Josh and Georgia Pt. 02

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Monday, two days after their evening together…

“Good morning,” Josh said, walking into the hallway. His hand brushed mine, pulling my fingers along with his for a moment, and then he continued to the other side of the desk. “Anyone ready for me yet?”

“The only patient here is back at testing right now. You’ve probably got a good 15 minutes before they’re done, so take your time setting up.” I looked over at him and found him raking over my body with his eyes, and I felt my skin prickle with goosebumps. “You can’t look at me like that at work,” I whispered, “we’re not supposed to fraternize.”

“That’s part of the fun, I think. Knowing that we shouldn’t, but knowing even more that I don’t want it to stop.” He got up and slowly started walking towards me. “Did you say 15 minutes?”

I nodded and he raised his eyebrows, walking backwards to the end of the hall and motioning towards the last room. I looked around, not seeing the doctor heading towards the clinic, and no other patients were around yet due to the early hour. I walked towards him, slipping into the room and hearing him shut the door behind us.

Immediately his hands were on my waist, spinning me around to face him, and his lips slammed into mine. The kiss wasn’t frantic like our fucking had been, but it was heated and intense nevertheless. I moaned into his mouth as his fingers slid under the waistband of my scrub pants.

“Josh, we can’t do this here,” I whispered, not stopping his slow downward descent into my panties.

“Georgia, if I don’t touch you I’m going to lose my mind. I have wanted my hands to be back on your body since the moment you left my apartment yesterday morning. I can’t stop thinking about you.” And I felt his fingers slowly move underneath my underwear and quickly move to my clit.

I gasped out loud and felt myself get instantly wet. He groaned as his fingers rubbed over my wetness, using his other hand to move to my hip and guide me backwards, jutting up against the desk. “I love how you respond to me,” he whispered, sucking on my earlobe. “So wet for me already and we just got started.”

My hand moved to the bulge in his pants, gripping his dick and rubbing through his clothes. “I’m not the only one reacting quickly,” I panted, loving the feeling of his hard dick in my hand.

“Fuck, Georgia,” he grunted, moving his fingers down and sliding two into me, keeping his thumb on my clit. I put a hand over my mouth, trying to stop my moan from escaping my lips. “You drive me crazy. I haven’t been able to think straight since the other night. The way you sounded and the way you felt are all I can focus on. I keep remembering how tight your pussy squeezed me and that’s making it impossible for me to get any work done.”

I whined quietly in his ear, loving his words and the quick pace at which his fingers were fucking me. “It’s almost 8:00 Josh, the technicians and patients are going to start showing up soon. Dr. Clegane is going to show up soon. We have to stop.” But I didn’t push him away, instead I was pulling him closer to me, melting under his touch.

“Cum for me first, Georgia,” he breathed into my ear. “Cum on my fingers so I can taste you.” I felt his thumb rub harder on my clit and his fingers went as far into me as he could get, and goddamnit he found my g-spot. I immediately wrapped my arms around the back of his neck and pulled his lips to mine, kissing him hard so I couldn’t scream out as I started cumming.

I could feel him smiling against my lips as I gushed all over his hand, my hips bucking over and over again against him. He moved his head back slightly and looked all over my body as I shook with tiny tremors, my pussy still contracting around his fingers. “Fucking hell, Georgia. You’re so Sivas Escort goddamned sexy.”

I groaned quietly in his ear and rested my head on his shoulder, feeling my body relax in the best way. But then I heard a noise from the room next to us and I immediately jumped off the counter as Josh quickly removed his hands from my pants. I straightened my scrub bottoms and checked the mirror to make sure I didn’t look as wild as I felt. I quickly opened the door and walked out to my desk, logging back into my computer.

“Oh, there you are.” Dr. Clegane was standing behind me in his exam room. He was in his 40s, tall and nerdy and way too intelligent. “Anyone ready yet?”

“Oh, not yet,” I told him. I glanced towards the room Josh and I had just been in and we locked eyes as he brought his fingers to his mouth and licked them clean. My pussy began to throb as I watched him enjoy my pussy juices, mere feet from our attending doctor. He finished in seconds and then turned to wash his hands. “Um… there’s-there’s one back at testing. But they’re seeing Dr. Barnes first since they’re a new patient.”

“Ah, is he here yet?” Dr. Clegane asked.

“I am sir, just getting my computer running back here.” Josh walked out and came to stand with us.

“Getting an early start, job well done.” Dr. Clegane clapped him on the shoulder and then turned to his exam room. “Come on in, we’ll chat about my expectations while you’re my resident.” Dr. Clegane walked into the room and sat at his desk, and Josh followed, but not before turning to me and wiggling his eyebrows at me. I blushed, hard, and smirked at him. He disappeared into the room, and I turned back to my computer to start the day.


We survived the rest of the day by staying slammed with patients and having absolutely no time to lust after each other. When there were short moments of downtime Dr. Clegane kept Josh busy with random questions about neuro ophthalmology, and whenever I was with them we were too busy gossiping about the patients.

“So, what did you think of your first day with a neuro clinic, Josh?” Dr. Clegane asked him after the last patient was sent to the front desk.

“It was… interesting. Definitely a different clientele than what you see in a cornea clinic.”

“Don’t dance around the truth, Dr. Barnes: neuro patients are batshit. It comes with the territory. You just have to learn to navigate through the crazy,” I told him, making Dr. Clegane laugh. “You know it’s true. And I’m not being hateful, most of these people have some seriously fucked up diagnoses that make them insane.”

“But not all of them,” Dr. Clegane said, still chuckling. “Some of them are actually just batshit crazy for the hell of it.”

“See? This is why we get along so well,” I told him. “We’re both so judgy.”

“I’m not judgy! That’s ridiculous,” Dr. Clegane said, acting offended.

“Whatever you say, man.” I walked through the exam rooms and shut them each down, closing everything up for the day. Dr. Clegane and Josh stood in the hallway for a few minutes, discussing one tough case and making plans for tomorrow’s clinic. When I walked out of the last room Dr. Clegane was gone and Josh was leaning on the desk, his bag already over his shoulder. “You didn’t have to wait up,” I told him, sitting back in front of the computer and logging in. “I still have a few things to do to prepare for tomorrow. I’ll be another ten minutes.”

“Perfect. I’m gonna run downstairs to the residents lounge. Meet me down there? I’ll walk you to your car.” He smiled at me and put his hands together in a pleading fashion. “Please? I promise I’ll be good.”

“You know we’re not supposed to be…” I paused, not wanting to say ‘together’ or ‘dating’, Sivas Escort Bayan because even though he said so many amazing things on Saturday, it was all in the heat of the moment, in the throes of mind blowing sex. What if this was just physical for him? “Technicians and doctors, it’s frowned upon.”

“Frowned upon, but not illegal. Besides, I’m a resident, not an attending. So the rules are a little more grey for us.” He stepped forward and pushed a stray strand of hair behind my ear. “Besides, I’m already completely addicted to you. I don’t know if I could go back to the subtle flirting in clinic knowing I could never kiss you again.”

I felt a blush creeping up my neck. He was so honest with how he felt, and it was incredibly refreshing.

“I’m not saying I’m going to start kissing you good morning in the middle of clinic, or holding your hand as we walk to have lunch together. I get that we need to be professional in front of our colleagues. But I also know that I want you, badly, in every sense. So I’m really hoping this isn’t you trying to cut things off because you’re nervous about us working together now that we’re together.”

My heart stopped. “Oh, I-I didn’t know… You don’t have to say that just to appease me. I don’t want to change anything. It’s okay if you don’t-we don’t have to be anything, or whatever.”

“You’re fucking adorable when you’re flustered,” Josh chuckled. “Georgia, let me be clear so that you can stop all of the worrying that I can see going on in your head. I want you. I want your brain, I want your laughter, I want your body. Head to toe, inside and out, the good and the bad. I want all of you. So yeah, in my mind, we’re definitely together in the best way possible. I don’t know if you’re on the same page as me, and that’s fine. But I want to be transparent with you about where I’m at, and what I want. That way you’re never left wondering how invested I am in this, in you. Is that okay?”

I nodded. “That’s definitely okay,” I whispered, stepping towards him. My hands went up to his chest and I stood on my toes, pressing a quick kiss to his lips.

He smiled and started backing away. “See you downstairs when you’re done?”



It was pitch black outside when we left. While the hospital across the street was always bustling, the walk to the parking garage was quiet and nearly deserted. Josh had slipped his fingers through mine when we left the building, keeping me close to him without drawing attention to us. The walk was short, less than 10 minutes. But we talked about patients, and clinic, and he told me about a new restaurant he wanted to try with me.

I had been nervous that this was all about sex, because I already liked him an insane amount, and I was only falling deeper the more time we spent together. But our conversations were so good, so effortless. We never ran out of things to talk about. It was perfect.

“So listen,” he said, turning to face me once we had reached my car. I had parked on the fifth floor today, and it was completely empty right now in this part of the garage. “I’m sorry for this morning. I mean, let me be clear: I loved it. Touching you is something I’m honestly never going to get tired of. But I know you’re nervous about all of this, with us working together, especially so closely right now while I’m on your rotation. So I wanted you to know I’ll be on better behavior while we’re at work from now on. I don’t want to make you uncomfortable.”

I smiled at him, reaching out and placing my hands behind his neck. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me in close to him. “I do appreciate that,” I said, kissing his cheek lightly. “But don’t be too well behaved, because Escort Sivas this morning was thrilling.”

He smirked. “You liked that, huh?”

“How could I not? Your fingers are magic.”

“You pussy is heaven on Earth,” he said, leaning down to kiss me. I pushed myself closer to him, falling into the kiss. His tongue pushed its way into my mouth and I eased my tongue forward to meet his. We kissed for a while, staying close and sighing into each other’s mouths. But soon the energy shifted, and I felt his dick straining through his pants. I could tell he was trying to behave, but that wasn’t what I wanted right now.

I dropped down to my knees and quickly undid his pants and belt, feeling very thankful that my car was parked next to another one that hadn’t left yet, so we were sandwiched between the two vehicles, enough cover to discreetly lick up his dick from his balls all the way to his swollen head.

His legs shook and his dick twitched, and I looked up and locked onto his eyes as I slowly placed my lips around the head of his dick and slid down, down, down until my nose was pressed against his stomach. He was being pushed into my throat, and it took everything in me not to gag.

“Fuck, Georgia,” he whispered, pushing the hair out of my face so he could watch me.

I started moving up and down his cock, always letting him return to the back of my throat and being met with deep grunts every time I did so. His hips started to move just slightly, still letting me set the pace.

“Play with yourself,” I heard him say. I looked up at him again, still bobbing on his dick. “Rub your clit, Georgia. When I cum I want to know that you’re cumming with me.”

I shot my hand down my pants and into my underwear that had stayed wet all day thanks to him. My clit was throbbing, as was Josh’s cock, and I knew this wouldn’t take much longer for either of us. Tiny electric currents shot through my body every time I rubbed harder on my clit, and I moaned around his dick, sending vibrations along his length and earning me a long groan from him.

“Georgia, I’m gonna cum, I need you to stop,” he told me. And I felt myself gush slightly around my fingers at his words. I looked up once more and reached up for his hand. I placed his hand on the back of my head and leaned back for just a moment from his dick.

“Cum in my mouth, let me taste you,” I told him quietly, before getting his entire length back in my mouth, moving my fingers even faster inside of me.

“Fuck!” he almost yelled, keeping his hand on my head and starting to thrust deeper into my mouth, into my throat. I stopped moving and let him hold me there, fucking my mouth hard, loving the pained look on his face as he tried to extend this moment, but finally giving in. I felt several quick throbs from his dick and then, finally, his cum was rocketing into my mouth, down my throat.

I rubbed my clit so hard and so fast that I came immediately after, moaning around his dick and feeling my cum leaking down my fingers. Both of our bodies shook as we continued cumming, his spurts getting less intense with every thrust he made into my mouth.

“Goddamnit, Georgia! I love this power you have over me. Every sexy thing you do to me makes me want to fill your body up with my cum,” he told me, easing his dick out of my mouth. My fingers were still lazily rubbing over my clit, sending little shocks through my system every few seconds. “Come here.”

I helped lift me up off of my knees and brought me into his chest. He grabbed my hand and brought it to his lips. “I meant to tell you: you taste fucking delicious.” He finished licking my cum off of my fingers, and I lost it.

I sighed and leaned in to him, kissing him and tasting myself all over his tongue. Josh grabbed my ass cheeks and held my firmly to him, making sure I could feel him already getting hard again.

“See what you do to me?” he asked, moving his lips to my ear.

“I love it,” I whispered back.

“Can I walk you to your car every night?”

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