Julie’s Panties Ch. 07

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It was great news that Julie and I were going to be on the same work schedule. This allowed us to see each other during the week and my mother still worked nights so we had free run of the house on weeknights. Using the guise that we were going out to eat, Julie would stop by after work and usually we were in bed within minutes of her arrival. I was eating, but it wasn’t in a restaurant!

Each lovemaking session was also an opportunity to discover more about each other. What we liked, what we didn’t like, what new bra and panty set that Julie had purchased. It was a continuous parade of new colors and styles. If she wore a skirt or dress then she also wore a half slip and camisole. She also continued wearing a camisole under her sweaters and then began wearing them under shirts and blouses. She exhausted Maidenform and began buying Vanity Fair lingerie.

One evening, we were laying in my bed drinking wine. Before laying down, I had removed her skirt and blouse as well as my t-shirt and jeans. As I was caressing the curves of her panty and half-slip covered ass, I asked her “Are you wearing this silky lingerie just for me or do you like it as well?”

“No,” she replied, “I love wearing it for myself, it makes me feel special and feminine. You are the only guy who gets to see me in it and I love how you enjoy it as well.”

She removed her white camisole and began rubbing the silky fabric all over my bare chest, causing all of my blood to rush to my hardening penis. Looking at my predicament she joked, “I see that something else likes my underwear as well!”

I noticed that her bra was the same one that she had worn that first time when she gave me a hand job with her panties. She was also wearing a matching half-slip so I hadn’t seen what kind of panties she had on. Julie almost always wore complete sets so I immediately suspected that she must have replaced the panties that she left in my car.

Wanting to move onward, I kissed her and cupped one silky breast in my hand, causing her nipple to respond. I just loved the feeling of her warm breasts through the satin of her bra and, judging by her nipple’s reaction, she did as well!

I pushed the subject further. “Do you like it when I feel your body through your underwear, or would you prefer to be naked?”

“When we begin making love, usually my skin is so sensitive to your touch that I prefer to have the satin between your hand and my body” she answered. “The warmth of your hands gliding over the satin covering my skin turns me on as well. After I get warmed up, anything goes!” Pausing for a second, she continued “Which do you prefer?”

I also thought for a second and then figured that I could be truthful with her. “I love the feminine look and feel of satin and lace against your soft skin.” I continued, “The way that it shines and drapes across görükle escort you curves is indescribable. I feel like there is something forbidden about me seeing a girl’s underwear so I get excited when you show me yours. When I touch it I feel like I’m getting away with something. Don’t get me wrong, I love your beautiful naked body as well, but the longer that I take to remove your lingerie, the more turned on I become.”

Julie whispered in my ear, “You also like defiling my sweet little panties as well! Now come over here and let me show you how to make love to me!”

Julie took my hand and placed it on her right breast. She still had her bra on and she used my index finger to trace its lace border from the attachment of the strap downward, following the swell of her breast towards the center of her chest. She then moved it down along the elastic band under her breast and then followed the contour back up to the top. “Use a very light touch, I’m very sensitive so it doesn’t take much,” She added.

I saw goose bumps raising up on her chest and her nipples began to swell. She used my fingertips to very lightly circle her breast through the satin and lace of her bra, avoiding her nipple. “It’s like whispering “she said “less is more. Now let’s do the other one!”

Very slowly, and with the lightest of touches, my fingertips explored her breasts through the satin and lace of her bra. Julie lay back and closed her eyes, the sweetest smile on her lips. I circled her areolas and then brushed my fingers over her erect nipples. I leaned over and replaced my fingers with my lips, gently retracing my steps with the lightest of kisses. I could feel Julie’s heartbeat as her chest rose and fell with her breathing.

Eventually I took one nipple into my mouth, gently sucking and kissing it. Julie wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me closer, her breathing becoming faster. Softly she sighed “See, that’s the way you do it!”

Avoiding her bare torso and belly, I began touching the waistband of her half-slip. As usual, the puckered up satin was so thrilling to me as my fingers rubbed across the fabric. I could also feel the waistband of her panties underneath, hinting of more buried treasure. Remembering how Julie’s breasts reacted, I patiently ran my fingertips down lower onto her hips and began tracing the outline of her panties, keeping my touch as light as possible.

Next I began caressing her slip as it followed the curve of her hips, down her thigh until I reached the lace hem. I could see more goosebumps on Julie’s skin and all of this was getting a profound reaction from my penis. Wanting this to be about Julie’s arousal, I tried to ignore my hard-on and began retracing my steps back towards Julie’s waist. There was a lace edged slit that opened up one side of her slip and my fingers followed eskort bayan it upward and then down the other side. Julie wasn’t wearing any stockings that night so there were no garter straps and the silky fabric of her slip lay perfectly against her thighs.

I made three trips up and down her slip and Julies breath was becoming heavier and faster. I figured that I could risk switching to my lips as I had done with her breasts and began kissing at her waist. I kissed my way down her hip, turned and was headed back up to her waist when Julie began arching her hips, one thigh sliding through the lace slit in her slip. I took this as encouragement to kiss the inside of her thigh and she parted her legs, giving me more access as I slid my hands under her silky ass, pulling her close.

I kissed my way up the inside of her thigh and Julie legs spread wider exposing the white crotch of her silky panties. I pushed her slip up around her waist and started all over, this time with her panties.

My earlier guess had been correct, she had gotten a second pair of panties to replace the ones she had given me. I circled the band around her slender waist from hip to hip then followed the familiar lace panels downward towards heaven. I brushed over the satin that covered her pubic hair then rubbed the silky fabric over her pussy.

Julie could no longer keep still, she sat up and pulled my face right into her crotch, grinding it into my mouth. Suddenly there was no “whispering” as I licked and sucked her pussy through the crotch of her panties. I could taste her juices and the aroma made my head spin. Julie’s ass came up off of the bed to meet my mouth when I licked the satin covering her clitoris. I think that she was warmed up by now!

During all of this time, Julie hadn’t so much as touched me but my cock was at full mast and aching for some attention. I spun around, offering my cock to Julie, she pulled my shorts down and engulfed the head of my cock with her soft wet lips. I buried my face back into her crotch, pushed her panties aside and plunged my tongue into her hot juicy snatch, lapping up her juices like a madman.

Julie began sucking as much of my cock into her mouth as she could fit, bobbing up and down, taking a little more each time. Somehow she found her cast off camisole and resumed rubbing my balls with it, sending a shiver up my spine. We both were in heat, rolling around locked in a 69, licking and sucking like our lives depended upon it.

Sensing that I would come if I didn’t take a break, I reluctantly removed my head from Julie’s crotch and asked “You think I should get a rubber?”

“No need” Julies gasped,” I started the pill a while back and now my Doctor says I’m all set to go!”

Julie straddled my waist, pulling up her slip and pushing the crotch of her panties altıparmak escort aside, slowly lowered herself down on to my throbbing cock. She began a slow up and down motion, plunging a little deeper each time. After she got all of me into herself, she paused for a moment and then began grinding her pussy against me. I reached up and cupped her breasts with my hands, kneading the soft tissue and gently pinching her hard nipples through the silky fabric of her bra. I began thrusting up and down into her hot pussy and I could feel her juices soaking my balls. We rolled over, her legs wide open as I plunged all of my rock hard cock into her. Our pace quickened, there no longer was any pretense of slow and easy. We were fucking with total abandon.

We rolled back over, Julie on top, I unclipped the front clasp of her silky bra, slid the satin cups aside and sucked on her naked breasts. I looked down at her slip, bunched up around her waist, her panties pushed out of the way, my hard cock sliding in and out of her juicy pussy. This sight was so erotic and my love for this beautiful lady was beyond description. I placed my hands around her waist, guiding her up and down. I reached lower for her ass, her silky slip and panties driving me crazy with lust!

Other than whispering sweet endearments to each other, our lovemaking had been rather quiet, but our passions were rising. Julie began softly moaning into my ear, “Oh that’s so good, I am so hot!”

Our speed increased, me thrusting upwards to meet Julie on the way down. I was nearing the end, trying to hold back till Julie came when suddenly she stiffened up. I could feel the muscles of her pussy gripping my cock, contracting tighter as her orgasm approached. Suddenly she groaned “OH God, I’m coming, Oh God, Oh fuuuuuuuuck that’s unbelievable!”

This was all that I could take, I thrusted balls deep into Julie and with a shudder, I came, pumping my semen deep into her hot pussy. We didn’t move, joined at the hip, gasping for air, our hearts pounding.

Julie whispered into my ear” I love you!”

I answered, “I love you too, fuck that was intense! We will have to try that again sometime!”

We lay the in each other’s arms, bathing in the afterglow of mutually satisfying sex, neither one wanting to end the moment but reality soon reared its head. Julie announced “I hate to do this but I need to clean up and get home!”

She slid out of my bed and headed to the bathroom, hooking the clasp of her bra as she walked, her silky slip rippling with the motion of her hips. After a few minutes, she came back into the room holding her soggy panties. “You can’t have these, my mother bought this set for me and these replace the other pair that you have. She’d have a cow if she knew what had happened to them. What a mess you made, get me a baggie, I can’t wear them home!”

She put on her camisole, blouse and skirt, combed her hair and made herself presentable. After along passionate kiss, she broke our embrace, walked to her car and drove away.

I took a shower, got into bed and fell asleep, dreaming about Julie, and her panties.

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