Joe’s Send Off to University

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As the teenager mounted the stairs he heard a sound and paused with his foot on the top step to listen. He had been working all day helping his parents prepare for their party. They had moved all the furniture around, prepared the food, the barbecue and outdoor furniture. His parents had a large group of friends who took it in turns to hold a party occasionally and as a few of them would be staying the night Joseph had arranged to stay with Anthony who would be going up to University with him in a few days time. Most of the people who were coming to the party were either work colleagues of his father and their spouses or neighbours, all of whom he had known for years.

The sound was still indistinct, a soft rustling that he couldn’t quite pinpoint. It stopped and was replaced by a splash and then a longer drawn out rushing of water. He smiled – someone was peeing in the bathroom. It lasted a long time, stopped briefly and was followed by a shorter splash. After it had stopped he heard the squeak of the toilet paper dispenser followed by the rustling again. He smiled at the thought that one of the lady guests had slipped her panties down on the other side of the door. He allowed himself a brief delicious moment choosing which of them he would like it to be and settled on ‘Aunt’ Gil, whom he considered to be the sexiest of his parent’s friends.

Joseph started moving again, walking along the landing towards his bedroom. As he walked, the door to the bathroom opened behind him and a voice called out.

“Hi Joe, how are you?”

He jumped a little and then turned.

“Hi Aunt Gil, I’m fine how about you” he managed to stammer out, being a little embarrassed at the sexy thoughts he had been having about her a few moments before. His eyes involuntarily swept up and down her body taking in her fine figure, which was well built and shapely and coming to rest on her bust.

“I’m well too, thanks, but surely we can do without the “Aunt” now you are pushing 20, especially as I am only a fake aunt. When are you off to University?” Gil had noted his glance and felt a little shiver of excitement run up and down her spine as he undressed her with his eyes.

“Next week. I’ll do my best to drop the “Aunt” for you but I have been calling you that all my life so it’s an ingrained habit.”

She smiled at him. Joe had always admired her and, if he was honest, lusted after her a little. He had often fantasised about her when he was masturbating. She was of his parents generation with long dark red hair and clear white skin that contrasted with it so strikingly. Her lips were bright red with freshly applied lipstick and she flashed him her devastating smile, so wide with such even white teeth; she had a great figure with shapely broad hips and a slim waist and was wearing a brightly patterned red and black silk dress that hugged her shape like a second skin and set off her colouring perfectly. It had short puff sleeves and was cut daringly low over her generous bust revealing her delicious cleavage, with an even deeper scallop between her breasts supporting a floppy bow of the same material. Joe could feel himself colouring and blood flowing towards his crotch.

“Did you enjoy your gap year?” He came back from his fantasy with a bump.

“Oh yes I had a great time.”

“You went travelling didn’t you?”

“Yes, the Middle East and then Nepal, would you like to see some of the pictures?”

“Oh yes please.”

“They are on my computer, come and have a look.”

Joe turned back towards his bedroom and Gil followed him along the corridor. He held the door open for her and then went and sat at his desk as she followed him inside and closed the door behind her. She put her tiny clutch bag on his bed and wandered around his bedroom looking at his books and pictures as he switched his computer on.

“Here they are. I’ll just pick out some of the highlights, I took so many. That’s the trouble with digital cameras, you just keep on snapping.” He brought up some pictures of the souks and mosques in Bahrain and Oman that he had visited. Gil came over and stood behind him leaning over his back to look more closely.

“What fascinating places. The women all look as though they should be on Christmas cards with those long clothes, and the mountains behind the town look so bare and rugged. What a lovely harbour.”

Joe was very aware of her closeness and the feeling of her breath on his neck. She rested a hand on the back of his chair to balance as she leant closer.

“These are in Nepal in the Himalayas.” He was trying not to gabble.

“Oh what a stunning sight. The air looks so clear, was it really that good?”

“Oh yes, and so cold as well. We were quite high and breathing was hard at times. Some of the party had to climb back down as they had altitude sickness. That peak there is Everest.”

Gill leant closer and he felt her breast touch his shoulder. Joe held his breath and brought up more pictures, trying to keep the moment going to avoid losing contact with her.

“Were you travelling Kartal Escort alone or did you take a girlfriend with you?”

“No all on my own, I teamed up with different people who I met on the way.”

Gil leaned over even more and Joe felt the warmth and softness as her breast squashed gently against him. He was finding it hard to breath and keep the conversation going. He wondered whether all his fantasies were about to come true, without really believing it. Taking a deep breath and hoping he was not about to offend her he pressed back gently against her. Gil didn’t draw back.

“Do you have a girl friend Joe?”

“No I never seem to have found the time somehow.”

“Never?” She pressed a little closer responding to his movement.

“No not yet, I guess there will be time for all that later on.”

“I shouldn’t wait too long if I were you Joe,” and she slipped an arm round his shoulder and pressed closer still.

Joe stopped breathing and could feel his arousal starting in his trousers, he had that tingling sensation in his groin and felt his penis starting to stir although it was trapped tightly within his clothes.

“Does that feel good Joe?” Gil was feeling warm at his closeness as well.

He couldn’t speak “Mmmmmmmmm” he nodded.

“Would you like to get a little closer?” He nodded more emphatically.

Gil stepped back, swivelled his chair around and sat on his lap, putting her arms around his shoulders and planting a kiss squarely on his lips. Joe gasped but had just enough of his wits about him to return her kiss. Gil opened her mouth and slipped her tongue between his lips. He had never been kissed like this before and it was a while before he realised she expected him to do the same to her. His shaft was straining at his underwear and starting to form a bulge.

“You can touch if you like.” Gil breathed in his ear. Joe hesitantly raised his hands towards her breasts with his palms forwards. He hesitated an inch or so away from her dress.

“Don’t stop there they won’t bite.” With an outrushing of pent up breath Joe pressed his palms against her. She shivered with pleasure and purred in his ear.

“Mmmmmmmmm that feels good.” Joe could feel the material of her dress against his hands and the shape of her bra underneath it. Her nipples were growing at his touch and made little points in the material that he could feel against his skin.

“Do you like them Joe?”

He didn’t know how to answer as he was embarrassed to admit that he had lusted after her for so long.

“You can get closer still if you unzip me.”

She turned away from him slightly to give him room and Joe reached behind her and found the tag of her zip at the base of her neck under her hair. He drew it down slowly as far as he could reach to the bottom of her spine. She turned back to him and put her arms down so he could slide her sleeves off her shoulders and her dress slithered down into a pool of silk around her waist.

“Oh my god,” thought Joe wondering where to look. His eyes took in the delicious shape of Gil’s breasts and he reached out to stroke them again. Gil wriggled them against his touch and he felt their delicious soft movement against his hands. Her bra was of filmy dark red lace and he could see her white skin and her darker nipples through it.

“Lift them up Joe.” He complied and she shivered at his touch. “I do love that when you take their weight into your hands like that. Have you ever done this before?”

“No never.” Joe was feeling seriously aroused now and was worried that he might spurt before things went any further.

“Oh I am so pleased. As I have seen you growing up I have often fantasised about doing this with you. Do you mind, you have such a gorgeous body?”

“Oh god no, I have had the same fantasy.” Gil laughed and kissed him again “Your fantasy is about to come true” she smiled.

“Don’t go too fast, I think I may come too soon.”

“Don’t worry about that Joe. Undo my bra for me so you can get really close.”

Joe reached around Gil’s back with both hands and found the fastening of her bra but couldn’t work out how to open it.

To help him she slipped off his lap and stood up with her back to him so he could reach. “There does that help?”

As she stood up her dress slithered down her body to lie in a pool at her feet. Joe’s mouth dropped open as he gazed at her body. He could see the back of her panties clinging to her cheeks and emphasising the shapely crack between them. It was made of the same red lace as her bra. She was wearing deep red stockings with a matching garter belt. Her bra strap was still out of reach so he stood up behind her.

This time he could see the three little hooks and opened them one at a time. The straps sprang back and Gil trapped them under her arms before the cups could fall off her breasts. Joe stepped close behind her and could not stop himself from grabbing her cheeks and squeezing them. She wriggled against him. “That feels nice Joe, squeeze a little harder.” He Yakacık Escort needed no encouragement.

Joe’s erection had a little more room now and had found its way up inside his trousers making a tent which he pressed against Gil’s cheeks.She pressed back and squeezed against him and he almost regretted it as he felt his orgasm threatening to come, boiling up from the base of his shaft and tingling just below the ridge under his helmet. His legs felt like jelly and he backed off a little to cool down.

Gil turned round and Joe’s eyes drank in the front of her body. He saw that her breasts had dropped a little and he could now see most of their upper slopes, the edges of her bra cups being almost as low as her nipples. His eyes followed her curves lower until he saw her panties matching her bra that clung to her mound and clearly showed the darker shape of her bush through the lace.

“Slip the straps off Joe.”

He obeyed in a daze and watched as her breasts droppped a little more and exposed even more skin. She raised her elbows and her bra fell to the floor and suddenly Joe was looking at a woman’s nude breasts for the first time in his life. Again he felt his climax starting to build and tried to think of anything but the warm sexy woman in front of him.

“Feel them Joe, stroke them for me, it turns me on so much to feel your touch there. Squeeze my nipples.”

Joe placed his hands on her breasts with her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. He squeezed her breasts and then pressed his fingers together around her nipples. He was amazed at how large and hard they had become on such soft breasts. They were a dark angry red against her pale white skin. He rolled them between his fingers.

Gil closed her eyes and moaned with pleasure at his touch and, putting her arms between them, started to undo the buttons on his shirt. She did them randomly and slipped her nails inside each time one popped open and scratched softly at his hairless chest. When she undid the button nearest his nipples she gripped them between her fingers and squeezed them hard, making Joe gasp at the pleasurable pain. His erection jerked to another level of stiffness.

Once they were all undone she slipped his shirt off his shoulders and arms and it fell behind him trapped in his waistband. Gil felt her own excitement rising. She had told the truth about fantasising about Joe and the feel of the air on her skin and the sight of his bare chest and his touch on her nipples were making her tingle with anticipation.

“I like having them kissed Joe, especially if you suck them for me.”

Joe was in a daze and leant down to nibble at her nipples taking first one and then the other between his lips and sucking at her skin. Her skin was soft and warm and the nipples were hard on his tongue.

“That’s right, you can suck harder if you like, I get so turned on when someone does that to me.” Joe responded by pressing his lips together around a nipple and felt her body jerk in response as she sighed with pleasure. She could feel herself getting wet and her skin was covered in goose bumps as Joe explored her breasts with his tongue and lips. “Oh God that is good” she moaned.

“Feel me down here Joe” as she guided his hand between her legs. “Can you feel how wet you have made me?” Joe pressed his palm against her mound feeling its shape and the slight roughness of the hair beneath the lace. It was warm and damp to his touch.

Gil’s hands stayed busy between them as she undid Joe’s belt and found his zipper and slid it down. She slid her hands around his waist and pulled him against her. He lifted his head and they kissed again as she felt her breasts against his bare skin. Joe could hardly believe what was hapening to him and tried desperately to remember each new thrill so he could play it back to himself later when he was alone. Gil’s hands slid down his bare back and pulled his trousers and shorts down over his buttocks. His trousers fell to his knees but his shorts caught at the front making a tent over his erection.

Gil guided him backwards until the bed caught behind his knees and they both fell in a tangle of arms and legs on the bed. Joe was underneath and had the full length of Gil’s nearly nude body pressed against him.He thought desperately “Fuck I am going to come before I get to first base, I am not even inside her pants yet.”

Gil could feel his tension and knew he was close to coming. She slid down to the floor on her knees between his legs, released his erection from the tent of his shorts and kissed its tip softly. Joe shut his eyes and gritted his teeth, giving himself up to the inevitable ejaculation that had been building up in his balls. Gil slipped her hand around his shaft, slid it to the base and squeezed him hard.

After a few moments Joe opened his eyes, lifted his head and looked at her. “What happened?”

“It works every time, you won’t come for some while now. In fact you will have to work pretty hard to come at all now.”

“What did you do?”

“Just squeezed Kadıköy Escort you. Your body thinks it has come but your cock doesn’t and is still lovely and hard. And what a gorgeous cock it is” as she stroked him.

Gil was amazed at the size of Joe’s erection. He wasn’t all that thick but he was much longer than any man she had seen before. She stroked gently up his shaft pressing his foreskin up over his helmet and squeezing out a tiny drop of white come. He felt so warm and his skin slipped so easily over the hard core of his erection. Gil felt herself getting more and more aroused at the thought of Joe pressing it inside her and hoped that his new found stamina would last a long time.

“There, that is all you produced” as she slid her hand back down, exposing his whole helmet and spreading the drop of white liquid over its red skin. Joe could feel how slippery her finger was and his hips jerked to her touch.

“Now we have that out of the way we can have some fun.” Gil leant forwards, pulled Joe’s shaft towards her and slipped his tip between her lips. She locked eyes with him and slid slowly down his shaft. She seriously thought she would be unable to take the whole of his length into her mouth. Joe’s jaw dropped as he saw himself disappearing slowly inside. He felt calm, as though he had just come, but he was feeling none of the sensitivity that usually caused. It was almost as if his cock was numb, part of a separate body. He felt the arousal caused by Gil’s touch, but none of the urgency to come that he had felt earlier. He loved the warm wetness slowly enveloping him. His neck muscles were in agony keeping his head up so he could watch and he had to relax them, letting his head fall back on the bed as he gave himself up to the pleasure Gil was inflicting on him.

Gil could feel Joe’s tip exploring the back of her mouth as she slid lower. There still seemed to be a lot of him that she had not sucked in yet. As it entered the back of her throat she felt her nose press against his mound and bush, tickling its tip. She was amazed how deeply she had taken him in and how big he was; it was outside her experience. She leant back again and allowed him to pop out.

Joe felt the air cool on the wet skin of his shaft as he lifted his head again and watched her playing with him.

“You have a gorgeous cock Joe” as she stroked his shaft up and down. “I love watching your tip pop in and out of your foreskin like this. It is so arousing, you are making me wetter and wetter.” At each down stroke as his tip popped out she leant down and kissed it. She was feeling very aroused and slipped a hand down between her legs and pressed against herself through her panties.

Again Joe couldn’t keep his head up to watch any longer and allowed it to fall back on the bed and closed his eyes to concentrate on the feelings she was exciting in him. His balls tingled but he had none of the mounting pressure of an imminent spurt and felt she could go on doing it to him for ever.

Gil lifted her other hand and slipped it under Joe’s balls lifting them, feeling their weight and size. “Mmmmmmmmmm there is a lot in there to come out soon, but you are going to have to work so hard to make it come Joe. I bet you will come in buckets.” She slipped his helmet between her lips and started to stroke his shaft faster and faster.

Normally Joe would have exploded but somehow it seemed almost as though this was happening to someone else. Gil watched as her hand turned into a blur as she stroked Joe faster and faster. He seemed to get stiffer but still didn’t come. He was groaning with pleasure and lifting his hips against her hand each time she stroked him.

“I told you so, you won’t come for ages” and she giggled.

Taking things to the next level, Gil slipped Joe’s trousers and shorts down off his legs taking his slippers with them.

“Now take your socks off and come and join me” as she climbed onto the bed, lay back on the pillows and arranged herself leaning on her elbow facing towards him with one leg bent slightly, hiding her pussy from him. Joe spluttered and tried to remove his socks while he was standing up. He hopped around on one leg for a while and eventually sat down beside Gil and slipped them off throwing them on the floor.

“Come and lie down beside me, there is so much I want to show you before you come.” Gil opened her arms and he lay down beside her as she drew him towards her and their bodies touched down their whole length. Joe slipped his arms around her waist and they kissed gently and deeply. His erection pressed in against her tummy and he could feel the warmth of her breasts against his chest. He suddenly realised that he was next to a warm live nearly nude woman and was about to have sex for the first time. His mind raced and he wondered what he should do next. Gil didn’t leave him in suspense for long.

“Would you slip my panties off for me Joe?”

She released him as he knelt up beside her and rolled onto her back lifting her hips a little to help him. Joe slid his fingers under the sides and slowly pulled them down her hips. His eyes were locked on the dark triangle at the base of her belly as it was slowly revealed to him. The dark red hair looked wet and shiny as he drew her panties down her legs and took them off over her feet.

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