Judge Ordered Slavery Ch. 05

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Thank you for following Ryan, and thank you to the fans of Ryan. This chapter had two real instances in it. One was a pleasure to write about, the larger one was difficult to write about. Much was added for drama purposes.


I quickly figured out what I was in for. I lay on my stomach, my head forced back by a padded bar across my forehead. My arms were strapped straight down to the legs of the odd, but comfortable device I was in. My legs were slightly separated, with my ankles also locked. I was bent at the waist 90 degrees. My mouth and ass were at the perfect level for the average height man to line up his cock. My balls and slave stick hung free.

“Enjoy this slave, I don’t like to share often.” My Master whispered in my ear.

In my field of vision I could see a rigid piece of meat, pubic hair and a hairless beer gut. Then I saw nothing, as my mouth, then throat was filled with a 7″ thin cock. I couldn’t pull away as it assaulted my face and neck. My breathing was purely at the mercy of the Master that used me. I was dwelling for this cock, that enjoyed my shortage of air. Then I felt my plug pulled out. I acutely wondered which man it was that took out my constant companion. I then realized it didn’t matter.

For the last few weeks I had been going through a transition. First from a rebellious teen, to an orphan. From a free person to a prisoner. From a victim to a willing slave. I was a heterosexual nerd that almost never got laid, now I was a gay twink, wanton whore for cock.

Whomever slid into my well lubed ass, was thick. He wasn’t getting deep, but I was feeling my hole stretched. As he began to work in and out of me, I felt something put around my clit head. It had to been a hose of some kind, because after it was attached I could feel light suction.

The man in my throat gave me a breath, and then continued his barrage. He smelled clean, too clean. He must have just come from the restroom. I was smelling, perhaps tasting, soap on him. It had only been about five minutes, and his third voyage to my chest via my mouth, when he held my head in place. My chin was resting on his ample testicles, my nose in his thick pubic mound. He swelled and fed me shot after glorious shot, directly into my still hungry stomach. He pinched off what was left in him onto my forehead and moved away.

The man in my ass was still going, his short strokes just teasing my prostate. I only focused completely on what was going on for a moment. Mere seconds passed before I was to take another tenant in my moist, hungry, cock motel. This man was trimmed nicely, I imagine so his lack of length and girth were made to look larger. He put his piece into my mouth all the way. I realized I was going to taste his load, and I think I actually smiled.

Right as I wrapped my tongue around his meat giving him all I could, I was distracted by the noise behind me.

“Ah yeah. Gonna fill your cunt. Ugh, ugh yeah!” The thick meat slammed and stayed as deep as he could go. He must have had a massive load, as I felt something dripping down my leg before he pulled out.

There wasn’t time for a plug, the next man had to have been waiting right next to him. I cannot tell you how large the man was. I CAN tell you I was thankful for the fresh shot of jism to help lube me. I kept waiting to hear neighing, or to hear horse shoes on the hard wood floor. My eyes went wide. I was in true pain. It was actually worse then the dry run I had suffered a day before.

My tenant slapped my head as I had stopped sucking. I couldn’t. I was paralyzed with pain. My mouth hung open, and I fought hard not to scream. My legs felt numb. I could only feel this massively wide beast ravaging me. He slid all the way in. I let out a whine.

“How much Daniel?” I heard from behind me.

“Not for sale your Honor.” My Master said.

“Pity. I’d pay six figures for this cunt! Aren’t you, James and John trying to buy a private farm?” I knew that voice.

“Oooooh!” I expelled from my mouth. I finally felt the total size of him. He was all the way in me, and it fucking hurt. He held still for a few seconds…mercifully. I knew that voice well.

I played back the scene in my mind. The lawyers, the stenographer. It was the Judge.

“Yes, but I’m not selling him. I like him, I’m going to keep him for awhile.” My Master said.

“Well, I can see why you like him” The Judge slowly retreated, only to slam back in. He did that only twice more before I lost my first load. It was draining. It felt like my very life force had been pulled from me. I was brought back to life by the Judge. The pain and pleasure shocked me alive as he slammed me six or seven times and he lost his giant payload.

When the Judge left me, I could tell my hole was gaping. An irritated tap on the head reminded me to suck on the cock in my mouth. I focused on the man in my face. I doubled my efforts, wanting to taste him.

“That’s better, do it just like that!” I appreciated Beylikdüzü escort his size. It was a refreshing change from the throat fuckings I had just recently gotten used to. His precum began to flavor my mouth. They were still talking behind me.

“Dan. Are you seriously going to turn down $120,000?” The Judge said. The man in my mouth was close, and I felt someone new in my boi cunt. He was perfect after the colossal dick that had just left. It was comfortable and pleasurable.

“Look Ray, he has a slave heart, and you know how rare that is. It took me two years for the right moment to get him. I had to pay his aunt to call him in. You did me right, and yes…I owe you a favor.” The new man in my ass was pounding me fast. He was perfect size, I was about to cum again.

“Ray, I’m not selling.” I heard my Master say. I finally got the dick in my mouth to be happy, I felt hot, tight lobs of his thick cum drape my tongue. He tasted wonderful. I swallowed every drop and smiled as he pulled away. He patted my head.

Then I felt weight on the top of my head.

“Don’t spill my scotch” Said the person owning the penis that put himself into my mouth. As my head was held stationary, I knew that there was no way I could. I also knew if it spilled I’d still be to blame.

“How much is your share of the farm Dan?”

The man behind me was vibrating the whole rack I was in, I suspected he would be the true cause of the heavy glass of scotch sliding off my head. As he pounded I felt my second load escape my prostate, and fire out of my clit fast and fully. I was out of breath, with the current meat I was being fed. I now started to feel very tired. My throat was filled with cum right after I came, making me open my eyes.

“I’m not selling Ray. Knock it off.” My Master had grown tired of the playful nature. He was serious. Judge Ray walked away and got another drink.

I had been used for six hours. I was released from the rig I had been locked into, and was told to suck up any puddle of fluid on the plastic sheeting under the metal and neoprene fucking rig’s frame. It was one puddle, and it was large. I had taken 17 loads in my mouth. I was full. This puddle had dripped down my legs to the plastic. I took my time eating the cold cum. It was all I could do to not to lose my stomach. Cold cum was …ugh.

People were leaving. I wondered if I would ever get to be able to talk to my fellow twinks under collar. I was still trying to get the puddle ingested when I was told to stop.

“Gary, drink the rest of that slop! Ryan, go upstairs and shower.” Master said. Judge Ray and his smallish boi were still in the living room. I walked slowly through the room and up the stairs.

“$150,000, and three promised favors on paper, signed by me officially!” The Judge was at the end of his offers. It sounded like a threat, not a question. I could sense that if my Master didn’t take it, he’d be exposed.

I couldn’t hear Masters answer. I climbed into the shower and turned the water to warm. I let it run over my cum stained body. I was not shocked when I let my boi cunt release its payload and what could have been a gallon of cum, first plopped, then dripped down my legs. It became diluted by the shower water. It was so thick at first, it wouldn’t go down the drain. I pushed on the mass with my toe. It took more water to finally go down.

I washed my hair, body, and took slow and tender care of my hole. It had taken a beating. It was swollen and tender now. Even with the pain, I craved to be filled again. I had come to realize that I was addicted to cock. I imagined that this is what drug addiction must be like. I had heard the phrases, “Feeling empty inside.” As well as, “Trying to fill a need by using…” My addiction was just those two things, only much more literal.

I did feel painfully empty inside. I wanted to be used all of the time. It was now my sole source of pleasure.

I dried off. I noted that my skin was still smooth and hairless. I had bruises where the bindings had kept me, as I had been pounded. I adjusted my collar, and left the bathroom. I could hear a discussion still going on downstairs. As I descended, I saw Gary at the bottom of the stairway. I walked down slowly, and as quietly as I could. I listened to what was being said.

A deal had been struck. As I reached the bottom of the stairs, Gary whispered a question.

“What is a pony slave?” He really had no clue.

“A slave that is large and muscular. It is made to pull heavy things like plows, or wagons.” I whispered back. Gary frowned. He looked to be on the verge of tears within moments.

“Why?” I asked. We sat on the last stair, listening to the two Masters discuss farm crops.

“I am to be one on the farm my Master is buying tomorrow.” I understood why he would be a pony boi. Then it struck me, he had said, “my Master”, not “our Master”.

“What is to happen to me?” I asked him quietly.

“You are going Beylikdüzü escort with the Judge tonight. He finally came to a good price. $250,000, all of the Judges current slaves, and two legal favors. The Judge gets you, permission to buy into a quarter of the farm, and a plot to build a house on the edge of the farm.” Gary blinked, sending a tear down his chubby cheek.

My heart was in my stomach. I had been sold. I had just made headway with this Master, and now I’d have to start all over.

Then I realized the price the Judge had paid. My new Master had to be rich. A quarter of a million on me, a quarter of a million for his portion of the farm, and a house he had yet to build which would be deep into the hundreds of thousands.

“Wait…The highest price at auction was $75k. The Judge paid almost four times that in cash and trade.” I thought to myself.

I wondered what it must feel like to fuck me. I was decent looking, but no model. I wondered what Gary may have heard that might clue into my value as sex chattel. He anticipated my question.

“I don’t know how you do it to our Masters, but you never loosen up. Master Dan says that you milk a cock of it’s cum.” Gary was nearly hissing these words of jealousy. “One in a million Ryan, you are one in a million. That is why the Judge wants you. While you are eating eggs and bacon, I want you to remember I am here pulling a fucking plow. Your nickname should be ‘Princess’ not ‘Chef’.” Gary left the staircase and walked into the dining room out of sight of me, but most likely kneeling at Master Dan’s feet.

I stayed put. I didn’t want to hear the news from Master Dan. That would make it real. For the moment, I was hoping something would change. I looked at the clock, it was nearly 4am on Monday morning. I touched, then held onto my rolled steel collar.

The slavery I had resisted, and fought, was now the slavery I wanted to keep. My life had changed so much, I had no real idea of who I even was anymore. I knew I wanted to keep this collar over an unknown future. The men continued to talk, and Gary returned. He handed me a cup.

“We were given permission to have beer after the deal was struck. I know I want to get drunk.” He feigned a smile. I felt I owed Gary something. I chugged the cup of beer, as Gary did. I stood leaving the cup on the bottom stair. I climbed two of the stairs and waved silently for Gary to follow. I grabbed Gary’s soft hand and led him. We climbed the stairs and turned down the hall to enter Masters bedroom.

“What are you doing?” Gary asked nervously.

“Have you ever stuck your cock in another person Gary?” My question was gentle.

“No. but…” He started, I cut him off as I lay on my front with my ass in the air on the side of the bed nearest the door.

“Come feel what a quarter of a million dollar ass feels like before you go off pulling wagons.” I said as seductively as I could. I grabbed his limp cock and pulled it to my mouth at the edge of the bed. I sucked at it ferociously. He got hard quickly, producing a thick, five inch boi clit.

“Take me Gary, sully my high priced hole with your clit spit.”. Gary climbed onto the bed behind me, it was clear he was scared. He looked around and listened. The men downstairs were laughing. Feeling safer, he grabbed my hips with his clit at my cunt, and pushed. He slid inside me and moaned.

I would like to say that he felt good, but I was still injured. I feigned pleasure for his sake as my hole burned and stung. I moaned like I had before, for better men. He hesitated for just a moment and then began to pound my cunt with all of his being. As he was a rookie at this, he kept falling out. He’d quickly line back up and plunge in again.

It took only a few failures before he found the right way. My pain subsided, and I moaned in genuine pleasure as the width of him pleased my insides. As soon as he found a perfect rhythm, he slammed in hard and I heard him groan. It had been three minutes. He slammed two more times as he left a lifetime of cum inside of me.

He slid out of me limp, so I rolled over onto my back under him, pulled him on top of me, and kissed him on the mouth.

“You do feel amazing.” He kissed me back. “Thank you Chef. I will never forget this.”

“We need to clean up and get downstairs.” I said with urgency.

We rolled out of bed and cleaned the top of the blankets. We went to the bathroom where I sat on the toilet and he washed off his clit. We hurried down the stairs and sat at the bottom one. Gary fetched us round after round of beer. We spoke together and became friends that night. It was well into the bright, sunny morning when I had passed out on the stairs.

When I woke, my whole body was stiff. Every muscle ached. I opened my eyes to find myself in a tech filled bedroom. A large flat screen was on the ceiling. In the corners of the ceiling were cameras. On the left of me was a desk with a 32 inch monitor and keyboard. Escort Beylikdüzü

The sheets over me and under me were black satin. I ran my hands over my body. My chin had three days stubble. My pubes had stubble as well. My cock was dripping cum. I touched my hole and found a large based plug there.

I had to have been unconscious for three days or more. Because my cock was dripping cum, I supposed that I had been fucked recently. I reached up to my neck. I was wearing a rolled collar still. Not a sharp edged banded one like the Judges slaves wore. I sat up.

On the far wall, was a mirror. I blinked, and rubbed my eyes to get them clear. I saw the hair on my face and was horrified. I looked like a lumberjack. I had to rub my eyes again because the collar on my neck made no sense.

It was gold.

The door opened. The Judge walked in dressed in a white bathrobe.

“You are wondering why I paid so much for you. You are wondering why you are wearing a gold collar. You are wondering why you have been sleeping for two days. Drink this slowly.” He handed me a large glass of ice water. I did what I was told. I sipped it a bit at a time sitting in the bed, as he continued to speak.

“No slave has been able to take all 11 inches of my thick cock, and then rebound to take another. You not only did that, but tightened down on Paul Stevenson so fast that he busted a load into your cunt quick as lightning.” He dropped the bathrobe he had walked in with. I looked at his half hard prick, it was as wide as a “Red-bull” can. Now I understood why it had hurt so badly.

“Most slaves I own, I take it once, and they bleed for days. You handled it, and then begged for more. You are worth every penny!” I looked over his body as I drank the water my body craved so desperately. He was a stout man. five foot eight, with a wide belly and covered in gray hair all over. His arms looked to be large by fat, but as he moved them, I could see the large muscles under the fur and skin.

My eyes kept going back to that gigantic cock.

“Oh…boi, I paid a lot of money for you. So I hope you know I have been fucking you for the last two days…making sure I got a taste without a fight.” I was owned by that monster organ. My first impression was to be scared. Possibly horrified. Then the emptiness inside me took a voice.

“Keep him hard and fucking you.” My addiction said. “It’s the best cock to have”. The voices and whims in my head made me smile, albeit briefly.

My new Master caught the smile.

“So you are happy to be here, this pleases me! Do you like this bedroom?” He asked.

I nodded, still with the glass at my mouth.

“Well, this will be the last time you see it for a long time.” His face turned from jubilant to angry. “You owe me two hundred and ninety five thousand dollars! I will be expecting payment within a year!”

I let go of the glass and the cold water settled onto my lap, through the expensive sheets and comforter. Even if I had permission to speak, no words would come. So Master explained what I would be doing.

“Putting out videos is one thing, but that won’t make the money you need. So you will be my high priced whore. $500 an hour, in my guest house. You will fuck eight men a day. All of the cum you take, you will release and collect into bottles. When you come back inside my home you will eat your dinner from those bottles. Breakfast and lunch are eggs and sausage. Sandwiches for lunch.” He smiled.

The weekends and nights are mine.”

I sat in the bed and lowered my head. I was hiding a smile. “Filled all the time!” I thought. He spoke again.

“Many of your “johns” will be sadists. So you will find yourself whipped and tortured. This is fine with me, as long as they do not ruin the three things that I cherish. That ass, the hole in it, and your mouth!” He chuckled. ” Your clit and those worthless things that hang behind it I could care less about.”

Now I hung my head to hide the fear on my face. I drank what little water was still in the glass.

“Get out of my bed, and make us dinner ‘Chef’, You start your new career tomorrow.” He ordered. I tried to do what I was told and found that my arms, legs and back did not want to cooperate. I stumbled after leaving the bed and got a kick to the ribs for my clumsiness.

I found new strength and stood on two legs painfully. I walked through the new home unguided, and found my way to the kitchen. The whole house seemed to be on one level. I found steaks in the fridge, and stalks of broccoli on the counter. I looked out the window and saw a vast garden. Judging from the silence in the house, and the slave-less garden. Master Dan got all of the Judges former slaves in the transaction.

I made dinner and watched him eat from my knees next to him. He spit out fatty meat, and tough stalks of broccoli into a bowl. He ate all of his potato. He poured small amounts of wine into the bowl before I filled his glass. He lowered the bowl after he pissed in it.

“Here’s your soup.” He said as he set the bowl on the floor. I ate the food. I was starving. It tasted amazing. Beef and broccoli, with a sweet and sour flavor. I drank the juice from the bowl after I ate the chunks of meat and veg.

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