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I had just been separated from the military and took the train to my former community. I say former because my family had moved to another community about fifty miles away while I was in the service.

I wanted to stop in my former community and see a few friends, particularly the wife of the News Agency owner. I had worked for them for a few years before I left for the service and I wanted to continue where I left off with her.

Jewel was about five feet five and always wore nice clothes to the store. She had a very petite figure and loved me like a son. Actually she loved my cock because her husband had suffered a rather severe heart attack a few years before and the only thing sexual that he could do was to eat her pussy.

But Jewel needed cock too and I was just the one to supply it. It had begun interestingly enough one afternoon when I was mowing their yard. They had a huge yard and had a riding mower to make it easier to mow.

It was a rather hot afternoon and very humid. Typical summer afternoon for Illinois. I was about done mowing when Jewel appeared and told me to come in the house when I finished.

I wrapped the mowing up and went up to the house. The back door was open, so I went in. I looked around for Jewel and finally hollered her name.

“I’m in my bedroom Johnny.” she yelled back. “Come down the hallway to the end of the hall.You’ll see me.”

I went down the hallway and when I got to her bedroom and saw her, she surprised the hell out of me. She was sitting in an easy chair wearing only a navy blue cut out bra, navy blue six strap garter belt and dark brown full fashioned stockings.

“Surprised to see me like this?” she asked. “I thought you might be hot and need a shower to freshen up. She came over to me and wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a long passionate kiss.

“You know Bob had a heart attack and can’t fuck me anymore. Frankly, I need a good fucking and I want you to do it. In fact, I want you to be my lover.” she said. With that, she reached down with both hands and pushed my shorts and boxers down so they fell around my ankles.

“Now I have to pee pee and I want you to watch me as I go. I don’t wipe my pussy, so it will be nice and wet for you to lick. Then you can grab a quick shower and get that long uncut cock of yours inside my cunt.”

I stepped out of my shorts and boxers and she lifted the toilet lid and squatted down. The pee dribbled out then became a gushing torrent lasting about a minute.

“Now come over here and lick my wet pussy. Then get your shower and get in bed with me.” she said.

“If you peed on me, then I get to pee on you.” I said. “That is the way animals ‘mark’ their spot of territory. If we pee on each other, then we belong to one another.”

Jewel accepted that theory and laid in the shower. I stood over her and began dribbling on her hairy belly. Suddenly the pee was gushing out of my cock and I was drenching her, pissing all over her body.Soon I was finished and helped her stand up.

“We need to get those wet things off and dry you off a bit, then we will shower together.” I told her.

I unfastened her bra and she let it fall to the floor. Next I unhooked her garters and the hooks at the back of her garter belt and it fell to the floor. Jewel sat back on the toilet and I peeled both stockings down and took them off. As I did so, I noticed how much hair was on her legs and thighs.

“Are you not shaving your legs any longer?” I asked.

“No darling. Bob asked me to stop shaving about a year ago. I think he got the idea from your father who let him know that Velma was no longer shaving her pits or legs.” Jewel replied.

“Do you shave your pits dear?” I asked.

“No. I don’t shave anything anymore. When I am at the store I simply wear a blouse or sweater that covers my upper arms so most people don’t know that I have hairy armpits. Several close friends like Velma know, but not many people do.” she replied.

“Now get in the shower with me and we will wash each other.” I said. I turned the water on and checked to see that it wasn’t too hot. Jewel put a shower cap on and got in the shower with me.

I took the soap and scrubbed her back and legs then moved up to her pussy. She had a luxurious growth of flaming red hair and I soaped it once, rinsed it off and soaped it again. The second soaping brought lots of lather to her pussy. Then I moved to her arms and pits and soaped them good.

I handed Jewel the soap and told her to wash me good. She didn’t hesitate and went right for my cock and nuts. We finished showering, dried each other off with fluffy towels, and headed toward her bedroom.

“Johnny. I just need a good fucking, so let me suck your cock and get it good and hard, then put it in my cunt and explode inside me.” she said.

That said, she put my cock in her mouth and sucked me till I got good and erect. Then she laid back on the bed, spread her hairy legs wide apart, opened her cunt lips and said. “Now put that konyaaltı sınırsız escort big motherfucker inside me and fuck me good.”

I mounted her and gave her a good fucking. Nice and slow and easy until I could hold off no longer, and erupted inside her wet cunt. She told me to go to her dresser and get a pair of black panties and bring them to her. She raised her legs for me and I slipped them over her ankles. She pulled them up to her cunt so they were nice and tight against it.

“Now I can leak all I want to.” she said. “Bob will never know because he hardly ever sees me without clothes on.”

So that is how our relationship began. I told her I wanted to see her at the News Agency wearing a garter belt and full fashioned stockings and either no panties or else wear Directoire Knickers. I began fucking her on a regular basis. Sometimes at the store, but more often at her home.

Then I went into the military and was gone for two years. She wrote me regularly and let me know she missed my cock and her being able to suck me off. I told her I would stop by on the way to my new community, but would spend a few days with her.

So I took the train to my former town and went directly to the News Agency. She was wearing a beautiful blue dress and dark stockings. She saw me as I entered the store and rushed up and gave me a huge kiss. Her left hand was also groping for my cock.

“Oh Johnny. I am so glad to see you and I have to go pee right now. Follow me and you can watch.” she said.

I followed her to the back of the store where the restroom was located. It was large enough for both of us to be in. Jewel opened the door, then turned to me and said “See Johnny. I was expecting you so I didn’t put any panties on today. You can see all the beautiful red hair around my pussy. When I’m finished pissing I want you to eat my cunt then fuck me. But I’m not peeing in the toilet so follow me.”

However, instead of going into the toilet, she opened the back door of the store and stepped out. The door opened to a one way alley that was very narrow and was also a one way drive. The store van was parked in the alley blocking the way for any other vehicle to go past it.

She quickly pulled up her dress, sat down on the top step, pulled her cunt lips wide apart and began pissing. Her stream must have shot at least four feet in front of her and sending a line of pee down the alley to a nearby drain.

I watched in amazement at her red bushy haired cunt as the pee shot out. Finally she finished, stood up and said “Would you like to feel my wet pussy again Johnny?”

Of course I did, so I stood beside her and stuck my hand on her very wet cunt and wiped my hand through it a couple of times. Jewel pulled her dress down and took my hand and we went back inside the store.

“Now be a good fucker and go out to the house. I will leave the store in thirty minutes and meet you at the house. I simply must have your long, fat prick stuffed in my cunt this afternoon. It’s been so long I’ve almost forgotten how good it feels when its fucking me.” she said.

I kissed her fully on her lips, reached under her dress and grabbed her pussy hair, then let go and left the store.

Thirty minutes later I heard her car pull in the driveway and saw the garage door open. Jewel got out of the car giving me a great show of her dark nylons and bare cunt. She stood beside the car, hoisted her skirt to mid thigh and began dribbling pee out of her cunt lips. At first it was dribbling down her thighs, but finally turned into a surging stream falling to the ground. She finished and pulled her skirt down.

When I arrived at her home, I had immediately stripped off my clothing and taken a nice long warm shower. I took pains to pull my foreskin back and wash my cock good because I knew Jewel would want to suck it.

I had brought a small overnight bag with me and had some nice feminine attire to slip on in it. I chose a very sheer waltz length gown in white. I came down to just below my cock, but Jewel would be able to see it when she came into the house and saw me.

I watched as she walked up to the house. As she walked in and saw me she exclaimed “Oh my God Johnny. Your fucking cock is showing beneath your gown. Help me strip off these clothes so I can get your cock in my pussy.”

She pulled her top over her head showing her navy blue bra. I pulled her skirt down so she could step out of it. She was wearing a six strap navy blue garter girdle. As I suspected, her thighs and stockings were wet from pee dribbling down them. Her red cunt hair had droplets of pee on it too.

As I ran my hand through her red cunt hair, Jewel reached under my gown for my cock. She began jacking me off and had me with a full erection in less then thirty seconds.

“Lie down on the floor so I can sit on this big fat fucker.” she said. “I need it fucking me so badly. You don’t know how much I have missed you not being able to fuck me and suck konyaaltı türbanlı escort my cunt.”

I laid down on the floor and she straddled me then sat down on my cock as she pulled her cunt lips apart. I completely impaled her and she squealed with delight as she felt my cock go far inside her wet cunt.

“Now fuck me good with that uncut prick.” she said. “I need a huge load of your baby batter inside me so I can let it drip and dribble out my cunt tonight.”

I began fucking Jewel with nice strokes, in and out. Her cunt walls were wet with her juices as I stroked her.

“Oh Johnny, you don’t know much I’ve missed you fucking me the past two years. I know other men would like to put their cocks in me, but I only want yours. It feels so good right now. Give me a good bath with your seed dear.” Jewel said.

I erupted inside her cunt and knew I gave her a good filling of semen.

“Oh. That feels so good.” Jewel said. “I have missed you and you pecker so much while you have been in the Army.” she said.”I’m so glad you are home and can spend time with Bob and me. He will be so glad to see you. He has a regular cocksucker now in Barbara. She loves it when he eats her pussy or sucks her teats. She has a very large clit and Bob loves to suck her off.”

“I missed you too. I love your red haired belly and pussy. I love watching you spread your cunt lips when you piss.” I told her.

“Speaking of which.” Jewel said. “I really need to go and right now.”

“Well, why don’t you just continue to sit on my cock and see if you can piss .” I told her.

I felt the walls of her vagina contract slightly, then suddenly my belly was being covered by some hot liquid.

“You big horny cock fucker.” I told her. “Your hot piss is going all over me and it feels so good. Now lean toward me and let me suck one of your nipples.”

“You need to know that while you were away for these past fifteen months, your father has fucked me a few times and Velma and Bob have had a go at it too. Velma sucks his cock and he eats her hairy pussy. Your father is quite the cocksman you know.” Jewel said.

“He’s got a cock shaped like a scimitar and when he’s totally erect, it curves upward. It reached places in my cunt that I never knew were there. Of course, Velma was sucking Bob like there was no tomorrow. He can get an erection and can shoot a load, but he just isn’t supposed to exert himself. Well, Velma does all that for him.” Jewel continued.

“You know Velma was a virgin when they began dating don’t you? In fact, she told me she had never even seen a man’s cock. Not even her daddy’s or brother’s. They had gone to dinner one Friday evening and she had told him to pack an overnight bag in case it got very late. Then he could stay at her apartment. Well, according to Velma it got to be rather late, so she invited him to stay.”

“He asked her where he could sleep since she had only one bed and she told him he could use either the sofa or sleep with her. According to Velma, it didn’t take him long to decide and she said he began kissing her all over and feeling her teats. She suggested he simply undress her and with that he removed her dress and slip.”

Jewel continued saying “Velma told me all she was left standing in was her bra, garter belt, stockings, panties, and high heels. Your daddy told her to slip off her shoes and he peeled her panties down so she could step out of those too.”

“He apparently liked what he saw and began playing with the hair on her belly and her cunt lips. Velma told me she unhooked her bra so he could play with or suck her teats.It was then he saw she was mostly undressed and he was still clothed so he unhooked his belt and told her to slip his shirt off, then pull his trousers down.”

Velma told me she did what he told her and as she did, his uncut prick popped out of his boxers. She told me she had never expected to see a prick that long and with a foreskin over it. She said your daddy told her to take it in her hand and play with it.

Jewel continued with the story and said. “Velma told him he was still wearing his shoes and socks, so he told her to kneel down and take them off. As she did so, she also pulled his boxers down to his ankles and was no confronted by his cock staring her right in her face. She removed his shoes and boxers, then took his socks off. Not knowing what else to do with his prick, she began stroking it and all of a sudden the foreskin popped back over the head of it.”

Jewel told me Velma couldn’t think of anything else to do right at the moment so she simply just put your fathers cock in her mouth and began to suck on it. She said he scooped her up by her armpits and told her they needed to get into bed and he was going to fuck her with his cock.

Velma informed him she had never had a man’s cock inside her and to be gentle Your father simply told her to spread her cunt lips wide apart and he would slide his prick inside her a little bit at konyaaltı ucuz escort a time.

Jewel told me that Velma hadn’t been prepared for what followed because she said she couldn’t get enough of his cock and that they fucked three times that night and again before breakfast the next morning.

“So. You must know your father is more or less known around our little town as a cocks man and the man who seduced a virgin.” Jewel said.

“Now I need to pee again, then we need to shower Johnny.” she told me.

“Oh you fucking cunt. You’ve pissed all over my belly again.” I told her. “You’ve got me saturated, so we’d better climb into the shower.”

Jewel climbed off me, finally getting my cock out of her cunt. Her red cunt hair was soaking wet as were the tops of her stockings. I just unfastened her stockings and peeled them down her legs. She stepped out of her garter girdle and we headed for the shower.

The shower was a walk in type and as she entered it, I told her to put her shower cap on and sit down on the floor. Pulling the cap on, she sat down and I proceeded to begin pissing all over her body.

“Now you red haired cunt. I’m going to saturate you with my piss then we are going to wash each other. When we finish we can get dressed in some lingerie or we can just slip on a gown and have a drink. Then you can have some more of the peter you crave so much.” I told her.

I soaped her all over, paying particular attention to washing her cunt. jewel soaped me and slid my foreskin back to wash the head of my cock. Suddenly, she reached into a small shelf and came up with a bar of soap about ten inches long and shaped like a cock.

“i’m going to spread my cunt lips open and you slip this inside my vagina and twist it around inside. Then I’ll fill a douche bulb with warm water and you can stick it in my cunt and rinse me off.” she said.

I found it highly erotic, but did as she told me. i knew she got excited because she told me to fuck her good with the soap. Jewel told me that was enough and she got the douche bulb, filled it with warm water and gave it to me. I inserted it into her gaping cunt and squeezed the bulb. The soapy water came gushing out of her cunt.

That done, she shut off the shower, handed me a fluffy towel, and told me to dry her off. When I finished she took the towel and dried me off.

“Now we are going to slip on a sheer waltz length gown and get a nap.” she said. She handed me a sheer black gown and when I put it on, it barely cam down to my cock. Her sheer white gown stopped at her lower belly, so I could see all her red hair.

She took me by my cock and led me into the bedroom and told me to lie down on the bed. She got in beside me, curled up, and we were asleep in five minutes.

We had been asleep probably for two hours when the doorbell rang. I nudged Jewel and told her someone was at the door. She got up, slipped on a robe, but before she could get to the doorway, my stepmother, Velma, suddenly appeared.

“Hey Jewel.” she said. “The door was unlocked so I just came in. Am I interrupting something?” She asked as she looked at me still on the bed..

“No. We were just taking a little nap dear.” Jewel told her.

“Well I’ll be damned. It’s my stepson John. What is he doing here with you?” she asked. “Giving you that peter of his that you have always wanted?”

“I came over to pick him up and take him home. When you called you told me he was here and on his way home. I guess he’s not quite ready to go is he?” she asked.

“Well. that’s fine because Mac just left for a convention and will be gone a couple of days. He didn’t travel alone though. His red haired whore, Barbara, went with him so he will be fucking her tonight. That means I can stay here and suck Bob’s cock while we watch you two fuck each other.”

“I didn’t think you would be coming over so soon.” said Jewel. “We just got out of the shower and were taking a little nap. Johnny doesn’t have anything on but a gown. Would you like to see it?” she asked.

“Oh. I’d love to. I want to see how long his cock is after two years in the military. I’m sure he has fucked a few whores while he was in Europe.” she said.

With that, Velma came to where I was lying on the bed and pulled back the covers.

“Oh my God. He’s wearing a fucking nightgown. And look at his fucking cock.” she cried. “That motherfucking thing is eight inches long now. No wonder you wanted to fuck him so badly Jewel. I probably need some of it too.”

With that Velma lifted her skirt revealing she was not wearing any panties and showing off her auburn haired belly and cunt. There was plenty of bush and it extended down her thighs.

Jewel asked. “Are you no longer shaving your legs dear? How about your pits? Does Mac have you on a get hairy routine where he wants to see your body hair?”

“Yes. he won’t let me near a razor anymore and frankly I love it. I don’t have to concern myself with shaving and nicking myself.” Velma replied.

“Where are your Directoire Knickers darling?” Jewel asked.

“They’re in my bag. I didn’t put them on when I started over here. I just put them in the bag in case I needed them.” Velma replied.

“Well you won’t need them here dear. Bob should be home anytime and I know he will want you to suck his cock for awhile as he eats your pussy.” Jewel told her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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