Joyce My Ex Girlfriend’s Mother

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Joyce My Ex Girlfriend’s MotherIt was two day ago that I happened to bump in to Joyce at our local A&P diy store, she was my ex girlfriend’s mother, twenty five years ago. I ended up taking her home with a lot of paint and somehow said I would help her put it on the walls on my next day off.It is now nine o clock and I am being invited in to my ex girlfriend’s mothers kitchen on my day off, unsure what she think’s about us two ending up in her bed together the other day.“You don’t have to do this if you don’t want too,” she said “I really want to help you”“I’m sorry if I came on a bit strong the other day, I don’t know what came over me, I’m old enough to be your mother”“Don’t worry about it, I’ve always liked slightly older girls”“I’m more than a girl now, I’m nearly a great granny”“A very sexy granny, if I can say that”“You put the kettle on if you’re stopping, while I change in to my painting stuff”She looked as sexy as the other day, really nice trim figure, and tight clothes making the most of her body. I made the coffee and she came back wearing some bib and braces overalls over her strappy top.“Going to be another hot day again,” she said“Will you not be to hot wearing them”“I’ll be fine, here’s a pair for you if you want”I started to slid them over my feet when she said“You might want to take your trousers off, might get a bit hot with them on, I have”I looked at her nervously wondering if I should drop them here or change in another room“Promise I won’t look” she saidJoyce had read my mind and I dropped them there and then not knowing if my semi hard cock would pop out of the slit in my boxers when I stood up.We had our coffee and discuss where to start, it was to be the living room first, she had painted the ceiling yesterday. She had some furniture moved and the dustsheets already down apart from the armchair. She bent over the chair putting the last sheet over the back with her legs apart and full stretched, I wanted to rip her overalls off and take her from behind after seeing that tight ass of hers.Now I was more than semi hard and I still had a full day in front of me. I was rollering the wall while she was on her knees cutting the wall in at the skirting board. I’m sure she has seen my cock jingling about in these overalls as I paint the wall. The next thing I know is, I somehow have bumped in to her while she was on her knees, her face straight in to my crotch“Ouch, that’s nearly put my eye out, what have you got in there”I felt her hand moving over the outline of my cock “I’m sorry, it’s me assuming again that you are aroused at me, how can someone like you be turned on with a granny at my age”“You have assumed right I am turned on by you” “Don’t be nice, you can tell the truth”“I am turned on by you, you can see for your self straight in front of you”“I’m sorry, I’ve just had so many knock back’s in my life, the last few years” Joyce saidI thought she was going to cry so I went down on my knees and give her a cuddle“Thank you, your wife is a lucky woman”“I’m artemisbet yeni giriş single, she left me for another woman”“Oh”“You’re the first woman I have felt confident with since then, I don‘t know what woman see in me”“Your wife must have been mad to leave you”We hugged again then we kissed, it was just like the other day, we could not wait to rip each other’s clothes off, both undoing each other’s braces on our overalls.We were kneeling and kissing on the floor behind the three-seater sofa, paint moved out of the way and our hands were in each other’s overalls. She had my cock coming out of the top of my boxers and my hand was inside her knickers.Scrabbling about behind the sofa, she lay down and I pulled her overalls down off her feet, revelling her hairy bush sticking out of some very nice white lacy knickers“I still haven’t trimmed down there yet, never thought it would be on show again as soon” “I love just the way you are, all hairy”I went between her legs, kissing from her knees up to her pussy as she parted her legs more, sliding my fingers in her knickers I pulled them to one side. This is the first time I have seen her pussy up close and it smells lovely and sweet. She had long lips with a couple of smaller wrinkly outer lips pocking out from between them, then a small forest of soft greying hair sprouting from around and above her lips. Sliding my finger over her soft lips she give a gentle moan, I kept her knickers pulled to one side as I lowered my head over her pussy, sticking my tongue out, all excited just waiting to touch her lips. I felt that my cock was going to explode as I pushed her lips apart, slowly licking up and down her slit. Joyce was very willing, parting her legs as wide open as she could as I moved on to her clit. This wasn’t going to take long as she buck and wriggled under me, then pulling me hard in to her crotch as she came.Moaning loudly as my tongue touched her clit I felt a wetness come from inside, frantically darting deep inside I tasted her warm sweet juice on my tongue. Joyce’s orgasm subsided as I licked her pussy, them pulling her knickers down off her feet I saw her splendid hairy pussy on full view. The pink of her lips on show, sticky looking with her juice.I stood up letting my overalls drop to the floor as Joyce sat up reaching out and started pulling my boxers over my rampant cock and off my feet. Her hand went for my hanging balls first as my cock looked skywards then slowly licked and kissed my plums as her hand played with my pre cum on my cockend.Slowly lying back down and guiding my cock between her legs as I lay on top of her, she took a sharp intake of breath when my cock spread her pussy lips wide. Resting on my hands our eyes were locked together as I slowly penetrated her until I was deep inside.This wasn’t some quickie, I wanted it to last. Using the full length of my cock and fucking her slow, we fucked for what seemed like ten minutes. Joyce’s legs entwined with mine as I speeded artemisbet giriş up thrusting into her now very moist love hole.Pulling her strappy top over her tits and squashing them together in her bra made her start to pant. A nice white lacy bra just like her knickers had her hands mauling and squeezing at her tits and her nipples were showing through the thin material. Joyce was on her way to her orgasm, lifting herself off the floor to meet me coming down in to her. I knew I couldn’t last much longer and I went for it, banging in to her hard and fast, she moaned and panted with my fucking her until it happened.Lifting right off the floor still on my cock, she pushed as hard as she could on to me as her fanny came in a flood of juice just as I let go as well. Both coming together she let out a howl and heavy panting.My cock buried well inside her jerked and squirted like some never-ending fireman’s hose filling her pussy up to bursting point. Joyce’s fanny lips gripping tight around my cock made a good seal as her inside muscles rippled with her orgasm, milking my cock dry.We lowered ourselves down on to the floor with my cock still embedded in her and lowered on to my elbows. She kissed like some horny teenager, her tongue darting in and out of my mouth.Just then her fanny seal let go around my cock letting some air escape then a flood of our cum, she kissed more and harder after that.I rolled off and lay next to her behind the sofa, both getting our breaths back. I ran my hand over her white bra feeling her small but perfect tits. Joyce lifted her bra over her tits and I sucked on each one.After some time I made a move“Pass my knickers will you”I grabbed hold of them then thought“I’m going to keep them for the rest of today” I said“I’ll keep your’s then”As she grabbed my boxers. We got dressed all commando in our overalls and I shoved her knickers in to a pocket.We worked to lunchtime finishing three walls then after lunch we completed the last wall, the living room was painted and Joyce started to clean up and move the furniture about. Joyce was pushing at the back of an armchair stretch-out putting all her weight behind it when I said “stop, just hold there”I went behind her rubbing my crotch up her bum and grabbing hold of her waist, she looked so sexy. I started to pretend to fuck her from behind and then I heard her fiddling with the metal clips on her braces. She was taking them off for me, my luck was in.Joyce pulled at her overalls making them slid off her back and down her legs, she tried to slip her feet through the legs but were tangled up.Joyce was still bending over the chair, just wearing her strappy top and no knickers, I sank on to my knees and pulled her feet out from the legs of the overalls. She parted her legs and I saw her pussy lips hanging down covered in love juice from this morning.I ran my hand up her leg until I cupped her pussy lips in the palm of my hand, gently massaging her lips my fingers slipped inside her. Standing artemisbet güvenilirmi back up I was able to slid my fingers all the way along her slit, her fanny started to gyrate on my hand.Undoing the clips on my overalls with one hand, I let them fall to the floor while massaging her pussy. Our cum from this morning was still thick and sticky on my fingers as I pushed it back in to her“Oh fuck me now” she shoutedMy cock like a homing missile ploughed straight in to her hole, parting her lips as I squelched in until I hit her inside wall. Taking hold of her hips, I started to thrust with long slow fucks.Joyce felt every in going thrust, as she shouted out each time“Fuck, fuck, fuck”“Are you ok”“Yes just fuck me like that”I looked up and I could see people passing the house down at the bottom of the drive and they had stopped to talk to one and other, Joyce hear as well“Can they see us” she saidThere was blinds at the window but if you look at the right angle, you can see out as well as in“I don’t think so, it’s me they would see anyway”“Good I’m just about ready to come”Getting back to fucking her, I speeded up holding her tight on to my thrust and pushing a extra bit more when I was as far in as possible, just like a hammer drill penetrating her pussy.“Yes, yes keep going”Joyce came with a loud shriek making the people stop on the road and look about, her whole body nipped tight as her orgasm rippled through her, her fanny lips tight around my cock as I pulled and pushed in to her.I was still some way off coming and when her orgasm slowed down I began fucking her again while playing with her clit“I’ve never done it when I knew someone could be watching” she said“Do you want to move somewhere else” I asked“I don’t care just come in me, it‘s making me feel horny again”After a couple of minutes, heavy pounding her pussy, I had that feeling I was going to come soon. It felt like Joyce could be starting her second orgasm anytime soon with all the moaning and panting she was giving out.My body slap against her bum as her pussy squelched out a sloppy noise, holding her waist tight I came letting out an eruption of cum“Fuck me some more” Two or three more thrusts and I had made her come, thrusting my squirting cum from my cock further in to her pussy sent her over the edge, screaming and shouting loudly. The people on the road talking, stopped and looked at the house.Joyce had her head resting on the back of the chair and could not see them, but they seen me. Pulling out of Joyce I pulled her down behind the chair with me, both laughing and giggling we could hardly breath.We looked at each other and we kissed then kissed some more, pulling her strappy top off I unclipped her bra letting her tits fall out. Joyce was sitting on one of her legs and her pussy was leaking our love cum on to it running down to her ankle.We lay down together kissing and cuddling behind the chair for another twenty minutes. When it was time to move I got her white knickers from my pocket and slid them up her legs. Then she lifted her bum off the floor for me to pull them all the way over her sopping pussy, rubbing the gusset well in to her lips.We did not feel like painting much more that day but I was going to pull a sickie from work the next day to help her some more.

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