Jim The Cuckold Ch2

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Jim The Cuckold Ch2Dana arrived home well before Jim and quickly fell asleep. It had been years since she’d been sexually satisfied like she just had been. Perhaps, she pondered as she drifted off, the experience that night may have been the most satisfying of her whole life! ***********************************************************Jim drove home after his shower and went over what had transpired that night in his head. He got so horny thinking about Dana being fucked by Kyle, that he had to pull over and jerk off right in his car! After he came, he drove home and found Dana fast asleep. He searched around in the dark and found her panties she’d been wearing that night and quietly snuck into the bathroom. He stripped naked and sat on the toilet and placed Dana’s dirty, sweaty panties over his face, making sure the gusset was right over his nose, and began to tease his cock to erection. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d gotten it up twice in one night, and was shocked to find he was rock hard again after a few strokes! Jim furiously pounded his pud, all the while sniffing his wife’s dirty underwear, thinking about how he had just witnessed another man fucking her with a cock almost twice the size of his own! Just as he was about to jizz, he removed the panties from his face and held them crotch up, under his extremely hard member. The first shot ran the length of the gusset and the second landed right beside it. When he had finally finished, Dana’s whole panty crotch was saturated with Jim’s thick man cream. He caught his breath and leaned back to inspect his handy work. Figuring he’d be eating a lot of cum from now on, he licked the crotch of Dana’s panties, scooping up a copious amount of semen and holding it in his mouth, savouring the flavor as if it were some kind of fine wine. As the thick wad of jizz slid down his throat, Jim made quick work of licking up the remainder of his cum from his wife’s panties, making sure there wasn’t a drop left on them before hanging them on the towel rack and heading to bed.***************************************************The next day Dana and Jim woke up and got ready to leave as if nothing had happened. It wasn’t until they were well on their way did Dana ask Jim if he wanted to discuss what happened and if he wanted to continue or leave it as a one time experiment. Dana held her breath as she waited for Jim to tell her how he felt. Hoping he batman escort would want to do it at least once more! She breathed a sigh of relief when he told her he’d love to continue and left it in her hands how far she wanted to take things. Jim assured her that he was game for anything and would do anything that would satisfy Dana’s carnal lust. Dana felt her pussy juice up as she thought of the possibilities that lay before them. She pulled over and told Jim to drive, as she wanted to jill herself to an orgasm to calm her raging hormones. She frigged herself all the way to their destination, sometimes turning in her seat and getting Jim to play with her as surfed cuckold porn on her tablet. By the time they pulled into the hotel, Dana was already forming a plan for that night’s entertainment.****************************************************As soon as they walked into their room, Dana handed Jim a list and told him to go out and buy everything that was on it. Jim took it and left, and Dana hopped in the shower. She had packed a few slutty outfits and jumped into one after her shower and wrote a detailed note for Jim that she left on the bedside table. She then headed down to the lobby and talked to the desk clerk to find out a few details she needed to know to help with her plan. Once he told her, she left in cab, slipping her thong panties off and putting them in her purse.*****************************************************Jim arrived back to find the room empty. He found Dana’s note and instantly became aroused. He began following the instructions Dana had left, and soon found himself kneeling in the corner of the room, dressed in pink frilly lingerie that he had just purchased and began the long wait for Dana to come back. After a few hours he heard the door open and his heart raced as he watched Dana and a guy walk in, both a little tipsy and both half naked. Dana’s dress was hiked up around her waist and her right tit was hanging out as she stumbled over to Jim and kissed his forehead. Telling him how cute he looked in his sissy attire. She then burst out laughing and sat on the bed. The half naked guy winked at Jim and told him how lucky he was to have such a hot, kinky wife and sat beside her and began groping her exposed tit and frenching her. They ended up laying back and all Jim saw was clothes flying everywhere and the sounds of moaning and heavy breathing filled his escort samsun ears. He looked down and seen his little dick sticking out in front of him, tenting the thin nylon material of his pink panties. He started rubbing the head of it and teased it to the point of almost cumming. He held back and watched as Dana climbed onto the guy into a 69er. Jim was impressed by the guy’s size which was at least 8″ and very thick. He watched as his wife sank it into her mouth until her nose touched the wrinkly ballsack under it. He watched in utter amazment as she began bobbing her head up and down at a fairly fast pace, fucking her own face with this strangers cock, gagging herself, it almost seemed as if she was punishing herself for making her sweet husband watch. The guy was moaning, and all of a sudden, he stopped her and told her they should put her bitch boy to good use. Dana giggled and agreed and the guy spun her around and flipped her over on her back. He turned and looked at Jim, telling him to lick his ass once he got into position. Jim crawled over to the bed and watched as the guy swung his leg over Dana’s face and let his cock and balls rest on her cheeks as he buried his own face between her smooth sexy thighs. Jim leaned in and the first thing to hit his senses was the smell of the guys sweaty ass crack. He placed his nose at the top of the crack and sniffed his way down, savouring the musky, pungent scent of another man’s ass crack. Dana smiled to herself as she watched her husband sniff her new lovers bum, it actually sent her over the edge and she came into the guys face, soaking the sheets beneath them. Jim on the other hand was busy licking and rimming the guys ass, trying to worm his tongue up his tight asshole. The guy finally stopped them and stood up, telling Jim to kneel beside the bed and watch closely as he satisfied his wife in front of him. Dana instructed Jim to finger his own ass in rythym with her lovers thrusts and when Jim agreed, they both laughed at him, telling him what a sissy he was. His little cock ached from having no release, and he would do anything at that point to be able to play with it. Instead, he obeyed his wife and began rubbing his finger against his ass while the guy did the same to his wife. When he shoved his cock in balls deep, they both heard Jim moan as he shoved his finger up his ass right to the knuckle. Dana and her lover were too busy batman escort bayan enjoying themselves though to really care what Jim was doing. The guy rammed Dana’s cunt fast and hard for a solid five minutes, before slowing down and talking dirty to her and Jim. He told her how tight she was from years of taking a small cock. How sexy she was, and how he couldn’t wait to jizz in her so her faggot husband could lick her clean. The nastier he talked, the faster he fucked Dana, until finally he wasn’t taling anymore and clenched his teeth and grabbed onto her hips and fucked her for all he was worth. All of a sudden he yelled at Jim to stick a finger up his butt and tickle his prostate! Jim licked his finger and placed it at the entrance of the guys asshole and sunk it home. Jim just started wiggling his digit when the guy moaned loud and his asshole began clenching around his finger. Jim realized the guy was cumming and quickly fucked his ass with his finger, while he finger-banged his own. As the guy’s orgasm subsided, he told Jim to take his finger out, and stood up, his dick limp, and grabbed Jim’s hair, pulling his face to his crotch. He told Jim to lick him clean and stood there as he did, telling Dana to light a smoke and grab a beer for him. When Jim was done, he threw the smoke into the beer and got dressed. He told them he had fun but had to get back to the dorms and grab some sleep as he had a test the next morning. Only then did Jim realize the guy was half his age, barley 18! As soon as he left, Dana told Jim to climb onto the bed and lick her clean as well. She’d been holding the teen’s load inside her for several minutes, and as soon as she felt Jim’s lips touch her lower ones, she relaxed her cunt muscles and the biggest pussy fart she’d ever had came out right into Jims face! She burst out laughing but Jim just opened his mouth and caught the mess, quickly swallowing as more was pushed out with each laugh! Finally Dana calmed down and got into the pleasure her husband was giving her with his mouth. She closed her eyes and pictured the hot young teen she’d just fucked and pretended it was him still munching on her cunt, instead of her fat, impotent husband. When she came, the remainder of the semen was forced out and Jim licked it all clean. She then rolled over and went to sleep. Leaving Jim knelt on the floor, little dick tented out in his pink panties, finger’s smelly with ass and a fat belly full of teen cum that he had just eaten from his wife’s freshly fucked cunt! He got up and looked at himself in the mirror. Totally humiliated, Jim suddenly realized his dream of becomming a cuckold was now comming true!

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