JoJo Receives a Letter

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Mistress Del has left JoJo to visit a new friend on the west coast. She has been there a few weeks and decides to send JoJo a letter updating her as to Mistress Del’s whereabouts and why she had to leave so abruptly. JoJo receives the letter and takes it to her bedroom to read. She decides to get into bed and after putting on her classic pink baby doll she opens the letter.

Dear JoJo,

I am sorry I had to leave so soon but I want you to know that my work here is almost complete. My friend from school called and told me her husband has a desire to become her bitch boy. He would like to become a cross dresser like you but she does not know how to train him. Since she knew I did she called and pleaded with me to come and visit. His name is Graham but I will refer to him as Frannie throughout this letter. He is about 10 years older then me but in very good shape, a little taller but built like you my little pet.

After consulting with my friend Alice she told me to go ahead and do as I must to make Graham into a sissy husband. She loved the idea and asked if she could watch. I told her I did not mind as long as she did not interfere with my training. She agreed and we started the next morning, since it was Saturday and he was to be home all day. He was told to tell his co workers that he would be off on Monday and possibly Tuesday for personnel reasons.

In the morning after breakfast I told Graham that from now on he would be called Frannie at home and then I said loudly with an stern voice,

“I want you to do anything I say without question, starting from now!”

Graham replied, “My, you don’t waste time do you? Ok then, I’m yours to command.”

I knew he was mine then and as I slapped his face hard I replied.

“Listen Bitch this is the last time you will speak to me like that. From now on I am to addressed as Mistress, DO YOU UNDERSTAND?”

His demeanor changed, he immediately looked to the floor as said, “Yes Mistress.”

“Take a shower then and put these on afterwards” I ordered.

He looked surprised as I handed him a pink nylon thong, which would barely cover his cock and balls, matching pink see thru bra, pink stockings and garter belt. I knew that this would become the initial humiliation that is so needed to train a male Bitch.

When he returned I was dressed in my red patent leather high heels, red stockings and red leather teddy, my “Mistress in Charge” image. There was this hairy six-foot tall professional man dressed in girly pink, which obviously turned him on as well, the thong was barely able to contain the swelling cock as it pushed the material to it’s limits. If you were here JoJo I would have had you drop to your knees and suck his cock until it exploded. As you know when I am in charge I get very horny and this was no exception.

I walked behind him inspecting him as I stroked his stocking clad thighs and caressed his ass, mmmmmm his hairy tight ass. Then I reached inside his panties to squeeze his powerful erection, as he moaned I squeezed harder until he screamed in pain. Laughing at my “Bitch in training” I moved him to a small table and pushed him over it, forcing his ass up in the air I slapped it hard and moved to the other side of the table. As I approached his head, my pussy was dripping with anticipation, I could not contain myself any longer. I grabbed his hair pulling him to me and positioned his head so his chin was resting on the table. I pulled his face to my pussy and told him to watch and obey as I swayed back and forth, I masturbated furiously, my fingers fucking in and out of my sopping wet pussy. Using the back of my hand to massage my clit bringing Anadolu Yakası Fetiş Escort me to an explosive orgasm. I screamed at him,

“Yesssssss, OOOOOOO, YESSSSSS Bitch we have just begun”

I was now in that place I am with you, so fucking hot all I wanted to do was to humiliate him. I wanted Graham to realize he now was Frannie, my bitch Frannie, so I turned around, bent over and backed up to push my very wet pussy and ass into his face.

“Lick my cum Bitch, make me cum again, BITCH!” I demanded.

He did beautifully, licking my clit and ass as I swayed back and forth, turning around to expose both of my pleasure places to his willing mouth. His tongue was now moving like a piston, in, out, in and out again trying to please his Mistress. The sensations were too much and I shuddered to another glorious orgasm before falling to my knees to compose myself for the next stage of my plan. As I gradually recovered I wiped my “juices” onto my hand then wiped my hand across his nose and mouth so that he would remember this night forever, the night he became my “Bitch Frannie”.

JoJo is now shaking as she reads this letter, she is in a state of high excitement reading how her Mistress is taking command of Graham. She is training Graham to become a sissy Bitch just as she did to JoJo. JoJo was starting to feel that stirring in her groins, that longing she always felt when Mistress Del was there. She put her free hand between her legs, caressing her cock as she continued to read the letter.

Time for a little reward for Frannie, I had just completed two climaxes and now felt she should be allowed to become a satisfied Bitch. I went behind her and pressing my fingers between her legs stroked the flimsy nylon covering her now very, very stiff cock. I ordered that she must not shoot her cum into these nice clean pink panties or I would have to punish her. She nodded her head affirming my order but I knew that the sensations of my caresses on her cock and balls were far too strong and her twitching cock totally betrayed her, showing her mounting excitement. But even I wasn’t prepared for the spectacular eruption as she screamed,

“OOOOHHHH MMM MMYYYYY GGGGOOOODDDDDDDD, no, please no, I’mmmmmmm ccccuuuuuummmiiiinnnnggggg. NOOOOO, PLEASEEEEE NOOOOO”

Then her cock exploded, exploded and exploded, spurting gob after gob of thick white cum into her pink panties. I had never seen a cock cum with that force, the panties became so saturated from the cum it started dripping through onto the floor, making a small puddle. A puddle of thick white fabulous cum.

“Oh you are a very bad sissy” I yelled “Look at the mess you’ve made in your new panties, you’ve ruined them, now I have to severely punish you.”

As I contemplated her punishment I heard a sound and realized that Alice had been watching and was also masturbating. As I looked up her finger was fucking her pussy, in a fury that was bringing her to shudder as she screamed,

“Mistress beat him, beat the Bitch , Mistresssssss, YESSSSSS, OOOOOOOO, YESSSSSSSS, I’MMMMMMMM Ccuuummmiinnngggggg.”

Frannie looked in shock but said nothing as she continued to breathe heavily in the wake of her powerful ejaculation. I went over and picked up a knife and cut the panties, ripping them off I used them to clean up the puddle of cum on the floor. I brought them up to her face and wiped them under her nose before saying angrily,

“Look what you’ve done to them you filthy BITCH.”

I pushed them into her mouth, then cut a stocking from her leg and used it as a gag. When I cut the garter belt from her waist she started to scream Anadolu Yakası Gecelik Escort in fear, the fear of not knowing what was to come next, as I tied it tightly around her neck and pulled her to me.

“You must be punished you know that don’t you?” I said. “You can only cum when I allow you to, you understand BITCH?”

By now JoJo was in a state of erotic excitement, her cock growing redder and redder. He hand now grabbed her cock fully and she started to stroke it, very slowly at first, she was in a trance, her motions were automatic as she turned her attention back to the letter.

Frannie mumbled through her gag and nodded her eyes grew larger, now she knew I was in charge and could do anything I pleased. Frannie knew who was in charge and now had that look on her face that you get when I start to demand more and more from you. JoJo I hope you have not cum yet I have not completed my training and the rest should get you so hot you will beg me to cum.

“I have to gag you, because I don’t want to hear you whimpering while I whip your ass.”

I pulled out a cat of nine tails and waved it in front of her face saying,

“I’m going to have to use this because you’ve been a bad sissy Bitch, shooting your cum into your panties.”

She looked, a sort of pleading look, but I could see by her cum stained cock that her excitement was building again.

“If I hear a noise from you I’ll have to punish you more severely, so I want complete silence.”

With that I turned her around and pushed her over the table. I whipped her ass, lightly to start with until it was obvious that she could take more and more. I hit her harder and harder until her prick stiffened more and more, while the cheeks of her ass become redder and redder.

“No noise Bitch” I said as I increased the force of the whip. I always enjoy this part of my training session and again I went too far. Frannie couldn’t refrain from a little whimper as the stinging became too more sever. I was whipping her so hard it caused her ass to welt up.

“Frannie oh you’re in for it now!!” I bellowed.

“You’re ass is mine!” I was screaming as I watched her cock twitch again and again with anticipation of the unknown.

I reached for some oil I had left on the table and put some on my hands and went behind my Bitch again. She could not see or know what was happening until she felt my oily hands on her reddened ass, rubbing some soothing liquid into the sore skin. She sighed with relief and I could tell it felt good, even more so as I fondled her balls which had her cock ready to explode. I stroked up and down her bare thighs, god I was turning myself on as my fingers moved back up to her anus before focusing on her tight hole.

I slipped one, then two fingers in and then suddenly felt her sphincter being stretched as my well lubricated finger pushed deep into her ass. I could tell by the way her body stiffened and her fingers clenched that the realization finally dawned on Frannie. She knew that her ass was going to be sodomized. I started to increase the tempo of my fingers and then I motioned to Alice to strap on the big thick and ridged cock I had brought along. Graham was about to be used by his wife who was now going to feel what it was like to fuck someone. To dominate a sissy Bitch husband, her Graham was now to become her Bitch Frannie.

She positioned herself behind Frannie and as I guide the cock she began to push the powerful monster into that forbidden ass, Alice began to realize that the motion, rhythm and sensation was the power, which is the ultimate aphrodisiac. She was now completely Anadolu Yakası Genç Escort in charge, dominating her Bitch Frannie.

The power started to over take her, which caused her to push in and out faster and faster, deeper and deeper, causing her body to slam into Frannie. Her hips moved backwards and forwards as she grabbed the garter belt, like reins on a horse, she reached around to grab the prick, that enormous thick eight inch prick. She realized that the knob end of “her” cock must have been stroking Frannie’s g-spot by the moans of delight escaping from her mouth. Frannie started to moan,

“Yessssss, please Mistress Alice, fuck me, take me like the Bitch I am, please fuck your Bitch, please”.

Then her cock started to twitch, becoming redder and redder until finally turning purple feeling that big long thick cock pounding her ass. Frannie was now in that state of grace between heaven and hell, her body screaming for release and her mind saying no you must obey. As always the Bitch gives in and begins shooting cum all over her Mistress Alice’s’ hand. As Frannie scream in ecstasy when she exploded, Alice took her hand to her mouth laughing as she licked her fingers clean, loving the taste of her Bitch’s sweet cum, then continued fucking until she shuddered to her own climax.

As I watched this changing of the guard my own pussy became hotter and hotter. I could not stand by anymore so I also used the other dildo I had brought along to fuck myself. I switched on the controls to high and began to fuck my wet pussy faster and harder until all you could hear was a chorus of


They looked like dogs in heat until she finally withdrew from his asshole which still gaped even after the dildo was long gone. She glanced over to me, a look of what do I do next as I went over to her and told her to get on her knees. She immediately did as I commanded. I turned to Frannie and told her to kneel, then I walked between them and commanded,

“I am your Mistress, both of you are to please me now”.

With that Alice started to lick and suck my wet pussy and Frannie began to kiss and probe my ass with her long firm tongue. My body started to sway faster and faster and in a few seconds it exploded in a deep and long orgasm. When I subsided I fell into their hands, now both of them held their Mistress.

Yes JoJo my work is now completed and I should be home soon. Please be prepared to obey and serve your Mistress.

P.S. You may cum JoJo

As always


Mistress Del

As JoJo finished the letter her little clitty cock was very hard, playing with it as she read the letter it was now ready to explode.. She was at the end of her limit, her body was pleading for release as she turned over and began to fuck her pillow. She reached into her pier behind the bed and pulled out her double headed dildo. She put one end against her cock and the other in her mouth. She jerked one end against her hard cock and sucked the other end harder and deeper, faster and faster as if it were real, until she felt her climax nearing. She turned over and JoJo screamed,


With that she put the end next to her cock and shot a thick white stream onto it. Exploding over and over until the cock head was pure white from her cum. She could not contain herself and placed the end near her lips then opening her mouth she licked the cock clean, saying to herself, “mmmmmmm just pleasing my Mistress”. JoJo rolled over, curled up and went to sleep hoping to dream about the day her Mistress will be back.

JoJo has a friend named Jackie or Jax for short, that so wants to meet Mistress Del. She will arrange for that when Mistress returns. Her adventures will continue as she will introduce Jax to Forrest. Who knows somehow Mistress Del will appear again, it could become a fun to see who becomes JoJo’s Master/Mistress. Only the future will hold the answer.

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