Jono and I Ch. 02

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Having just arrived at my new college and met my new roommate — the first night continues:-

It had been twelve months since I had last tasted cum and Jono’s cum was the best I had ever tasted. A few more drops appeared on the tip of his now deflating cock — I eagerly licked his cock clean. Jono exclaimed, “Wow that was the best blow job I’ve had in ages. I think we can be very good room mates.” I couldn’t have agreed more.

Jono sat up against the wall at the end of his bed while eagerly looking at my cock. I’m sure it had grown at least another inch as it seemed as solid and as heavy as steel. It almost pulsated in anticipation. Jono suggested I climb onto the bed and stand leaning forward onto the wall. It didn’t take a second invitation — I was up on the bed and standing with by iron hard cock almost in his face. He ran his hands up my legs and then down to my inner thighs — the anticipation becoming almost too much. He then leaned forward and took the head of my penis into his mouth tonguing the very tip of my cock. I moaned with pleasure. The feeling of his tongue swirling around by head and his hands massaging my legs made me weak at the knees as I relaxed against the wall.

Jono increased the pace of his tongue movements and then he began to rhythmically take my whole cock deeper in and out of his mouth — the sensation was mind blowing. His hands then began to massage by pulsating balls — my pleasure mounting. Jono could sense that I was nearing climax and he stopped. He then ordered me to get down on his bed on all fours — I complied instantly. He then lay on his back with his head directly below my hanging testicles and rigid cock.

Jono reached up and pulled my cock down to his mouth. While pumping my cock with his mouth his hands found their way to my now fully exposed arse. He massaged my cheeks and then with one finger began massaging and penetrating my hole. The sensation was too much. My muscles tightened and my balls constricted as I built to a mighty orgasm. My breathing deepened considerably as I felt the first waves of orgasm arrive. With all the foreplay and my lack of jacking off over the last week my cum erupted in waves — Jono tried his gaziantep escortlar best to swallow, but because of the volume a considerable amount escaped from his mouth. I had just experienced one of the most amazing orgasms of my life.

I almost collapsed onto my back right next to Jono — he looked over to me — my cum still dripping from his mouth. I moved my lips to his and kissed him while at the same time tasting my own cum. Words could not describe the feelings I had as I tasted my own cum while kissing the person who had just satisfied my sexual needs like no other.

We lay there as I recovered, my breathing returning to normal. I thanked Jono telling him that he was sensational — he smiled. We began talking about our previous male encounters — I told Jono that I had had only one experience with another guy about a year earlier. A long time school friend and I had been mucking around in the summer holidays. The weather was hot and we had gone for a hike — being hot we came to a swimming hole. No one was around so we stripped off and dived in to cool off. We were playing around having play fights — the feel of the cold water against our bodies together with our knocking against each other soon saw us both with erections. We began rubbing each others cocks — soon bringing each other to orgasm. When we left the pool we sat on the rocks confused about what had happened. Matthew then told me that he had always wanted to try it with another guy and it was special that it was with his best friend rather than a stranger. I told him he taken me by surprise but I to had secretly had similar thoughts. He then asked if he could give me a blow job. We spent the rest of the afternoon lying on the rocks looking after each others needs each ejaculating two times more.

Having told Jono my story I noticed that we were both hard again. Jono stood up, collected a bottle of lube and then turned himself around to lie on his back with his head by my feet — top to toe so to speak. We were both right handed and this position allowed us to each use our right hands to massage each others cock. Jono began by placing liberal amounts of lube on his hands and mine. He began massaging my balls and then began working my cock.

As we stroked each other Jono told me of his old roommate. Until he met Sam Jono had only ever fucked with girls. One evening they had both been drinking and had returned to their dorm room frustrated having tried hard all night to find some female company. When they had returned to the dorm room they entered and crashed onto one of the beds together. They lay there moaning about the lack of success they were having getting laid. They had dozed off to sleep.

At some time in the early hours of the night Sam had woken feeling cold and found Jono lying next to him. Sam got out of bed and began to undress out of his party clothes that he fallen asleep in, his intention being to go to his own bed to get some more sleep. He was naked and was feeling horny, his cock almost fully erect when Jono had woken. The first thing he saw was Sam’s cock dangling inches from his face. He watched as Sam turned to find clean boxers, his arse almost in his face — Jono reached out between Sam’s legs and grabbed his cock, massaging it as best he could. Sam had got an unexpected, but pleasurable fright and he turned — not sure what to expect. His cock quickly became fully erect. Jono, still super horny from the night before, looked at Sam and smiled slipping onto the floor and kneeling before him. He took his cock into his mouth and proceeded to give Sam a blow job — the first he had ever given. Sam quickly came and Jono tasted cum for the first time — a taste he never lost an appetite for. Sam had reciprocated for Jono and so began a year of fucking and sucking until the end of the last semester when Sam had changed colleges.

While Jono had been relating his story we had been stroking each other and we were both nearing another climax. I attacked Jono’s cock with even more vigour and I soon had his arse rising from the bed as he tightened his body and came squirting several shots of cum into the air and my hand. Satisfied, Jono increased the pace on my cock and I soon spurted cum all over my stomach — Jono kneeling and licking my stomach clean.

We soon feel asleep, side by side, contended and sexually fulfilled. As the temperature dropped in the early hours of the morning I awoke still lying beside Jono, his flaccid cock lying neatly over his testicles. I couldn’t resist and soon moved over to engage his cock, slowly massaging it to life. His cock began to harden and he began to moan in his sleep. At some point he must have come out of his dream world and he became conscious enjoying the attention he was receiving — I worked for a few more minutes before he again deposited more delicious cum into my waiting mouth. He fell back into a deep and fulfilled sleep.

I covered Jono with a blanket and I returned to my bed soon going back into a deep sleep. Although it seemed like a few minutes, I had been asleep for a few hours. I was having a dream — I was in a room full of guys who were all gay and wildly sucking and fucking each other. I was on all fours sucking a guy with a giant cock while being fucked from behind with someone else underneath be giving me head. I was getting almost ready to blow my load. At this point I began to wake up and there was Jono giving me head. He stopped and looked at me sating that my dream must have been good because my moaning had woken him up. He couldn’t help but notice my erection so he thought that in light of my efforts earlier in the morning the least he could do was reciprocate. Who was I to complain! He attacked my cock with enthusiasm and I soon ejaculated — he took the whole lot without wasting a drop.

The last twenty four hours were now a blur. I had begun at a new college and had found a roommate who was going to look after my needs. We lay next to each other chatting. Jono said that he and his last roommate, Sam, had come to an agreement that they would only engage in activity together during weekends as during the week we needed to be focused on our studies. He asked if I would be happy with that arrangement as well. I readily agreed.

Over the next week we established a very happy, friendly and free relationship. We happily went about our student life sharing our room happily. Jono and I were very comfortable naked in each others presence and we had no problem with us both using the bathroom together. We openly masturbated when we felt the urge be it in bed, while sitting at our desks studying or in the shower — fertile young soles needed to be satisfied!

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