Juicy Lucy Hosts a Party

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March had just come in like a lion, and after devouring a mound of Chinese take out, Lucy Lewis took her friend Henrietta Delaponte downstairs to her new playroom. The two portly middle aged women dressed in sweats giggled like school girls despite having nothing stronger than diet Coke to drink as they descended the stairs. “This better be worth it,” Henri said.

“You bet,” Lucy replied. “Think I got everything worked out. Look.”

There was a complicated set up on the floor of the basement. Dominating the room was an ungainly construction: a prie-dieu with a huge press nailed into the place where hands were usually folded in prayer. Close to it on the wall was a huge bracket that held some chains. “Here’s what we gotta try out,” Lucy said, pulling her friend over. “Pull on this, see if we can pull it outta the wall.”

“What, this thing? What the hell is it?”

“This chain has a belt with a lock. If I chain Billy up in this, I don’t want him pulling away from the wall. If he gets free, the whole purpose of the contraption is screwed.”

Henri picked up the chain with the belt and lock and leaned backward. “You hoping this will keep him?”

“Yeah. Let me pull it with you; let’s put all our weight behind it.” The two women pulled hard and the chain held. “Now the leg restraints.”

“How do this work?”

“I can put his ankles in these cuff, or this spreader bar. Pull, see if we can budge them.” Another test and once again, the work was solid. Lucy smiled broadly and clapped her friend on the shoulder. “Now I feel safe for the next step.”

“Yeah, this look good. So you gonna chain him to the wall, and then what do you do to him?”

“Nothing. It’s what he does to me.”

Henri shook her head to clear it. “Oh, I see. He got room to do, to do, to do what?”

“Torture me.”

A low chuckle escaped Henri’s throat. “You don’t trust him enough to so whatever he want, like tie you up and leave ya. Or worse.”

“Yeah. This way, he can do any mean thing he wants, but he’s gotta let me go first when he’s done.”

Henri looked up over her shoulder at a corner of the ceiling. “And the little camera up there?”


Henri prowled around the room: it had a low ceiling, a bare concrete floor with a square of carpeting for the torturer to stand on, and a couple of posts that supported the weight of the house,. It was a big space without any other furniture than Lucy’s improvised torture restraints. “Too bad I don’t have a boyfriend right now,” Henri commented, “I could bring him down here and let him have his way with me. I’d love to get fucked while stuck in this thing.”

“Yeah,” Lucy agreed, “it would be great, but I don’t think I’d ever trust a man that far again. Oh, wait. I forgot something.”

Lucy darted into the mechanical room that held the heating/cooling system for the house and brought out a small table she set up between her two restraint stations. Henri’s eyes bulged and she clapped her hands: “Oh, Lucy, you could lock me in there and do what you want with this stuff. Candles, nipple clamps, brushes, and all that kitchen stuff. Shit, I’d be a happy girl for a month.”

“Yeah. It’ll take a while, but after I train Billy how to use these, he can bring a friend to take care of you. I’m sure he knows some other vicious little bastards.”

Henri snorted and rolled her eyes. “Like he do that for his poor old momma.”

Lucy smiled and spun the clamp up and down. “I remember when Frank put this together. It was such a special night. I looked forward to it for weeks, Frank hadn’t made the trip past Kearney for a coupla months, then he sent me an email with a long list of things to get for him. Hardest was this prie-dieu, finally found the thing at a garage sale in Omaha one weekend. Cleaned it up nice and had it ready when he came. Frank loved to make things in his little shop back home, so when he came in he had this big honker with him.” She patted the top of the device. “Took out some nails and put it together. We had fun that night.”

“What he do to you? What he do to you?” Henri asked, a fleck of foam at the corner of her mouth.

“Oh, quite a few things.”

“He make you put your bare titties in there?”

“Oh yes.”

“He stroke your skin and make your nipples hard?”

“Yes.” Lucy’s eyes closed for a moment and her face became dream like. “His touch was so gentle at first. He washed my tits in warm, soapy water so tenderly, then he cooled them off with some ice. Then he smacked them when I offended him, and beat my tits with a hard brush.”

“Oh, that sound real mean. Did it hurt, hurt real bad?”

“Yes, it did. Thought my skin was on fire. Then he used that rolling bursa eskort bayan meat tenderizer, rolled it all over my skin.”

Henri picked one up from the tray and rolled it on the skin of her upper arm. “Never thought of this before. Got one in the kitchen at home, guess it be going to the bedroom tonight.”

“Next he dripped hot wax all over my tits, after he took the clothespins off my nipples.”

“Oh, ya didn’t say anything about them. Can’t hardly stand that, that’s enough for me. Wow girl, you had some kinda night there.”

“That wasn’t the end.”


“Then he whipped all the wax off my tits and made me suck his cock til he came.”

Henri palmed her huge churns and looked up dreamily. “How many times didya cum in the thing?”

“I lost count.”

“And in the bedroom, after?”

Lucy looked down. “None.”

“What?” her friend said, a look of disbelief on her face. “He didn’t do nothing to ya in bed? Fuck ya, lick your cunt, screw your asshole, nothing?”


Henri tapped her foot several times, shaking her head, her eyes aglow. “Unreal, can’t believe it. No wonder you let him go. What happened to Frank, where’s he living now?”

“He. . .he. . .he disappeared.”

“You don’t know?”

“He’s gone, that’s all I know.”

Henri cocked her eyebrow and shook her head. “We have gotta be honest, Lucy. I killed my man, he deserve it, and got off on self-defense. I know you, and you made this Frankie disappear. Bastard like that, never do nothing for you. He try to take too much and you stop him, right?” Her friend didn’t move, and Henri shook her head several times, clicking her tongue. At last, she looked Lucy in the eyes and said: “No never mind, I’m nobody’s judge. We’re survivors, we do what we have to do. I help you keep my little bastard Billy in line. He fuck you up, we kill him, no problem. I’m watching the first night, right?”

Lucy looked at her for a moment, then nodded in agreement. “Yeah. You’ve got my back.”

“Yeah, and I know who you hope got your front,” Henri said, sarcastically.

It was dreary the next morning, cloudy with a strong north wind; winter hadn’t given up yet. In the two weeks since Billy’s chastisement, he had been a model employee, not only treating Lucy with respect, but also treating his coworkers and the customers nicely. The month end paperwork was caught up by 8:00AM, and Lucy called Billy into her office. “Billy, you’ve been a nice guy the past coupla weeks.”

“Thanks, Miz Lewis,” he grinned, a noticeable bulge growing in his jeans.

“I think’d be a good idea we keep things professional here, but I wanna reward you for your change of heart. You free tonight?”

He shook his head to clear it. “Yeah. I guess.”

“Be at my house around 6:00. It’ll be an evening you won’t forget.”

The young man gave her a shit eating grin and whistled as he returned to Lucy’s to do list for the day.

Lucy didn’t take great pains with her appearance: she figured a simple sweat shirt and jeans would be adequate for his already stoked libido. Her friend arrived early, and they spent a few minutes chortling as they set up the video feed from the basement. “This will be a night,” Henri chortled, “Billy won’t know what hit him. He’ll be like a kid in a candy shop or a bull in a china shop, you hope. Wish it could be me.”

“I’m almost giddy, can’t stand to wait,” Lucy said, her hand trembling.

The night was still windy when Billy showed up with a pizza, and as they devoured it, Lucy stared at him with such desire he could not keep eye contact with her. “Ya doing all right, Billy,” she asked at last when the box was empty.

“Yeah, Miz Lewis,” he replied, looking down at the table.

“Any problems at home.”

“Naw, not too bad. Mom’s been on a tear, don’t know what got into her. If she had money, I’d think she won the lottery.”

She smiled to herself, and continued. “Ever want to work out a little anger at her?”

He looked twice and put down his last piece of pizza. “Yeah, course. Who don’t?”

“Ya ever hear about pain as sexual stimulation?”

“Like when ya punched me in the balls a coupla weeks ago?”

“Well, yeah, but not quite the same. Ya ever watch porn on the Internet?”

“Oh, yeah, damn good stuff. Lots of good fuckin’ there.”

“Ever watch torture videos?”

He looked up at her and drew his head back slightly. “Naw, ain’t got inta that shit.”

She paused and looked him up and down, taking a breath before going on. “Well, I’m one of those people who likes pain.”

Billy scratched his crotch, and looked at the corner of the kitchen. “Oh.”

“And I got bursa merkez escort a great reward for you if you do what I want.”


She smiled sweetly and popped out her dentures. “The magic blowjob, no nut punching, swallow every drop. Even give ya one a coupla days later this week. How do ya like that?”

He shrugged shoulders. “Okay, I guess. What dya want me to do?”

“Come with me,” she purred and took him downstairs, leading him by the hand. As they got to the basement, she led him over to the apparatus. “I put you in these chains first, a girl can’t be too careful. Better if ya take your clothes off. Then I put my bare tits in this tit trap. Once they’re in there, you can do anything you like with them, use any of this stuff on them: clamp them with these clamps, pinch them, slap them, twist the nipples.” She paused to fan herself before she continued. “You’re a vicious little creep, just like my old boyfriend, and I know you’ll get into it. My tits will be your play toys, take your anger out on them.”

“How do I get outta this?” he asked, shaking his head. “After you chain me up?”

“When you’re done and I cum, I’ll give you a gummer and you let me go. Then I let you go and the evening’s over. The key to my shackles will be in your reach, and when I get loose I’ll unlock your chains. What’s wrong, Billy?”

He looked away and scuffed his feet. “Miz Lewis, I gotta confession to make.”


“I been watching those videos, where girls get tortured. Never imagined you’d like that.” He twisted the bottom of his shirt in his hands, and pawed the floor.

“Oh,” she pouted. “Why not?”

“Well, if you like it fine, but. . .”

“But what?”

“Well,” his lip trembled as he glanced over the table. “I always wanted to do it to my momma,” he said softly, “Every time I watched one, I wanted to see her face on all those women who got tortured. I always wanted to hurt Momma, hurt Momma’s tits, make her cry and holler. Wanted to see those big bare old boobs real red and sore.”

Lucy’s jaw dropped, as she imagined Henri’s was dropping upstairs. She shook her head and said: “Why would you want to do it to your momma?”

His eyes gleamed. “She’s such an arrogant cow, always bosses me ’round. Not like you, Miz Lewis, I know you like me, but Momma’s really mean. Calls me a stupid bastard like my daddy, gutless wimp and shit like that. Don’t wanna kill or her nothing, she only doing what she hafta, but she treat me like bad, real bad. Love to get back at the damned bitch sometime, make her suffer fer once.”

A few awkward moments passed, and she thought hard at what he was saying. After a long pause, she stammered out: “Okay, Billy. Tell you what. Take off your clothes and get into that stuff, leave the key on top of the tit trap. Just imagine you’re gonna get that chance to get back at your momma, it’ll get you good and hard. Be right back.”

She bolted up the stairs and into her little living room where she found Henri at the computer. Her friend was rapt watching her son undress. “Oh, that boy’s got a big cock now. Wasn’t just a little worm ta other day. Whatya doing here?”

“He threw me. He wants you.”

Henri cocked her eyebrow. “Huh? I heard that. So what?”

“He’s mad at you, wants to get back at you for being such a mean momma.”

“So what again? What ya saying?”

Lucy shook her head. “I wanted to give you a chance.”

The dark complected woman thought for a couple of long moments before realization dawned. “Oh. You think I might want a turn. . .let him do what he want. . .let him work over my. . .do that to me?”

“Yeah. I can let him think I’m you, but it’d be more special if it really were. . .” She looked down.

“Damn, Lucy. Damn, damn, damn. I ain’t had a friend like you in a long time.” Henri took her friend’s face in her hands and kissed her long on the lips. “It’d be a dream come true. You’re such a doll, dammit. Thanks.” She turned to walk away, then turned around. “How do ya wanna do this?”

Lucy thought quickly for a moment. “I’ll go down and make sure he’s ready. Call up for you to come down. I’ll set you up, and let him do what he wants. When he’s done, I’ll turn you loose.”

“You be there all the time? I want ya, buddy, I want ya to see every little bit.”

“Yeah. Okay,” she murmured, looking down and refusing to meet her friend’s gleeful face.

A tear crept out of Lucy’s eye as she went back downstairs. Her mind was buzzing, trying to think of what to say, and she found him as she wanted him, shackles around his ankles and his waist, naked as the day he was born, his long think cock bouncing slightly bursa sınırsız escort bayan in anticipation a drop of moisture on the end. “I got something special for you,” she began. “Something you never dreamed of, well, dreamed about but never thought would happen. Only one condition.”

“Yeah? What?”

“You do me what you do to her.”



He looked at her blankly. “Okay.”

“All right, come on down.” A heavy tread descended the creaky stairs. A pair of chubby legs in black pants appeared, then two huge floppy breasts, swaying back and forth, nipples fully erect, and the smiling face of Henri, her long white streaked hair flowing behind her.

He was speechless as his mother crossed the room, knelt on the kneeler and inserted her massive mammaries through the opening. They barely fit, and Lucy helped her get them through before tightening the screw until they were compressed and bulging. Lucy put Henri’s hands through the shackles on either side of the device, locking them down. Putting her hand on Billy’s face, cupping his cheek, she said: “All right, Billy, here’s what you want. Your mean old momma, here for her justice. Smack those monster titties.” He was blank for a moment, then a look of anger flashed on his face and he gave his mother an open handed smack that made her gasp and left a large red handprint on her right breast.

A groan came from the confined woman. He hit her again, on the other one, and then several times in a row, alternating sides. “They flop around pretty good, even though they’re trapped,” Lucy said. “Grab the nipple and pull it, twist it, and hit it.” He did that, making her cry out. A sudden grab and he was twisting both her nipples mercilessly, drawing tears from her eyes. His cock sprang up hard as a bar, turning red slowly and bouncing up and down as he worked the white flesh over, shouting and growling as he beat her breasts.

Lucy almost told him to grab something off the table, but he was focused on his targets. His manic rage was engaged, and all he could do was savage Henri’s breasts mercilessly, turning them angry red with handmarks, twists and pinches. His hands grabbed huge handfuls of flesh, squeezing hard and twisting savagely, drawing tears from his victim’s face, before slapping her breasts hard again. The sound of flesh meeting flesh reverberated in the mostly concrete room, and both of them acquired a sheen as the sweat glistened on their bodies. Henri’s face was drawn and ecstatic, wincing with the blows. “Yes, Billy, you’re a bastard, just like your daddy,” she purred. “Spank your mommy’s tits, whip my face with your cock, blow your wad all over me. C’mon baby.”

After a while, his cock began to pump up and down on its own, and Lucy reached out to stroke it. A look of sweaty rage occupied Billy’s face, and Henri looked up at him, nodding. Her eyes met Lucy’s, giving her permission and Lucy increased her speed, jacking it harder and faster. He let out a huge groan, and Lucy pointed his cock straight forward, sending jolt after jolt of hot sperm on his mother’s sweaty face. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth, working her tongue to collect the goo. When he finished, he shoved the end up to her mouth, and she licked it eagerly, sucking it clean and running her tongue quickly over the glistening skin.

When he was done, he leaned back against the wall, panting heavily. Henri smiled at him, and gestured at her friend, who released her. It took her a few moments to regain her balance; she had to stretch herself and move her legs after the confinement. Her breasts were beet red, her nipples distorted, and she was panting heavily. Cupping her son’s testicles, she squeezed them gently and purred: “Happy, son?”

He looked her in the eyes boldly. “Yes, Momma.”

Letting go, she moved away. “Good.” Gathering her huge mammaries in her hands, she squeezed them together, wincing and pursing her lips, before lifting a battered nipple to her lips for a long soothing suck. “Now, ya have ta do a favor for my good friend here.” She wiped her face with her index finger, licking it clean.


“Ya gotta come back tomorrow and give her what she wants.”


“Probably a good idea, getting all that rage out on me. You’ll listen to her, give her what she wants. I’ll give you some instructions how to use those vicious things she put out for ya. This woman deserves the best. By tomorrow, you’ll be ready for her to suck your cock and enjoy it. And ya can do some special things to make her feel like a woman, make her know how much you’re grateful for what she’s done for us. Game?”

Billy looked Lucy up and down, his tongue creeping out of the corner of his mouth. Her breath quickened: she hadn’t been looked at like a piece of meat for months. He sneered and touched her shoulder. “Yeah. I’m game.

Turning, Henri smiled at her friend who was still standing by silently. “Okay, Lucy. It’s a date. Tomorrow’s your turn.”

“I can hardly wait,” Lucy replied quietly.

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