Johnny and Ms. Stevens Ch. 02

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Double Penetration

Donna went back to the tip of Johnny’s cock and teased it once more then suddenly she engulfed the entire 8 inches of his glorious length and buried him in the back of her throat swallowing so that he could feel her muscles massaging his head. Her nose was buried in his soft down and she had even managed to take in half his balls. Johnny moaned with pleasure and delight he couldn’t take anymore.

“Oh my God, Ms. Stevens you’re fantastic…Oh God, I’m going to cum.” Johnny said excitedly.

Rather than spitting him out and reducing to a hand job just in time for his explosion like all the younger girls he’d had. Donna sucked his length back down again deeper than he had thought humanly possible and as her throat massaged his aching cock he felt the first spurts of his hot cum shoot into the back of her throat. Donna groaned in delight and began to gulp and lick and suck at his member until not one drop was left to be spilled. It was truly the most intense thing Johnny had ever felt.

Without a word he grabbed her arm and pulled her back up to him for another casino şirketleri deep passionate kiss. Then turning to the island in the middle of the kitchen he gently lifted her up onto it. Pushing up her gown to reveal the sweet white lace and see through fabric of her sexy little thong. Johnny was so turned on that he went straight to work, never even removing them, just pulling them to the side to give him access to her gleaming pussy lips.

He bowed his head and started right at the opening to her pussy just barely inserting the tip of his tongue and licking gently upward to her clit in one sleek motion. Donna quivered beneath his lips:

“Oh, Johnny. Yes baby, eat my pussy—lap it all up. That’s a good little boy…Mmm, yeah…just like that!” She cried out as she came in his hot mouth.

Johnny savored every droplet of Donna’s creamy-sweet nectar. And her fulfillment was as wonderful to him as his own had been. Knowing that he could bring a woman with her experience to her knees made Johnny feel very powerful and very ready to take her again.

Donna casino firmaları kissed him deeply and wildly. She wanted him to finish the job. Wanted to feel him deep inside her. Johnny knelt to her ample breasts and nuzzled and nibbled them. Sucking her nipples to their fullest. Feasting on them as if they were his last meal.

Johnny flipped Ms. Stevens over and leaned her against the island running his hands down the small of her back following the golden trail of baby fine hairs that shimmered with the sweet sweat of excitement. He caressed her supple ass kneading each cheek with his whole hand as her breaths changed into shallow little gasps. Sliding his finger down the crack of her round rump he let it find its way into her glistening honey pot and let it dive in deep and hard and fast over and over again. As she squirmed he added a second finger and then a third stretching her open and letting her know just what he had in store for her. He teased her over and over again with his hands until her juices were running between his fingers and trickling down her legs. güvenilir casino

She wanted him. She couldn’t wait for him any longer he was driving her completely mad,

“Please Johnny…please be a good boy now and fuck me like you mean it. Please I need to feel your cock deep inside me—feel your warmth filling my soul.” She begged him.

Johnny was more than ready to take her. Bending his knees behind her at the island he entered her slowly. Barely getting inside. Listening to her squeal—listening to her beg.

“Please Johnny please—fuck me—please slide deep inside me and fill me up.” Ms. Stevens begged.

Johnny let go. Allowing himself to sink deep within her. Sliding in and out again and again with all his might. Donna couldn’t remember ever having felt a man that was so intense—so powerful inside her. He had so much energy and stamina that he brought her to climax over and over again before he was done.

And with the early morning barely passed they knew that they had time for a shower, a nap—and a day full of exploration. Johnny knew he’d never miss going home with his roommate Mark for the holidays—any holiday—any reason—for the remainder of their college days. He and Ms. Stevens would always have a special way of celebrating each and every one of them…

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