Jenny’s first shift

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Jenny’s first shiftJenny had left college. In big debt and with the economy slow, she turned to escorting for a while until something better came up. Nerdy and shy, she had not too much experience, and was full of nerves at the start of her first shift in the brothel. Who would come ti her? What would she have to do?As the new girl she was given a small room doninated by a whirring fan, a single bed and a big tv. An air freshener somewhere hissed feebly from time to time. Next doir a Vietnamese girl called Fong wailed through the thin wall as an anonymous john sodomised her amidst a medley of squeaking bed springs. Feeling lost and apprehensive, Jenny listened as her co-worker cried out “fuck my ass!!!” amidst gasps.Suddenly the door opened and Jenny’s first customer cane in. He was in his late thirties, balding, but not unattractive. Jenby rise to greet him but bahis firmaları the man raised a hand. He handed iver $80. “Hi” he said, a little iut of breath. He began to undo his fly buttons. “Sorry, I an in a hurry today. “ His hardening penis flopped out of his open buttons. He guided her slightly shaking hand onto the firming shaft. “Suck it, “ he commanded. “And when I’m near, I’ll cum on uour face”Within ten minutes of starting her new job, Jenny had dropped to her knees and had a total strangers cock in her mouth. She hadn’t even time to undress.She began slowly, circling her tongue round his glistening purple head. Slowly, imperceptibly, her head began to bob up and down, sliding up and down his fully engorged dick.The customer knew quickly that ge gD chosen a skilled cock sucker. Jenny knew how to tease and his cock thrilled in the velvety warmth kaçak iddaa of her mouth. He adored her swapping between tongue bath and slow, almost edging fellatio. He knew ge wouldn’t last too long.Sensing his excitement, Jenny quickened the pace if ger sucking slightly, focusing her pointed little tongue on the base if his glans, the nervy line between head and shaft. Her mouth began to sense his pre cum as he gasped in pleasure. Gentle suking noises turned him on even more.Soon Jenny felt the stranger in a rush begin to shake, his thighs shuddering uncontrollably. Her short nails sc****d across his balls as they withdrew rapidly into his groin. A couple if early gloopy spurts of cum filled her mouth.The stranger’s orgasm cane in suddenly. Having been on the edge if cumming for a little while, he suddenly withdrew, holding Henny’s head as her wanked urgently. kaçak bahis A pillar of pleasurable numb fire spread from the vase if his cock across the full length and his mind floated away.“UHHHH!!! GAAAAHDD!!!” He cried in triumph. Two thick forks of hot sperm spattered Jenny’s upturned face as sge flibched instinctively. Still wanking, he forced his spunking cock back into her mouth where his final ecstatic tremors unleashed the last if his frustrated juice.It was over as quickly as it had begun. Still shaking, he quickly washed his dick in Jenny’s sink and left without a word, closing the door softly.Jenny wiped her customer’s semen from her face and quickly drank some mouthwash ti remove the strong gamey taste of his sperm, which she had swallowed. She felt strange and looked at her money and sat in silence. Before the end of tge night, she helped four more lonely men to orgasm and had howled into her pillow; in a threesome with Fong, the Vietnamese had held her plump bottom open fir another anal-obsessed customer. It was a first night to remember and the first of many…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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