Job Evaluation – The Promotion

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Public Sex

Ian’s glorious performance at the football had sealed the deal, many companies had chased their signature but only one had whored out their best boy. As celebratory glasses of champagne were handed out few knew how much he had become a company man.

Carol knew and she beamed with pride at her slut boy, breaking him and rebuilding him as a first cast bitch had been the making of him. She also knew Mike had told her if they were successful she was almost guaranteed the vacant Finance Manager’s job, the first female to hold such a high post in the company.

The previous Finance Manager Steve Roberts had to take a leave of absence because his wife had found out his affair with his PA Diane, who had also stepped down. This leave was really a dismissal after his wife had made repeated scenes in the building.

As Ian entered Carol’s office he knew changes were coming, as she was filling packing boxes with files and emptying the drawers of her desk. She greeted him with a smile, “Well I have some very good news to tell you, I am the very first female Finance Manager official”.

“Wow! congratulations,” Ian forced a smile smiled but inside felt sad, what would he do without Carol.

Carol recognized his sadness and held his face, “Don’t worry, I won’t leave my bitch behind. The first female manager needs the first male PA.”

“Thank you, Carol,” he beamed. The PA’s were the goddesses of the building. Each manager had his own and they went hotter as they went higher.

“And mine has the sexiest arse,” she grinned as she patted his butt.

The PA’s were Susan, a tall blonde ice queen. Karen, a gorgeous curvy black girl, and Alison, Mike’s red-haired bombshell. How was he going to look amongst them, he knew there would be whispers but he cared little.

As he set up his desk in Carol’s outer office area, in walked Alison. She looked magnificent, her tall perfect figure striding towards him. Her mocking smile almost permanently affixed to her face.

“Well, I hear congratulations are in order.” She leaned in, her perfume overwhelmingly intoxicating to him. “So you’re one of the girls now,” she smirked blatantly at him. “And from what I’ve seen of you, you always bursa escort have been.”

Ian blushed crimson at her teasing, making her enjoyment of toying with him more amusing for her. She pushed a small parcel down on his desk, wrapped in a red ribbon.

“Just a little welcome gift from the girls,” and pushed it towards him. “Open it.”

He peeled off the ribbon and opened the package, revealing several pairs of colored panties. His discomfort was a delight for her.

“There’s one for every day of the week,” she delicately lifted a red pair up. “See this one says Monday on the back.” She twirled it around with glee.

“Thank you, and the girls for these,” Ian stuttered out. “Not sure when I’ll wear them.”

Alison leaned close, her smile gone. “You’ll wear them here every day and Carol will check so they better be on and they better be the correct pair.” Her fingers gripped his chin, “You’re one of the girls and you will behave like one.”

Standing erect, she loomed over him. Her smirk returned, “one more thing, the girls have invited you for a drink tonight in Mike’s office at 6.” She spun and strode towards the door, her red ponytail swishing behind her. She stopped abruptly at the door, “Be on time, be in your panties and be prepared.”

Ian stared at the door as she left, then down to the flimsy panties in front of him. He must show he was worthy of being amongst them and he knew what prepared meant.

When he entered the office the PAs were waiting. Alison sat behind Mike’s desk, Susan standing tall in the center of the room and Karen sprawled across the leather settee. They were all dressed in business suits, fitted jackets, and tight trousers. Like the sexiest businessmen, you’d ever seen.

“Well here’s the star of the show”, laughed Alison. “Now Strip!”

He glanced at Karen and Susan, “What here, in front of them?”

“Yes, and It’s not them. It’s Mistress Karen, Mistress Susan, and Mistress Alison to you bitch. Now strip!” Stormed Alison, her face as fiery as her hair.

Ian stood in the middle of the office slowly undressing, till he was down to just his panties.

“Good Boy! and he’s got the correct pair bursa escort on too,” applauded Karen. “And judging by that bulge, he likes wearing them as well.”

Susan circled him and smacked his backside, “Well he does have a cute ass.”

Alison rose from her chair, “Let’s see what other hidden talents he has.” As she rose Ian could see she was wearing a large realistic strap on cock. She mockingly stroked it, “Crawl over here bitch boy and suck my dick.”

His pantied arse wiggled as he crawled towards Alison, to the loud amusement of Karen and Susan.” Shake that ass,” bawled Karen.

As he looked up towards Alison, she held his face. “Now I know you’re a cocksucker, I want to know how good a cocksucker you are. Open those pretty lips.” She pressed the thick plastic cock head into his mouth and pulled him down onto it. His recent experiences proved invaluable in taking it deep into his throat without gagging.

“Oh, he is good isn’t he?” squealed Susan joyously.

Alison smiled down at him in superiority, holding his hair as she face-fucked him. Her cock dripping with his spit.

Karen and Susan now circled him, on either side he could feel their presence. Both now had their strapons attached and fixed in place.

Susan pulled him off Alison’s cock and replaced it with hers, a red smooth dildo that slid easily down his throat. She was less aggressive than Alison and was pleased with Ian’s performance. “Oh, you are a good boy,” stroking his head as he bobbed on her cock.

Karen was much more forceful, she slammed her thick black cock deep into his throat. His eyes watered as she held him on it, the only time he came close to gagging. “That’s what boys like you are made for, bitch, and don’t you fucking cry about it,” slapping his face as she fucked it.

Pulled from one cock to another he took each deep in his mouth never losing eye contact with either delicious mistress. Until Susan pushed him onto his back and slipped off his panties. She lifted up his legs and placed them on her shoulders whilst lube was being applied to his hole by Karen. As the cock was placed at his hole she looked down at him like a goddess with bursa eskort her flowing blonde hair. She smiled angelically as she took his ass and made him hers.

Ian moaned ecstatically as Susan fucked him softly on the rough carpet, gently probing his prostate. “You are my very good boy.”

“My Turn!” barked Karen as she sat lubing up her thick black cock on the sofa. “Sit on it bitch!”

Ian climbed astride her, placing the head of the cock at the tip of his hole. Facing her, he slid down groaning to the delight on her face. Her hands gripped his cheeks and spanked them. “Ride my cock, bitch boy!” She bounced him on her cock, “Whoo, now this is a cock whore.” Her smile lit up as she dominated him, another boy to her collection.

“I think it’s my go now,” grinned Alison. Walking him to the desk and bending him over it. She had never looked so gorgeous to him then she did now. Red hair flowing majestically and her air of supremacy was overwhelming. As she slid her cock in him and started to pound him, he also understood she was the alpha cock in the group.

Each deep stroke had him moaning loudly, helplessly begging for more. He had dreamt of sex with Alison but never like this. The reality had far surpassed the dream.

“I’ve been watching your progress intently but I never thought you would become this good. Carol boasted of what a slut she was making and we were suspectable.” She ground her cock deep in him to the words, “Have to tell her well done, grade A cock slut.”

“Ohh thank you, Mistress Alison,” gasped Ian. “So glad I’ve pleased all of you,” And he genuinely meant it.

“You have, and so I’ll be nice and let you cum,” she reached under and gripped his aching hard cock. Stroking his cock to the rhythm of her fucking made him helplessly explode almost immediately.

His legs buckled as she milked every last drop from his cock whilst pumping her cock deep into him. “You’re one of us now, but know your place. We got here on talent and skill, you got here through being a whore. You are below us and we rule the office. If you let your standards drop and make us look bad, you’ll receive no cock. Carol told us, for you getting a fucking is a pleasure, not a punishment so be a good bitch and we’ll treat you well.”

Ian collapsed spreadeagled across the desk as Alison slid out her cock from his eager hole. “Don’t worry though, you’ve got a long night ahead of you bitch boy,” and tagged in Karen for another turn.

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