Jess the Medic Ch. 02: Party Night

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Anna Kendrick

Jess and Kyle weave their stretcher through the line of police cars onto the sidewalk before the club. Led by Kyle, even the drunkest and most foolish partier quickly stumbled out of the way, his friendly smile promising a short trip to the ground with an abrupt stop.

Kyle was a large man. A competitive strongman he moved with the easy grace of a bull, his short cut hair hiding the receding hairline and bulky girth a pleasure to watch as the crowd parted around the two Paramedics.

Jess, his partner, was shorter than Kyle with black hair pulled back in a high bun for the night. Her tight white uniform top and dark blue pants attracted more than a few looks as they walked by, something she was long accustomed to after years working as a paramedic.

Reaching the front door of the club, they dropped the stretcher as Kyle spoke with the bouncers telling them to make sure it doesn’t disappear in some stretcher sailing incident down the road. As they grab take their bags from the stretcher, they give Kyle a fist pump and nod at Jess as they pass through the line inside.

Despite herself Jess nods her head in time with the heavy electric techno dance music, recognizing the song from the last time she was off duty and in this very club.

“Where are we heading?” she yelled while slapping Kyle on the arm.

Kyle looked back from the bouncer he is talking to, “Up at the front, girl and a few of her friends need to get checked out.”

Despite herself Jess blushes at Kyle’s joking smirk. Last rotation Jess and Kyle had attended a house call with a bunch of ladies Jess’s age. Kyle wasn’t sure what happened behind the bedroom door with the other two girls and Jess while he chatted with their friends, but the lipstick and misbuttoned shirt was more than enough to get his imagination running.

Slinging one of her bags over her shoulder, keeping the other in front of her like a shield she followed Kyle who was carrying the collapsible chair and her monitor.

Moving through the edge of the crowded dance floor, Kyle parting the masses from the front with one of the other bouncers while another falls behind. Still big in the party scene, Jess ignored the occasional grabs and caresses over her butt on the way by. Jess had a nice butt and she knew it and while she would never admit it, she enjoyed the furtive grabs and caresses, wearing slightly snug uniforms to subtly promote it. As they worked through the floor Jess felt her body responding, the slight hop in her step as she resisted the urge to join the others on the floor.

After a few minutes they found themselves by a slightly quieter spot in the club with chairs arranged around tables facing a long bench lining the wall. Security had already cleared the area around their patient, a woman sitting against the wall looking around slightly dazed.

With black hair streaked with light purple, the last few centimeters dyed blond, her olive toned face looked pale as she leaned back against the wall. Wearing a tight bra-top and tight shorts with high boots over fishnet stockings, Jess and Kyle pause a moment with a standoff assessment. A necklace holds a pacifier hanging between her breasts moves in time with her slow steady breathing.

“Hey ladies what is going on?” Jess said pulling up a chair in front of one the dark-haired woman on the bench seat. Jess held the look expectantly a moment then glanced up to the tall lean blue haired woman wearing colorful shorts and skimpy top revealing a well-toned belly.

“Hi, I’m Anadolu Yakası Escort sorry it’s my friend she is a first timer and is sort of peaking a bit”

“Ok honey, what is your name” Jess asked calmly looking back to the woman seated in front of her. Reaching forward she holds the woman’s wrist feeling the pulse strong and steady against her fingertips.

“Tojo” she says distractedly as she turns her head to Jess then her friend. “Hey you’re cute! Isn’t she cute Merte?”

“Fuck, here we go again,” Kyle muttered behind Jess while giving her shoulder a bump with his hand.

Jess glanced back giving her partner a dirty look before answering the two girls.

“Ok, we really can’t check you out here honey. If we give you a hand, do you think you can walk?”

Looking back to her friend a moment Tojo nodded and slid forward on the bench seat. Jess and Kyle step in quickly, supporting her under her arms until she steady’s herself.

“Yeah, I should be ok. Merte, you need to come with me!”

“I will Tojo,” she replied taking her friends hand and walking from around the tables.

Kyle picked up the bags and collapsible chair and walked toward the door, followed by Jess and the girls with the bouncer’s to front and back. Jess held Tojo’s arm at the elbow gently, ready in case she collapsed or tripped. After a few steps she started walking easily, pulling her arm to the side and feeling Jess’s gloved hand on her bare side. On a hunch Jess wiggled her pinky, feeling a little thrill as the woman turned to her and gave a little wink.

Ah fuck Jess, she thought, I seriously need to cut this out! At the same time a little part of her mind was bathing in the rush of excitement at the subtle feeling up and her patient’s enjoyable response! She didn’t seem to mind after all, Jess figured as her hand caressed the side of the woman’s chest, can’t be that bad then, can it?

After a few minutes Kyle has Metre settled in the jump seat in the back of the ambulance, just at the head of the stretcher. Jess settled Tojo on the stretcher, fastening the belts loosely as Kyle shuts the back doors. The back of the ambulance was fairly wide giving Jess enough room to wiggle her butt between the stretcher and bench seat. There was a wall between the patient compartment and front of the ambulance with a small sliding window that Kyle opened as he started the ambulance. Glancing back at Jess he nodded making eye contact, not bothering to hide the knowing smirk and pulled the ambulance from the curb.

“Hey Jess,” he yelled through the window, the nearest hospital is on diversion so were going to be a few minutes.”

“Ok thanks,” she replied feeling a slight blush. Gee stuck in the back with these two cuties? Better than the last couple calls this evening!

As the ambulance pulled gently away Jess reached into the bag beside her to pull out her blood pressure cuff.

“Ok honey,” she says,” I’m just going to check you over and make sure you’re doing alright. Bit of poking and prodding.”

“Hmm, I like poking,” Tojo said with a smile. Behind her Merte was leaning forward brushing her friends sweaty hair back.

“I bet you do,” Jess said laughing with the girls, “right now you just need to relax, it’s going to be a few minutes.”

“Sure, thank you.”

“You’re welcome honey,” Jess replied squeezing Tojo’s hand on her lap.

Over the next few minutes Jess wrapped the cuff around Metre’s arm, tucking the stethoscope under the cuff to get her pressure. Pendik Escort Taking her stethoscope from around her neck Jess pressed the bell on the top of Tojo’s chest, listening to her breathing. As she leaned forward, she felt hands come up to cup her breasts under her uniform top and squeezing. Jess glanced in Tojo’s mischievous eyes a moment, feeling the slight crinkle in the corner of her own eyes as she tried not to smile in response. Looking upward she could see Metre smiling widely with a little eyebrow twitch that spikes Jess like a fluttery arrow through her heart. Looks like Kyle was right!

Sliding the bell lower she presses against Tojo’s side for a few breaths before leaning over to check the other side. Jess felt squeezes on her chest again, fingers managing to pinch her nipples while giggling at Jess’s reaction.

“Quit it you,” Jess said quietly with a smile.

Sitting beside her on the bench, Jess pulled the electrodes from her monitor from the side pouch and straightened the three cords. Attaching three electrodes she shuffled closer placing them on Tojo’s chest and side. Her friend had stayed leaning forward, holding the other hand from behind as Tojo kept her arm bent over the back of the stretcher. At the steady beeping sounds, Jess glances at the rate and raises her eyebrows at the rate.

“Feeling a bit anxious honey?” Jess asked. Pulling the back of her glove down she presses it against Tojo’s skin, “oh, you’re getting warm again aren’t you.”

Tojo nods, the earlier flirty look now a bit more anxious.

“Ok honey, here this will help.” Leaning forward Jess takes the pacifier from the necklace and slips it past her lips. Tojo immediately starts to suckle the smooth plastic, the tension in her eyes easing slightly. Metre from behind starts rubbing her other hand on her friends shoulder, leaning forward to run her hand along her friend’s upper chest. Jess watches for a moment before shaking her head.

“Right, yeah. Ok I’m going to give you an IV to rehydrate you some.” Moving with practiced ease she takes Tojo’s hand and places it on her thigh, trying to ignore the massaging squeeze and fingers trying to run higher.

As Jess prepares her IV her eyes roam over her patient, she notices her legs still moving almost as if squeezing her thighs rhythmically. Her friend has slid her hands lower, cupping her breasts, massaging the nipples through the material.

“What are you doing?” Jess whispered. Tojo has her eyes closed, her breathing slow and regular although obviously enjoying the attention.

“Sorry,” Metre said whispering back, “Tojo gets really horny when she is high and has a thing for medical stuff.”

“A thing for medical stuff?” Jess asks slowly in disbelief.

“I know right,” Metre said while pulling her friends nipples and smiling at the gasp in response. “Everything your doing is triggering her like crazy. The straps from your stretcher, the cuff and monitor, she’s a strong sub at times and you are like her dream Domme right now.”

Jess sat back in shock watching Metre continue to play with her increasingly aroused friend. Glancing at the window Jess whisperd again, “I can’t bring her in like this, the emergency department will kick her out!”

“Then help me get her off!”

Jess felt her mind spinning. She knew she was feeling just as worked up as Tojo watching her squirm on the stretcher with Metre playing with her friend’s breasts was driving her crazy. Glancing at the window to the front of the Kurtköy Escort ambulance she knew Kyle was watching but wouldn’t be able to see what was going on with Tojo on the stretcher.

“Fuck,” Jess said softly as she reached forward to start caressing Tojo’s legs. The effect was instantaneous. With a moan she pushed back against the stretcher squeezing Jess’s leg tightly as she let her hand slide higher. Tojo opened her legs, her hips twitching as she pulled on her pacifier, the occasional sound almost drowned out by the steady beep of the monitor.

“Go on, she won’t take much then she will settle down I promise.”

Jess looked skeptically at Metre while at the same time admitting she wanted nothing more than to get Tojo off. Could she do it? As she considers she slips between the stretcher and the bench seat, wedging herself as her hand slides forward. Her fingers graze the moist heat from the material of Tojo’s shorts. Jess bent her fingers, rubbing harder and smiling despite herself as Tojo sucks harder on her pacifier while Metre whispered in her ear, tugging and twisting her nipples painfully. On a whim Jess increases the volume on the monitor and inflated the cuff slightly, rewarded with another moan. Ok then!

Jess rubbed more forcefully, pushing the material in looking for the sweet spot. Small tight circles find it quickly and Tojo’s hips rotate faster, her hand squeezing Jess tightly. Metre keeps whispering as Tojo rubs against Jess’s fingers, her slim legs squirming as she moves.

“She needs to keep quiet!” Jess whispered. Tojo’s shorts were soaked as the movements become tighter, focused on riding through the building wave. Metre releases a breast to cup her friend’s mouth pushing the pacifier back and covering the sounds. Tojo stiffened, her hand clutching Jess painfully as she arches back on the stretcher. The beeping echoes in the truck as her heart rate spikes, Metre pulling her head back against the stretcher as the wave finally crests. A low whining sound slips past Metre’s hand as her friend shudders a moment before collapsing back. Her heart rate slowly drops, the manic beeping easing as Tojo slowly relaxes.

Metre gives Tojo’s breasts a final squeeze as she leaned back in the jump seat mouthing a smiling ‘thank you’ while her now exhausted friend wiggles comfortably on the stretcher. Jess, feeling as turned on as ever struggles to control her own burning desire, knowing she is going to be left out again!

“All good back there, Jess?” Kyle said loudly through the window as the ambulance stops at a red light.

“Yeah, we’re good” Jess replies, “Just some of whatever cocktail she is on giving her the jitters.”

“Right,” Kyle replied watching through the rear-view mirror. Fucks sake, he thinks, Jess is in the back diddling another patient. Through his career he has met more than a few patients who were more than a bit friendly, but nothing like he has seen Jess been getting lately. Part of him was thinking she is on a bad path, while at the same time has to admit to a certain voyeuristic buzz watching and knowing what is taking place, even if Jess was keeping quiet.

As the ambulance rolls forward, he kept an eye on the back while Jess prepares an IV for the now relaxed patient. Her friend suddenly appears in the window, peering out from the bright lights in the back giving Kyle a little jump.

“Hi,” Metre says, “Listen, I just wanted to say thanks for you coming to get my friend. She was tweaking a bit but is doing ok now. Thank you for helping.”

Kyle opens his mouth to reply, suddenly speechless at the unexpected compliment.

“Um, thanks!” he said awkwardly as she smiles and turns back to Jess and her friend. Whatever it is Jess is up to, he figures, it is making for some interesting calls!

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