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Jimmy! P4So let me recap for you.A short time ago i was fucking a hot blonde school crush, who i hadn’t seen in ages, until it turned out i was in me ex-girlfriends flat doing it, and she came home and chased me out of there.Yeah. So now i was keenly marching through the local streets, late at night, completely naked, because i left my clothes, wallet, keys and phone back there in the flat, and all i wanted to do now was get home and forget about the evening.Anyway, a short brisk stroll later i was soon stepping into my own street, and after politely passing a couple of local lads on their way home from the kebab house, i finally made it to my own front door.Then of course all i had to do was knock and wait for someone to let me in.So i did. But there was no answer.Then i knocked again, and still there was no answer.So i knocked again, and again, and again, and even began to raise my voice, hoping someone inside would hear me.”Let me in! Let me in! Let me in!” i cried banging on the front door.Finally i heard the squeak of a window opening and looking up i saw one of our bedroom windows swing open, and then my youngest sister Hailey peer out at me.”Hailey!! Let me in!” i cried excitedly, relieved to see her.”Where’s your key?” she asked back, before she looked down at me closer and then realised i was completely naked.Grinning now, she then said “And your clothes?””I lost them!” i replied sharply.”You lost them?” she asked curiously.”Yes! I lost them!” i replied firmly, before then saying “Now let me in!”She looked down at me for a moment, clearly thinking it over, before replying “Err… no!”And then swiftly disappeared back inside closing the window behind her.”BITCH!” i cried loudly in anger, before i went back to hammering on the door with both fists and crying out “Let me in! Let me in! Someone open this fucking door!”Then suddenly the door yanked open and my mother stared out at me, her long blonde hair was all over the place, her eyes and make up clearly said she had just woken from a drunken slumber, and her left big saggy tanned tit was hanging out of her bikini top.”What?” she asked looking very confused.”Thank you!” i replied relieved someone had finally opened the door, before i pushed passed her and entered the house.She then closed the door, turned and looked at me, before asking “Are you naked?””Yes! I lost my clothes! My keys and my wallet and phone!” i replied unhappily.”Oh!” was all my mother could say to that, before she then stepped back into the living room.I sighed and then followed her in, and as she dropped back onto the sofa, i did the same beside her, before we both reached for a drink off the coffee table in front of us, and then stared at the television.”So…” my mother then said after a moment.”Bad night then?” she asked.”Kind of. It started well, then dropped quickly into a big pile of p*o towards the end there!” i replied back.”Uh huh!” muttered my mother.We took a sip of our drinks, and then after another long quiet moment my mother kaçak iddaa asked “So, do you want a blowjob, to cheer you up?””That would be lovely!” i replied, and then my mother dropped onto her side, placed her head into my lap, and reaching with her lips, clamped them around my soft sticky cock and began sucking.I sighed as i continued to stare at the television, and my mother eagerly sucked on my shrivelled dick, slowly bring it back to life.Her head began to bob back and forth in my lap, and lowering my hand i cupped her exposed saggy big tit and began gently fondling it.It wasn’t long before i was fully hard again, especially the way my mother sucks dick, which is of course where my other sister Katie gets her talent from, and soon my mother was eagerly rocking her head up and down, as her wet soft lips slipped back and forth along my hard veiny length.She continued to suck me for another minute or so, until finally she sat up, took a deep breath, and then said “Oh god! I thought i was going to throw up for a minute there!”Then she looked at me and said “I think i’ll just sit on your cock, if its all the same to you?””Sure! Whatever!” i replied casually.And then my slim tanned forty something mother, stood up, pushed down her bikini bottoms until they hit the floor exposing her big round chubby MILF arse, and then stepping across me, facing the television, she lowered herself down towards my up right hard cock, until she made contact.She moaned softly, as her mature bald pussy parted open, letting my big dick in, and as her lips stretched around my shaft, she sunk lower and lower onto it.Finally she was sat in my lap, her bare tanned slim legs dangling down between mine, her wet mature pussy encased around my hard younger cock, and as she stared at the television, she began to lift and fall on top of me.We both began to groan, as she began to ride my cock, and then my father, who was fast a sleep in his comfy chair across from us, snorted loudly, before he then continued to snore.Ignoring him, we continued to fuck, mainly my mother lifting and dropping herself on my cock, but occasionally i thrust up into her, and for the next few minutes we stayed just like that.After enjoying her warm wet cunt bouncing around on my dick for a few minutes, my mother finally admitted she had run out of energy, and slumped down onto my cock, before falling over onto her side, onto the sofa.But this didn’t stop me, as my big hard cock was still buried in her wet mature pussy, and so i just started thrust sharply into her, poking her swiftly over and over with my big dick, as she moaned louder because of it.After a bit longer of this hot fast short fucking, and my mother moaning loudly, my father suddenly awoke, yawned unhappily, and then sat up and stared over at us.”Will you two keep it down! I’m trying to fucking sleep over here!” he moaned unhappily.”Then go to bed, you stupid old fart!” replied my mother sternly.”Oh, for fuck sake!” my father exclaimed, before he hauled kaçak bahis himself out of his chair, looked over at me and said “You little twat!””Takes one to know one!” i replied quickly back.Then he trudged off across the room, and then up the stairs to his bedroom.Once he was gone, i went back to fucking my mother again, pumping firmer and harder into her, and she lay on her side, on the sofa moaning louder as she stared at the television.”Yes! Yes! Fuck my pussy my love! fuck it, and make yourself feel better!” my mother then moaned encouragingly.”I already do!” i replied happily, as i pumped away deep inside my mother, because in truth, no matter how many hot women out there i fuck, i always like to know my mothers wet pussy is always waiting for me, if things turn shit, like they often do!I kept pumping away inside her warm wet cunt for another minute or two, until finally i moved around her legs, rolled her onto her back, and lying on top of her, began pounding into her again.”Ah yes!” my mother sighed, wrapping her arms around my naked sweaty body, and pressing it tight against hers.”Fuck me Son! Fuck me! I want to feel your big dick deep inside of me!” she then said eagerly.”Don’t i always?” i replied with a grin.My mother then pulled me in for a kiss, before we began thrusting against each other, and quickly we started to fuck again.My arse rose and fell between her bare stretched out legs, as I pumped away inside her pussy, and she clung to me tightly urging me on.”Yes! Yes! Fuck me baby! Fuck me! I want to feel that big cock of yours pounding my pussy! Your mothers cunt needs your cock!” she moaned loudly, and happily i continued fucking her.For another few minutes i fucked her, with our bodies tight together, until i pulled away from her grasp, knelt up, and then taking hold of her legs, i lifted them up and began thrusting into her faster and harder.”Oh yes! Oh yes!” my mother exclaimed loudly.”Fuck me like that! Fuck me like that! I want you to use me like i’m one of your little young whores!” she then cried and eagerly i did, pumping harder and faster into her and making her moan even louder.For another few minutes i pounded my mothers wet mature cunt, until i pushed in deep and made her take my full hard cock right inside of her, and she moaned loudly as she did.Then i pulled out, got her to roll over onto her knees, before i knelt up behind her, teased her pink saggy pussy lips for a moment with my hard cock, before i finally slipped back inside of her again.She moaned loudly again, as i pushed my full length into her wet hot hole, before i held onto her pear shaped hips and then began thrusting into her eagerly again.”Oh yes! Oh yes!” she moaned once again.”Fuck me Jimmy! Fuck me! I want your cock! I want your cock! I want your big beautiful cock!” she then groaned.And i did, pounding into her, as i held onto her waist, and she moaned over and over again, as her son fucked her pussy in the middle of the family living room.For another few minutes illegal bahis i did nothing but fuck her wet bald pussy, as she knelt over in front of me, before i reached around and gripped her big saggy tits, and began pinching her hard nipples, which i knew she liked, and she moaned louder, and began to cry “Oh god Jimmy! Oh god! Your going to make me cum! Your going to make your mother cum!””Good! Because i ‘m almost there too!” i groaned back.Now it was a race to see if i could finish off my mother before i blew myself, not literally, i’ve tried, but i keep falling off the sofa.Anyway, knowing my mother was almost ready to cum, and i wasn’t far behind her, i eagerly began pounding into her harder, as i gripped her big saggy mature tits, and she began to get more and more excited as i did.”Oh fuck Jimmy! Oh fuck Jimmy! I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum!” she moaned louder.I carried on hammering her wet cunt with my big hard meat pole, as i squeezed her tits, and my mother started to rise up in front of me, as her orgasm quickly approached.”Oh god! I’m nearly there! I’m nearly there! I’m nearly there!” She then exclaimed as she was now kneeling in front of me, her back pushed up against my chest, as i continued to pump her pussy, and grip her tits.With our naked bodies wedged together, rubbing against each other, and my hard cock pounding hard up into my mothers pussy, we fucked wildly for just a few more seconds, as my mothers cry’s became constant, and then she exclaimed “Oh god I’m cumming! I’m cumming! I’M… CUMMING!” and then she screamed skyward, as her body began to buck against me.As i gripped my mothers bucking naked sweaty body against me, i felt her pussy begin to milk my cock, and that was it for me, and in seconds my balls tightened and i knew there was no stopping them.”OH FUCK YEAH!” i then cried, before i thrust up into my mothers wet unprotected cunt, and began squirting my wet sticky load deep inside of her.We were then both cumming, together, and for the next few seconds i held her tightly as she came on my cock, and i filled her pussy with my wet goo.I blasted what felt like a huge load deep inside of my mothers pussy, until after squirting everything i could out, i finally ran out, and with a heavy sigh i stopped cumming.As i caught my breath, my mother finally stopped cumming too, and together we fell forwards onto the sofa, and then stayed like that, with me on top of her, for a few minutes enjoying the after fuck glow.Finally mother looked up at me smiled, and said “Well, do you feel a lot better now?””I do. Thank you!” i replied before leaning in and kissing her.She kissed me back, and then said “Okay. Well get yourself off to bed now, its late!””Alright!” i replied lifting off of her, and letting my softening wet dick slide out of her used wet cum filled cunt.”Hold on!” she then said as i stood up.”What?” i asked.”My carpets!” she replied and with a smile i said “Oh yeah!”Then i stepped towards her face, and she leant over and began sucking on my spent cock until she had completely cleaned me up, and then sighed happily.I then kissed her goodnight, turned and headed off for my bed, thinking, well it hadn’t been total crap day after all.

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