Joey Finds a New App Ch. 43

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Chapter 43

Ms. Katy dropped Joey back off at work, kissing him goodbye from the car. Joey went into work to finish his shift cleaning the back offices. He found that despite multiple surprise changes in his relationship with others this week, he once again was pensive on this now changed relationship with his manager. He assumed when he was at work he would need to behave as before, but then at times after work he may be called on to perform ‘other duties.’

There was only a little over an hour left on his shift and he worked to finish up the janitorial duties on time. He figured he’d finish in the locker rooms with sweeping and mopping and he was wrapping up as Frankie came in to get changed and finish his shift.

“Hey, handsome,” Frankie said in a flirtatious tone.

“Hey, Frankie. How was your shift?” Joey politely replied.

“Not bad. Some crazy lady had her head under the salad bar hood. She said she couldn’t see what she was putting on her salad through the glass,” Frank complained as he started getting changed. “How about you? I thought you were doing bathrooms today?”

“Na. Ms. Katy needed me to move some stuff around and then I had to clean up the staff area,” Joey said while he finished mopping up.

Joey turned and caught a glimpse of Frankie bending over getting stuff from his locker. He was only wearing tight boxer briefs that showed off his fat ass and wide hips. He kept staring thinking he wouldn’t mind having some fun with Frankie and then shook off his reverie, wondering what it was that triggered him thinking about boys the way he thought about girls. Before he went back to his task, Frankie turned and threw a towel over his shoulder giving Joey a perfect view of the very sizeable bulge in his briefs. Not being able to hide his surprise, Joey gasped slightly as he took in the view of Frankie’s cock before glancing up at his smiling face.

“You’re not the only one who’s blessed around here, Stud,” Frankie said smiling wide as he hefted his thick cock through his briefs.

Shaking his head and slight embarrassed, Joey said “Oh. Uh. S. sorry, I didn’t mean to stare, I was just… surprised.”

“You’re not the first one to say that. Most boys can’t keep up with my needs,” Frankie said. “I’m heading up to Newton tonight for a frat party, so who knows. Maybe tonight’s the night,” he continued thoughtfully. “I can usually find someone who’s not out of the closet yet and willing to play. That is unless you want to play?”

“Uh… well. I’ve never been on the receiving end um,” Joey stammered.

“You mean you’ve only ever topped?” Frankie said.

“Yeah. I guess. Not sure of the right words and what not,” Joey answered.

“I’m heading to the shower so I can get ready for tonight if you want to join me,” Frankie said smiling as he walked to the shower room. “I’d love to give you a go.”

Joey watched as Frankie walked to one of the shower rooms and went in. He left the door ajar which was frosted glass and while it blocked the view, he could see Frankie hanging his towel and then slipping off his briefs. Despite the lack of detail through the glass, Frankie’s rather impressive cock was clearly half hard as is hung out in front of him. Frankie leaned out and smiled at Joey looking as inviting as possible and the still flabbergasted Joey stood watching. He wasn’t sure what had taken him aback so much. He had seen several impressive cocks this last week and they didn’t leaving him stammering. He supposed it was seeing such an impressive cock on someone so effeminate. He hadn’t even thought to check his dick size when he looked at his profile the other night. He guessed that’s what contributed to his surprise. He remembered playing with Kelly’s cock while he fucked her and how impressive it felt when she shot her load. He remembered his brother’s little dick and how his cum tasted when he sucked him off. Getting turned on and deciding to go for it, he returned the mop bucket and undressed at his locker.

He went to the shower and opened the glass door and saw Frankie washing his hair. Being completely nude now and with his arms up, he could see the round, fat ass and hips asyabahis yeni giriş that enticed him earlier. He stepped into the shower and after closing the door, walked up behind Frankie and pressed into him. Joey’s hands rested on Frankie’s hips as he pushed his hardening cock against his ass.

“I was hoping you’d pay me a visit,” Frankie said reaching around pulling Joey against him.

“Well, I’m not entirely sure what you were implying when you said you’d give me a go, but I know I’d like to have some of this right now,” Joey said in Frankie’s ear as he pulled him close.

“I’m not sure I can handle someone like you, Joey; but I’d like to try,” Frankie replied in a raspy voice.

Frankie turned and sank to his knees, lifted Joey’s shaft and immediately began licking the surface of his cock. He leaned down and took his balls into his mouth causing Joey to grunt and moan. As Frankie got into servicing Joey it became apparent that he had some practice at this role. Frankie appeared to be as expert at sucking his cock as any of the women he had been with recently. He was at least equally skilled as Mrs. Tyler and his mom who had blown his mind with their recent blowjobs. Within a few minutes, Joey was fully erect with Frankie sucking and stroking him in a nice rhythm. His hands slid back and forth over the hard slippery shaft while his mouth continued to engulf his cock.

Joey noticed that Frankie was avoiding him reaching his throat as he likely was not aware of the recent changes to his gag reflex. He let Frankie continue like this for several minutes, enjoying the blowjob he was receiving from his effeminate partner. He placed his hand gently on the back of Frankie’s head to encourage him and felt some slight resistance. He placed his other on his head after a few more strokes and then started slowly rocking his hips into Frankie’s mouth. Frankie was looking up at Joey with the lustful fear he had seen with some of his recent partners, and he knew how to handle this. His recent ‘training’ with Coach as well as his experience with Adam, Billy and Steve gave him a hunch on how to handle girly boys and he mentally prepped himself for the role.

“C’mon, baby,” Joey said in a deep voice. “I know you can take me. Show me how much you like my, dick, Frankie.”

Frankie responded with a guttural moan and submissively allowed Joey to enter his mouth deeper. Joey rocked in until he felt the back of Frankie’s throat and looked down at his fearful desperate expression.

“You want me to fuck your throat, don’t you Baby?” Joey continued. “You want to feel my hard cock slide down your girly throat.”

Frankie moaned and nodded slightly with Joey’s cock filling his mouth, “Mm hm.”

“I’m going to teach you how to take a real man in that sexy mouth of yours. You ready to please me?” Joey continued.

“Mm hm,” Frankie nodded again.

Joey pressed the head of his cock against Frankie’s throat and looked down at his wide eyes and flared nostrils as he breathed hard around his cock.

“Now just relax that throat and let my cock in,” Joey said while pressing slightly.

Frankie moaned in excited anticipation and was likely surprised by his depleted gag reflex. Joey pressed again prompting more moans from Frankie. With another push his glans made its way into Frankie’s throat and exhibited a moan from them both. Joey cradled Frankie’s small face by the jawline with both hands and started sliding his cock into his girly, hot, wet throat.

“Oh, yeah. You’re gonna be my good cocksucker, aren’t you, Frankie?” Joey teased.

“Mm hm,” Frankie responded.

Joey continued to drive his shaft down Frankie’s throat, enjoying his dominant role. While he explored this somewhat with Billy; Steve and Adam he hadn’t fully embraced this role yet and Joey was beginning to enjoy it immensely. Within a few minutes, Joey had bottomed out and felt like, once again he had founded another throat for him deposit his load. He started stroking with short purposeful movements, then longer ones as the tension grew. After several minutes more, he was full on stroking his cock in and out of Frankie’s mouth. asyabahis giriş Frankie happily and lustfully accepted the mouth fucking and had taken to stroking his own sizeable dick while doing so. The moans from them both grew louder and more lustful as Joey continued fucking his face.

Joey had taken complete control now, driving his dick in and out of Frankie’s accepting throat. His cock was covered in saliva, and it dripped lewdly on Frankie’s chest from his chin. More than ever before, Joey felt like he was literally fucking someone’s throat as if he were fucking a pussy. When he’d close his eyes, he felt like Frankie’s throat could have been a girl laying there with her legs spread taking his cock, stroke after stroke. The fluid movement in which he entered Frankie’s throat was amazing and quickly brought him to the brink of orgasm.

“You ready for my cum, Baby?” Joey groaned at Frankie.

“Mm hm,” Frankie whimpered.

“I hope you’re hungry, cum slut, ’cause I’m going to fill you up right now,” Joey stated authoritatively.

Joey got a good grip on each side of Frankie’s head and started slamming his dick balls deep in the welcoming gullet. He grunted loudly while fucking the effeminate boy’s throat a when looked into Frankie’s eyes he swore he was looking at a young girl swallowing his cock. This vision pushed him immediately over the edge and felt himself release into Frankie’s throat.

“Oh, fuck yeah!” Joey grunted through his teeth. “You’re one fucking hot bitch, Frankie! I can’t wait to fuck you hard! Swallow my cum, bitch! Mm!” he continued abusively.

Frankie moaned and his eyes rolled as he received Joey’s thick, liquid delivery. He expertly swallowed the massive amount of cum being dumped into his mouth and while he looked fearful, he handled it with ease. Joey watched in amazement as Frankie gulped again and again without losing a drop of cum.

“Oh man! You were meant to suck cock, Baby,” Joey said while watching the wannabe girl beneath him while finishing his hefty load.

Joey watched while Frankie swallowed the remaining gushes of his cum with surprising expertise. He felt something warm splash across his shins and knees and realized Frankie was shooting his load as well.

“You love my cum so much, you shot your load while swallowing it, Slut,” Joey teased. “I had no idea I worked with such a cum slut! Swallow it down, Baby!” Joey grunted.

Finishing the blowjob, Joey and Frankie washed and rinsed in the shower and moved to the locker room to get dressed. He watched Frankie get dressed in front-cutout jeans with frayed sides and felt pretty sure Frankie could pass for a girl if he really tried.

“So, Frankie,” Joey began. “Do you mind if I ask you some questions about your, err therapy?”

“Ask away, Stud,” Frankie replied while putting on a button down, fitted shirt.

“You mentioned you were using hormone drugs and I, I guess I just wanted to know what you wanted to achieve?” Joey asked hesitantly. “What are you hoping for with the treatment?”

“Joey. You’re asking a lot of questions in one sentence, you know?” Frankie responded. “Take me out for a quick drink and I’ll spill the beans.”

“Sounds good, Babe,” Joey smiled as he finished dressing.

Joey and Frankie finished getting dressed and ready for the evening before heading out for the night. Frankie led Joey to local pub-restaurant, and they found themselves seated comfortably with a couple of sodas and a tortilla appetizer dish.

“So, what is it you want to know, Joey?” Frankie asked while sipping his cola.

“I don’t know,” he stammered. “You mentioned you were on a treatment program. What does that look like? Did you see a doctor?” Joey continued. “I guess I’m just curious; do you want to be a girl? Or a feminine boy?”

“You’re cute, Joey,” Frankie smiled in response. “Of course, I want to be a girl. I feel like a girl inside,” he continued. “But my body is what it is. When I go on dates, most dudes like my package and they want to play. I guess if I had to choose, I wish I was a woman and there wasn’t a whole weird moment where I had to explain why I am the way asyabahis güvenilirmi I am.”

“That’s a lot,” Joey responded empathetically. “It must be hard for you to date and find people that, er are OK with everything. When you go out, do your dates know you are a boy?”

“Joey. Clearly, I’m male,” Frankie responded. “If I could pass for female I would shoot for that every time.”

“Well, I don’t know Frankie, but I think you look a lot, er, I think you’d pass for a girl any day of the week,” Joey blurted out.

“Really?” Frankie responded.

“I don’t want to be graphic and all, but while you were doing your thing with me, I’d swear I was watching a sexy chick suck m, er, you know,” Joey answered.

“Joey. Are you saying when I was sucking your huge cock, you thought I was a girl?” Frankie inquired.

“I guess so, yeah,” Joey responded. “It was kinda hot.”

“Wow. I guess my treatments are finally helping,” Frankie said thoughtfully.

“I think if you really want to be a girl, you just need to start dressing like one,” Joey said encouragingly. “I mean, I know you still have a, er dick and all but I think you’d make a sexy girl.”

“I sometimes dress as a girl at home, but I’m still working on the full thing. I see a counselor every other week and my doctor checks my levels and such,” Frankie explained further. “I’m excited that my body is changing now, and I can’t wait to be ready for the surgery.”

“Wow. So, you’re going to go all the way, huh? Do you think you’ll miss your er, maleness?” Joey asked.

“That’s the main reason I’m working with my therapist. Just to make sure that’s what I really want and that I’m ready for it. I’ve actually shrank a little already in that department. I used to be close to 11 inches and thicker than I am now,” Frankie said. “I’ve been taking a treatment regimen for a year now and have changed a lot, already. Here’s a picture of me before starting,” Frankie said while opening his phone and scrolling through pictures.

Joey leaned over and looked at Frankie’s phone and saw a young man who was slightly effeminate, but clearly male. He was not all that dissimilar to Adam or Steve before their recent changes with the notable exception of his long, thick cock.

“Man. You’ve changed a lot,” Joey observed.

“Yeah, I’m still changing. I’ll being seeing my doctor this week to review my changes. He’s going to be surprised, I think,” Frankie added.

Joey and Frankie continued to their discussion on gender therapy and Joey shared some of the changes in his own friends and his brother. Frankie asked about the comment Joey made the other day regarding his brother giving him blow jobs and Joey admitted they had been experimenting due to his recent changes. He talked about the makeover day he had with Adam last week and offered the stylists name in case Frankie was interested in his own makeover. They finished their snack and parted ways for their respective evening activities.

Joey checked his phone for any messages from his friends or Miss Roxanne.

Miss Roxanne to Joey — Hello Lover. When are you coming home to me? BTW, I’m still with your mom. She and I enjoyed our day together.

Kevin to Joey – Yo. How wuz work, Dude? Fun day here. A & K went shopping…. again! Stevie, Jules, Stacey and I have been hanging out having fun. Welcome to join us if U R bored.

Jane to Joey — Missed you last night, Brother. Might need you to visit soon.

Adam to Joey — Hey brother, I’m going to hang out with Kelly tonight. We’re going shopping for some more ‘girly’ clothes. She said my wardrobe was sad. 🙁

Billy to Joey — Whatcha doin’ tomorrow, Joey? I’m getting the new CoD on download if you want to stop over and hang out.

‘Phew’, Joey thought to himself. A lot to take in, even after a long sex filled week. He knew he was heading home to pick up Miss Roxanne, but thought he’d throw some quick replies before driving.

Joey to Miss Roxanne — OMWTY — ICWTSY

Joey to Kevin — Tempting, Dude. I’m picking up Miss Roxanne again and may just hang out with her. Hard to say.

Joey to Jane — OMW, home Sis. R U there?

Joey to Adam — If you are dressed like you were last night, I’ll be the first to sponsor your purchases!

Joey to Billy — I got a few things going on but may reach out after lunch.

When he finished, Joey took off and headed to the house to see what was going down.

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