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Subject: Judy’s Weekend Away This story is the property of the author. You may keep a copy on your computer for personal enjoyment, however if you wish to publish or distribute the story then you must get the permission of the author. This is one of my older stories. I hope that you will like it. Judy’s Weekend Away By Chris Judy had been back home for about six months now. After spending five years in a bad marriage, she finally took the first step and she asked for a divorce. Her husband seemed relieved that she had brought the subject up so they parted on peaceful terms and she took out on her own. It took her a couple of months but she found a job that she liked and enjoyed, and was finally getting back on her feet. It was nice to be able to depend on herself but it did get lonely at times. She was afraid of dating again and also she was afraid that she would end up with what she had just divorced. She had made friends with her manager Karen, who was a couple of years older that she was. Karen had also been in a bad marriage and was now on her own. They would go to lunch a couple of times a week and sometimes have a drink after work. They quickly found that they had a lot in common and enjoyed each other’s company. To Judy, Karen had self-confidence and Judy looked up to that. That was what she wanted for herself. It was on the July 4th weekend that every thing changed for Judy. Karen had talked about a resort that she went to about every weekend during the spring, summer and fall and that she had a camper there. She had gotten the camper from her divorce settlement. She had told Judy how nice the people were and how relaxing the place was. They had a nice big heated pool, a couple of hot tubs, and lots of things to do or you could find a quite place and read if you wanted. Just about everyone was friendly and those few that were not you could avoid. The 4th fell on a Friday so it was a three-day weekend and Judy invited Karen to join her at the resort. She told her it would do her a lot of good to get away and might even help her with her self-confidence. Judy was not sure what Karen was saying by that last statement. With a question on her face she waited a moment for Karen to explain but she did not. So Judy thought about it a minute and decided a long weekend away would do her some good. She told Karen the she would be happy to join her. Karen told her that she would pick her up Friday morning about nine and told her that she was glad that she would be joining her. She also told her to pack lightly as she would not need that many clothes and again Judy was left wondering what Karen meant. Friday morning rolled around and at nine sharp Karen pulled into Judy’s driveway to pick her up. Judy had packed a swimsuit and a couple of changes of panties and bras as well as three changes of clothes. Karen smiled at Judy’s suitcase but did not say anything. It was about a two hour drive to the resort and Judy kept asking Karen questions about where they were going but Karen would only smile which made Judy that much more curious. She would only say that it would be relaxing and for her to just enjoy the weekend. Judy finally gave up and changed the subject. Karen turned off the interstate and drove about ten miles into the mountains before turning into the resort. It was off in the woods and about a quarter mile down the drive they came to a small office and a gate across the road. Karen told Judy to wait in the car and she went into the office. About five minutes later, she came out and drove on up to the gate and got a card out of her purse. She put it into the box that was by her door. The gate opened and Karen drove on in. She went on about a half mile then pulled off the road and she turned in her seat so that she could face Judy. “I want you to know that we will leave any time you want but I want you to try to give this place a chance to grow on you. I will almost guarantee that you will thank me if you do. Will you promise me that you will try it before you tell me that you want to go home?” “What is this place?” “Do you trust me, Judy?” “Well yes of course I do, you’re the best friend I have.” “Okay, I will never lead you astray, so will you try it out for me?” “I guess.” Judy said without much conviction. Karen turned back in her seat and put the car into gear and they went on down the road. It was about a mile on down the road before Judy could see a building in the woods. They drove past the building and Karen could see the pool and people around it and she thought something wasn’t right but it was to far off the road to really tell what was wrong. They went on down a little farther and came to the campers and she saw a couple walking toward the building and her hand went to her mouth as she gasped. “Those people are naked!” “Of course they are, this is a nudist resort. I am a nudist and have been all my life.” “I can’t go out in public naked. I can’t do this; you have to take me back.” Karen stopped the car again looked over at Judy and realized that she was about to have a panic attack. She turned toward Judy and put her hand on Judy’s and griped it tight. “Just take a deep breath and relax, okay.” Karen said in a firm voice. Judy took and couple of deep breaths and seemed to relax a bit but kept gripping Karen’s hand tight. “You promised me you would try this so trust me and let me guide you. It will be fine, I promise.” Judy looked Karen in the eyes and saw that Karen meant what she was saying. “Ok, but you promised me that if you would take me back if I can’t do this.” “Yes I did and I will but give it a chance first. I will take you along slowly.” Karen put the car back in gear and drove on to her trailer. Judy tried not to stare at the people as they drove by but it was hard not to. She noticed that there were all sizes of people there. Some were over weight, some skinny, and most of the people were somewhere in-between. Judy finally pulled up to a big camper. It was about thirty feet long and very pretty. It had a porch out front with chairs and a swing. Karen gave Judy’s hand one last squeeze and opened her door. Judy looked around and saw that none the campers around Karen’s had any people around. So she got out and helped Karen carry everything in. The inside to the camper was as nice as the outside. It had all the amenities of home with a bathroom with a small shower, stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, and a big bed in the back. bursa escort bayan Judy helped Karen put every thing away getting more nervous by the minute as she knew that when they had everything put up the moment of truth would come. “Are you ready to try this?” “I don’t know, I guess.” Judy stuttered. “Well let me go first then.” Karen said as she began to undress. She pulled her top off and unhooked her bra and pulled it off. Judy noticed that Karen had about C size breasts with up-pointed nipples. Next Karen unsnapped her shorts and unzipped them. She then pulled them off taking her panties with her, which left her standing there in only her sandals. Judy could not help herself and she looked down to see that Karen shaved herself completely. She had heard of women doing that but had never done it herself. She had to admit that Karen had a sexy body. She like Judy could afford to lose about ten pounds but she was sexy all the same. Judy had never thought about other women being sexy before but looking at her friend naked brought that thought to mind. “Now it is your turn.” Karen said breaking Judy out of her trance. Judy just stood there so Karen slowly stepped toward her. When she was standing in front of her she slowly took hold of the bottom of Judy’s top and began to pull it off. Judy knew she should not be letting her friend undress her but she couldn’t do it herself. Karen pulled the top off and Judy had a bra that hooked in front so she unhooked it and pulled it off her shoulders. Judy had about the same size breasts but the areolas were a bit larger. Next Karen unsnapped her shorts and pulled them and her panties down to her ankles. Judy lifted her feet one at a time to let Karen finish undressing her. Karen threw Judy’s shorts on the bed and stepped back. “Now let me take a look at you. Judy immediately moved her hands to cover her breasts and pussy but Judy pulled her arms back to her side. “You have a beautiful body and there is nothing to be ashamed about. You don’t need to cover yourself; you are among friends here. No one will judge you.” “Okay, if you say so.” Judy replied and gave Karen a half smile. “I say so, and that makes it a fact!” Karen said. She then got a couple of towels out and got them both a cold drink. She took Judy’s hand and began to lead her toward the door. “Where are we going?” “Just to the porch for a few minutes and when you are ready I will show you around the place.” “I don’t know if I will ever be that ready.” Karen laughed and replied, “Oh yes you will, soon you will be the life of the party.” “Yea, right” Karen pulled Judy out the door and over to the swing. She put the towels down for both of them and sat down dragging Judy with her. Karen held on to Judy’s hand as they sat on the swing and slowly swung. Karen let Judy calm down before starting a conversation. She told her about growing up as a nudist and how she looked forward to the weekends so that she could shed her clothes and relax. Judy noticed that just about everyone that went by hollered at Karen and she hollered back. Each time Judy wanted to try to cover herself but with a coke in one hand and Karen holding the other it was impossible to do that so she finally gave up. The more people passed the more relaxed she was with them seeing her naked. About noon the couple next door arrived and they said hi and Karen returned their greeting. After they got unpacked and came out on their porch naked. They call Karen to come on over and have lunch with them. Judy was praying that Karen would decline but she got up and pulled Judy along with her. Judy was scared to death but went along especially since Karen had her hand and wouldn’t let go, not that she really wanted her to. It made her feel safer holding Karen’s hand. Karen made the introductions and told them that this was Judy’s first time at a nudist resort. They welcomed her and then went on to tell her about how they got started. The woman’s whose name was Kim was about 40 or so and her husband was Jim and he was in his late 40’s. Kim put out the food and they ate. Luckily Judy did not have to talk much as Karen, Kim and Jim did most of the talking. After lunch, Kim and Jim were going to the pool and asked Karen and Judy along but Karen said they might meet them there later as she was going to show Judy around the place. Kim and Jim made their way to the pool and Karen and Judy went back to her camper to put on sunscreen. They each put it on themselves and then Karen offered to put some on Judy’s back. Judy nodded and turned around so that her back was to her. Karen put some in her hands and gently began to rub it into Judy’s back. It was cold at first but after a second it warmed up. Karen gently rubbed Judy’s shoulders and then on down her back. Her hands rubbed it all around Judy’s back taking much longer than was really necessary but the more she rubbed the more relaxed Judy became but finally Karen stopped. She then told Judy it was her turn. Judy put some sunscreen on her hands and started to coat Karen’s back. She noticed that Karen had a nice ass; it was full but not too big by any means. She rubbed the lotion in not taking as much time as Karen had done her. Once that was done, Karen took Judy by the hand and led her out the door. Again never letting go of her hand, she showed Judy all around the place. They looked in the dance hall where a few of the workers were setting up for the Friday night dance. She showed her where the hiking trails were and down by the mountain stream that ran into a large pond. There were some people sunning by the pond. They went by the hot tubs and then the biking trail and on to the volleyball court. There were also areas to play basketball as well as various other games. As they went along, Karen introduced Judy to a number of the people there. The more people that Judy met, the more comfortable she was walking around naked. The whole time they were walking around Karen never let go of Judy’s hand. Judy did not play much attention to it at first but as time went on she did notice that they were continuing to hold hands. For some reason she did not mind, in fact it felt kind of nice. They finally made their way back to the camper where they got a cold bottle of water to drink. Karen then took Judy to the pool. It was getting crowded by then, so they found a table by the bar and had a beer. The rest of the afternoon went by in a flash as they talked to each other and friends of Karen’s that stopped at their table to talk. Judy nilüfer escort got more and more open and talked more than she did at lunch. She had also stopped trying to cover up when someone stopped by, as they were naked as she was. It was about suppertime before they went back to the camper. This time Jim and Kim came over and they cooked hamburgers on Karen’s grill. About eight, Jim and Kim left to get ready for the dance; Judy did not want to go to the dance so Karen said that the pool should be about empty by now. So they got a towel and headed up to the pool. Judy had never swum naked before and the water felt good on her naked body. They swam for a little while, resting every once in while by the edge. During one of the times that they were resting in the pool, Judy splashed Karen and of course Karen splashed back and then the water fight was on. The splashing went to dunking and they worked to get the advantage on the other. At one point, Judy had gotten behind Karen and went to grab her but Karen moved and instead of grabbing Karen by the shoulder Judy’s hand grabbed Karen’s left breast. It surprised Judy so much that she left it there for a second or two and Karen made no attempt to get away. The feel of Karen’s breast felt nice to Judy and she could not understand why. She had never been attracted to women before. Once she got her mind working again, Judy jerked her hand away with her face turning a bright red. Karen went on like nothing had ever happened and getting the advantage she dunked Judy. They played a few minutes more but Karen could tell that Judy’s mind was not in the game any more. They eventually got out of the pool and sat by the pool drinking a beer. Once it got dark, they headed back toward the camper to get some soap and shampoo to get the chlorine out of their hair. There were some outdoor showers that they went to get clean. Karen noticed that Judy was watching her wash as they both took a shower. Once they got dried off, they went back to the camper and had a glass of wine and sat on the swing listening to the music coming from the dance hall. About eleven they retried, Karen took one side of the bed and Judy the other. It had been a very eventful day. But the scene that played out over and over in her mind was the feel of Karen breast in her hand. The next day they hiked one of the trails in the morning before it got to hot. They spent about two hours on the trail and when they returned they were soaked in sweat. They took a quick shower to get the sweat off and then ate some lunch. After lunch, they went to one of the hot tubs to relax their stiff muscles. They tested both of them and got in the cooler one. There was no one else in the tub so they had it to themselves. Judy got in and then Karen got in and instead of sitting opposite of her she sat beside of her. They both stretched out and closed their eyes. After a few minutes, Judy felt something on her thigh. She then realized it was Karen’s hand. Karen left it there for a few minutes to see how Judy would react. When she did not remove it Karen began to rub up and down Judy’s thigh. Judy was not sure what to do but after she did nothing when Karen put her hand on her thigh she wondered if maybe she liked it. She felt her pussy begin to react and she was wondering what was going on with her. This weekend was really blowing her mind and she seemed powerless to do anything. Karen never did anything more than rub her thigh and Judy was beginning to want more when Karen said they had had enough and had better get out while they could. The rest of the afternoon they spent by the pool sunning themselves and sitting in the shade before either of them could get sunburned. Judy was dark skinned but did not have much of a tan and Karen had more of a tan but was light skinned so neither could spend a lot of time in the sun. After supper, they went down by the dance hall and had a drink and listened to the music and watched the couples dance. They even danced a couple of dances together but both turned down numerous requests to dance with the men there. About ten, they headed back to the camper, as they were both tired from the days activities. They took a shower and sat on the swing for a little while. About the time that they headed to bed it started to rain. The rain hitting the tin roof of the camper was putting them both to sleep when the rain turned into a thunderstorm. Judy had always been afraid of thunderstorms and being in a camper just brought that to the front of her mind. When the storm got closer and the thunder got louder Judy began to get scared and when there was a loud clap of thunder Judy screamed. “What wrong Judy, Are you all right?” After Judy got her heart rate back down she responded, “It is kind- of embarrassing but I have always been afraid of thunderstorms.” Without saying anything, Karen moved over to where Judy was laying and slid up against Judy’s back. She put her arm around Judy and drew her in tight. Feeling Karen’s body up against her nude body made Judy tense up for a moment but not because of the thunderstorm. She could feel Karen’s breasts against her back and the rest of her body against her. Karen looped her arm around Judy’s front and took one of her hands and held it against Judy’s chest. Judy was confused now, her heart was beating fast but she was not sure it was because of the thunderstorm. They laid that way for a few minutes listening to the thunder and rain. Then Judy felt Karen kiss her neck. It was a light kiss and then another and another. Judy wanted to ask Karen what she was doing but the words were stuck in her throat and wouldn’t come out. Her body began to respond to the kisses and a slight moan escapes her lips. It had been so long since someone had held her and she did not realize how much she missed it. As she continued to kiss Judy’s neck and shoulders, Karen let loose of Judy’s hand and moved it to Judy’s right breast. She cupped the breast and gently caressed it. Judy sucked in her breath as she felt Karen touch her breast. She felt her nipple harden under Karen’s hand. When Judy did not stop her, Karen pressed her hand a little harder and took the nipple between her index finger and thumb and tweaked it. Judy moaned and while her mind told her to tell Karen to stop, her body had complete control. Karen caressed and kissed Judy another minute or two before pulling Judy onto her back. She put her hand to Judy’s face and ran her fingers down Judy’s cheek. “I want to make love to you. I have wanted you since I first saw you walk into my office. But we don’t have to go any türbanlı escort farther and we will still be friends and there won’t be any problems at work if you don’t want to go any farther.” Judy stared into Karen’s eyes to see if she was telling the truth and found that she was. “I want to but I have never done anything like this before.” “Don’t worry, just relax and I will do everything. If you want me to stop let me know and I will.” Karen looked into Judy’s eyes then slowly lowered her head and gently kissed her. Judy was tentative at first then returned the kiss. Kissing a woman was so different than any man she had kissed. The lips were softer and the kiss wasn’t so hard. Karen ended the kiss and rose up to see how Judy was taking this and saw in her eyes that everything was fine. She kissed her again this time their tongues met and the kiss was more passionate. They continued to kiss and as they were doing this Karen moved her hand down and caressed Judy’s left breast. She caressed the breast and teased the nipple. Karen kissed Judy’s lips and face. After a few minutes of this, Karen moved her hand on down Judy’s body. Judy tensed her body a second, as she knew where Karen’s hand was going. No woman had ever touched her there and it scared her a second. Karen moved her lips to Judy’s and kissed her as her fingers were reaching Judy’s pubic hair. Karen stopped there a second until she felt Judy relax and then she parted her legs a bit more for Karen’s hand. Karen moved her hand on down past the mons and onto the pussy. Karen could feel that Judy was getting wet. She lightly moved her hand up and down the slit. Judy began to moan from what Karen was doing to her. Slowly Karen began to press her hand down harder and harder until her middle finger pressed between Judy’s pussy lips. Judy gave a gasp as Karen’s finger entered her. Karen moved her finger in and out of Judy’s pussy and pressing her palm against her clit. Judy was moaning loudly now. Karen moved her mouth down to one of Judy’s breasts and took the nipple into her mouth. She sucked and pulled on the nipple and Judy got closer and closer to climax. When Karen put a second finger into Judy it was to much for her and she lifted her hips up to meet Karen’s thrusts as the had the best orgasm in her life. Karen went a bit longer and then stopped and let Judy ride out her orgasm. As Judy crested Karen pulled out her fingers and licked them clean tasting Judy’s juices for the first time. Judy pulled Karen back up and kissed her. They kissed and hugged each other for and few minutes. “Thank you, that was great. I have never cum like that before.” “You haven’t seen anything yet.” Before Judy could ask her what she meant Karen kissed her and then rolled on top of her. She kissed her again and slowly kissed her way down to Judy’s breasts. Karen used her hands to squeeze each breast while her mouth went from one nipple to the other kissing, sucking and gently biting them. Judy felt Karen’s hands and mouth on her breasts and she knew she was in heaven. She began to moan again and pushed her breasts against Karen’s mouth. Karen worked the breasts for a good five minutes and Judy was twisting and turning from the pleasure. Finally, Karen moved on down to Judy’s pussy. She first kissed Judy’s pussy getting a taste of Judy’s pussy juices. She then began to lick up and down the slit. Judy never knew this could feel this good, her ex had went down on her a few times but for him it was a means to a end. But this time with Karen doing it, Judy’s pleasure was the only end. Karen licked her for a few moments then went to the clit and sucked on it. Judy moaned loudly but before she could cum Karen went back to her pussy. Now her tongue went deeper and deeper and Judy pushed her hips up to get more of Karen’s tongue in her. Karen put her fingers on each side and parted Judy’s lips and deeper she went. Every once in a while she would go back to Judy’s clit teasing it until Judy was about to cum and then stopped. This went on until Karen knew Judy could not take any more and she went to the clit and sucked on it and teased it with her tongue. Judy exploded into a massive orgasm. Karen kept her mouth on Judy’s pussy drinking in the girlcum that was coming from her. Once the orgasm ended, Judy moved back up and kissed Judy letting her taste her own juices on her lips. They hugged each other for a few minutes and each rested. “I never knew making love could be this good, thank you.” “You don’t need to thank me, I wanted to do this.” “Well maybe this will be a good way to thank you.” Judy turned them both over so that she was on top this time. She kissed Karen then moved down so that her mouth was over Karen’s breasts. She took a deep breath and prayed she could please Karen as well as Karen had pleased her. She moved her mouth down and took a nipple into her mouth. She licked and sucked on the nipple and felt it harden in her mouth. She did the same thing that Karen had done to her. She squeezed and caressed the breasts as her mouth worked the nipples. Soon she could hear Karen moan and she knew she was doing something right. She loved the feel of Karen’s breasts in her hands and mouth. She decided that making love to a woman was something she should have tried long ago. After a few minutes of this, she decided to move on down. This part scared her but not enough to stop. She kissed her way down until she was over Karen’s shaved pussy. It was so pretty and she could just see the moisture forming on the outer lips. She said a silent prayer and licked a pussy for the first time. The taste was tangy and sweet so she dived right in. She licked the outer lips and then went on to the slit licking deep. She licked up and down the slit then found the clit. She discovered it was a little bigger than her own. As she licked and sucked on it, she could hear Karen moan. Judy knew she was doing something right. She went back to the slit and licked for a few more minutes and when she went to the clit but this time she put a finger at the entrance and slowly pushed it in. She found that Karen’s pussy was so tight and warm. She licked and sucked on the clit and she slowly fucked Karen with her finger. She got so into this that she brought Karen off quicker than she meant to. Karen came hard and leaked a lot of juices, which Judy licked clean. Once the orgasm ended Karen pulled her up and they kissed and hugged. It was not long before they both feel asleep in each other’s arms. They next morning when they woke Karen asked Judy if she would like to come back with her the next weekend. Judy answered her with a kiss. She had found a place where she belonged and a person that she thought that she could love. Please let me know what you think of my story. I welcome all comments good or bad. 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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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