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Things just never appear as they seem; this man just never seemed to understand women. So it was with some trepidation that he slowly and quietly crept across her room; feeling that he’d made a mistake in coming; but it was too late now to turn back. Well, after all, it was very late, and the rest of her family were asleep somewhere else in her house. Wow, this was too risky wasn’t it?

She lay in wait for her prey to emerge. Jennifer could hear him as he crawled into her bed. Her pussy throbbed as she thought about what lay ahead for her if she played with him as she wanted to; she smiled inwardly at his apparent lack of insight into her fascination with him as her big boy sex toy. Yes, she had earlier begged Mr Flint to make her feel good. She knew his weakness for young women and that he would know exactly what she meant by her invitation. Once she turned 18 she knew he would not be able to resist her offer. So while Mr Flint had been very surprised at her forwardness, her note had been very demanding and specific which gave him a certain level of confidence about responding to her sexual advance.

That Jennifer; she was so bad and everyone around the place knew it. Sitting in the front row at school she was always flashing her panties at her teacher Mr Flint. He always looked uncomfortable whenever Jennifer was sitting around in his front row. Particularly as he couldn’t help himself; he loved looking up women’s skirts, always praying that he get to see a naked pussy or at least some very frilly knickers. Every now and then Jennifer had caught him taking a peak at her naked pussy; she did it on purpose because it made her so hot and randy. Ha-ha, that’s right she’d think to herself, I’ll have you soon enough Mr Flint, and then you’ll really find out what sort of bad and nasty girl I am; you’ll be sort of so sorry.

Everyone in the school knew Mr Flint was the best hung male in the Valley. They also knew he was deeply embarrassed that so many people talked about his huge cock; even if it was behind his back. You didn’t need to look twice when he was aroused to know that he was a very special man. His endowment was always going to make him extremely popular with women who craved long thick cocks. Jennifer had heard the stories, and had a fascination to see her gorgeous teacher in the flesh; including that huge hunk of meat that hung between his legs. Whenever she thought about it – it made her pussy cream run freely in anticipation of it buried deep inside her.

She had a range of toys ready to play with him tonight and to make Mr Flints night unforgettable. He had no idea what she Sivas Escort was going to do to him. He’d never been with such a bad girl before; poor inexperienced man.

Jennifer was often a noisy girl and her perplexed parents had decided that the rest of her sibling should not have to put up with her noisy fixation on fapping. When her father had come down to check out her room he had been horrified to find all those strange sex toys she must have played with; he was too disturbed to dwell on the idea so he just pretended to himself that they weren’t there. Jennifer wouldn’t need any of those toys tonight for herself, because tonight she was going to make sure Mr Flint got to find out just how talented she was with her toys; while she enjoy his mammoth cock. Jennifer was a kind hearted girl (she wasn’t mean), even if she was bad, and her capabilities would ensure she could make him feel the new joys of painful pleasure that she had planned for him, and she knew ecstasy was coming Mr Flints way very soon.

Mr Flint had no idea that Jennifer had a truly amazing sexual appetite; one that was kinky too, and that he was about to be subjected to a range of objects that would make him reach a level of arousal that he never knew existed. He was about to discover that fact but all that lay ahead of him. As he moved closer to Jennifer in her bed he felt her reach out for him with her hands and then grab him roughly by his cock. That’s not nice he thought; why be rough with me?

Jennifer instructed him (quietly), “get your clothes off quickly, and why the hell have you jumped into bed with me fully clothed? I told you be naked when you got into bed with me. So hurry up and get naked for me!”

As he struggled to undo and remove his pants in her bed Jennifer took advantage of his movements to reach and pinch him. “Hey that’s not nice, why are you pinching me?” he queried. “I told you I wanted your naked body in my bed and for you to climb into bed with me clothed is unforgivable, so you need to be punished and to find out happens when you disobey me,” she explained to this naive man.

Once he had his pants half way down she reached across under her bedcovers and grabbed his cock; it was semi erect. She felt for his foreskin and when she found it she dug her nails into it. Mt Flint let out a muffled groan of intense pain; but refrained from yelling out for fear of waking the others in the house, and while she eased off her pinching pressure a little Jennifer continued to apply painful pressure to the foreskin of Mr Flints cock. Her administration of painful sensations to Sivas Escort Bayan his semi erect cock was having the definite affect she wanted; as it was swelling and was now almost fully erect. Jennifer could feel his cock jumping about in response to her administration of painful toying.

And she wasn’t disappointed. Yes Mr Flint huge cock was a long and thick as the stories she had heard had boasted; it would do quite well for her enjoyment tonight. She felt him swelling further as the pressure of her nails on his foreskin continued unabated. She thought to herself, good at least he was in the mood for action. She went under the bedcovers to get even better access to all of his body. Then, with her hands on his shoulder blades, she pushed him flat onto his stomach on the bed and kept him pinned to the bed.

“But, what are you doing, I’m still mostly clothed, he whispered with his head turned towards Jennifer. “Forget taking your clothes off now,” she instructed, “I’m as horny as hell, and you’re about to find out what it feels like to be my big boy play toy, I’m going to use lots of my toys on you.”

As he lay there helpless; pushed down against her bed, she poured the lube all over poor Mr Flints butt , and then she gently inserted the vibrating balls into his arse; they all went in the way she planned. She then told him to flipped him over onto his back, saying “babe I really need that mammoth cock of your inside my pussy now.” Mr Flint taken aback by the way everything was happening so quickly to him, said, “well okay then but why are those things inside my arse?”

Jennifer responded, “just relax and enjoy, you like it don’t you, it feels good right, so what’s the problem?” In the moonlight she could see his huge pulsating cock standing up straight. Yum she thought, that’s going to be some humping fun for me; so she then she began to guide herself onto his silky smooth long thick cock. Wow it really was bigger than she’d expected; so that was better than she even planned.

She was patient as it took some time to get his mammoth cock inside her pussy and she loved the sensation as it was filling out the pleasure spots within her pussy; it was all feeling great inside her pussy. Yep she was tingling and she could feel her pussy continuing to cream itself up as she worked his hard cock deeper inside herself. Oh, this was as much fun as she’d ever hoped!

She slowly moved herself around on his cock, she could feel her pussy accommodating his long thick cock and it made her feel a satisfied feeling of fullness like she hadn’t felt before. Wow Escort Sivas that felt extra-great, she thought, I’m going to get exactly what I need. She began to move herself back and forward on his cock, in a rocking type of action, and it gave her maximum pressure on her clit as she rubbed herself on his cock and hard pelvic bone. Her control of him, as she rode him for her own pleasure, and kept control of his ability to control what was happening, was making her feel so sexually powerful. He was just lying their passively as she used his renowned mammoth cock to feel herself filled with blissful pleasure.

Yes, she thought, Mr Flint huge cock is going to make my night one filled with delightful ecstasy for me. Fortunately for Mr Flints not only was Jennifer’s pussy feeling fantastic on his cock but his arse was feeling really great too; and for someone like him it was always going to be a challenge for him to hold back his orgasm. His cock was throbbing uncontrollably and he could feel himself approaching an orgasm. So he said, “I can’t last much longer, I can feel it, I gunna cum soon.” That was okay with Jennifer, Mr Flint could cum quickly if he wanted to because she just work on him again to get him hard again for her. And she could feel the pressure of an orgasm building within herself and she could hear herself moaning uncontrollably as she approach her own gateway to that precipice of pleasure.

She was a very noisy woman and so Mr Flint was thinking, she’s going to wake the neighbours with all her moaning and groaning noises, or worse still the rest of her family. She looked down at him, she reached out and grasped his nipples hard. She knew it would push him over. What a combination, the vibrating balls in his butt, and the piercing pain of pleasure in his nipples, it just sent him over the edge. His cock went wild, jumping in abandoned spasms. Feeling that cocky wildness inside her was then too much for Jennifer. She felt her blissful soar off a cliff and downward, floating in delightful sensations of orgasms washing over her. It was a flood of pleasure that hit her hard, and she trashed about on poor Mr Flint cock but never stopped the rhythmic movements of her pussy’s dancing pleasure.

And once they both finally calmed down, Mr Flint who was feeling quite misused at this point, said to Jennifer, “well young lady that’s me done for the night.” Jennifer just laughed and said “babe you have no idea, our fun has just begun.” For little did he know what Jennifer had in store for him next; for her fun had long way to go as her orgasm appetite was yet to be quenched as it needed to be. And she thought to herself, who the hell is peaking in my room (she couldn’t make out who it was), how dare they interrupt me, I’m entitled to do whatever I like in my own space. She wondered whether she should challenge the voyeur or just give them a show they’d never forget?

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