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Subject: Joy of Sucking Straight Mexican Boys Part 4 Mexican Laborer This series is about Straight Mexican teens who let gay men fellate them. If this theme does not appeal to you, or if you are too young, or if it is illegal in your area, then please back out now or continue at your own risk. The following story was emailed to me by a guy who wants to remain anonymous. He swears it is true. I liked it and if you do also you could send me feedback and I will pass it on to him. Terry Tradders terrytradders@yahoo Mexican Laborer by Anonymous The landlord brought 3 Mexicans to work under our house because the white guys would not do it and one was 19 and knock down cute. My lover went to work and I got to watch them all day and I took them water and stuff and I think they knew we are gay because they saw my lover and he’s obvious. They worked real hard and talked spanish and played mexican music and laughed a lot but the cute one worked hardest because he was young and could squirm around under the house better. The landlord liked their work and paid them and then he took 2 of them back to ther corner but left the cute one because he was going on the bus. And then the istanbul travesti boy picks up the hose and asked me something in spanish but I dont understand and so he holds it over his head and makes like he is washing himself and i understand because he is real dirty and I take him around back and he takes off his tee shirt and wow I almost cream in my pants because hes got real big natural muscles and he’s so masculine and I am so horney. And he says something else and I figure out he wants soap so I go get him soap and shampoo and when I come back hes naked and squirting water over himself and his skin is so smooth and shiney and dark brown and his cock is hanging down right there in front of me and he knows I am watching. And he starts soaping himself all over and I am thinking I would like to soap him like that and then he soaps his cock and I get to see him pull back his forskin and wash his cock head and I see his cock is getting swolen. Then he washes the soap off and turns around and hes beautiful all over and his shoulders are wide and his waste is narrow and his butt muscles are so muscular and hes got the perfect body. And when he turns around again istanbul travestileri his cock is more swolen and he looks me in the eyes and smiles. I could not stop staring at his cock and it was getting bigger and bigger and his glans was coming out of the foreskin and he puts a finger in his mouth and points at me and points at his cock. Me and my lover are monogamous and I have never cheated on him but I think a little feel would be ok so I go feel his sholders and his strong arms and chest and stomach and he puts his hands on my sholders and pushes me down and his cock is big and hard now and right in my face and juice is leaking out of it and I did not want to do it because of my lover but I could not help myself because I was so horney so I sucked him off. Then I hear my lovers car pull in the driveway so I run in the back door to the bathroom and swalow the mexicans cum and wash my mouth out. I run into the living room and when my lover opens the door I am watching the TV and he comes and gives me a big kiss like he always does and I am glad I washed my mouth out and then he goes in the bedroom but comes running back and he is real excited and he says travesti istanbul come look theres a naked mexican in the back yard! So we go peek through the blinds and the mexican is rinsing himself off with the hose and his cock is still a little swolen and my lover says wow! hes beautiful and I say I bet you would love to get your lips around that and he says dont be silly you are the only one I love and in a minute my lips will be around yours. So we watched the mexican put his dirty clothes back on and he left and my lover and I got naked and he sucked me off because that is what he likes to do. I felt kinda guilty for cheating on him but it was the mexicans fault. If you wish to give feedback to the anonymous author of Mexican Laborer, you could write me and I will relay it to him. Terry Terrance hoo If you have experience in sucking straight Mexican boys, and feel like writing an episode for this series then please send it to me and I will include it, giving you credit of course. Please stick to these guidelines: To fit in my series it would have to be about Mexicans although other brown Latin Americans might be accepted. Teens only. No abuse either way, verbally or otherwise. Straight boys only. Oral only with no reciprocation. True experiences only (although some massaging of an event is usually necessary to make it flow well). No exaggerated dick sizes. Keep it real. Please donate a little to Nifty for making this possible.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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