Jenny Ch. 02

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(Please read ‘Jenny – The First Chapter’ before reading this chapter)

Do you remember those questions I was asking myself as I slowly recovered from what could only be described as an orgy of unrestrained sexual pleasure?

My mind had been in a spin.

Had I got the job that I wanted?

Did it matter?

What would work be like tomorrow?

Could I ever face Mr. Clarke again?

As my mind started to clear I collected myself and my clothing together, becoming painfully aware that I would have to face him again whether I liked it or not. I needed a job and I particularly needed this promotion. I believe they call it Hobson’s choice, in other words no choice!

Terry and I left the office together, silently returning to the car and driving home without exchanging a word. We all know how after sex all you want to do is curl up and sleep, well that is all I wanted to do. I couldn’t face any long discussions or guilt trips this evening.

We got home, showered, had a quick microwave dinner, a glass of brandy and went to bed. Hardly trading a word or glance, as though we both knew we just wanted to be silent.

The first thing that caught my attention as light broke through my partially open eye lids, was Terry dressing for work.

“What time is it?” I asked as I rubbed my eyes and yawned. “Seven” he turned his head briefly towards me as he continued to pull up his trousers “I’m due in at eight.”

Suddenly the events of the previous evening rushed into my head and I needed to say something.

“Terry” I felt awkward and the words didn’t flow. “Terry my love.”

He sat at the end of the bed and looked at me.

“Jen I never knew you were like that or….” looking a little perplexed.

“like what?” sitting upright in bed. “Or what Terry?”

“Well…” he paused as he struggled to say what he wanted too.

“like what?” I sounded more determined.

“Well…….. so enthusiastic about…….. sex or…” he was blushing “so open about what you wanted. You have never been like that when we have been making love.”

I knew he was right, I had hardly ever used the F*** word in my life let alone during sex and had never had sex with more than one person at a time. Infact I had not slept with many men in my life, probably only about three before Terry. I could also safely say I had never in all my life had such strong orgasms as I had had that evening, Mr. Clarke had taken me places that no one else had ever taken me to before.

It was very weird as I was not attracted to him, infact he repulsed me a little and I cringe at the thought of this overweight balding 52 year old lecherous man touching me. He seemed at that moment to have this power over me and I was completely at his mercy, he made me feel very tarty and for some unknown reason that awakened something deep inside me that had never been tapped before. And the worrying thing is the prospect of something similar occurring again excites me.

“Terry I don’t know why…” (Well I’m not going to tell him what I have just admitted to you am I!) …he just ….he just sent me crazy” quickly adding to it “it was for you I did it and only because you were there.”

I was now kneeling on the bed right beside him.

”And you enjoyed it too…..remember?”

“I love you Terry” as I held his face in my hands and kissed him firmly on the lips as though to back up what I had said.

“Nothing will happen without your agreement”..

I was hoping Terry would believe what I said as the way I now felt meant there was no guarantee!

“ that Ok?”

“I love you too” pausing as he stood. “And yes that is ok and yes you are right I enjoyed watching you with him.” He kissed me on the cheek and left for work.

As I prepared myself for work the same questions continually wandered around my mind.

What would work be like today?

Could I ever face Mr. Clarke and what will I say to him?

What will he say to me and expect of me?

I started to select my underwear from my drawer, tights, white knickers and bra.

“No I can’t wear those, what if…..” I started talking to myself “… what if I have another encounter today?”

I quickly reselected a pink lacey bra and matching thong with tan lace top hold ups. Looking at myself in the mirror as I buttoned up my white blouse, zipped up my black skirt and slipped into my black heels, I complimented myself on how sexy I looked.

“God this is worrying I’m dressing to please Clarke!” and that felt very exciting.

I sat at my desk and tried to get on with my work, but was constantly distracted wondering if Mr. Clarke would be in the office today, and if so would he call me. What should I do if he tries anything on? I was feeling very apprehensive and also very excited all day especially knowing what underwear I was wearing, and although I would not have admitted if you asked me, I wanted him to take me and use me again.

It must have been about 3ish when Anita Booth passed my office door and as she did stopped, leaned against Beylikdüzü escort the door post, popping her head around the corner.

“Hi Jenny….I’m off to see Mr. Clarke.” Smiling as she spoke and raising a finger to her lips as though it should be a secret. “I think he’s going to offer me the job!”

She quickly left and smiling sarcastically at me through my window, until she was out of site.

Anita Booth must be a few years older than me around 32 I would think, size 16, plumpish so could do with shedding a few pounds and I would say not the prettiest girl in the office by some way. She does always dress very businesslike in a skirt and blouse with her hair tied up in bun, looking very professional wearing her spectacles.

I later discovered why she was so cock sure of getting ‘The Job’. She had been attending to Mr. Clarke’s needs in his office regularly over the last couple of weeks. He had given her the strong impression that because of this the new job was hers, so that encouraged her to offer him oral sex regularly.

I was later to find that he particularly liked the submissive way she gave him oral satisfaction as she either swallowed most or all of his cum; or she would let him withdraw at the last moment allowing him to cum over her face or cleavage.

My thought patterns were disturbed about an hour later by my telephone ringing at my desk.

“Hello, Jenny Payne speaking”.

“Clarke here” Mr. Clarke retorted in his abrupt voice. I momentarily froze and failed to answer.

“I have Miss Booth in the office with me, I want you to join us now”.

I was speechless.

“Are you there Payne?” he barked.

“Yes sir…sorry sir I’ll be there directly”.

I was in a flat spin not being able to decide whether I was scared of what may happen or excited by the prospect of another adventure that stretched my sexual boundaries. Either way I had no choice but to go.

I tentatively knocked on his office door.

“Enter” he barked from behind the solid wood door.

I swung it open and walked in, not sure how to react after my list visit to this room.

The aroma of the wooden furniture struck my nostrils and all the feelings of the previous evening flooded my mind.

Anita Booth was standing in front of me with her back to the door facing Mr. Clarke who was sitting back in his leather chair the other side of his large oak desk.

“Close the door and come forward” he directed me with his hand waving in the general direction of Anita.

As I let the door swing closed and started to step forward he barked at me again.

“I said close the door” pointing at the door, I obviously looked a little puzzled as the door was shut.

“Turn the lock so we are not disturbed” he sounded exasperated; a shudder went up my spine as I turned and complied with his request. At that moment I knew that something sexual was very likely to happen and the very thought strangely excited me.

He beckoned me forward to stand beside Anita as he spoke.

“Miss Booth is in need of some help Miss Payne”. As I stood beside her I became aware that she was standing there with her white blouse completely unbuttoned and untucked as it hung out of the top of her skirt; her white full cup plain cotton bra was in full view. Not only that, she was holding the front hem of her skirt in her hands so her knickers and tights were in full view.

I started to blush.

“Miss Payne” he made eye contact with me. ”Unbutton your blouse so Miss Booth can see your underwear.”

I hesitated for moment then started to release the buttons one by one, slowly revealing my lacey pink bra.

“See Booth that’s what we call good presentation” looking at me. “She needs some instruction regarding her dress code at work”.

Turning back and looking at Anita.

“Well look closely women…. Function is important, but presentation turns an ordinary day into a spectacular experience” she was obviously embarrassed and so was I

“Not only does it look good but it will feel good too, far better than just the white cotton thing your wearing” waving a hand in my general direction.

“Feel for yourself….. go on touch her bra” I was blushing and so was Anita.

She turned to face me and although she said nothing her eyes spoke apologetically as she let go of her skirt and her left hand cupped, stroked and felt my lace covered right breast. It was like electricity passing through my body and without any warning I let out a gasp.

Mr. Clarke at this point stood up and walked around behind us as he spoke.

“Well feel the other one too. …… but linger a while and just enjoy the moment. I know Miss Payne will”

He was visibly drooling as she complied and massaged my left breast a little more firmly than the other, both hands now in unison kneading me.

“That’s right just caress and fondle those gorgeous globes”

My nipples now displayed my excitement as even Mr. Clarke became aware that they were erect.

From behind me he whispered in my Beylikdüzü escort ear.

“So you like that ummhhhhhh”. Watching as she manipulated my breasts.

“Now Miss Payne please lift your skirt to your waist so Miss Booth can appreciate the rest of your attire”. I didn’t even hesitate I just did as he asked and lifted the hem showing my hold ups and thong.

“Ummhhhhhh” he responded “Very sexy ummhhhhhh nice”.

Standing directly behind Anita he placed his hands on her shoulders. We looked at each other directly in the eye, not knowing what we were about to be subjected to. With his hands on the top of her shoulders he pushed downwards.

“Kneel” so she did finding her face level with my crotch.

“See Miss Booth that is what we call sexually alluring underwear a complete contrast to the underwear you have on and Miss Payne has worn it today to excite me, haven’t you?” I didn’t answer just blushed as he looked at me straight in the eye with a smile

on his face.

Still gazing directly into my eyes he gently pushed her head forward until I could feel her breath on my thighs.

“Take a close look Miss Booth and feast your eyes on what you see”.

I swallowed hard as I tried to keep my composure.

“Run your hands up her thighs and feel those silk holdups with there lacey tops” she obeyed again and ran her hands slowly up my calf’s and onto my outer thighs.

“Ahhh” I gasped again and arched my back at the same time as biting my bottom lip.

He leant forward and placed his hands directly over hers and guided her to touch the bare flesh at the top of my legs.

“Ahhh” I gasped again.

Holding her wrists he pushed her hands still higher until they came to rest on the front of my hip bones, then around to grasp my buttocks hidden under my skirt.

“See Miss Booth doesn’t that feel wonderful” his cheek brushed my left breast and paused for a moment as he straightened himself up.

He then pushed her head slowly forward again until her nose brushed the gusset of my thong.

“Can you smell the aroma of her excitement?”

“Well Miss Booth?”

“Yes I Can” she answered faintly

“Lick her gusset” The atmosphere was electric as I amazed myself at letting this happen to me. I could feel her tongue drag along the material and this in turn causing a brushing sensation along my lips, simultaneously her hands started to massage my buttocks.

Mr. Clarke walked behind me.

“Carry on Miss Booth” so she continued stroking my now damp thong with her tongue each stroke seemed to penetrate even further. The soft moist material gradually invading the valley between my lips.

“Miss Payne” he whispered as his hands came under my arms and cupped my breast, with thumb and finger tweaking my engorged nipples.

“Ahhhhhhhhh” was the only response I could muster as I was again overcome by eroticism of the situation.

“Part your legs my dear” as his foot encouraged me to widen my stance by tapping gently on my inner ankles. I did as he requested this allowing Anita better access to my haven.

”We discovered you were a tart last night begging me to take you, today my dear we will discover that you have other hidden sexual cravings!”

“Tell Miss Booth what you begged me to do to you last evening” I could here him purring. “Well?”

“I….” was I actually going to say out loud what I was thinking? “…….begged you to ………..fuck me.” Blushing furiously.

“And did I?”

“Yes you…..” still biting my bottom lip “…. did”

“Yes I did what?” he knew this was arousing me.

“You fucked me”

“You were acting like a common whore weren’t you?”

“Yes I was” I was audibly moaning and sighing as my arousal started to peek

With this his hands sliding away from my breasts, they trailed down to my waist and stopped at my skirt clasp and zip, I hardly notice my skirt drop to the floor. His thumbs hooked into my thong waist band and gently pulled it down, Anita helped me untangle it from my legs and step out of it.

I’m not sure who turned me around but I found myself perched on the edge of the desk, with my legs being spread wide apart.

“Lay back Miss Payne” I followed Mr. Clarke’s instruction.

Anita’s standing up had her head pushed down once more between my legs, her access now completely unobstructed as she had discarded her spectacles on the desk.

“Ahhhhhhhhh” with eyes firmly closed moaning and biting my bottom lip I was feeling things I had never felt before. Her tongue darted up and down my now swelling lips, occasionally circling my cliterous, I found my hands massaging her head and encouraging her to stay.

“Just lovely my girls….just lovely” Mr. Clarke muttered in satisfaction as he watched the situation he had created start to unfold while standing behind Anita and slowly masturbating on his erect manhood which he had released from his trousers.

Anita raised my legs still further so that I had my knees nearly in my chest as she continued the assault on my Escort Beylikdüzü now very wet pussy. I was starting to build to a wonderful climax, never in my life have I experienced such amazing oral sex. In fact I have never even been kissed by another woman in that way, let alone dreamt of having any sort of sexual contact.

She opened my lips with her fingers and delved deeper into me using her tongue more effectively; this was causing me to moan loudly and rhythmically with each stroke expressing noisily my pleasure and enjoyment.

I opened my eyes and could see Mr. Clarke over Anita’s shoulder.

“So Miss Booth lets bare this fat fleshy rump of yours shall we”. As he raised her skirt, I heard a tearing sound as he ripped open the backside of her tights and pulled down her white cotton knickers to her knees.

“That’s better” as he ran his hands over naked skin and parted her legs with his knees “At last Miss Booth I will sample the womanly delights you have to offer and empty myself into you, instead of over you.”

“Ahhhhhhhhh….No” she let out a muffled sigh of pleasure as with one smooth movement he entered his engorged penis into her aroused womanhood. Amazingly it didn’t seem to put her off from attending to me, if anything it increased the intensity of her concentration.

Looking along my body over my lacey encased breasts and hands that were massaging her head between my legs; I could see Mr. Clarke was grasping her hips and was steadily driving himself into her.

He continued sliding his swollen manhood into Anita and started to talk to me.

“Miss Payne what would Terry say if he could see you now?. By the way CCTV is turned off today”. I didn’t answer I just continued to bite my bottom lip and contort my face; I didn’t care what anyone thought I just wanted to saturate myself in the wicked pleasure of the moment.

“I told you we would discover more of your hidden desires” He started to sound a little short of breath.

“And I am sure we still have many more to discover.”

The eroticism of the moment and his comments were sending me wild, this was just too much for me to bare. I cascaded into an orgasm that seemed as though it would never stop and was punctuated by screaming at the top of my voice.


“Yes, Yes, Yes…” Mr. Clarke muttered as he started to go red in the face, grunting louder

“No ..No” Anita started to protest and was trying to stop him from taking her.

“Shut up you slut and take what you deserve!” as he slapped her buttock very hard.

Pushing her forward so she was laying over me resting on her elbows, she raised her head and arched her back looking to me to help her out of this situation, I just wriggled and wrapped my arms around her body to prevent her escape.

“Let him take you .Let him use you….just enjoy it” trying to encourage her.

“I….I…”she started to cry “I don’t want to get pregnant, stop please stop…. I don’t use any contraceptives ……stop him …..please stop him”

“Push back on him, enjoy it…..let him take you….feel him swell and let him fill you up”

Without any warning Mr. Clarke withdrew himself from her as a look of relief came over her face, he took me by surprise as he plunged himself into my pussy, which was now directly below Anita’s. I could feel that he was very swollen, as he gently moved in and out of me; He felt so good as I tried to meet the inward strokes of his still swelling erection, it was nearly impossible with the body on top of me restricting my movement.

I could feel he was close to cuming and wanted him to stay expecting him to explode any moment when he abruptly withdrew from me and planted himself back inside Anita.

“No ..No” Anita started to object again. “No. .No don’t please don’t”

He gently slide himself in and out of her moist haven, stretching her wider as he pushed deeper and deeper with each forward movement.

She now was biting her bottom lip and actually starting to enjoy the invasion. I managed to slide my upturned right hand between are belly’s and reach what felt like her lips. It obviously was.

“Aahhhhhhh….ummmmmmmmmmhhhhhh……ooohhhhhhh” her eyes closed as my fingers started to gentle caress her and as he continued to slide his manhood in and out.

I could feel her cliterous becoming more erect and it was now her turn to moan in ecstasy and climb the hill of orgasm to the point of no return. She reached it with a low long moan.

“Yessssssssss!” she exclaimed

This had an immediate effect on Mr. Clarke, as his thrusts into her increased in intensity.

“I’m going to fill you up” he blurted out “any moment…………….NOW!” with one final push he exploded hot sticky semen into her inner chamber. I could tell by the expression of horror on her face that she had felt him ejaculate with some power.

“No….No” she started to whimper… “No…”

“Oh yes Miss Booth…Oh Yes Miss Booth I have emptied myself inside you” he smiled as he taunted her and just gentle slide himself in and out of her.

After what seemed like an age he removed himself, stepped back and arranged his trousers.

“Very nice girls, very nice………… I want to see you both here at 3.00 p.m. tomorrow” and looking at us and smiling “wear something sexy!”

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