Jenny The Intern Takes Control

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I’d like you to meet Jenny, our new intern” James said with goofy smile.

The small ad agency I ran hired an intern every summer, and I could see why there was a buzz around this one. Jenny was a twenty-one year old who exuded sexuality. She was sitting at her new desk, wearing a fitted white skirt that showed plenty of her crossed legs, a red summer sweater with a V-neck that plunged just enough to show a hint of her pert young breasts, and open toed shoes that exposed a fresh, bright red pedicure. Jenny had dark hair, smooth white skin, big pillowy lips, and gorgeous brown eyes that had a knowing look. “Very happy to meet you Jenny.” I said with a kind but authoritative voice.

“Mmm…I’m sure you are” she said with a giggle and a smirk. My throat caught, unsure how to respond to her playful insolence. I looked at James and he seemed not to have heard her at all, just smiling and staring at Jenny’s tits. I decided to let it slide.

“Yes, well…welcome” I walked away thinking about how easy it would be to get lost in her eyes. I had been married for 15 years, and had been mostly faithful, although there had been a couple of employees I had bent over the desk at my last agency. In the three years I had become Managing Director at this agency though, I had been much more careful. I shook the thoughts out of my head and got to work.

Jenny’s cubicle was not far from my office, so I saw her a few times that first morning. Each time I felt a curious tingle go through my body after which I would scurry off, nervous someone might see me staring. When she caught me looking one time, she gave me a little wave and to my disgust, I felt my hand go up and give her a fey wave back.

That afternoon when I went to get a coffee from the machine, I passed Jenny’s cubicle and felt a pang of disappointment when she wasn’t there. Suddenly I saw her in front of me, getting herself a tea. She smiled sweetly as I struggled not to look at her ass and fumbled with the coffee pot. My voice cracked slightly as I asked, “So Jenny, how has your first day getting…”

“I love a hot cup of afternoon tea,” she interrupted breezily, “I mix the green with peach, it’s so good.” I started to form a response, but she touched my arm as if to dismiss me and walked away. I couldn’t resist watching her ass sway in her white skirt as she sauntered down the hall.

That night İstanbul Escort I couldn’t get this beautiful young girl out of my mind. I jacked off twice, and both times my fantasy didn’t get past her slipping out of her work clothes and exposing what I imagined must be a perfect, tight body.

The next day Jenny was with a large group in a conference room all morning, meeting with a few people from one of our clients. Charming clients is an important part of my role, so at lunch I joined the meeting, and as I tend to do, started to tell an amusing story. I had the attention of all in the room as I told my animated tale, moving my gaze from one guest to another. When my eyes caught Jen’s big eyes looking back at me, however, my throat caught and I stumbled, losing my flow. Jenny was not dressed as overtly sexy as the day before, but still looked hot in a tight white blouse, a black pencil skirt and black suspenders. She seemed to look right through me and read my dirty thoughts. I managed to get it together and finish my story, then quickly excused myself, went directly to a stall in the bathroom and jacked off again. There was something magical about this girl, but I chastised myself, worrying that I may not get any work done all summer if I couldn’t get her off my mind.

Around 3pm, when I went to get my coffee she was back in her cube. I challenged myself not to stare at her while I passed, but heard her sweet voice ask me “oh, could you get me a tea while you’re there Rick?”

“Yes…I…sure, of course.” I was trying to send casual and cool, but somehow I knew it came out as anxious. I carefully took a bag of green and a bag of peach and dipped them into the hot water. I carried it back to her thinking we might chat a little, but Val, a cute Vietnamese girl from Accounting, was in her cube telling her something. When I went to hand her the tea jenny stayed focused on what Val was saying but motioned for me to place the tea on her desk. She nodded when I did so, but continued talking to Val. I waited a moment and when I realized I was just standing there listening to the two young girls gossip, I awkwardly left and walked back to my office. As I rounded the corner, I heard the two of them giggling loudly and wondered if they were laughing at me.

As I walked from my car to the office on Jenny’s third day I reminded myself Kadıköy Escort that I couldn’t have others see how smitten I was by this girl, half my age. When the elevator doors opened to our office, Jenny was the first thing I saw, casually bent the receptionist’s high desk, chatting with her. Jenny wore a beige mini skirt that both exposed her legs and wrapped tightly around her perfect, round ass. Both girls both looked up at me and smiled as they said good morning, and I simply nodded and walked quickly to my office. I realized I hadn’t even responded, but was pleased with how disinterested I must have seemed. Safely in my office, I took a few calls, made an important decision at a meeting and started to feel in control again.

When I left for a business lunch with a potential new client, I didn’t even have Jenny on my mind, but as I went to get the elevator I saw Jenny there with Nina, also heading down for their lunch break. I took Jenny in again as I smiled at the two of them. She looked too almost too sexy for work with a tight purple blouse that didn’t show that much cleavage, but with three buttons undone there was a lot of promise. Val seemed to be dressed for the gym. The three of us got in, and as the elevator started down Jenny said to Val, “turn around and show him.” Val’s eyes widened but Jenny reached over and physically turned the petite girl around. “Now Rick, tell Val that this is not appropriate for the office” she stifled a laugh as she pointed at Val’s ass, wrapped so tight in white yoga pants that you could imagine she was wearing nothing at all to cover her pert little bottom. Val had less curves than Jenny, but had a nice tight body that she clearly took great care of.

“I…well…she…” I started, not wanting to make Val feel uncomfortable as I felt my cock hardening in my dress pants.

Val turned herself around showing her reddening cheeks “It’s fine…I have a class, and of course I’ll change back after.” Jenny giggled as Val playfully pushed her, then she slowly looked down at the bulge in my dress pants. “Well, enjoy your lunch Rick” she said with a smirk and walked out of the elevator as the doors opened. I heard the two of them giggling as they walked out and I stood there trying to compose myself.

I remained distracted throughout my lunch. When I came back told my secretary to cancel my afternoon meetings Ataşehir Escort so I could get some work done. I wanted to go and jack off again but instead shut my door and pushed myself to focus. Around 3pm I was dragging and really felt like I needed my afternoon pick-me up. I got up to get a coffee, then quickly sat down when I realized that I didn’t want to pass Jenny on my way. At 3:15 I received an email that read simply;

Rick, when you get your coffee could you fetch me a tea as well?


I read it five times, my throat now dry. How could she think I would…was she just joking? I looked again at the verb she had chosen; ‘fetch’. Could that have been an accident? I really needed that coffee to clear my mind. I got up, unsure how to handle Jenny’s request. I noticed my hands shaking slightly as I opened my door, and tried to puff myself up a little as I broke into a stride towards the coffee machine. Jenny was in her office as I passed, but I kept walking and deliberately averted my eyes. When I got the machine, Bob, my CFO, was there and we chatted about the monthly close while I got myself my coffee. When he left, I looked at the tea selection, paused and then found myself carefully selecting a green tea and a peach, and pouring boiling water into a cup for Jenny. I walked to her office and tried to put on a confident smile as I brought her tea.

She smiled sweetly up at me and said “Ohhh…you’re such a sweetie, thanks!” I felt a sort of pride in pleasing her like this and she started to talk to me at length for the first time, telling me something about her first days and what she had learned. I tried to listen but couldn’t help being distracted by how much of her long smooth legs she was exposing as she crossed her legs in her seat. Then I saw that she was playing with her high heels shoe, dangling it precariously from her toe. She was telling me something about how much she had learned about social media when her shoe dropped to the floor near my feet. She made no motion to get it, instead simply looked up at me with her big doe eyes, her bare foot now pointed towards me. Somehow, I knew I shouldn’t do it, but I bent down to pick up the shoe for her and found her painted toes inches from my face. I knew as I did this, it would be strange to hand her the shoe so I half-assedly placed it on her bare foot and stood up. “Good” she said, simply as if this was completely natural. I knew my cock was again hard enough to show through so I mumbled something and quickly turned around and reverted to my office. I didn’t leave until after 6 when I hoped everyone had gone home and I had to piss too badly to stay in.

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