Jennifer’s Revenge

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Rotating the steering wheel, Jeff pulled up toward the back of the apartment complex. Being an older structure, the red brick walls flaked with paint in the afternoon sun. Excited, he got out of the car and looked toward the passenger side.

Dressed in a flannel shirt, a pair of blue jeans, and nice a looking set of high heeled black boots, Jennifer opened the door, setting the stiletto attractions down upon the cement. Herself all straight, the sexy dark-haired Hispanic girl walked around the vehicle and followed Jeff up the wooden stairs to apartment number four. Reaching into his pocket, the young man took out his keys and opened the entrance afterward. In a state of anticipation, the part time computer programmer and full-time college student went into his abode accompanied by his new girlfriend. Coming from a small village in Bolivia only a few months back, she attended the same university he did. Speaking English with a slight ascent, the twenty one year old young lady had no problem communicating with Americans. Given her sexy stature, she immediately hooked up with a boyfriend, namely Jeff.

Inside, Jeff quickly went out to the livingroom. With Jennifer at his tail, they both finally stood alone viewing the room glitter in the peaceful glow of the sun. As silence echoed from all corners, the young man slowly moved toward the female and placed his had upon her curvaceous ass saying, “ You smell pretty good!” Smiling, she arched her head back as Jeff began sniffing her neck under her glorious dark mane hanging all the way down to her waist. Being straight, yet full and fluffy, her hair excited him to no end, causing his cock to harden. Carefully, the man began opening the buttons of her shirt, sniffing away at her chest just above her two lovely tits.

Moving his nose to and fro, he eventually noticed a necklace hanging down above her breasts. Curious, yet still sexually stimulated, the guy ask, “ I’ve never seen this before, what is it?”

Toying with the thing for a few moments, Jennifer looked down at it, saying, “ Oh, I’ve had it for a while, I just never wore it in the states until today, my grandmother back home gave it to me.”

“ It’s interesting, I like the way it reflects the sun light.”, said Jeff.

“ Yea, it’s my favorite necklace for more reasons than one.”

Saying nothing further for the moment, Jeff began pulling her flannel shirt over her shoulders and down her back, finally removing the thing, letting it fall to the floor. With his left hand, he unclipped her bra and tossed it upon the sofa. Viewing her spectacular tits, the man bent his knees slightly and took her left nipple into his mouth. Feeling the hardness between his lips, he began playing with her little stub, rubbing his tongue around it several times. Moaning, she began caressing the top of his head.

Sucking away for a minute or two, Jeff stood straight again and began removing his clothes. Down to just his underwear, he went out of them, displaying his full erection to Jennifer. Stimulated by the sight of him, Jennifer unbuckled her jeans, letting the pants fall down. With a slight effort, the Hispanic girl stretched the pants over the boots, tossing the attire upon the couch. After removing her beautiful white panties, she gave them to Jeff.

Taking hold of her underwear, the man turned them inside out and began licking the crotch area, slurping away for two minutes. Finished, he tossed the panties aside and went down on his knees. Slowly, the man moved his face to her pussy, eventually inserting his tongue up her hot wet cavity. Licking away, he heard from above, “ Oh Jeff, yea, that’s it, keep it up…!” Going in ever deeper with his tongue, he finally gave her an orgasm, downing her vaginal excrement!

His hand upon her thighs, Jeff slowly rotated the girl one hundred and eighty degrees, bringing her ass right before his face. Awed by her feminine perfection with all the curves and crevices, he gently placed his lips against her butt. With total reverence and respect, he kissed her right half, working himself over every spot. Turning her head back while pushing her hair behind one of her ears, Jennifer gazed on admiring his servitude. Happy to watch her ass adored, she smiled down at him as he progressed with the task. Finished with the right side, he began gaziantep rus escort respecting the left, going over every patch of her smooth, soft, yet firm skin.

After a half hour of butt worship, Jeff looked into her dark eyes, asking, “ Can respect your boots?”

“ You like em, don’t you?”

“ Yea, they’re spectacular, they really bring the best out in you.”

Pleased with his compliment, Jennifer placed her sexy ass atop the couch and raised her feet to the livingroom table. Slowly, and with shaking hands, he moved his face toward the black leather works of art. Taking her left boot up in his hands, Jeff began kissing and licking. Working his way toward the spiked heel, he took the thing into his mouth and sucked away.

Watching him, Jennifer said, “ Seems as if you’ve got a boot fetish.”

“ Yea, two things turn me on most about women, her boots and her ass.”, replied Jeff.

The left boot finished, he turned his attention to the right one, doing the same for about ten minutes. As he placed the last kisses on the black leather, she slowly removed her boots from the table and placed the soles firmly on the floor. Standing straight with her hands upon her hips, she said with a slight assertion in her voice, “ Lay down on your back.” Doing so, Jeff stretched himself out, lying flat upon the wooden tile.

Stepping over him, Jennifer turned around and everso lightly let her ass come down upon his face, sitting herself atop the man from the side of his frame. As she just sat there, both individuals passed the time away. Staring off into space, Jennifer felt his breath against her ass crack as he took in air through its narrow passage. Thirty minutes later, she got up, observing his precum drip down the side of his shaft.

Looking up to her, he slowly raised himself to his knees. While gazing at her ass, he finally ask, “ Jennifer, can I fuck your butt?”

Quickly turning her face in his direction, she replied, “ No, now forget it!”

However, he wouldn’t let the matter rest, “ Ah, c’mon Jen, just one little butt fuck, c’mon, there’s nothing to it!”

Being resolved, the dark-haired beauty replied, “ I said no, if you wanna keep this relationship going, you’d better forget it.”

His persistence continued, “ C’mon, it’s really great for a woman, women really love it, I read about women doing it that way all the time in the porn mags.”

“What, you look at that shit, what’s wrong, ain’t I alone good enough for you!”

Thinking for a moment, our man responded, “ Oh, no, I mean I read that stuff before I met you.”

Looking frustrated, she simply made a sight, placing her hands upon her hips and resting her weight to one leg.

Despite her negative reaction, he again ask, “ So how about it?”

“ How about what?”, she ask with anger in her voice.

“ You know, the butt fuck.”

With a mean look upon her face, Jennifer began taking up her clothes obviously in a hurry to get dressed. Nevertheless, Jeff stood up, grabbing hold of his arm. Using his superior strength, he pulled the attire from her hands, throwing them back down upon the sofa. Angry, she yelled, “ Let go of me if you know what’s good for you!”

Laughing with full confidence, the young man said, “ Yea, and what are you gonna do about it.”

Saying nothing further, Jeff took her mane in his right hand, pushing her head down while he stood behind her. As she struggled to get away from him, he made every effort to get his dick aligned with her asshole. Fighting with one another, they pushed a lamp over initially sitting on an end-table to the right. However, all his efforts proved futile as Jennifer brought the heel of her boot down atop his foot. Making an initial gasp, he let her frame go as the woman quickly moved forward and away, finally standing herself straight.

Catching her breath and pushing her hair back, the beautiful Latino girl yelled, “ All right, mother fucker, you had your chance, you think you’re big don’t you, well, I’ll show you just how big you really are.”

The pain in his foot subsiding, Jeff laughed, saying, “ You fucken bitch, I’m gonna fuck your ass if it’s the last thing I do!”

Smiling, Jennifer, remarked, “ You’ve just done the last thing you’ll ever do!”

A slight look of confusion crossed his face as Jennifer took hold of the beautiful gem hanging from her necklace. Looking down at it, the girl rubbed it with her thumb two times before aiming its pointed bottom at Jeff. Staring at it, he watched it take on a slight florescent glow, radiating a green light. A second later, the light focused itself into a beam emerging from the pointed base. Striking Jeff in the stomach, the glow dispersed itself throughout his frame. Looking down at his hands, the man exclaimed, “ What the hell is this, what are you doing bitch!”

Giving him a wicked grin, she simply said, “ Now we’ll see whose boss!”

While he gazed into her dark seductive eyes, her stature seemed to rise ever higher. Looking around, the same thing happened to everything else. As the ceiling got higher and higher, so did Jennifer. Forty five seconds later, the man was at eye level with her knees, shrinking further as the top of her boots eventually toward above him. Finally, his vertical descent stopped, having him stand before her glorious footwear at the amazingly small height of four inches!

Terrified, the little creature backed off a few centimeters as the lady smiled. Letting go of the stone, Jennifer peered down at him as the gem dropped itself against her breast and finally held still. Her hands now upon her hips, the young woman remarked, “ So, what have you got to say for yourself now?”

Frightened and confused, he eventually managed to yell upward, “ Please Jen, make me normal again, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you, I was just funning around, that’s all!”

Going down to her knees, the Hispanic girl lowered her face before him, saying, “ Yea, well now I’m gonna have a little fun, and believe me, it’ll truly be little, ha, ha…!” With her sexy butt arched upward, the booted feline grabbed the little male, taking him up by one of his arms. Dangling him before her face, she stood up again, saying, “ Well, since you want my ass so bad, how about this?” Moving his tiny frame behind her, she slowly lowered him to her butt. Hanging him before her curvaceous rear, he heard, “ Get busy, kiss my ass as before, but this time really put devotion into it!” Having no choice, little Jeff began kissing her ass once more, this time as a reduced little nothing. Satisfied, the lady brought him back to her face and said, “ Now that was great, that’s how it should be!”

Looking down at his tiny face, she remarked, “ How’d you like to be squashed between my tits?” Pushing him into her breast cleavage, she used both hands to bring her two boobs together, trapping the little man inside.

Feeling the pressure increase, he yelled, “ Please Jen, please you’re hurting me!”

“ Good, that’s your problem, suffer, keep squirming around, that feels so good!” Toying with him for sixteen more minutes, she finally relaxed her tits, letting her boyfriend fall into the palm of her left hand.

Upon standing himself up, he turned and looked into her diabolical, yet sexy, eyes, pleading, “ Ok, Jen, it was wrong what I did, but please, bring me back to normal, I promise I’ll never do anything to hurt you again.”

Smiling wickedly, the attractive female ask with a small amount of sarcasm, “ So, you promise you’ll treat me with respect from now on if I bring you back to normal?”

Nodding like a puppy, the little man said, “ Yes Jennifer, I’ll never do anything bad to you again.”

Her grin getting wider, the young beautiful Latino girl replied, “ Ok, I’ll bring you back to normal but there’s just one thing you’ve gotta do before hand.”

“Name it, anything, just please make me big again.”

Her smile still upon her gothic face, Jennifer slowly squatted herself. Resting the back of her outstretched hand upon the floor, she said to Jeff, “ Step off my hand.” Doing so, the little male walked upon the wooden tile and turned back around, looking straight up toward her glory.

Rotating herself, Jennifer placed her spectacular ass just above him. Rubbing her behind with the palm of her left hand, the lady said, “ So, you’ll do anything.” A second later, Jeff saw shit emerge from her asshole. Backing off, he just missed being buried in her avalanche. Shitting again, the woman released another load before his awestruck little eyes.

Done with her business, Jennifer stood up, turned back around, and said down to her little captive, “ Well, if you wanna be brought back to normal, you’ll have to eat that whole pile.”

Rolling his humiliated eyes upward, he begged, “ Oh, Jen, c’mon, please, that’s sick, what’s the purpose of this?”

“ I don’t know, I just wanna watch you eat my shit.”

Pleading further, Jeff said, “ Jen, it’ll take days to eat this.” As he continued to stare at her pile whose height matched his, he exclaimed, “ Please, please, I’ll do anything else!”

“ Nope, if you wanna be back to normal, you’ll have to consume the whole thing!”

“But I’ll never get finished, there’s too much for me!”

Looking toward the kitchen, the Hispanic girl walked over and opened the refrigerator. Peering inside, she yelled back in his direction, “ There’s enough food here to last me a week, and besides, it’s spring break, no one’ll miss us!” Yelling again, the feline said, “ Well, you’d better get started, the sooner you start, the sooner you’ll finish.”

Closing the refrigerator’s door, Jennifer left the kitchen and went into the bathroom. There, she lowered the seat and sat her ass down. Taking some toilet paper, she wiped her butt clean. Getting up, the lady washed her hands and returned to the livingroom.

Looking down at him, she said, “ So what are you waiting for, get busy.”

Resignation crossed his face as the little man stretched his hand out, taking up a piece of her crap. Slowly, he brought it to his mouth. Sticking the tip of his tongue into her waste, he tasted it first. Working up the utmost in effort, he eventually placed the entire handful into his mouth. Chewing away for a second, he finally swallowed.

From above, he heard, “ Hey, this’ll be great, what a show, I’ll be sitting here for a few days watching you eat away!” Throwing herself into the sofa, she raised her boots atop the table and ordered, “ Let’s go, take another handful, eat it, eat it, yea, eat it all slave!”

Watching him take another handful, she slowly moved her left hand’s middle finger toward her cunt. As he placed the excrement in his tiny mouth, she played away with her clit, massaging it until her wetness flowed forth, dripping upon the cushion. Fingering away, the woman worked up another orgasm.

Refreshed, she got up and ventured back to the refrigerator, removing a can of Pepsi. Pulling back on the ring, she listened to the carbonated beverage hiss away. Returning to the livingroom sofa, she flopped herself down and continued to watch Jeff eat away. Arching her head back, she took a mouthful of Pepsi. Moving her head forward again, Jennifer looked straight into his eyes. Seeing the defeated look on his face together with a brown ring about his lips, she broke forth in laughter, spitting the pop out, spraying its mist all over him. In response, all she heard from below was a soft little whimper, “ Please, please, please…”

Hours went by as he ate away. Now and then, the sadistic and vengeful female would go to the kitchen, making herself something to eat. On occasion, Jennifer gave him a break, feeding him small bits of food between his major task of eating away and away. Enjoying the sight of his pathetic being, she continuously mocked him non stop.

The hours turned themselves into days. Eventually, after throwing up at times, Jeff had it all done. Four days after starting, the pile was all gone. Still naked, the booted woman stood above him and remarked, “ Not bad little one, that was pretty good, so how did it feel eating away at my crap?” Smiling, she added, “ Boy, talk about someone taking shit from someone else!”

Staring up to her naked magnificence, he said, “ Ok, Jen, you promised to make me big again.”

With a sadistic glow in her eyes, she answered, “ I think I’ve changed my mind.”

“ What do you mean, you promised?”

“Yea, but that’s the way it goes, you’re gonna stay small.”

Angry and humiliated, Jeff screamed upward, “ You fucken whore, I hate you!”

“ You shouldn’t have said that!”, she replied wickedly.

His tiny frame backed off a few inches as he saw her right boot raise itself above the tile. Moving the sole over him, she finally said, “ Die, you little fuck!”

Quickly, the stiletto masterpiece came down, crushing his insignificant being!

The End

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