbing the waist band, she pulled them down and off my body. I lay naked as well. She placed her hands on my shins, sliding them slowly up my legs as she moved back between my legs. My rigid cock jumped as I flexed the muscles controlling its movement. She laughed, moving forward slowly. She pushed my legs apart, lifting my legs as she moved up, pushing my knees up. Grabbing my knees, I pulled them wide, up high, exposing my cock and balls. She reached to me, cupping my nuts, rolling first one ball, then the other in her soft, small hands. Leaning, she kissed the inner portion of my thigh, biting softly as she moved toward my crotch. Her hand continued to play with me, rolling my balls, fisting my cock. As she drew close, her hand wrapped my cock, sliding up and down the shaft. Squeezing hard on the upstroke, she forced drops of precum again to flow from the eye. Her tongue reached into the sticky fluid, washing over the head of my cock. She watched my eyes intently, licking slowly. A thin thread of cum stuck to her lip as her tongue darted into her mouth.

Pulling my cock to the side, she placed her lips midway on the shaft, her lips sealing the kiss, sucking along the soft skin. Moving down, she licked the underside, pulling my cock to the other thigh, and licking along the other side as well. Moving down, her tongue darted to my sac, probing my balls. She sucked one nut into her mouth, rolling the flesh in her mouth, her tongue busy on poking, probing the soft flesh. Stretching the sac, my ball popped out of her mouth, causing me to hump involuntarily as she grabbed the other nut, sucking it into her mouth. Her tongue repeated, probing, poking my flesh. I reached to her, caressing her hair as she sucked my balls. Releasing my balls, she moved up, licking the underside of my shaft as she pulled my cock out and down. As the she reached the head, the angle was pointing down toward her, her mouth opened wide. Her tongue flicked over the head as she moved forward, slowly pushing my cock into her mouth.

I watched intently as she stared into my eyes. Her lips sealed, released, sealed, and released again and again as she moved down my cock. Inch after inch disappeared into her soft, pliant mouth. Pulling back, her saliva coated my cock. Licking her lips, she moved forward again, pushing down faster, harder. My cock exploded into her mouth, pushing deep. I could see her throat expand as the head pushed down her throat. I groaned deep as she impaled her face on my cock. Her hand flat on the base, her thumb wrapped around my cock, her lips pushed clear to her fingers. Her mouth closed tight, she pulled up several inches, and pushed down hard, pulling her hand out, she jammed my cock completely down her mouth and throat. Her lips wrapped the base of my cock. Moving up and down, she rotated her head, her teeth raking over all sides of my cock. My eyes closed tightly as she hammered my cock. She fucked me hard, pulling up and driving down hard again and again.

My hips arched hard, my balls churned. I reached to grab her head, holding her firmly down my shaft. My balls exploded, forcing cum into my shaft. Muscles squeezed hard, jettisoning my cum into her mouth and throat. Surprised, she swallowed each blast of cum, groaning deep to match my grunts and groans. I fucked her face hard, jamming my cock deep, exploding a spurt of cum, and grinding her face on my cock. I humped through several blasts of cum before I could breathe again. My orgasm slowing, my mind beginning to focus, I caressed her hair as she licked and sucked any remaining fluids from my shaft. Her hand traced under my balls, her nails raking the soft skin between my ass and balls. My body arched hard as I groaned deeply. Lifting my balls, she moved to bite the skin, my most sensitive spot on my body. She flicked the skin back and forth with her tongue. I growled deeply, reaching for her.

I pulled her too me, grabbing her arms, sliding her up my body. I kissed her softly as her body melded with me, our crotches pressing together softly. Her tits mashed against my chest. My tongue darted into her mouth, exploring her, dancing with her tongue. I rolled us to our sides again, nibbling down her cheek to her neck. My hand traversed down her body, fingertips caressing, sliding softly down to her crotch. I slipped my hand between her legs, her upper leg rising quickly, bending at the knee to open her sex to my probing hand and fingers. I slipped my fingers between her lips, freeing the wetness held. I flicked my fingers slowly over her clit again, causing her to moan softly. My fingertip circled her clit, raking back and forth over the sensitive flesh.

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