Journey of my Marriage life…-5

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Journey of my Marriage life…-5deletedREAD BEFORE PARTS…While both the men covered their naked to allow the room boy to bring the dinner inside, i sat there showing allmy body exposed to the new man coming in with dinner plates.i pulled sekars hand and kept it in both of my breasts and he started massaging. I kept my hands in my pussy, so that i cover my assets to the service man bringing dinner. selva let the men inside. he came in with dinner plates and as soon as he enters, he saw the beautiful site of my body, with the shock.he couldnt took his eyes out of my boobs, and i too looked into his eyes, with a bit of shy. he placed the plates in the dining table with lot of struggle, all the timing viewing me, misplaced water bottle which spilled down.i smiled at him, selva shouted at him to concentrate on the table. i with a smile, cooled selva, its ok selva leave it, he will replace the water and gave a cool smile to him, for which he toosmiled.i stood up from sekar and walked naked toward the table and stood closer to him and checked the food. i placed one handon his shoulder and asked him, can you clean the wet floor.he immediatly took the mob and cleaned the floor, looking at my boobs and pussy. he also checked sekar and selva, what theyare doing, they doesnt care much what is happening between me and him.Seeing them he got bit cool, he smiled at me and said, you look too sexy madam.i went near him, hugged him and kissed his cheek and said, thank you with a smile.i felt his tool in my pussy, i give a little push to my pussy toward his tool and gave him a kinky smile.shall i give you a kiss madam, he asked.i nodded my head with a smile.he kissed my cheek. i showed him the other cheek, he kissed that too, left the mob from his hand and hugged me.he placed both his hands in my butts and gave a nice massage. i then took my lips to his and started kissing hislips. he too joined the kiss and left his tongue out. both our tongues started playing. this went for a couple ofmins, his hands roamed all over my back.suddenly, i felt the slap in my butts and heared voice of selva saying, you dirty bitch, we paid you for tonightand you giving free fuck to a server.common selva, i am a whore and not your personal property, i said, breaking the kiss.Room boy got afraid and get ready to leave, he said, sorry sir, i will go now and left. i said, come to room any time tonight, i said to him with a smile.After he left, i shouted at selva, you porukki, you disturbed my customer.he kissed me and said, dont worry di thevidiya, i will pay more than him.i hugged him and said with a false anger, but i lost one penis.he smiled and said, you are a real bitch.Then we 3 finished our dinner and lyed on the bed. They started massaging my breasts and i rolled my fingersover their penis, trying to make it ready for next round.At the time, door bell rang and it was my sweet hubby sathya.sekar went to open the door, and selva came over me and started sucking my tits.i was getting excited to see my hubby at this situation.Door opened, my hubby entered and said hi to sekar.Then he entered the bedroom and looked at me. I looked at him and gave a smile and said, hi da.. purushaaaaaa….From his face reaction, i understood, he got a instant hard on as soon as he saw me lying naked with selva suckingmy tits. Selvas one hand was in my pussy and he inserted his finger inside and started stroking it.he came near to the bed, and sat in it and kissed my cheek, and asked, how is your pussy dear…its waiting for your tool sathya, i said.selva turned around, looked at my hubby and said, sathya, your wife is my bitch tonight and you can be just aspectator.sathya smiled and said, sure selva, enjoy your bitch.i laughed and pinched sathya’s penis over his pants and said choo sweet darling.Then i opened his Zip and took my hubby’s tool out and started stroking it.sekar come and sit on my other side and gave his tool to my mouth. Now, my hand stroking my hubby’s and mouth full ofsekar’s and my pussy was taken care by selva.All 3 of them started their action in few minutes, searching for holes in my body.i got 3 shots in my pussy, 2 in my mouth and 2 in my ass on that night. I dont have count who came how many times.All 3 of them started their action in few minutes, searching for holes in my body.i got 4 shots in my pussy, 3 in my mouth and 2 in my ass on that night. I dont have count who came how many times.They gave me rest as and when my pussy and mouth got tired. I also cleaned my pussy after each and every load, andgave a soft warm water massage so that it get ready soon and made sure no one waits longer time.Both sekar and selva, got turned on soon, fucking a homely bitch infornt of her hubby gave them the extra energywhich i need.Also my hubby being a cuckhold, he watched me fucking by his bosses eagerly and even took photos and videos.i enjoyed the night with 3 cocks and gave them the worth for their money. I gave soft and slow mouth fucks initiallyand increased the pace to make them moan loudly.Also i did feel the speed when they came inside my pussy, i got a couple of fast paced fuck, they ride me hard and fast like riding a horse.sekar lyed me down and insert his tool in my mouth and hit the throat in each and every thrust, i was about to vomitbut controlled myself, drink some water and opened my mouth with a smile to take his cock again.I could see the love in their eyes along with lust, they were very much happy seeing me getting ready to satisfy themeven in pain.After the hard and painfull ride, they kissed my forehead with love and commented, you are really a sweet bitch reva.Seeing my pain, my hubby gave a gentle, and lovable slow paced ride, though he was in a lot of lust seeing me fuckedby his boss.Though i was in pain, i enjoyed a lot being fucked by 3 men for whole night. I still felt the hunger and the need forcock. It was a great night and i felt i need to be like a real cheep road side prostitutes taking 10 to 20 cocks a night.I enjoyed a lot, cummed a lot and slept at around 5 AM after all my enery lost….I dont know, how long i slept. i waked up getting some tingle feel in my stomach. I saw sekar roaming his tonguearound my navel, while my hubby balçova escort sitting beside me, watching sekar.i llooked at sathya, he too saw me waked up, came closer to my cheek, kissed and said, good morning sweety.I too kissed his forehead and said, good morning purusa…i felt a lot refreshed and the pain in my pussy has gone now… Sekars tongue work in my navel and hips, waked upmy pussy tooo.dear hubby, where is selva daaa, i asked…Dont worry, he wont leave without filling your pussy today, sathya replied.he came close to my mouth, took a deep look to my eyes, i too looked into his eyes, he said, you are wonderful yesterday night di…i smiled and said, thanks da, i love you purusaaa, i enjoyed it a lot. Thank you sathya for giving me this freedomi added.he kissed my cheek and said, you are my sweet wife di, i love you di..i am your thevidiyaaa daa, i said…ok di, my sweet thevidiyaaa pondaatti, saying this, he kissed all over my face and started licking my cheek earlobeslips and nose..meanwhile sekars tongue was now inside my pussy, licking my pussy juice started its flow, and i left out a moan..i hear the sound of door opening , turned around to see selva coming out from bathroom all naked.he smiled at me and said, oh sweet thevidiyaa revathi, is ready for the morning fuck.i smiled, yes selva, come soon and take my pussy …he came closer to me, i pulled his penis and gave gentle kiss in its hubby went down a bit kissing and licking my neck and shoulders, while sekars tongue is still inside my pussy.Selva placed his tool in my lips and asked, shall i come inside.i opened my mouth and took it eagerly and started giving him a blow job.selvas tool started its to and fro motion inside my mouth while sekar decided to do the same in my pussy.He inserted his too inside pussy and started his ride, while my hubby attacked both my was too good to me, starting a day with 3 men, in the bed, was really enjoyable and one of them beinga hubby makes life happier.this is what i want, cocks and fucks 24/7, just take rest as and when pussy is painingand keep the holes filled with cocks all other time.After 5 minutes of ride, both sekar and selva filled my pussy and mouth respectively. i drink the whole load andsmiled at selva.he kissed my cheek and said, sweet holes are free sathya, come on your turn now, i said.sathya asked, inside mouth or pussy.your wish daa purusaaa…he went down and kept his tool in my pussy gate and slowly inserted it. he increased the pace suddenly and started toride me like riding a bullot..Again, it was time for my pussy to enjoy the tool.My whole body started enjoying the second ride in the morning.i closed my eyes and moaned heavily…i could feel tounges licking my lips, it was sekar and selva..i let out tongue for their easy access and all three toungues were licking each other..i could feel 2 differentsmell of saliva..and a lot of it filling my mouth…i closed my eyes and moaned heavily…i could feel tounges licking my lips, it was sekar and selva..i let out tongue for their easy access and all three toungues were licking each other..i could feel 2 differentsmell of saliva..and a lot of it filling my mouth….suddenly one of the toungue started licking my nose whole, slowing trying to lick inside my nose..i was in heavenly feeling, when both the tongue started licking my nose holes, i opened my mouth to breathe heavilyAll 3 tongues tasting each other and sekar started to spit in my mouth. Seeing this selva too spit his saliva whilemy hubby tool spit its load inside my pussy lips. My mouth was full of saliva from both sekar and selva. I could feel the tingling feel in my stomach and my pussy got ready to jerk. i let a lot of moan and cummed and at thesame time got my hubby’s load inside.i started breathing heavily while both sekar and selva gave few kisses in my cheek and ear lobes.then sekar stood and started to get ready, also said, selva, enough its time for job. Selva hearing this about to get up, i hugged him tightly and said, oh selva, not so soon, i need more.Selva smiled and said, you are a hungry elephant, we cant feed you….and kissed my lips and got up.i too went to wash room , cleaned myself and started to get ready. selva opened his laptop and asked my bank account.He said i am going to transfer 1 lakh to this bitch’s account for her great work, how much you going to pay sekar ?Sekar also asked to pay 1 lakh from his account. My hubby smiled and said, At this rate, you will become a millionere soon.i kissed sekar and selva and thanked them. i hugged sekar and said, my pussy door is always opened for you guys, you can come inside anytime.Then we left the hotel, they both went in their car. Me and hubby reached home in his bike.As soon as we reach home, i went to bedroom to take a nap. My hubby gently kissed my forehead and said, take rest dear.He then started to office.I woke up around 11 Am after 2 hours of sleep. I feel fresh.I need to goto office, few tools waitng for me there,thinking this, smiled to myself.I took bath in warm water and cleaned my pussy. I didnt took too much to select dress which will expose my body,anyway as soon as i reach office, i will be naked.while, i was getting ready, my mobile started ringing. i saw the display name, it was Palani. i was happy to seehim calling.i attended, dei Anna(bro), how r u, long time no call, forget your sis ????After a break, will go 10 years back….i attended, dei Anna(bro), how r u, long time no call, forget your sis ????After a break, will go 10 years back….after speaking to my bro, i cut the call and started for office, i catched auto and my thoughts were about my brotherpalani…I started to think about things happened 10 years before….I was 19 at that time, i was living with my Dad, my mom died when i was 15 and from then my dad brought me up withall the care that a mom will give to her daughter.He was just 40 when my mom died, he doesnt think about second marriage just because a step mother wont care about me.he is such a loving dad and gave me all the freedom that i need and showed all his love and affection.It was my first day of college and i was escort balçova getting ready…reva, get ready soon, it was getting late, my dad shouted from kitchen, maid was leave on that day and my dad preparedmorning breakfast…Coming dad, i said..I looked into the mirror after dressing up with my favorite blue color tops and tops was tight and fit to my body. It showed my curves and boobs clearly. Tops had a deep cut in bothsides, thatgive the view of my thighs and with a slight air, some portion of my back.I kept my hairs loose, took a shaal and put it around my neck and make sure it doesnt cover my boobs..I then went to kithchen, Dad gave a stunning look at me and said, you look very beautiful in this dress.Thanks dad.He came closer to me, gave me a hug and kissed my forehead.I always liked this kiss, I felt, it showed a lot of care and affection.He said, if you go like this, all the boys eyes will be on you.I blushed and smiled.Dad then gave me Jasmine and pin it to my hairs..we then had our breakfast and started.My dad dropped me in the college and went to his office.First day of college went well..i was ragged by one senior gang of boys and girls who asked me sing,after a bit of hesitation i sing a song, then after formal enquiry like name, area and department they left me.i could see most of the senior boys eyes were in my boobs..I eenjoyed the attention which i got and entered my class.I got a couple of girl friends in my first day. attended the classes, we had our introduction with our classmets, therewas around 30 boys and 10 girls.After college over, i catched the bus to reach home.Arun one of my classmate also came in the bus, seeing me, he came to me and waved..We both started having chit chat about our schools, marks and some general topic.Once i reached my stop, i getdown and reached home.After reachiing home, i refreshed myslef and went to my neighbour’s house.we both were living in the same house since my c***dhood and we were very close.There was Uncle and Aunty both working and my sweet bro Palani, who finished his college and searching for Job.Me and palani were very close since my age 10, we both play together, eat together and even sleep together till iwas 12.Since my mother died, i used to spend most of the time with uncle aunt and palani.I saw palani was sleeping in the sofa while TV was still running.I went near him and kicked him and wake him up.Dei Anna, you are sleeping like donkey, with doors open and TVs on.He wake up with a shock and seeing me,, he got bit relaxed.Hi revathi darling, how is your first day in college.Then he sat in the sofa and i too sit near him, he put his arms around my shoulder and pulled me closer.I told him about todays happeings in collegge and we had a chit chat.TV was running and we both ignored that and concentrated on our chat.While chatting, he constantly keep a eye on my boobs.Whenever i saw him, he immediatly took his eyes off. This went on for few times and i ignored his looks.Then one hot scene came in the TV, as the movie heroine was bending down with a low neck blouse that showedd lot of clevage.Palani looked the scene and turned his eyes towards my boobs.I looked into his eyes, dei anna, what are you seeing ?he suddenly came to senses, and said, nothing di…No, you are seeing me badly.illa di, i didnt see anything.i saw, you are looking at me ..where di, i didnt look anything wrong.. i could see the struggle in his face , trying to hide his oogling.You are looking like porukki, saying this i stood up and started to walk away.he suddenly pulled me fastly, and made me sit in his lap.he kept his one hand around my back and grabbed my arms and said, revathi, where did i saw you ? why are you upset suddenly.I was bit of shy, i out my heads down without saying anything.He then took his other hand to my cheek and pulled my face up.Revathi, you look so beautful today, sorry i could not control myself, so i watched it, he pointed his finger to my boobs.I like the way, he said, i still felt a bit of shy, i put my heads down and said poda porikki this the way you would see your sister…He smiled, sorry di, my sister is so cute, that tempted me to see here, he again pointed his finger towards my boobs.I slapped his face and said you are dirty bro da..He kissed my cheek and said you are my sweety sister. He kissed me many times earlier in my cheek and forehead, allthe time it will be with love and affection. but this time i felt something more in his kiss.i again slapped his face and said you are dirty anna…he again kissed my cheek and said you are my sweety sister, this time he doesnt took his lips immediatly, he keptit there in my cheek, near my earlobs. his one hand grabbing my arms and one in my lap, slowly smooching my thighs.I felt something inside my stomach. i felt of needing that more..This time i kissed my bro, in his cheek and smiled.He left a sigh of relief and said, my sister is not angry with me and kissed me in my forehead.Then i realised, its time that my dad will come, i said a bye to him and get back to my home.It was six months since i joined college. igot good group of frends. In our we are 3 boys and 2 girls including me.Arun, magesh, vijay, priya and me.We roamed around the city bunking classes, watching movies. It was always fun filled. Priya was bit more beautifulthan me but she is very conservative and her dressing were quite normal, that doesnt expose her beauty.I always wear dress, in such a way that showed my curves. Tight chudis withour shaal that would show my breast sizes.I liked men watching me down the necck and hips. Occasionaly weare sarees that showed a part of my hips and left boobs.i would see mens eyes peeking into my sarees trying to get a glimpse of hips without knowing them. it always gives mea plessure to see men watching me.sometimes i used to wear lowneck t-shirt, which show my clevage when i bend down, iwould bend unwantedly and when someone try to look inside my t-shirt, i will suddenly cover it with my hands. I lovedteasing men.I got a couple of proposal from senior guys and i ignored them, they still trying to impress me with all possible and arun were very balçova escort bayan close, always go to college in same bus, since both were staying nearby. I will catch the same bus in which arun is coming, he used to catch the bus 2 stops earlier.As soon as i wake up today, my dad came to me with a cup of coffee. I smiled and said thanks pa.i slowly sipped my coffee enjoying the taste, dad sit next to me and he took his one. i had unbuttoned my top 2 buttonof my nighty and i forget that when i wake up.Suddenly i saw my dads eyes were looking down the neck while speaking to me and i realised i am showing a bit of clevage. i thought of putting the button but it would make my father guilty if my father knows that i saw him watchingme. so i ignored his looks and continued the little chit chat.Once we finished coffee, dad came closer, kissed my forehead and asked me get ready. i too hugged him and kissed hischeek and said, coffee was very good, thanks dad. I made sure, my boobs were pressing his chest while kissing.As soon as my dad went, i looked down to see how my clevage i am showing, oh my god, my nighty was almost down tillmy nipple. Dad was just around 40, when my mom was died, it was almost 5 years, since my dad would make love with any girl. I felt sorry for him, recently i could see a sadness in his eyes, he might be missing my moms love.So, i decided to show some love which he is missing from my mom. i stood up, just put my one button of the nightyand looked into the mirror, it is still showing a bit of clevage. i went out brushed my teeth, my dad was sitting inthe sofa watching news in TV.After brushing my teeth, i took the broom and started sweeping the house. During sweep, i bend down more than necessary to see whether my dad trying to watch me. i looked my dad with my corner of eyes and yes, he is trying to look into my nighty…i smiled to myself, dont worry dad, i will show you fully soon, said to myself.after finishing sweeping, i took my semester mark sheet and showed to my dad…He looked at my marks and, good marks he congratulated me. he pulled me and make me sit on his lap. i put my arms around his shoulder and myright boobs were crushing his chest.his eyes were too close to my clevage enjoing the view, he kept his one hand in my shoulder near the neck and one hand in my thighs. He tried too harrd not to look at my clevage and to look my eyes.You still studiying well like a school girl, i thought you would roam around with frends and will keep arears, he said with a smile.No appa, i am good girl, i wont cut classed, i said with a false angry tone.oh, you never bunked class and went to movies with frends, he asked surprisingly.hahaha, dont tell lie, i saw you in a theater 2 weeks before.i didnt expect, my dad would have watched me in theaters, i said in a sad tone, sorry appa.he smiled, nothing wrong revathi, you should enjoy your college life, i am fine even if you get lesser marks,dont miss to enjoy… i kissed his cheek and said, thanks appa, i will enjoy and will study good also.Thats my sweet baby, he too kissed my cheek. his hands in my shoulder slowly started smooching my neck. He slowlygetting a hard on and i feel it in my thighs. Dad chages channel, trying to change his concentration to hide his hard on. I understood, his situation that he is feeling, may be he is in a fear that if i know he is getting hard on due to me, i may get anger and may hate him.i need to make him understand that, i always love him and i was ready to make him happy. I adjusted my sitting positionin his lap, in such a way that i sit closer to his penis. My thighs were touching the tip of the penis and my chest pressingnear his, i am going to wear saree to college today.hmmmm, you will look beautiful in saree, you need to wear it am i not look good in chudidhars, i asked with a false smiled, no baby, you look beauty always, saree will increase your beauty, all boys will be around you when you are in saree, he said with a winked smile.i blushed with, you look too cute when you shy.i shyd again and put my heads how many guys proposed you in college, dad asked.i was bit shocked and enjoyed hearing dad is getting bit bold with me. His hands in my shoulder pressing it more hard andother hand in my thighs started carrasing. His bulge was hitting my thighs and this time dad doesnt try to hide.2 senior person propsed but i ignored, i said with a blush.hmmm, unlucky guys, they missed my sweet cute revathi.saying this he kissed my cheek near the ears.i smiled and asked, so how many girls you prposed in your college.I am a playboy in college, i loved 3 girls before marraige. chi, bad dady, i replied.he smiled and said, ok, reva, you need to get ready, its time.i gave a final hug and went to bath. i finished my bathing and started to ready for college, wearing a cotton greensaree. My blouse had a deep cut showing a lot of back, and it find difficult to hide my pink bra.once i ready, my dad came with Jasmine flowers and clip it to my hairs. he said, you look so charming in this sareeand all boys will never move their eyes from you today.i blushed and he kissed my forehead. I said bye and started walking to bus stop.i blushed and he kissed my forehead. I said bye and started walking to bus stop. As soon i reached bus stop, i got the bus which we usually go to college.Arun was already inside and was looking for me. I went towards him and sat in the seat near window.we both smiled each other and greeted. wow looks good in sareee, any special ? asked da, chumma thaaan..hmmm..semayaaa irukku (looks hot)i blushed with a smile..pothum sight adichathu (enough watching)cant control my eyes, seeing such a beauty, sayin this, he put his right hand around my shoulder and grabbed my left handwith his left. he looked into my eyes, me too..his hand in my shoulder slowly started smooching,i liked the touch, arun enough dont do this in the bus, i said with my heads down in a husky tone.i think, he took the hint, that i liked his touch and he gets bolder, he placed his left hand in my hips.i looked around to see whether anyone watching us, and i pushed his hands from my hips.his hands in my shoulder, moved towards my neck and his fingers roamed in my earlobes. i started feeling something down my stomach and i bite my lips to control myself.Already i was bit hot after short session with my dad in sofa, now arun is increasing the same and making use of it.TBC..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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