JJJ Dendra Out Of Control

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This story is the continuing drama of abnormally large chested Dendra losing her mind on our vacay nightmare written about previously.

“No way, I do not believe that. I don’t believe you’d do that”. Dendra replied confidently and without any fear, “I don’t know why you’re so upset, it’s not a big deal”. I honestly in that moment thought she’s making this up. But, my mind was racing. All of the things I do, all of the time I give taking care of her baby and being faithful. “Did you really???” “Yes babe, I sucked his big dick and then he pretty much demanded that I get down on my hands and knees.” “What???”

“He fucked me.” “So, you cheated? I thought you loved me, I insisted.” “Get over it babe, his cock was huge, it’s not a big deal.”

My mind raced as I paced around our fancy hotel suite with my flaccid horsedick just flopping wildly, back and forth as it hung heavy between my legs. I couldn’t think straight with some high powered sex pill in my system, and my already highly sexed nature energizing the fuck out of my big nasty dick. Yet simultaneously, I have the worst fearful panicked images of Dendra and her massive JJJ titties being intensely fucked by a random stranger with a large dick. And that she just met downstairs in the hotel lobby while I checked us in. As I considered the events, I now was furious that she walked into the hotel lobby topless with her obnoxious yet gorgeous huge big breasts on full display for all to view. I thought it entertaining at the moment.

“So, you sucked his dick?” I asked feverishly. “I don’t want to talk about it” she replied. “Just relax babe while I go to the store”.

I continued to try and argue with her and raise my voice with her — all the while not even close to being any kind of sober. I find myself going deep down into my imagination seeing some gigantic black dude’s dick — she claims is bigger than mine — and I guarantee you my cock is bigger than legendary porn king John Holmes — until I find myself staring into the 6 foot tall mirror on the wall. My big nasty porno dick — now extended out both long and fat — swinging around loosely as I stand there with no pants on.

As I am feeling various strong sensations from whatever she put in my mouth to make my big dick happy, I said to Dendra, “You’re going to the store?” I get no response. I ask her again and hear nothing thinking she’s back doing make-up. How long had I been standing in that mirror just obsessing over horrifying images of my girlfriend — who tells everyone that she’s my wife — getting off and squirting while she’s sucking on another man’s big cock. A big and dominant BBC at that.

I peek in the bathroom, she is not there. I open the hotel suite front door only to see two black dudes getting on the elevator, and so I get nervous. I go to the back of the suite and check the balcony. There she is. Dendra dressed as if she’s headed to the club except her huge bare breasts are exposed to the world. And it makes my big dick get an almost instant boner. I observe her to see that she’s posing with her big boobs out for a selfie. Need I remind you that she has something like unbelievable amazing and outrageous 40 triple JJJ sized tits that she’s flaunting for her camera.

She looks at me and says, “What is your problem? Come over here and I’ll suck almanbahis adresi your dick if you’ll stop crying”. In my head I absolutely did not know this person. Yet, my dick was so horny and big that while in deep thought, I walked over to her and she laughed. I said, “Ok, go ahead.” She said, “Go ahead what?” I thought for a minute and said, “Go ahead and suck my dick like you sucked some random guy’s dick you met in the lobby just a minute ago” “Fine”, she replied.

She got on her knees and within 60 seconds she had my 9 inch dick maximally erect with a raging boner sliding between her big, pouty, juicy blowjob lips and she’s taking my ugly huge uncut dick deep down her throat. “Damn your big cock is so fucking nasty” she said as she looked up at me, my dick resting on her shoulder. I asked her why? I just wanted to hear her tell me how big my dick is, and it being uncircumcised with it’s loose foreskin made her pussy wet. She then looks around and tells me that our hotel phone is ringing. Bear in mind that neither one of us is sober. On the contrary, we’re both practically rolling, whigging and possibly hallucinating.

I immediately go inside to answer it. “Hello room 323” I said with a tone. I then hear the other end hang up. I head back outside on the balcony and Dendra is posing again flashing her watermelons for her camera phone. She brushes past me, heads into the bathroom and locks the door.

I could smell cigarette smoke coming from the bathroom as I sat in the EZ chair in total bewilderment — and couldn’t stop slowly stroking my big dick. I walked over to look underneath the door and I could hear Dendra talking to somebody and smoking her cigarette. Your huge cock makes my pussy wet, I heard her say.

“Did you like them?” I can hear her ask with a cheesy smile in her voice. “Is he there yet???… yes he can look at my tits” she said. “If he’s down, do you want me to suck his cock?” she asked.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I yelked at her through the door to not smoke in our room and who is she talking to??? She yelled back something and covered up the gap under the door.

I went and sat back down, opened up my phone, took a picture of my big dick in flaccid yet massive state, and sent it to the girl with this enormous big fat ass that worked as a secretary at my old job. I tried to distract myself with porn and began masturbating my big cock. I can hear noise in the bathroom so I go to attempt to look under the doorway and I can see through a tiny opening that she is again topless and taking selfies. “Ok, yes y’all can fuck my pussy tonight if I can get away” I heard her say.

She comes out of the bathroom and says she is headed to the store. At this point I don’t know what to do except to let her be, until I can figure out if this is all in my imagination because it just cannot be real. She disregards putting her bra back on, instead puts her blouse on and walks out the door.

I instantly decide that my dick is too horny to chase her around and so I decide to masturbate while I ponder all of this. The secretary meanwhile responds to seeing my big ugly oversized penis for the first time with total shock. She messages back to ask if its real and if its really me. I say a quick couple things and tell her to send a pic of almanbahis adres her big fat ass. While I’m stroking this big dick, Dendra calls and wants to tell me that she’s going to be gone for a minute because she’s going to a bar with “Lamar” and his friend and not wait up for her. She hangs up without me even getting fo respond.

Three hours later I see her pull into the hotel backside parking lot from our balcony. She gets out of her Denali with her big giant boobs bouncing and freely on display for anyone to see — totally bare breasts bouncing off of her belly. She walks from the parking lot directly to the pool without her blouse nor her bra on and sits down, smokes a cigarette, and gets on her phone. I can hear her giggling and laughing out loud as she conversates. A car pulls up abruptly, two men get out and head to the pool. Bear in mind that it’s now got to be past midnight probably even later. Both men immediately begin squeezing my girlfriend’s big giant watermelon tits as she’s somewhat sandwiched between the men. She continues with her laughing and giggling and moaning while these guys flagrantly violate her huge chest.

Within a flash, they lead her — topless — into the hotel which I remind you is a 5 star resort on the beach. So, I race to get my pants on and fly downstairs to see what I can see, hoping to figure out where they’re taking her. Even though it’s late and quiet, I hate knowing that her big breasts, which are definitely offensive to most girls, women and old ladies, are exposed publicly as she boldly walks through our hotel.

As I get to the deserted very peaceful and quiet hotel lobby, I see at the very end of a hallway, Dendra is walking out of the ladies room — still topless — and continues down that hallway as it bends and enters a whole new wing of the hotel. So I follow her as best I can and I see her knock the door and enter it. I decide to get close enough to hear her and take note of their hotel room number. I can hear her laughing still. I head out the exit and around the back to see what I can see.

Well, wouldn’t you guess. They too have a patio and their sliding door is wide open. Now I’m feeling ultra horny and extremely curious, upset, jealous and angry. But the voyeur in me was hopeful to catch her in the act — and boy did I ever. I crept up to the sliding door which had a curtain pulled so that you couldn’t see into the room even though the door was wide open. And here’s the conversation…

“Damn baby, you’re breasts are amazing. Just stand still right there so we can look at those tits. Mr. Larry, show this fine lady your big dick so she can thank you for joining us tonight. Baby, go ahead and say thank you to Mr. Larry. Go ahead its ok. Larry you dont mind if the lady here with those big fucking tits gets down on her knees? Go ahead baby and get down on your knees for Mr. Larry. Is that ok with you Mr. Larry? I think the lady here owes you a big thank you for coming along tonight and bringing your big dick to our party. Don’t you agree Mr. Larry? Yes of course I do Lamar. Ok well Miss Dendra, what can you do for Mr. Larry from where you’re sitting right now? Ummm, well what do you mean? Well I think you’re a smart girl and you already know what I mean. Take Mr. Larry’s dick out of his pants and let us see almanbahis adresi you give him a blowjob. What do you say about that? Ummm… well I guess I…

Miss Dendra, you just say yes sir and do what I tell you. Yes sir”

I cannot believe what I’m hearing.

At this point, bear in mind that I’m rolling in ecstasy and in light of that, I’ve got my big heavy uncut cock out slowly pulling on it as I attempt to peek between the sliding door curtain.

I find the opening and crack it open just enough to see the men completely mesmerized by the sight and enormous size of Dendra’s overwhelming watermelons. Lamar is on the couch and tells Mr. Larry to stand up, motioning him to stand where Dendra is sitting on her knees topless in the middle of the living room of the suite. Larry then stands up and Lamar continues…

“Alright Miss Dendra, Mr. Larry is waiting patiently so do like I told you and take Mr. Larry’s cock out of his trousers now and put your lips around that big dick — do it now”

As Dendra sits on her knees topless, she nods her head, says yes sir, unzips Mr. Larry’s trousers, and she reveals what has to be the longest dick I’ve ever seen in my life. Talk about a Mandingo. This older man’s dick was a fucking footlong. I could see the excitement in Dendra’s face as she stared at Mr. Larry’s footlong shocking huge black dick.

Lamar continued, “Now what do you think Miss Dendra? Don’t you like Mr. Larry’s big dick? Tell him thank you for showing it to you and tell him that you wish to thank him for going out with you tonight. Go on Miss Dendra and do what I tell you.”

Now Dendra attempts to speak while she is fixated on Mr. Larry’s huge donkey dick.

“What do you say Miss Dendra?” “Oh, thank you Mr. Larry for going out with me tonight… you have such a large… I mean you’re cock is so huge… can I suck on your big dick right now Mr. Larry?” “Go ahead baby” he replies.

In this moment, my girlfriend begins sucking the biggest black dick I’ve ever seen in my life — literally as big as a horse’s penis… and it is obvious that she is in total ecstasy as she rubs on her own wet horny pussy.

I am now frantic. I’m frantically pulling on my own donkey dick and frantic at what I’m seeing. But, hold on as this gets crazier by the minute.

With Mr. Larry’s slacks down around his ankles and his footlong being slurped on and I do mean slurped on, Lamar then removes his belt from his trousers, and sets it aside saving it to spank her big fat ass. He pulls out a cord or rope like thing and begins to tie Dendra’s hands behind her back as she is giving Mr. Larry the blowjob of his 60 years or more lifetime. You can hear Dendra moaning as she is giving this old man’s donkey cock a slobbering blowjob.

Lamar says to Dendra, “Now you know baby that Mr. Larry and I are going to fuck the shit outta you right???” “Yes sir” “Well we will after you ask us politely”

Dendra then says, “Mr. Larry and Mr. Lamar, will you both fuck me tonight?” “Fuck you where baby?” “Fuck me right here in the hotel room” “Yes baby but where means that we are both going to fuck you right in your little asshole tonight, ok baby?”

“Yes sir” she says submissively.

Lamar then interrupts her blowjob of Mr. Larry with his 65 year old horsecock, and aggressively rips off Dendra’s shoes, belt, pants and panties. He unties her hands… and grabs his black leather belt. Then he demands for her to stand up, bend over, and put her hands down on the coffee table.

“You’re going to get a whipping now baby”

To be continued..

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