Jerome scores again

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Jerome scores againJerome scores againIt was a nice dawn at Oakland. We had been invited to share a nice day with friends and now were returning home.We were in the middle of a conversation in the car when Anita suddenly said very conversationally, “Jerome is coming over tonight”.Jerome was her latest black bull she had picked up at the local pub one night she was really anxious to have a huge hard cock inside her body. She had promised him he could come and fuck her whenever he wanted.”When, at what time?” I asked seriously. Her reply was: “Around midnight, he said”.When we were home Ana set about the preparation she needed before midnight.Searching through her stocking drawer she picked out a nice pair of sheer black stockings and garter. Before taking a shower, Ana lay on the bed with her knees drawn up and her legs spread. I warmed a towel in water and gently washed between her legs, rubbing her nice trimmed pubic hair. Then applied shaving cream and gave her a nice perfect shave. Once I completed shaving and cleaning her outer labia, she asked me: “Please, lick me”I lowered my mouth to her clit and sucked very softly over and over, running my fingers down over her labia and licking the hot moisture leaking out from her sweet nice cunt.Her pussy was not for me tonight, but it would be ready for her black bull…I made her cum two times with my tongue and fingers, before she could say she was now satisfied until Jerome would fuck her.While she was in the shower I prepared all in the living room; lighted on some candles and incense. After a while my sweet Ana emerged from the bedroom, looking fantastic in her sheer stockings, a black top, garter and güvenilir bahis siteleri high heels. The crease between her legs was shining in the darkness of the hallway; her nipples were already hard and erect over her top.She sat on the couch and started to watch a porn movie where a woman was sucking on a well hung black man while her fingertips gently travel up and down between her legs. She spread her legs in the same way and I could see her teasing herself as she awaited Jerome.Ten minutes after midnight there was a knock at the door.The huge figure of that black man Jerome appeared before me as I opened the door.He barely gave a quick glance at me; he was just looking for his married white slut, as she woke up from the couch and stood on her toes to kiss him. He sucked on her mouth as his hands rolled all over my wife’s body. He twisted her hard nipples and rubbed his giant hand between her legs.He sat in the couch as Ana came to her knees, unzipping his pants. She opened her pretty little mouth and began to slide it over the fat head of that big cock. “Oh, yes, bitch! Love your mouth!” Jerome sighed as he closed his eyes and put his head back. I sat quietly to the side watching for the next twenty minutes as my wife sucked his huge black cock.”Does your married slut pussy want some of my dick?” he asked her and she shook her head “yes”.”Hey, you little cuck”, he addressed to me: “How should I start fucking your bitch wife tonight?” “I would love to see her riding your magnificent dick, man” I answered.”Oh, yes!” he replied, “Get up on top of my black dick, slut”, he ordered my wife as he pulled her up by the arm. She knelt tipobet and swung a leg over his facing him on the couch. Ana lowered herself down just slightly and the thick head of his black cock rested in the right position, he held his cock at the base, holding it up while she rubbed against it, at the same time lowering herself more until the round head began to part her lips and slide slowly inside her. She gasped and groaned as the head of the black snake cock disappeared completely into her beautiful body.They totally forgot about my presence. She moved sensually on top of him as she finally reached the bottom of his cock, stretching, expanding her tight wet cunt around his huge bare black cock. Suddenly he stood up while keeping her pinned on his cock and threw her onto her back without ever withdrawing from inside her. She gasped and threw her legs wide open, as he stretched her red pussy lips with his thick dark black cock. She moaned and cried in pleasure underneath him and spread her legs still wider. He pumped steadily into my wife’s stretched pussy, gathering a nice rhythm as she moaned and cried out for more. He fucked her like a common whore, digging his fingertip into Ana’s pink asshole as his thick cock stretched and rammed inside her. Most of his eleven inches kept appearing for a brief moment and disappearing again inside my wife. “Oh, damn!” I heard him gasp as his hips pushed up toward her and she pushed down against him securing him as deep as she could inside herself as she felt that first hot gush of his sperm exploding very deep inside her. She began to shudder and cry again in pleasure; she was shaking tipobet güvenilir mi and put her hands on his chest and her head down as she screamed. Both of them had succeeded in having an orgasm at same time. They rested for a few moments and then Jerome said to Ana:“C’mon, bitch, want to taste a piece of that ass”.Ana jumped in delight and she bent over the couch, her head resting on the arm and her nice round ass cheeks hanging in the air, ready to receive again the attack of that huge black snake.Jerome positioned himself between Ana’s round buttocks and he called me:”Hey, you little cuck”, he said smiling, “beg for me to destroy your slut wife’s ass…”I begged him to fuck Ana in the ass until he would destroy it.He put his hands on both Anita’s hips and pulled her closer to him as his huge cock started to slide between her round nice firm buttocks. Ana started to grunt and scream, as she felt that black cock head opening her asshole. She begged Jerome to go easy, because her anus was very tight. But the huge black man was not listening at her crying. Finally his monster dick stuffed her ass completely and he started fucking her like there was no tomorrow. Ana cried in pain, telling him to take his time, she said that I would not mind if he gave her a good anal fuck stretching!. Jerome answered that he did not care, then he told Ana that he was close to cum and impaled himself harder and deeper into my wife’s ass.He held still as I could see how he attempted to get deeper into her asshole as he grunted with pleasure. Ana called out and said she was close having a vaginal orgasm too. I stayed there in silence as he finally filled Ana’s ass with his warm semen. Then he pulled out and started to dress in silence.Ana stayed quite still in her position and I could see a huge stream of semen coming out of her soaked and stretched asshole. That was an awesome experience that night. Jerome promised he would come back again…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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