Just Call Me Sir- Chapter 2

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Just Call Me Sir- Chapter 2It’s been three days since Mr. Blue Eyes drove away reminding me to not miss his calls. Only there have been no calls and I’m extremely frustrated. I call him Mr. Blue eyes because I still don’t know his name. I have been to the café everyday yet I have not seen him there. Maybe he was just a one time fuck after all, but oh what a fuck it was. Every time I run it over in my mind I find myself extremely wet and aching for his touch, touching myself has not given me the relief I so badly desire. The usual favorite dildo doesn’t even come close. I’ve finished my lunch and give one final look around before I leave, perhaps it is time to just accept that he that he got what he wanted and he’s moved on to his next conquest, someone who is more trainable. I still don’t completely understand what that meant. Internet searches were no help, with nothing more than the word “training” to go on, the results were all over the map from training a dog, to potty training, to ab workouts, nothing that I could make sense of where he is concerned.Flipping through the channel guide trying to find something to take my mind off my frustration, nothing appeals to me and I scroll up to the adult channels, maybe some inspiration to take care of myself would help. The titles are almost laughable, and then one catches my eye, “I Call Him Sir”. Could this maybe give me a clue? He had said I could call him Sir or Master, so maybe, it can’t hurt to give it a try. The scene when the channel comes up has me almost instantly wet and throbbing. A beautiful woman, stretched over a bench of sorts, having her ass spanked by a man in a dark suit with nothing more than his hand. She’s mumbling something about being a good girl, not disobeying him again, spank me good Sir. He delivers blow and blow that she seems to enjoy. How could anyone possibly enjoy that? Then my mind wandered back to the smack Mr. Blue Eyes gave me on my bottom. I remember the throbbing it caused in my pussy. I am drawn in, no longer thinking of this as porn, but finally understanding what “training” means. So lost in the images I don’t even realize that my hand in buried deep inside me until I start cumming hard. Oh how I wish my phone would ring!I have his number, maybe I should contact him instead of waiting on him to call me. So many times I pick up the phone and put it down. If he really is a Dom then my calling him may be frowned upon. I’ve done so much reading about the Dom/sub lifestyle since learning this may be what he’s referring to, how complex it can be. The more I read the more I want to experience it. I’ve made myself cum so many times the last few days, the more I do the more I want. I have to do something, I just don’t know what that is.I haven’t been to the café for a few days and decide to go for lunch and hopefully talk with the waitress to see if he’s been in. I’m disappointed when I arrive and she doesn’t appear to be working. Since she’s not here there’s no point in staying, I am almost to my car when my phone rings. It’s HIM! I pick up as soon as I notice the number, “Hello Sir.” “While I am pleased you answered so promptly I am a little upset that you’re not eating, your well being should not be ignored.” “How do you know I didn’t already have lunch?” “I saw you come in and then leave before you could be seated.” “Wait, you’re at the café? I didn’t see you.” “I told you before, I watch you more than you know. Now would you please come back and have some lunch with me?” “Yes, I’ll be right there….I’m sorry, I mean, Yes Sir.”I practically run back, scanning the tables I do not see him. My heart is racing, my pussy throbbing when I suddenly feel a hand on my back, and hear his voice in my ear, “First we eat.” The hostess leads us to a table and he tells her we need something near the back with a little more privacy. As she gives him a look of irritation, he flashes his smile and her attitude instantly changes. I am thinking you better back off bitch, when he leans over and kisses my cheek, as if to tell me don’t worry about her I want you. We reach a table in the back corner, no wonder I never noticed him, I didn’t even know there was a table here. After she walks away he slides his chair closer to me and reaches down to run his hand along my thigh, my legs instinctively open for him just a little, his eyes which have been locked on mine since we sat open a little wider as to tell me he is pleased. “You will need to learn to control that jealous streak, I may use charm on them but that does not mean I want them.” “Jealous streak? I don’t know what you’re referring to, and even if I did, güvenilir bahis siteleri I hardly think one roll through your bed gives me any hold on you.” “Your body tensed when she reacted to my smile so yes jealous streak, as for your hold on me, it is quite cute that you have no clue. You many have only been in my bed once up to this point, but I assure you, you have been in my head more than you could possibly know.” I want to ask him to tell me how I have been in his head when we are interrupted by a waiter asking for our order. Without asking if I mind he orders for both of us. “What if I didn’t want such a heavy meal today?” asking him, knowing it would probably get under his skin. “You may not want it now, but you will need it, trust me, so humor me and just eat.” I realize without knowing if my assumption about the Dom side of him is true I probably shouldn’t push the issue, but I know I’m going to. There has to be a way to learn if he is without letting him know what I think. “Where are you?” I hear as I feel one hand on my thigh and the other across my shoulders. “I’m sorry?” “You were just lost somewhere other than here with me so I asked where you are.” “Just wrapped up in thoughts of you and how you seem to know much more about me than I do you.” He laughs at me, as he is stroking a finger over my clit very softly. “You will learn all you need to know soon enough.” He pulls his hand away as our lunch arrives and I let out a whimper in frustration. Our lunch finished he motions to the waiter for our check. “Now let’s get out of here and go work that off.” As we walk to the parking lot I’m thinking how am I going to get him to just say what it is he wants, to find out if I am right in my thinking about this training he had been so hung up on. “If you keep disappearing on me I’m going to get bored quickly.” His words suddenly bring me back. “I’m sorry I was remembering how I disappointed you.” “Is that what you think? That you disappointed me? You are incorrect Miss, I am the one who disappointed myself, I did not approach the matter correctly so just put that out of your mind.” “Will you please just tell me what it is you want from me?” Pushing me against the car, arms stretched out on either side of me pinning me in as he pressed himself against me, kissing me softly “what I want from you is more than the obvious, but please just trust me, it will all reveal itself soon enough.” What is so hard about just telling me what his intentions are? I run my hand down his chest to find his cock hard and straining against his jeans. “Well if this is the obvious I think I can wait for the rest.” Running my hand over his cock he drops his head on my shoulder groaning into my ear, “I have got to get us out of here.” He backs away and opens the door for me as I slide into the seat I give his a cock little squeeze, while his words were telling me slow down his eyes were telling me not to. Leaning in, moving my hand, “not here”.After we have started down the highway he reaches over and brings my hand back to his cock and then reaches over to slide his hand under my skirt. “I’m glad to see I don’t have to fight your instinct to sit lady like today.” An opening! “I have a feeling a lady isn’t what you want me to be.” “A lady in the street, a slut in my bed.” He looks over to judge my reaction. Smiling, increasing my grip on his cock and spreading open a little wider, my response brings a look of surprise to his face. “Well Sir, if that’s what you need, I suppose that’s what you get.” He turns his attention back to the road, his tone while still a bit playful is more serious. “It’s interesting how the word Sir rolls from your tongue now.” “I hope you see that as a good thing, Sir.” Pressing his hand against my clit a little harder, “Time will tell, I have waited long enough and hope you will be open to my thoughts when I share them.” “Why can’t you share them now?” “When I do, I want you in a position to truly understand what I’m saying, so there is no chance of miscommunication, don’t worry, you will know soon enough.” Not another word was said until we reached the garage. He opened the door and held his hand out to me, as I stood I never took my eyes from his, the tension between us so thick and full of lust. Before we started for the elevator he took my hand and spun me around. “Are you trying to make me dizzy?” “No, I want to make sure you aren’t having wardrobe malfunctions again.” Laughter broke the tension as he wrapped his arm around me and we went up to his apartment. Once we were inside he pulled away and stood several feet away in front of me mobilbahis with a look on his face that told me not to interrupt him. “I have a feeling you may have come to understand what it is I really want from you, with you. But I have to be certain. There can be no misunderstanding.” “I believe I do, I believe you wish to be my master and I your sub.” “Good girl, you do understand.” He comes closer takes my face in his hands and kisses me hard before backing away again. “I need to know if you have ever had this type of relationship, and you must be honest, I need to know of any training you’ve had, I have to know how to train you to my liking and if I will be correcting any past lessons learned.” “No, Sir. I have never ventured into this type of relationship, I only know what I’ve seen in a video and read online.” “I will keep this all in mind, you must understand, when we are in public things will be different than when we are in private, you may be confused at times and I will guide you, but you will be disciplined in any way I see fit if I feel you need it. I will not overwhelm you today but I do expect when we are done here today to see progress. Do you understand?” “Yes Sir, I understand, and I look forward to pleasing you.” “Well I suppose those articles and movies did teach you a little something.” He moves closer and backs me against the wall with his hand on my neck shoving his fingers into my pussy finding me soaking wet, kissing me hard before pulling his mouth away and whispering in my ear “good girl.” He took my hand and led me to the bedroom. His instructions, simple. “Get undressed, when I come back, I want to find you kneeling, arms behind your back, you will not speak until told to do so, do you understand?” “Yes Sir, I do.” He turned and left the room, I have no idea how long he will be gone so I undress quickly, my nipples hard, pussy dripping, and my mind wondering if I’m really up for this. Can I really do the things I’ve seen and read about? Just how far will he take his role? I hear his footsteps and kneel quickly, locking my arms behind my back. A bit shocked that he is still fully dressed when he returns I fight the urge to ask why. He walks over to me, looks down takes my chin in his hand and lifts it so that I’m looking into those blue eyes. He doesn’t say a word. His hands drops away and he walks behind me. Leaning over and whispering in my ear, “good girl”, as his palms graze across my nipples. I feel myself trying to raise up when he goes to pull them away. His hand on my shoulder pressing me back down. “No, do not move.” He comes back to stand in front of me, staring down at me, eyes locked on mine, he undoes the button on his jeans and pulls down the zipper so slowly it makes me want to reach up and take care of it for him. The look in his eyes is almost willing me to do so, but instead of reaching up I run my tongue across my lips and let a moan escape. “I’ll let that slide since technically it was not a spoken word, you are doing very well. Now I want you to reach up with both hands and pull down my jeans, do not stop until you have removed them completely.” As I start to pull them down I realize he’s not wearing anything under the jeans as his cock pops me, hitting me on my chin. I look up and he’s shaking his head no. I want nothing more than to wrap my lips around it. I pull the jeans away from his legs and I’m not certain what I’m supposed to do now. As I set them aside I look up at him, he’s smiling back at me. “Now put those arms behind your back again.” What? Thinking to myself, no, please let me wrap them around your cock along with my mouth. I really want to prove to him that I can be trained however so I do as I am told. Arms behind me, cock staring me in the face, mouth practically watering, pussy so soaked I can feel cum leaking out of me. He takes my head in his hands, bringing the head of his cock to my lips and rubbing back and forth across them. My lips part slightly as I look up for approval. A smile, as he starts sliding his cock in my mouth, guiding my head the way he pleases. My tongue spread flat so that when he thrusts in deep I can reach his balls. He thrusts in hitting the back of my throat causing to me gag and pulls out to let me catch my breath spanking his cock against my tongue. “You may use your hands now” could not have come at a better time. I had held on to my wrists so tightly I was beginning to lose feeling in them. I reached up and took his cock in one hand and balls in the other as he started driving in fast, but it didn’t last long as he was gagging me again as he started mobilbahis giriş to cum for the first time. I could feel his hot cum sliding down my throat. After he pulled out, he looked down, gently wiped away the tears from eyes that the gagging had caused before reaching for my hands to help me up. “You are doing very well, you deserve a reward.” He picked me up and I locked my legs around his waist as he carried me to the bed, his cock teasing my pussy pressing against my clit. He leaned over laying me on my back cock still teasing me, as he stood up grabbed my thighs and pulled me to the edge of the bed. The look in his eye told me I would be begging soon, my mind hoping I was wrong. He slid his cock back and forth slowly over my clit sliding down my pussy lips, as he slid up with the head parting my lips he would stop just at the entrance and his cock would throb against me. If I tried to my lift hips up trying to get him to slide in he push up past my clit and lay against my belly. He brings me to the edge of cumming as he pulls completely away when I start trembling. When he feels the feeling has passed, he starts again, only this time he leans in and takes a nipple in his mouth, soft, tender, as his tongues circles distracting me from what his cock his doing. He takes it between his teeth and bites gently as he thrusts his cock into me hard causing my back to arch and making me scream out. My hands grab his ass as he pumps into me hard and fast over and over, his tongue still on my nipple as I cum hard. He pulls his mouth away, “you may cum at will today, but in the future, I will condition you to only cum on my command. “ Not slowing down thrusting so hard I cum again almost immediately. “Now it’s my turn.” As he flips me over. What does he mean his turn? He pulls me back so that my knees are the edge of the bed and pulls my ass up high, his hand on my shoulder pushing me down. “This is face down ass up, remember it.” As he locks his hands onto my hips and starts driving his cock into me. I am pretty certain this is one I can remember, it feels amazing. I feel one hand slide across my bottom, massaging it, still thrusting, and a hand comes down firmly with a loud smack. It stings, but he immediately starts massaging it again taking the sting away. He continues to do this until my ass is cherry red and I’m rocking back onto him as he stands still. “That’s right fuck my cock you little slut.” Something about the words and the tone made me cum hard causing him to grab my hips and drive into me deep as he started to cum. He collapses on top me and takes his time rolling to the side. When he does his hand runs gently up and down my back. “Good girl, I think you have learned a few basic lessons today.” “Thank you Sir.” We lay for a while before he took me to the shower. We enjoyed a shower full of soft kisses, and gentle touches. “I’m going to dress, you finish up and come out when you are ready.” I let the water run down over me as my mind was spinning with everything that had happened. I know today was very not anywhere near the things I’ve seen or read about, but I am still pleased with myself. After getting dressed I found him in the kitchen. “Come eat” “But I’m not hungry.” “I didn’t ask if you were hungry, now eat. Just a snack, its important that you take care of yourself.” “Yes Sir. Can I ask you a question.” “you may ask anything you like, I will decide whether or not I answer.” “When will I know exactly where you want this to go?” “We will take this journey together, we will push your limits, boundaries, and discover it together along the way. There’s no need for you to stress over details just yet. You have pleased me today and I have a feeling your training will be quite easy. But I would prefer you not get sucked in by books and videos. Each relationship is unique, we will we find our way together.” “Fair enough, Sir.” He pulls me close and kisses me, “I do like the way ‘sir’ rolls off your tongue.”We finish the snack and he takes me back to my car. Before he leaves, he presses me against the door, arms on either side of me, this seems to be becoming a pattern, “I will be coming to your place tomorrow morning to pick you up, be ready at 9 sharp, we’re going shopping.” “Shopping?” “Yes, shopping, some treats for you, that are actually for me, and maybe we’ll find some items to help with your training.” “Sounds interesting” I tell him.”I look forward to it Sir.” My chin in his hand as he kisses my cheek, until then Miss.As he drives away I realize I still don’t know his name. I wonder just what he has in mind for our shopping trip, what items might we need, and why are treats for me really for him? My curiosity has me wanting to get online as soon as I get home, but I remember his comment, about finding our way together and decide that I will follow his wishes. My body already aching for his touch again as I drive away.

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