Jill Recalls the Start

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I find these hard to categorise because as it is about an original story maybe it should be elsewhere but I’m sure those that like it will find it, I hope.

Thanks must go to ‘Jill’ once again for all her support and encouragement. Without whose help this story would have gone inside. Thanks again for bearing with me Jill!

This story contains consensual sex between adults if you don’t like this genre don’t read it! Otherwise enjoy.


Jill and her new boyfriend Dave, had just woken up the morning after the divorce finalisation, it had been yet another night of all consuming, multi position enjoyable lovemaking. She lay watching Dave as he lay sleeping, and began to remember how they met, how she had felt when she first set eyes on him, and how in the end they had ended up lovers.

Jill had already had a busy morning, in her job as a volunteer support worker helping ex-prisoners settle back into society, work and their homes once they left prison. Having just returned from lunch she found herself with a rather good looking, if somewhat cocky ex-con called Dave. As they sat in the small office, she had his file open as he sat opposite. She was aware he was checking her out, at thirty four she still retained youthful looks and a firm body, and was used to some guys giving her more than a casual glance.

She was speed reading as she had got used to, and going by the information she had before her ‘Dave Littlebody’ was a one time offender who had a bad boy reputation that had led him to being jailed for ‘totting up offences’ mostly minor’ acts of a rebellious nature. She finished scanning the file and then sat it down in front of her, closed. “So Mr Littlebody!” her emphasis on Littlebody not being missed by Dave. Smiling he said “call me Dave, please!”

“Ok, Dave my name is Jill I am a volunteer worker, and I am here to try and help you after your spell inside!” she watched his reaction and although not embarrassed he did display a slight reddening of the cheeks. She knew that he was trying to retain his bad boy image, and that any outward showing of his feelings would be a sign of weakness. “Is there anything you would like to ask me?” she sat with her hands clasped on the desk leaning back to offer an opening for him to respond.

He looked up and grinned a cheeky sort of grin and asked “What you doing tonight?” his implication as plain as the grin on his face. Jill chose to ignore the comment and proceeded. “Dave you need to be focussed and serious, I can only help you if you are willing to be helped!”

“I am more than willing to let you help me” he quipped. Jill knew he was still being flippant, but he had been more careful with that comment, so she changed tact. “I see the council have allocated you a house, have you furnished it yet?…and have you found any work?” Dave realised he had to be more serious and said “Yes I managed to get some furnishings from my mums; she kept my stuff from my place before I went into prison.”…”as for the job, I have an interview with a local builder who needs a driver casino şirketleri for his truck, he’s an old friend!”

“That’s good, but are you sure he won’t lead you back to where you were before prison?” Dave nodded and said “No he’s clean not a problem, I don’t want to go back inside, I’ve learned my lesson!” Jill nodded and flicked open his file, “It says here you were caught with some stolen gear at your home, yet wouldn’t tell the police whose it was, despite them knowing it wasn’t yours!..Why not?” Jill glanced up at him as he shrugged his shoulders “I don’t grass on anyone even if it means I have to take the rap!” Jill leaned back “so it didn’t fit in with the bad boy image is what you’re saying?”

“I suppose so!” said Dave, his head drooped a bit and Jill knew she had gained the position of being in charge again. “So Dave, you’re ok for furniture, you have a job lined up, or so you hope… I can see no reason that we need to have you back in… Unless you want to check in say a fortnights time, to let us know how things are going. Any problems please get in touch!” she slid a card across the table which had her contact details at the drop in help centre. Jill stood up and offered her hand, to Dave. He stood up, took the offered hand and shook it, “Thanks’!” he said before lifting her hand and kissing it. “Until we meet again!” he said, grinning as he turned and left.

Jill stood watching him leave and not fully understanding why she felt the butterflies in her stomach and a distinct feeling of her neck hairs standing on end. Shaking her head and muttering to herself ‘c’mon woman he’s a con…just think of Ian your loving husband, how would he feel if you allowed these feelings to emerge’

…Dave gave a small groan, which broke her line of thought. Looking at him again with the love and longing she had for him. She watched as he settled back to sleep. Then once again went back to recalling the road that led her to being here now…

Jill had almost forgotten about Dave, until his appointment appeared on her diary page as she checked what she had for the next day. Remembering their last meeting she was left wondering what he would be like at this meeting.

That next morning, she had already dealt with several cases, when Dave appeared. “Hi gorgeous!”

Jill looked up at him, and as she tried to give him a look of disdain she noticed how much tidier, cleaner and smarter than before. Indeed he looked fairly good looking. Jill quickly looked away but not before Dave had spotted her sudden interest in his appearance. “Mr Littlebody please sit down!”

“I said you can call me Dave, Jill!”

“Okay Dave, how are things going?”

“Well I got the job, boss seems pretty happy with my work, and I have settled into my new home just fine.” Dave replied.

“Good so we can probably take you off our list then, if you are happy to go alone?” Jill stated. She was already closing is file, as she spoke.

“Yes that sound’s okay…I was wondering if you fancied a coffee and a chat?”

“No I casino firmaları couldn’t, I’m married…Happily! …and anyway it wouldn’t be ethical or morally right with my working here with you!” she replied.

“Well technically, as I’m finished that rules out that part of the problem. I also insist, as it would allow me to apologise for being so forward!”

Jill knew she should still refuse but as it was lunchtime she agreed and told him she would meet him at a local bar for lunch. She had chosen it due to there being a large number of local businesses used it so there would be plenty of people there. When she arrived Dave was sitting waiting and he stood to welcome her, moving behind her to pull her chair out for her and ensuring she was sitting comfortably. “What can I get you?” he asked.

The lunchtime flew bye, and before she knew it they were talking like long lost friends. She was enjoying his company, and he made her laugh. She soon found, that they were meeting almost every day. Despite her guilt with the way this was heading she seemed unable, almost unwilling to stop it. Jill realised this was becoming almost affair like, and decided it had to stop. However the day she decided to put a stop to it, turned out to be the day she cheated for the first time ever.

…Jill was still sitting up in bed looking and watching Dave as he slept peacefully, she found herself stroking her breasts as the memories from how it all started came flooding back. She also felt her pussy begin to get increasingly damp. Her mind returned to the memories…

When she had told Dave she wanted to stop seeing him, he had almost pleaded with her to give him a chance. He told her he loved her and wanted to be with her. Despite her pointing out again and again she was married and happily married. He had countered with “well not that happily!… after all we have been seeing each other for a few weeks now!” Jill knew that he had her there, if she had been totally committed to her husband Ian she would never have allowed this to get to this point.

In reality the fact that Ian was constantly away, and that she was without doubt lonely. One thing led to another and before long she found herself agreeing to go to his place and talk about things. ‘That wasn’t a very clever idea’ she thought over and over again throughout the afternoon. However Jill still found herself outside his flat door and knocking on it.

Her stomach was filled with butterflies, her legs were shaking and so were her hands, but even although she knew what was likely to happen she couldn’t stop herself. Within moments of entering his flat she was lying on his bed, naked along with him also naked. She had her hand wrapped around a cock that was so hot and hard she was almost drooling at what she knew she was about to receive. “Oh my baby, I’m so pleased you decided to come over…I want to show you exactly how much I love you!”

Jill lay panting as if in heat, “Oh Dave, Dave.. Take me take me anyway you want pleeeease!”

Dave then climbed on top of Jill, and began güvenilir casino kissing her lovingly, passionately and sexily. He spent ages just kissing her, their tongues entwining inside each of their mouths. Then he eased up and said to Jill “Go on baby put it in for me!”

Jill took a hold of his cock which felt harder and hotter than before and placed it next to her pussy lips. Dave eased forward and slid several inches into her. Jill groaned with passion “OOooh it feels so good baby!”

Then as Dave worked more of his big thick cock into her she began to loosen up and really get into it, ” Pleeeeas fuck me Dave! Fuck me like the cheating slut I am…fill my cunt with your lovely big cock!”

Dave began to pound her pussy, bringing wave after wave of pleasure that seemed to go on forever, Jill was starting to have small orgasms as she felt the pressure build inside her and begin to increase with each thrust of his wonderful cock into her willing pussy. The pressure had kept building until it finally burst out and she remembered screaming his name over and over again and again.

…Jill recalled the shame and guilt she had felt at cheating on Ian and how hurt he would be if he ever found out about her and Dave, Of course he hadn’t well not until she had to write that note, telling him she was leaving. She even hated herself for writing the bit about his cock size, which had been Dave’s idea. How she wished she hadn’t, again she knew it would hurt him more than she intended but as she loved Dave now she had done it. It was only afterwards that she regretted it, by then it was too late…

Dave and she had made love, nearly all night that first night. He had been so much a better lover, than Ian her husband, that she barely gave him a second thought throughout that night. Jill recalled the number of times he made her cum. How he had bent her body into so many different positions, how when he came himself after fucking her for so long he had pumped what felt like gallons of his red hot seed deep inside her belly.

That had been the start, and it continued several times a week. Then to the point she wasn’t going home she just stayed at his place every night. After three months she knew she was leaving her husband and had made u her mind to do so, the only question had been how. Eventually she had decided on a letter, that letter, a Dear John letter.

…Dave rolled over in bed and his arm reached out and wrapped itself around her waist, before sliding down her stomach, her inner thighs and onto her pussy. His eyes opened and he smiled, “you feel all damp my dear, any special reason?”

Jill smiled back sliding down under the sheets and joining him in a passionate seductive kiss. When they broke apart, Jill rolled on top of Dave and using one hand eased his already stiff cock into her dripping wet pussy, started to ride him. “Yeah there’s a reason sexy, I was remembering our first time!”

Dave grinned up at her and started meeting her thrusts with his own. Jill sighed a deep satisfying moan as their coupling began to make that all too familiar tensions build inside her. ‘Here we go again’ she thought.”I love you and your big cock so much baby!” already her guilty thoughts of Ian erased from her mind as Dave pleasured her body in only the way he could.

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