Just can’t get enuff

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Just can’t get enuffIt was my sisters 19th birthday she has a boyfriend in jail his father is a political figure. So Omar get a lot privileges that other immates don’t get. Like food {Steak, Salmon,Shrimps, Lobsters..etc} Not everyday but he is a cut above. He told her to come visit him and they can have sex once a week. They continuously have phone sex. My sister is a BBW she’s a very sexual human being. Until that faitful day she went to visit Omar she was a virgin. She would tell me things that I didn’t even knew exsist. She told me how they{correction officers} set up an area in the furlow so Omar and her can have a 3 hours sexual encounter. I saw a picture of Omar. He’s 6 foot 4 238 pounds not too bulgy with muscles but well built. She told me the door was closed, the lights were dim, and Omar was waiting for her. When she walked in he immed. didim escort and hugged touched all over her body. Every part of her. He pulled his cock out really rough and fast pulled her head over his cock and made her suck IT. Fucking her mouth like it was a good piece of pussy. He pulled out and shot a HUGE load ALL over her face. Then he laid her down got a hot rag and whipped off her face. Pulled off her top and bottoms she was wearing only her panty hose which Omar ask that she wear without panties. He didn’t care she was a virgin he gave her hands on position. She told me she never felt like a woman until ……. He stood between her legs aiming his cock head at her. While he talked dirty to her. Calling her a horny juicy fat pussy hoe. It must of turned her on because she started begging him to rub his head on her pussy. He fucked escort didim her and fucked her made her first time the BEST. Like a hit of crack, the first Hit you always look for that first high. She told me her body wasn’t her’s. When he finished she had cum on her titties her ass and her pussy. He didn’t shoot inside her but she wanted to see what that feel like. She could barely walk. When she left the guards were saying nasty things to her. She didn’t care her body felt sooooo good.She came home and fell directly to sleep for an entire 24 hrs. She couldn’t wait to tell me. She couldn’t wait until next week so she could make him cum inside her. Week went by, she was there early. Pantyhose no panties. Omar came in he told her to shut up and suck his dick. She did. He told how to suck it. She kissed it licked it and sucked all around it didim escort bayan to make him feel good. Shit,it was making her feel good, he was squeezing her titties while she sucked. She said she came from sucking. He laid her down ripped a hole in her panty hose. Just big enuff for him to put his tongue and lips inside he sucked on her pussy and licked the her clit. Her first time and he made her squirt. He just stuck his huge cock inside that hole and her extra wet pussy was being abused by his cock. He fucked her harder and harder she screamed and screamed and screamed. He turned her over on her stomach her ass up but still kind of flat on bed. Omar loved that position. He banged her so hard she squirted and so did he, she felt his fucking get more intense she knew he was about to shoot his load off. She squeezed her pussy one time. He came inside her 2 times. She loved the way cum feels inside her. From that time on, she would never let him cum anywhere but inside her. She said she hated to have him waste his cream it was made for her pussy. …….. to be continued.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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