Just a Stranger Passing Through

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“Shit!” Clay Borden muttered when the mechanic gave him the bad news, and the middle-aged manufacturer’s representative didn’t know what part of the verdict was worse, the price of the replacement fuel pump or the fact that it would take all day for it to be replaced.

The owner of this service station in the middle of nowhere on Route 28, someplace called Newport, New York, was unmoved by the stranger’s frustrated attitude, and when Clay Borden realized that he was a little short with the guy he apologized.

“It’s alright,” the man wearing the greasy shirt bearing the name Mac on a patch replied. “Heat will do that to you, but you gotta decide what you want to do because if I don’t have NAPA truck that fuel pump out to me from Utica pretty quick I won’t have time to install it before the end of the day.”

“You don’t have one in stock here?” Clay asked and then laughed at the thought while suggesting sarcastically, “Figured there would be a lot of demand for fuel pumps for a five year old piece of shit Toyota. Yeah, go ahead and order it. Any ideas on how to kill a day in this town?”

“Library,” the mechanic told him but then looked at his watch. “Only open until noon today though. If you like fishing the West Canada Creek is good. I got a pole here you can use but you need a fishing license.”

“Guess I’ll hit the local gin mill,” Clay mused but the man shook his head.

“Folded up last year. If you want to come back here a little later you can watch me replace your fuel pump for shits and giggles.”

“How about if I just come back before you close up? Is there a store around here?”

“Quarter mile down the road,” the mechanic told him before going to the phone to order the part, and with that the salesman started walking, the sun relentless even though it wasn’t noon yet.

“What a way to spend a hot day,” Clay announced to no one as he saw his destination around the corner, figuring that he could grab a newspaper, buy something to drink and find a place in the shade.

Outside the store was a chunky girl leaning on her bike, and as Clay got closer he grinned at the young lady.

“You look as bored as I do honey,” Clay suggested. “At least you have transportation though. My car is down at the shop. Is there anything fun to do in this town?”

“Newport? You kidding? No. Too hot anyway,” the girl answered.

“Nice day for a swim,” Clay mused. “How’s that creek for swimming?”

“Too shallow, except for when they release water from the dam upstream, but that water surge will sweep your ass away if you’re in the way,” the cherubic gal explained. “People swim back at Dead Man’s Pond sometimes.”

“Maybe I’ll just grab a six pack and watch to see if any goobers float by in the creek,” Clay mused. “If you were older I’d invite you to join me.”

“I’m not a kid. I’m 18, and I’ve had beer plenty of times.”

“That so? What’s your name honey?”

“It ain’t honey. It’s Virginia. People call me Ginny sometimes. They call me Rooter too.”

“Rooter? I like the name Virginia. They even named a state after you,” the salesman quipped. “My name’s Clay.”

“Like dirt?” Virginia asked.

“I can be dirty at times but you would have to know me better to find that out,” Clay warned. “I’m going in to get some beer.”

The salesman went into the store and got a six pack of Sam Adams Cherry Wheat, something that he knew would go good on a hot day, but when he came back out his chunky friend was gone.

“Psst,” came a voice from the side of the building, and when Clay looked up he saw Virginia hiding over there.

“Thought you deserted me Virginia,” Clay said.

“If Ernie saw me with you he would think you bought the beer for me,” Virginia explained. “Where you going to?”

“I was thinking about crossing the street and sitting by the creek.”

“If you want to go back to Dead Man’s Pond, I’ll join you,” Virginia told him. “Can’t go over there across the street with a man.”

“Not allowed to cross the street?” Clay kidded.

“No, it’s not that, but people would see me and – guess you don’t live in a small town mister,” Virginia explained. “Around here if you burp everybody knows it, plus what you ate for lunch.”

“I’m from Albany. It’s the state capital.”

“No shit. I’m not stupid.”

“Sorry. Well, if one of us is stupid it must be me. I was driving to Syracuse…”

“Why didn’t you take the Thruway?” Virginia asked. “Hell of a lot faster.”

“Because I work for a cheap ass company so I have to save money when I can,” Clay said. “Besides, I-90 is boring. I was enjoying the drive until my fuel pump blew up. The only good thing was that I was able to make it to this repair shop that’s down the road, although they’ll probably screw me good.”

“No, they’re pretty good about that sort of thing, even with city folks stuck up the creek without a paddle,” Virginia said and wondered aloud, “That beer getting colder?”

“No, it isn’t. Where is this Dead Man’s Pond? Let’s get going.”

“You go first. People see us heading casino şirketleri back there…”

“I know. Small town,” Clay replied, and after getting directions he made his way to the pond which was back towards where his car was being repaired although well back in the woods.

Clay found the modest sized pond which was nothing to write home about but not as ominous as its name implied, and as he sat on a rock by the shore he watched his new friend walking her bike towards him.

Virginia was cute in her way, sort of a black haired version of the girl that used to be on the cans of Campbell’s soup. Her bowl haircut did her no favors and made her look chubbier than she was. Her legs were chunky but shapely and while the baggy t-shirt was not complimentary it didn’t hide what seemed to be a pretty big bust underneath it.

“Why the name Dead Man’s Pond?” Clay asked after popping off a cap and giving the girl a brew.

“Who knows? Hey! Cool. Sam Adams. I thought you were cheap?”

“My company is cheap, I’m not. Besides, life is too short to drink shitty beer,” Clay asked as they clinked bottles. “What do you usually drink?”

“Utica Club, on account of it’s cheap, but it’s usually taking whatever you can get somebody to buy for you,” Virginia told him.

“Buy for you? Oh shit, that’s right. They changed the drinking age to 21 a while back,” Clay said with a slap on his forehead. “I’m corrupting you.”

“You’re a few years too late for that.”

“Oh, well you look innocent to me,” Clay opined.

“You and my Dad are probably the only ones who think that,” Virginia said as she looked out to the pond. “You going swimming?”

“No suit,” Clay replied.

“So what? I won’t look. Besides, nobody usually wears a suit back here when we swim.”

“That right? You swim naked back here a lot?” Clay asked.


“I would like to see that.”

“Not in the daylight usually though,” Virginia responded. “TFFT.”

“TFFT? What’s that mean?”

“Too fat for that,” Virginia explained.

“You aren’t fat Virginia,” Clay corrected. “Besides, a lot of guys like girls with a little meat on their bones.”

“Only when they have no other options, and as long as nobody they know is around to see them with me,” Virginia said bluntly. “I’m popular then.”

“Oh. Well, men are jerks anyway, at least a lot of them are,” Clay reasoned. “I’m one of the exceptions. I’m one of the good guys.”

“That right?” Virginia wondered aloud. “The way you’ve been looking me over…”

“I said I was a good guy, not a saint,” Clay told her.

“I figured you must not get out much to be checking me out when you think I’m not looking.”

“Wow, I must be slipping,” Clay responded. “I used to be subtle. Sorry about that.”

“It’s okay. You didn’t do it sleazy-like and you didn’t make faces,” Virginia answered.

“You’re a sexy lady.”


“You are, and if I wasn’t old enough to be your grandfather I surely would want to do more than swim with you,” Clay advised, and when she asked how old he was he replied, “60.”

“Oh. Can’t get it up anymore?”

“No, that’s never been a problem. If you go swimming with me you’ll probably find out it still works.”

“Why? You want to fuck me?”

“Huh?” Clay said as he got put back on his heels.

“You heard me.”

“You’re very blunt,” Clay said as he started unbuttoning his shirt. “What’s the chance of somebody coming back here and seeing us?”

“Fifty – fifty,” Virginia said as she watched the salesman undressing, commenting, “Hairy chest. I like that.”

“Going grey like what’s left up top,” Clay said as he rubbed his fingers through the fur, and as the older man undid his belt he asked, “Aren’t you joining me?”

“I’m waiting until you get naked,” Virginia explained as the slacks came down and off along with the socks.

“Can’t believe I’m doing this,” Clay told the girl as he looked around the quiet woods before dropping his boxers.

“Hey mister, you gotta a pretty big dick,” Virginia opined as she looked over the long beige hose pointed downward past the older man’s low-hanging balls.

“How would a sweet young thing know that?” Clay chuckled as he pulled on the rubbery uncut tube after stepping out of the boxers.

“I seen plenty of them.”

“Well, let me warn you that I’m a show-er, not a grow-er,” Clay cautioned.

“What’s that mean?” Virginia wondered aloud.

“It means that what you see is just about what you get.”

“Oh, well that’s just as well because even limp that’s big enough. Can I do that for you?” Virginia asked. “Pull on it?”

“Be my guest,” Clay offered as the naked man stood with his hands on his hips as the chunky girl came up to him and calmly grabbed his member, and she giggled as she pulled on it, stretching it as far as she could.

“My older brother used to have a Stretch Armstrong,” the girl recalled while yanking on the stranger, and when Clay asked what that was she explained, “It was like an action figure that would casino firmaları stretch out when you played with it.”

“Oh. Hence the name,” Clay deduced.

“Hey mister,” Virginia protested when she looked down at what she was holding. “Thought you said it didn’t get bigger when you got a boner?”

“I said not much bigger,” Clay clarified and then noted, “And it’s not very thick so I don’t think it qualifies as being truly big.”

“For Newport it does,” Virginia mused.

“You take a cock inventory of Newport?” Clay asked.

“Seems like it,” Virginia mumbled.

“Uh dear, I think you better stop now,” Clay told the girl who was now stroking a very stiff cock whose many veins were swollen and throbbing in her sweaty grip.

“Oh,” Virginia said as she let go and took a couple steps back to see what she had created.

“Now it’s your turn.”

“Not used to doing this in the daylight,” Virginia explained as she unbuttoned her short sleeved white blouse. “And I’m warning you that if your dick goes limp when you see me naked I’m gonna get dressed again.”

“Not a chance,” Clay answered as he watched the blouse get tossed aside, and after she dropped her shorts she was down to her bra and panties, he whistled and opined, “You’re a furry gal.”

“Huh?” Virginia said, lifting her arm back up to look at the little seedlings that filled the large crater under her arm. “I shaved yesterday.”

“That wasn’t what I meant,” Clay answered while nodding down to the girl’s panties where the outline of her bush was dark through the white cotton and a few hairs peeked out the elastic sides. “Wouldn’t bother me if you didn’t shave at all anywhere. I like furry girls.”

“Really? Guys around here get squeamish sometimes because my pussy is so hairy,” Virginia told the stranger as she lowered her underwear down from her little belly and exposed a dark triangle of curls that grew high, wide and densely in her delta. “They don’t mind putting their dicks in it but…”

“Are you inviting me to eat you out?” Clay asked while the teen kicked off her panties and unhooked her bra to reveal an interesting pair of breasts, with the left one noticeably larger than the right, but not enough so to dampen the salesman’s interest.

Virginia didn’t have a model’s body to be sure, but the chunky lady had a look about her than made her not only cute but very desirable, and her answer to Clay’s question came as she went down onto the grass on her back with her knees bent and legs splayed open, exposing a bush that grew back to her butt.

Clay went down to his knees with a little more difficulty than Virginia had, but the discomfort from his aching knees and back dissipated when he lowered his face into the untamed jungle that surrounded her sex.

The heat that hit the salesman’s face made it seem like the girl’s pussy was an oven, and the scent that filled his nostrils was as pungent as could be, but that didn’t slow Clay down a bit. Virginia’s pussy was already wet when his tongue got there, and when he started lapping it got sloppier still.

Virginia squealed and held her legs up and apart with her hands on the backs of her plump thighs, her feet kicking in the air as the salesman used his talented mouth on her sex, licking her plump pussy lips with top to bottom in between teasing her clit.

It wasn’t Clay’s intention to make the girl cum, but she did, and she came loud enough for the people in cars going past back on route 28 to hear if they had their windows open.

“Oh shit mister. let me catch my breath!” Virginia complained loudly when after Clay lifted her face from her crotch he scooted up between her legs with his erection in hand. “You’ve got… AW!! Fuck!”

Virginia’s thoughts were interrupted when Clay introduced his throbbing member into the teen’s pussy, and while he was trying to be gentle she was tight as he pushed into the warmth.

“You were saying?” Clay asked after he had sunk all 8 or so inches into Virginia and let it pulse inside her as he looked down at the flushed girl with grass in her hair and sweat on her brow.

“Fuck. Feels like you stuck a baseball bat in me,” she huffed.

“How would you know what that feels like?” Clay asked with a chuckle, but she didn’t answer.

“I was going to say that you havea few of my pussy hairs on your face,” Virginia said before her hip movement suggested she was ready to go.

“Something to remember you by,” Clay suggested as he slowly retracted his cock from the vice. “Now do you want it slow and easy or fast and rough?”


“Okay,” Clay laughed as he began to move in and out of the girl, the sloshing noise that it made blending with the sounds of nature that surrounded them. “If I get too rough let me know, okay?”

“Ain’t gonna happen,” Virginia said defiantly as she reached up and grabbed Clay’s arms while biting her lower lip. “But you can try mister.”

“I like a challenge,” Clay told the teen as he began to thrust a little harder, hoping that his aging body was up to it.

“That’s güvenilir casino it mister. Fuck my hairy pussy,” Virginia chanted as Clay began going faster and harder.

“Like to talk dirty, huh?” Clay asked, and when the girl nodded enthusiastically he played along. “Play with your tits for me. Squeeze those jugs and pull on those fat nipples.”

“Like this?” Virginia asked as she followed instructions, grabbing her boobs so hard her fingers left red marks and pulling up on the nipples.

“Just like that,” Clay snarled as he stroked even harder, causing their flesh to slap together like thunder while his sweat rained down on the teen like a summer shower.

“Gonna cum soon!” Virginia exclaimed after several more minutes of pounding.

“Tell me when,” Clay insisted, and his words were barely out before Virginia’s pussy convulsed around his cock savagely.

“NOW!” Virginia screamed up at him as she clawed the older man’s arms, her chunky body bouncing around between Clay and the ground while her eyes went from bulging out of their sockets to rolling back in her skull.

The salesman had lost it the moment the teen’s pussy turned into a vice, and he struggled to keep himself buried deep inside Virginia while the bucking bronc beneath him thrashed wildly.

“No more,” Virginia begged as her body stopped shaking, but Clay had already sent a gusher of cum deep into her womb and was going limp by then.

The salesman did wait until he was totally flaccid before easing his tool out of the girl, and after kissing her wet forehead rolled over to her side and looked up at the blue sky with her, with the both of them reclining with their hands locked behind their heads for pillows.

“I have to admit Virginia,” Clay said after catching his breath. “You don’t get cheated with your orgasms.”

“Did you cum too?”

“Yes, not as loudly as you, but I came right along with you,” Clay said.

“Cool. Yeah, I guess I do get a little crazy,” Virginia admitted. “But you were really good so that helped. I liked your dirty talk, and when you bit my collarbone that almost made me cum right then.”

“Bite? Me?” Clay said as he rolled over onto his hip to face her, and when he saw what was already a little bruise he cringed and apologized. “Omigod, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to do that. Guess I was crazy myself. Don’t even remember doing it.’

“I do. It was right before you licked my armpits,” Virginia explained.

“That I remember,” Clay confessed.

“Must have been yucky because I was sweating like a horse,” Virginia said with a scrunch of her nose as she looked over at the glistening crater filled with 5 o’clock shadow.

“No, actually your armpits were delicious because your deodorant was almost completely worn off and that left nothing but your raging pheromones, which act as an aphrodisiac,” Clay explained. “Trust me. I’m a gourmet when it comes to things like that.”

“Don’t know what you’re talking about but I liked what you did,” Virginia admitted. “I thought everything that could be done to me already had been, but that was a first. Too bad you’re not from around here because you might be as kinky as I am.”

“You might be right. Who knows? I like to take these off beat routes so maybe I’ll head back and break down again,” Clay suggested. “Or maybe just stop at the store for a snack.”

“Cool. Then maybe I’ll get to show you why they call me Rooter,” Virginia offered.

“Oh yes. You said you were Virginia, AKA Ginny, AKA Rooter,” Clay recalled. “Let me guess. You were a cheerleader?”

“Cheerleader?” Virginia roared. “That’s funny. What time is it?”

“3:30,” Clay said after checking his watch. “Man, time flies when you’re having fun.”

“Garage closes at 5 so we got time,” Virginia said. “If you’re up to it that is.”

“As long as it doesn’t involve expending a lot of energy,” Clay told his young friend.

“No, I do all the work. All you have to do is get up on all fours,” Virginia explained.

“Ouch. My knees don’t like this, and if we’re going to play horsey I don’t think my back could take it,” Clay said as he got on his hands and knees and faced the pond.

“Nope. Just relax,” Virginia said, giggling as she spanked the old man’s pale white ass cheeks and then laughed some more when she saw the view of his cock and balls swaying towards the grass. “Man, mister. Your nuts are just as mutant as your balls. Big as a bull’s. Spread your legs a little for me.”

“How’s that?”

“Great, and now you’ll find out why they call me Rooter,” Virginia announced before sucking on her index finger. “They used to call me Roto Rooter but they shortened it after a while.

“Huh?” Clay grunted when he felt the girl’s fingertip against his anus, and then he really moaned when that finger pushed inside of him. “Damn!”

“You like The Rooter checking your oil?” Virginia cackled as she spun and dipped her finger deep in the salesman’s steamy cauldron, and Clay couldn’t keep from laughing as she digitally skewered him.

“Thought you would! Most guys do,” Virginia yelped as she brought her other hand up under and grabbed Clay’s dangling sac while asking mockingly like he had her earlier, “How about you mister? You like these babies handled soft and gentle or rough?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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