Jenny’s World – The Honeymoon

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Skylar and I take time off for our honeymoon a couple months after our wedding. It’s still hard to believe that I’m married, and even more so that he makes me so happy. Skylar plans the entire trip himself, which is fine with me. I use the time to update my documents to reflect my new name, which I want everyone to know. I’m his wife, Mrs. Mclean.

Even as we board our flight, the only thing I know about the trip is that our destination is France. The flight is long, and after a while, the only view from the window is the ocean. Eventually, I give up trying to remain awake, then lean my head on Skylar to sleep for a while. When we finally land, we pick up our baggage, then head to the car rental. I’m much too scared to drive in a foreign country, so Skylar takes the wheel.

It’s late Saturday night now, nearly ten o’clock as we arrive at the resort. I wait in the car as Skylar goes to check us in, then a few minutes later, he comes back with a few documents to sign. I’m tired, so I sign them without reading, assuming that he did. We arrive at our room, and I barely remember walking to it, my mind on getting in bed.

I strip down naked, then rummage through my luggage for a nightgown to sleep in. Skylar joins me in bed a little while later, waking me just as I was falling asleep. He places his hand on my side, then slides his palm down over my butt, a sure sign of him wanting playtime.

“I’m tired, babe,” I say, squeezing the words out sleepily.

I expect him to insist, especially because it’s our honeymoon and that we have a no denial agreement for sex, which has never been needed before. Instead, he cups my body from behind, his strong arm over me, holding me, and I fall asleep quickly.

In the morning, I find out that we’re at a nude resort and beach, which is Skylar’s surprise to me. Nudity is optional in the resort but mandatory on the beach. I feel nervous butterflies in my stomach and behind that is excitement waiting to overflow from me. My exhibitionism is like a person kept deep inside, caged, and trying to escape. Even though it arouses me, I feel like it hurts my integrity, especially with the other challenges of being a woman.

We exit the room with no clothes, Skylar in front and me behind, holding his hand. From our room to the elevator is quiet and empty, except for the sound of flip-flops clicking against my feet. We go down floor by floor with each a potential stop for another person to get on with us. No one does, then we finally reach the lobby, and the doors open.

There are people everywhere in varying states of dress or lack of dress. Some are nude like us, some are dressed, and others are in-between. I feel like every eye is on me, even though most people are just going about their own business. We head toward where breakfast is being served as my heart keeps beating faster with each passing moment. The cage inside me, fighting to keep my exhibitionism contained, is failing.

“Skylar,” I say softly as I stop walking.

“We’re almost there; it’ll be better once we sit down,” he says in an attempt to comfort me.

“It’s not that,” I say. People keeping walking by, and some look directly at me.

“Are you okay?” He asks, now concerned more than anything.

“I need you to hold me, please!” I say, pulling him by the hand to the nearest spot I can find with the least amount of traffic.

I put my back to the wall, then wait for his arms to circle me as I put mine around him too. My breaths become quick, my heart pounds, intense throbbing heat storms my loins, then I cum. Being on such intimate display overwhelms me; my fingers dig into Skylar’s back, and I pull myself against him, my breasts forced against his firm body and my face on his chest. My orgasm is incredible, intense, hot, and the thought of people being able to see me drives it on even more. I moan Skylar’s name into his chest, then when he finally realizes what’s happening, I feel his hands drop down and squeeze my ass. When it’s over, I kiss him deeply before leaning against the wall.

There’s a wet spot between my feet where my pussy is dripping, which is the final straw for Skylar that makes his dick stand straight up. We hurry back to the room with me in front, this time to give him cover. The door closes behind us as we enter, then we stop to allow our minds to catch up.

“Did you just cum down there?” He asks, his dick twitching from how hard he is. I nod.

I see that look in his eyes, the fierce, loving, lustful need to have me. He wanted me last night, but he didn’t press it, and there’s no way I would turn him down right now. The anticipation of what he’s going to do to me excites me like crazy. I absolutely love the raw, almost feral energy he fucks me with when he’s like this. It can’t be that easy, though, or it won’t be fun.

I turn and walk away from him, giving extra sway to my hips specifically to tease him. When I hear him start to move, I walk faster, then faster. He stays right almanbahis yeni giriş on me, then, before I can make it into the bedroom, he shoves me to the wall beside the door. He’s strong, and even though I work out, he has a weight advantage because I’m so small. His erect cock presses to my backside as his hand reaches to curl around my neck. His right hand drops down between my legs, brushing my clit and delving into the wet folds of my labia.

Skylar comments on how wet I am, but I already know. Every second I’m waiting to feel him plunge into me, yet he doesn’t and instead makes me wait. His hand leaves my neck, then makes contact with my ass in a stinging slap. At the same time, he pins me more firmly to the wall using his body, then his cock pushes between my thighs, and I feel it against my aching slit. This our game, his way of asserting dominance over me. I reach like I’m supposed to and slip the tip inside me. He pulls back and makes me do it again, then again, and even several more times.

“Skylar,” I say his name, pleading. This is what he wants.

He sinks every inch inside me with one rough thrust. A single moment of pain is quickly replaced by the satisfying feel of my walls stretched around his girth. His hands force my hips backward to make me bend over, and as soon as I’m there, my ravaging begins. He pounds me with fury until I cum again, and my legs almost give out.

“Swallow it,” he commands with a firm, sexy voice.

I turn, drop down, put my fingers around the base of his cock, then suck. Skylar rarely has me swallow it since he likes to see it on me or dripping from me. When he blows, I’m barely able to contain it all in my mouth. It’s thick, salty, and I love it, love him. I swallow it all and keep going until nothing else comes out, then he pulls me to my feet. He kisses me, tugging me into the room so I can sit on his lap. When he lay back, I rest my body on top of his. Everything is perfect.

We leave the room again, head downstairs via the elevator, then finally make it to breakfast. As we eat, my excitement and arousal slowly build again before balancing out at a manageable level. When we finish eating, we take some time to explore the resort, giving us a chance to adjust to being naked. After around twenty minutes, we return to the room and adorn clothing to go shopping in.

The main purpose was to shop for basic necessities for the week, but we spend most of our time looking at souvenirs, taking pictures, and getting lost. We return to the room hours later, barely able to carry all of the bags. The rest of our evening is spent eating dinner, relaxing in the hot tub, then finally having sex before bed.

The next day, we begin with a naked breakfast again, and I avoid having a spontaneous orgasm in the resort lobby. Skylar’s plan is for us to spend the day at the beach, which enforces compulsory nudity. We pack lunch, snacks, phones, and other items in a bag and then head to the water. When we get down to the sand, I take my flip-flops off and go barefoot. The sand feels good on my feet and between my toes, and it reminds me how long it’s been since I last visited a beach.

I set up the beach towels while Skylar finds a place to get chairs. The spot is close to the water but not close enough for it to reach us. Surprisingly, there aren’t many others around, but I assume that’s because it’s still pretty early. Like in the resort, being nude is treated as a normal practice, so I don’t get the full satisfaction of my fetish. That craving deep in me wants people to look and gaze upon my nudity, to see everything my tight, fit body has to offer.

Skylar returns with the chairs, then I have him apply sunblock on me. My hope is to get a little tan on my pale, vampire-like skin without getting sunburned. Even though I haven’t been to the beach since I was a kid, I remember clearly how much those suck. I take turns on my front and back for a while, and when I finally have enough, I go down to the water with Skylar.

It takes me a few minutes to get used to the water, and while I slowly ease myself in, Skylar does it all at once, then makes fun of me. I take another step, then another, until the water is barely up to my knees. Skylar takes my hand in what I believe to be an attempt to help me, but instead, he yanks me with him. I stumble forward and splash into the water, then punch his arm once I regain my balance.

I throw a second and third punch in retaliation to his prank until he grabs my arms and holds me. He then pulls me into him, his arms wrapping around and securing me. I look up at him, his handsome face and perfect eyes, which lock onto mine. He leans down to kiss me while his hand pushes strands of my wet hair away from my cheek.

“I love you,” he says.

“I love you too,” I say back.

We have sandwiches for lunch, which we eat after drying off. The beach is much more crowded now, but that doesn’t take away from its beauty or almanbahis giriş serenity. I look at Skylar when he isn’t paying attention just to bask in the love I have for him. This is another perfect moment, a perfect day, one that I’ll remember for a long time, if not forever.

Only a few minutes after we finish eating, we’re approached by a man and woman. The man is tall, maybe an inch or so taller than Skylar, and so is the woman with him, somewhere taller than me and shorter than Skylar. He isn’t as fit as either of us, but still in good shape and definitely older. With me sitting in a chair and him standing, I can’t help but see his penis, which looks sizeable even in a flaccid state.

The woman, I imagine, is around my age or younger. Her hair is short and blond, but her tits are larger than mine, and a single nipple is pierced. Both of them are attractive, so I look at Skylar to gauge his reaction, but he makes it a point to look at the man.

“Allo!” The man says in a thick, French accent. “Ai ‘ope le béautiful couplé eez enjoyeng zeir vacashe-on.

“Newly married couple,” I answer. “And, yes.” I smile.

“Congratulashe-ons to both of you. Mon name eez Philip, and zis eez mon wife, Marie.”

“Nice to meet you,” Skylar says as he stands to shake Philip’s hand. “I’m Skylar, and this is Jenny.”

“Oh, lé pleasure eez urs,” Philip says.

The four of us talk for a while, then they show us around the beach and surrounding area. I gather from the conversation that Philip is rather wealthy and owns several businesses. His talk about a yacht and private jet clue me in the most, so he’s either rich or lying. By the time we part during mid-afternoon, Skylar and I are invited to his yacht for dinner. After hesitantly accepting the invitation, Philip explains that he’ll have a car pick us up from the resort.

We both shower to rinse the sand, salt, and other remnants from the beach away. My hair gets harder to wash by the week as it grows longer, and since Skylar doesn’t want me to cut it, I make him help me. I use the blowdryer to brush my hair out after the shower, then apply some finishing touches of makeup. This is supposed to be a nude event, so we don’t bother getting dressed.

When the car arrives, the driver is also naked. He exits the car to open the door for us, and we climb in. It takes around ten minutes to arrive at the yacht behind a large house that I assume belongs to Philip. On the dock area, we’re greeted by Philip and Marie, then after a brief introduction about the property, we board the yacht.

The four of us take a seat at a prepared dinner table and talk for a few minutes until another man, who introduces himself as Kevin, sets the table with appetizers and wine. Kevin has a faint accent as well, but I can’t place where it’s from. He goes on to explain that he’s the chef for tonight and which meals are being prepared.

We all partake in the appetizers, then different courses for dinner, and wash it all down with glasses of wine. At some point, the wine obviously begins to lead the conversation topics as we go from talking about vacations and jobs to clothing, nudity, and finally, Marie’s sizeable breasts as Philip comments on them while cupping one in his hand.

“Womén aré a treasuré. Zum big, zum small, but all pairféct, especial-lee when they’ré natural lik zis,” Philip says as his fingers visibly squeeze Marie’s tit.

“Jenny is all-natural too,” Skylar responds, then unexpectedly grabs my left tit.

“You see? Pairfecshe-on!” Philip grins, then brings two fingers and his thumb to his lips and kisses as if he’s referring to food. “Now, you must try both!”

Skylar goes to reach for my second breast, but Marie stands and walks around to us. Philip meant both Marie’s and mine, not both of mine. Skylar looks at me for permission, and I nod. As soon as Skylar’s hand cups Marie’s large mound, she bends and sits on his leg. It’s kind of an awkward position for him with Marie on his left and me on his right. I see his cock move, then spring into a full erection.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m a little buzzed from the wine, but I find Skylar’s sudden hard-on amusing. Philip circles the table and comes to stand behind us. While Skylar continues to examine our boobs with his hands, Philip grips Marie’s other in his. Philip’s other arm reaches down over my shoulder, and his hand takes my free breast as well. He squeezes my flesh, then flicks his finger over my nipple.

“You see? Biggair air smallair, all pairfect,” Philip says, and squeezes me again as he says smaller.

I didn’t expect to have my tits compared tonight, though I’m relaxed enough that it doesn’t upset me. What does surprise me is Marie’s hand moving up and down, her fingers clasped around Skylar’s dick. I didn’t hear him protest or try to get my approval, but I can’t say anything since I didn’t protest Philip’s hand on my boob either.

Marie shifts down to her knees, getting almanbahis adres in position, then putting her mouth on Skylar’s manhood. As I look up to see his reaction, Philip’s hand turns my head until his hard cock is in my face. I can feel Skylar watching me as I suck Philip’s dick. He doesn’t say anything, but I feel his hand move between my legs, and his fingers begin to rub me. I take it as a sign that he’s okay with it, so I put forth more effort.

A few minutes later, Philip pulls away, taking my hand, then leading me away. I grow nervous for a moment until I notice Skylar and Marie are coming as well. We enter a bedroom with a large bed in the middle. The lights are dim, and the lingering scent tells me that this kind of thing happens in here often.

Philip steps away from me as Marie approaches from the other side. She places her hands on my hips, stepping close to me, enough so that her breasts touch mine. It feels strange to be this close to another woman in such an intimate manner, but she is pretty and smells good. It’s much easier to see the size difference in our chests now, with hers overtaking mine as she presses against me.

Skylar and Philip are sitting on the bed watching. Marie leads me into a wet kiss, putting on an obvious show for the guys. Her mouth and lips are soft; the kiss is smooth, so much different than kissing a man. She touches me between my legs, pulling a single finger between my folds, then bringing the same finger to her mouth to taste.

“Come,” Marie says in a pretty French accent.

Marie walks toward the bed, toward Skylar. I feel a surge of pain and excitement in my chest as she mounts him. Everything feels like it happened so fast, from talking to them on the beach, then dinner, and now sex. Now that it’s happening, the entire plan feels so obvious. Philip and Marie recruited us to be their partners tonight. Skylar remains still, not refusing nor engaging with her. He looks at me as if waiting for my approval, and even though I appreciate it, I very much prefer him to be in charge of our bedroom affairs.

I smile to let him know it’s okay, then when he puts his hands on Marie, I go to Philip. Marie intentionally waits for me to straddle Philip before we both take their dicks at the same time. Philip is rough with me, his hands gripping and grabbing my body, hips, tits, and ass. He bites my neck, collar bone, and nipples, all while driving his hips up each time I come down.

Marie is riding Skylar like she’s had sex with him a dozen times. Even though he’s with another woman, I still feel shy and embarrassed to have him see me working myself up and down on Philip. I wonder and hope that Skylar is feeling as good as I do. The excitement of this experience, being watched and being naked all day, drums up my orgasm quickly. As soon as Philip realizes I’m starting to cum, he flips me over on my back and thrusts me firmly. I tense up in my climax and come down the other side, but Philip continues as if it didn’t happen.

Philip bangs me with increasing urgency until he finally pulls out, grabs my hair in his fingers, and blows his load on my face. He pushes his dick in my mouth for me to get that last bit, which is hard to concentrate on with cum in my eye. When he’s finished, I go to the bathroom to clean my face. The break gives me a moment to catch up on the events and the fact that we just had sex with strangers.

I return to the room a few minutes later to find Skylar and Marie finished as well. Marie is on her knees now with no sign of a mess, so I assume she swallowed it. I look around for my clothes to get dressed, then remember we have no clothes here. It’s late now, and Philip convinces us to stay the night. He gives off vibes of being a poet when he speaks on the female body. All the way up until we finally go to bed, he uses Marie and me as examples in his explanations. He fiddles with our hair, necks, breasts, butts, and more. We do learn through these so-called lessons that he owns a modeling agency, which explains a lot.

I wake up in the middle of the night with Skylar to my left, Marie to my right, then Philip to hers. The bed is massive, so there’s plenty of space even for four people. After so much wine and sex, I’m extremely thirsty, so I go to the kitchen to find water. Luckily, there are bottles of water in the fridge. I twist the cap off one and chug it straight down before catching my breath afterward.

“Oh, ai see I’m not la on-lee un who eez thirstay,” Philip says as he enters.

Even though I’ve been naked all day and night now, it does little to dull the excitement inside me. We talk in the kitchen, and Philip starts asking about me, wanting to know more about my life, job, and other things. He tells me I’m too beautiful to work a job like that, and instead, I should be traveling the world all the time. I let out a little laugh, appreciating the gesture, but it’s obviously outside my reach.

We go upstairs onto the deck and into the light of a bright moon over clear skies. Everything is quiet except the water and the odd sound now and then. On the top, toward the front, there are cameras and lights mounted to form a small studio of sorts. I assume they use this area to stage photo shoots for his business.

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