Jo knows how to Blow Ch. 02

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In the days and weeks following our adventure at the glory hole, Jo and I had a chance to discuss that evening in depth. I reassured her that I absolutely had no regrets and found the entire evening entirely thrilling. Every time we talked about it or even if I simply thought about my wife sucking five dicks in one night, I got a raging hard on. I could even relive that night by looking at the pictures or watching the videos I took. I knew it wasn’t something we would do on a regular basis but I let Jo know, in no uncertain terms, that I wouldn’t mind if we did something like that again.

From Jo’s perspective, she admitted that she enjoys sucking a dick. She enjoyed it from the very first time she gave her boyfriend a blow job for the first time when she was 18. She felt empowered giving a guy some head; she controlled his pleasurable experience and learned to tease a guy with her lips and tongue to determine when she would let him cum. That didn’t always work out the way she planned, some guys simply shot their loads too quickly but she learned that most times she could control the pace of the act of giving a man oral sex. She became more proud when they would compliment her on her expertise. It was that positive feedback that made her want to do it again. The more confident she became, the more enthusiastic she got which she believed. made for a better blow job.

I knew from the times my wife sucked my dick that she enjoyed it but I now realized that it wasn’t just me, she was enjoying herself too. It made me wonder how many dicks she sucked over the years but she told me it wasn’t as many as I thought. Because of her conservative Asian upbringing, it took her a while to admit to herself that she liked having a hard dick in her mouth. She blew several young men in college but it wasn’t until she started dating Carlos that she even realized herself how much it turned her on. While she didn’t like the way he controlled her, she began to enjoy blowing his friends while he watched or while they watched her in action, whether it was blowing a couple of his friends or letting them watch Carlos fuck her.

It turned her on knowing that other men were watching her sucking a dick while naked from the opposite side glory hole. It only made her want to suck another dick even more. She even told me she thought she could have sucked a couple of more dicks that night but was afraid of what I might think. I had to quickly tell her, I was okay with her sucking as many as she could handle. I didn’t tell her but that statement made me want to take her back to the bookstore immediately so she could do it again. I didn’t want to press my luck either. She was struggling with even admitting her deepest, darkest desires to me and having a difficult time admitting them to herself.

Jo did share that one of her worst fears was running into someone we knew at the bookstore so that made her reluctant to do it again. She didn’t know how she could live that down. I reminded her of what I told her that evening, if someone we knew was there that night or any night, they wouldn’t want others to know either. It’s not like they could go around blabbing they saw us at the adult bookstore. She understood but it would still be awkward seeing that person again.

The thing that surprised me most about that night wasn’t the fact that I saw how much my wife truly enjoyed sucking a dick; it was when she allowed one of the men to suck her breasts, fondle her ass and finger her through the hole. She explained that she was so turned on at the time and felt safe with the wall between them that she let him do it on a whim. I let her know that it didn’t bother me in the least but I was still pleasantly surprised.

My devilish mind was working overtime thinking of other scenarios my wife and I could enjoy that would add some spice to our sex lives. Maybe we could let someone watch us having sex, either in person or in a chat room on the Internet. Maybe we could let someone touch and fondle her but that would have to be in person. My mind went further, I also wanted to see her having sex with someone. The thought of her blowing someone and then getting fucked started to take over my thoughts but I’d have to be careful in approaching Jo. I didn’t want to scare her off by wanting to see her do more and do it more often.

One night while we were having a few drinks before a presumed evening of sexual fun, I

casually brought up possibly letting someone watch us have sex. Jo liked the idea but wasn’t sure it was practical. She, once again, didn’t think she could let someone we knew be a voyeur so I brought up the idea of doing it in the bookstore but she quickly nixed that idea, afraid it would turn into another blow job session which she wasn’t ready for.

When I brought up the idea of a threesome with another man, she wasn’t sure she wanted to fuck someone else. She had blown several men for me but wasn’t sure she wanted to go any further. I didn’t push too hard and figured bursa escort I had scored a semi-victory when she didn’t rule it out completely. I tried to find a middle ground and wondered if she’d let another man only touch her but she was afraid it wouldn’t stop at just touching.

Things weren’t exactly going my way but I began to take pictures of my wife in various states of undress and posting faceless pictures of her on an adult web page. I was at least getting some feedback from men telling me all of the nasty things they’d like to do to her. It gave me some cheap thrills but still didn’t fill the void.

A couple of months after Jo and I visited the adult bookstore, I went out for a few drinks with my buddy Ned. He had been having marital problems for a long time. His wife was a bitch and a cold fish in bed and we had been friends since they moved in down the street from us. We met at a neighborhood barbeque and hit it off as a couple. He had been telling me for a while that he didn’t know how long he could take staying married. That night he told me their divorce was imminent, that they were just waiting on the lawyer to finalize the paperwork.

After we had a few beers, Ned caught me by surprise when he said, “You know, I was at the bookstore that night.”

I didn’t catch on right away and responded, “What bookstore? What night are you talking about?”

“You know, the night you and Jo went to the adult bookstore on 5th street.”

My heart dropped and I felt like I had just been punched in the stomach. Jo’s worst fear was that we would run into someone we knew that night. It turned out to be justified.

I didn’t know what to say and tried to play dumb, “I don’t know what you’re talking about Ned.”

Ned went on to say, “I go there every so often hoping to get a quick blow job or I jerk off in one of the booths because I know sex with my wife isn’t an option. I was hanging out in the back with my hat pulled down and I saw you guys come in. I was shocked when I saw you two head into one of the booths.”

I was stunned too but still tried to fake my way out of this conversation, “Well, we went there on my birthday just to see what it was like.”

“You don’t have to worry about me saying anything, Kevin. Your secret is safe with me.”

I felt a little reassured but still tried to downplay what went on that evening, “Yeah, we only stayed for a few minutes before Jo said she wanted to leave. We went out of curiosity.”

“I’m not trying to embarrass you, Kevin but I was one of the guys she blew that night.”

I chugged the rest of my beer and Ned ordered us another round. I tried to think of a response but, for once in my life, I was speechless. I just looked at him in disbelief.

The only thing I could come up with was to ask, “Which one were you?”

“I was the guy she let suck on her tits, grab her ass and finger her pussy. You fucked her while she was blowing me and I shot such a huge load that made her gag a little.”

Well, there was no doubt he was there that night and I was still trying to come to terms with the fact that our dirty little secret wasn’t a secret anymore, actually, it never was. I was wondering not whether my wife would want to kill me but how she would do it.

The only question I had at that moment was, “Well now what?”

“Kevin, I’m not here to judge you guys, heck, I wish my wife was more adventurous. As you know, things aren’t going well in our marriage and haven’t been for a long time. I can’t wait until the divorce is final and I’m finally free from her.”

I was confused and asked, “So what does that have to do with, you know, the bookstore?”

“Well buddy, I was kind of wondering that seeing I had already seen your wife blow another man and a few others that night, I’ve seen her naked, touched her body and she’s sucked my dick once, I was hoping that she might do it again.”

I told Ned that, first of all, I was embarrassed and that what happened that night was my idea and was part of my birthday present from Jo. He responded by saying that we wouldn’t have been there if I wasn’t okay with her sucking anonymous dicks and that’s why he decided to approach me. Rather than going into a bookstore not knowing who my wife would be blowing, he hoped to convince me that it would be less risky, in a variety of ways, to do it with someone we knew. It could work out for both of us.

Seeing our secret was out, I felt I could talk more freely with Ned now, “To be honest with you Ned, I’ve been trying to convince her to do something like that again without much luck. My first thoughts are that if I tell her that she’s already blown you once and should do it again that she’ll either be okay with it or kill me. Her worst fear was to run into someone we knew, so right now the odds might be with her killing me.”

Ned laughed with me and replied, “I understand but I figured if she has a kinky side to her then I might as well give it a shot. Like I escort bayan said, she’s already blown me once. By the way, Jo sucks a mean dick, man. She’s damn good. The guys that came out of the booths before me thought so too.”

“I knew the guys enjoyed her blow jobs; she has been sucking my dick for years so I know how good she is. My only problem is how do I bring this up to her? I’m okay with inviting you over but I have no idea how to tell her, you know, what was supposed to be our secret.”

“Just let me know, Kevin. I’m ready, willing and able anytime you like. If nothing happens, my lips are still sealed. Your secret is safe with me.”

We finished our beers and went our separate ways, leaving me to think of a way to let my wife know what transpired. When I got home, Jo asked how Ned was doing and I told her his divorce was almost final. My wife told me she wasn’t surprised seeing what a bitch his wife was and the fact Jo never liked her. I didn’t mention anything else about our conversation. I needed more time and the right situation to bring it up to her.

The more I thought about my conversation with Ned, the more I got turned on. It made my dick hard knowing that my friend had seen my wife naked and played with her body before she sucked his cock and came in her mouth. I had no problem bringing him into our bedroom for a little fun and it wasn’t like I would be asking Jo to do anything she hadn’t already done. I was only hoping she would feel the same way.

It took more than two weeks before I could gather up the courage to approach Jo about Ned. I asked her thoughts on possibly having him over for a night of some sexual fun seeing he had moved out of his house and was getting a divorce. He was basically single again. My wife told me again that she didn’t think she could do anything with someone we knew and socialized with.

I decided to go for broke and responded, “What if I told you that you already sucked his dick once?”

“I’d say, what the hell are you talking about, Kevin? I’ve never blown Ned before.”

There was no turning back now so I continued, “Well Jo, what if I told you that Ned was one of the guys you blew at the glory hole on my birthday?”

She looked at me with dagger eyes and gave me a one word, stern reply, “What?”

“It turns out that he was there and when he saw us go into the booth, he got in line for his turn.”

“You shitting me, right? If this is a joke, I don’t think it’s very funny.”

When I didn’t respond right away, Jo started getting more anxious now realizing I wasn’t kidding.

“I wish it wasn’t true. Not only did you suck his dick but he’s the one you let suck on your tits and finger you.”

My wife exploded, letting out a series of expletives, calling me every name in the book. I’ve never seen her so mad. I wondered if I would be joining Ned in divorce court. Her worst fear had come true. Someone we knew found out about her slutty behavior at the glory hole. Not only did he know about it, but he was one of the recipients of her cock sucking skills. Jo was pissed off and didn’t speak to me for several hours after our conversation. She even left the house and I didn’t know until later that she had gone shopping to treat herself to some new clothes knowing I couldn’t say a word about it.

When she returned, she seemed to have calmed down somewhat but I was still afraid to bring up Ned’s name again. I decided to leave well enough alone for the time being. She was acting like nothing was wrong and like our previous conversation never happened. I was more than curious and a little scared but I didn’t want to say anything out of fear that would piss her off again. Jo didn’t say anything about Ned until well after dinner when we were having a couple of cocktails.

“So Kevin, do you really want me to blow Ned again?”

“Well, you know, I’ve been wondering if you wanted to do something like that again and figured you’d already sucked his dick once, so why not?”

“What if he wanted to fuck me? Would you want me to do that too?”

This appeared to be going too well. I was wondering if that was a trick question.

“Let me put it this way, Jo, I wouldn’t stop you if you wanted to fuck him.”

She grinned and replied, “You sound like a politician with that answer.”

I was encouraged that she was at least smiling now rather than swearing at me and asked her, “Let me answer your question with a question; would you want to have sex with him?”

“To be honest with you Kevin, I got really turned on that night at the glory hole. I got even hotter when the man, who I didn’t know was Ned, was sucking on my nipples and fingering me. I wanted to fuck him that night but was afraid of losing control.”

She went on, “At first, I was really upset that one of our neighbors and close friends knew what we did and even participated that night but the more I thought about it, the more turned on I got. I think I’d feel altıparmak escort more comfortable doing something like that in our own home rather than going back to the bookstore. That is, IF, I was going to do it again. I’m not telling you I’m willing to do anything with Ned but I’m not going to tell you no either.”

Why do women have to be so cryptic? Why can’t they just come right out and tell us what they want? So, I was left to figure out what my next move would be. Over the next few days, Jo still wouldn’t come right out and tell me to invite Ned over the house. I decided to take charge and informed her that there was a big college football game on Saturday night and I invited Ned over to watch it with me.

All she said was, “I hope you boys have a good time.”

All week long I kept talking about Ned coming over and she wouldn’t say too much except ask if we had enough food and beer for the night. She knew what I had in mind but would never acknowledge the sexual expectations I had for the evening. I had to tell Ned that while I thought Jo was game for whatever happened, I couldn’t guarantee anything. He told me, laughingly, that was a chance he was willing to take.

When Saturday evening finally arrived, I ordered pizza and wings to snack on and had plenty of beer and alcohol on hand. Ned arrived about an hour before the game was scheduled to begin and was dressed in a polo shirt and shorts. He’s a tall man, about 6’2″ and not quite 200 lbs. He went back to the gym and lost some weight and added some muscle since he left his wife.. He’s a couple of years older than us, in his mid-30’s with dark hair with some gray strands beginning to pop up. Jo always liked his blue eyes. She may have even had an unspoken crush on him.

When my wife came into the room, she was wearing a mini jean skirt and white tank top that contrasted with her dark hair and dark eyes. Her 32a breasts made small mounds in the front of her tank top and her dark areola were barely visible so it was obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra. I noticed Ned undressing her with his eyes, almost like he had x-ray vision. This was the first time my wife and my friend had seen each other since she unknowingly sucked his dick at the glory hole. Jo blushed a bit as Ned stared at her but he caught himself and greeted her and told her she looked lovely.

We grabbed some food and a beer and settled in to watch the pregame show. Ned and I sat on the sofa in my man cave while Jo settled in a chair across from us. I couldn’t help but notice that my wife’s pink panties were visible as her dress rode up when she sat down. Her legs were slightly parted but she made no effort to keep them close together. I wasn’t sure if she was doing this on purpose or not but I knew Ned shared my view up her skirt.

While we were waiting for the game to begin, there seemed to be an awkward tension in the air. There was no doubt that Ned and I had some expectations of my wife but there were no commitments on her part to do anything. She knew we were looking at her in a sexual manner but it seemed like she was waiting to make a final decision until later that evening. Neither Ned nor I wanted to say or do anything that might jeopardize our hopes for the rest of the night. It seemed like we were strangers on a stuck elevator forcing ourselves to talk to each other.

Ned and I didn’t want to say too much so we didn’t embarrass Jo and ruin our plot for later.

I was trying to think of a way to break the ice but, surprisingly, my wife was the first to mention what no one else seemed willing to do.

In the middle of our third drink, Jo casually said, “You know, Ned, what Kevin and I did that night of his birthday wasn’t something we do every day. As a matter of fact, we’ve never done it before. I just wanted you to know.”

Ned was caught by surprise but managed to stumble out a response, “I didn’t want to embarrass you by letting you know that I was there that night. I don’t want anyone to know I was there either. I’ve always thought you are an incredibly sexy woman and respect the fact that you are confident enough and secure enough in your marriage to be able to do something to keep the spark in your relationship going.”

He went on to say, “I don’t want to cause you any further embarrassment but you were incredible that night. It’s an evening I’ll never forget.”

Jo blushed and quietly thanked him for the compliment. She then offered to get us all another drink. When she got up from the chair she spread her legs wider giving us a great view up her skirt. She did it so casually, I wasn’t sure if she did it on purpose or not. Was she sending us a message that she was open to a threesome?

I followed my wife into the kitchen and softly, ran my hands up the back of her skirt as she was bending over getting a couple of beers out of the fridge. Her panties were slightly damp as I had suspected. She was also making herself a rum and coke with a lot of rum. I took that as a sign that she needed more alcohol before possibly entertaining Ned and I. I’m not one to beat around the bush, so I came right out and asked Jo what she was thinking.

She replied, “Just leave me alone for now. You’ll know IF I’m ready when the time comes.”

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