Jennifer’s Feet

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Working in a college town has its up and downs. In my line of work I get to get all kinds of people. Currently I work installing cable TV. Business is good in our city and I am always busy. Except for that Wednesday afternoon. I remember that day because it was the day I met Jennifer.

She is a college freshman (second semester) and a beautiful 19 year old girl. She was my only call so far. I arrived at her apartment and knocked on the door. When she opened the door I was amazed at her beauty. She invited me in and showed me the rooms she wanted cable. Instantly I noticed that she was bare foot. Her feet were about a size seven with slender toes that were perfectly formed.

Her toenails looked freshly painted, and they were a deep red color. Jennifer ‘s feet were the creamiest shade of white and I noticed how nicely it contrasted with her toes. As she showed me around I had a hard time not looking at her feet as she walked. The last stop was her bedroom and from the look of it she came from money.

Very nice, new furniture filled the new apartment. Jennifer went into her closet and came back out with a pair of running shoes in her hand. She opened her dresser and grabbed a pair of cotton white socks. Being a runner myself I complimented her expensive running shoes. She thanked me and said she loved her old pair, but they had too many miles on them.

Jennifer lead me back to the living room and she sat on the sofa. I watched as she put her socks and shoes on. I had a hard time covering my hard-on with my clipboard! She said she had to run several errands and would be back in a few hours. With that, she closed the door and I watched her get in her car and drive away.

I sat on the sofa for a second thinking how sexy she was and how nice her feet looked. I decided to visit her closet and inspect her shoe collection. When I opened her closet door I saw that she had tons of shoes. Platform strappy sandals, pumps, flats, flip flops, Keds, the works. I got down on the floor and looked at each pair. I found a well worn pair of leather sandals that had deep dark toe prints embedded in them.

I raised the sandal to my nose and inhaled the aroma. It was a light scent of sweat and leather. I kissed each of her toe prints and ran my tongue along them. I tasted the salty sweat of her young feet. My cock was straining to get free of my pants. Then I saw the old running shoes she was talking about.

I reached over bursa otele gelen escort and brought one up to my nose. Its smell was much stronger an the sandal, but not offensive. I reached inside it and pulled the insole out. It looked like a perfect mold of her foot. The toe and heel imprints were deep mixed with some white sock lint. I pressed the insole to my nose and inhaled deeply. I closed my eyes and imagined her soft bare feet on my face. I lower the insole and ran my fingers over the indention her sweet young toes had left behind.

Suddenly I hear the front door key slide into the dead bolt. Quickly I tried to stuff her insole s back into her running shoes. In my excitement I put the shoes back and jumped out of her closet as I heard her close the front door.

“Hello, Jim. Are you still here?” I heard her call out.

I came out of her bedroom and told her it was taking me a little longer than usual. She walked into her room and took a look around.

“Did I leave my closet light on? God what an idiot I am. My power bill is going to be so high.” Jennifer said.

She walked over and opened the closet door to turn the light off. I could hear my heart pounding in my chest as she looked inside her closet. I couldn’t remember if I put everything back in order. Finally the light went off and she came back out.

I needed some air! I told her it was my lunch break and I was going to run and get something.

“Nonsense” she said “Hang out, I’ve got some killer leftovers we can have.”

I sat at her kitchen table while she nuked the food. We talked about school and my job. Little small talk. She mentioned that she was on the schools cross-country team for a while but had to give it up. When I asked why, she said that she had trouble with shin splints and also her feet and knees hurt a lot after she ran. Of course this got my full attention. I hadn’t even considered trying to actually touch her feet. I would have been happy to be left alone in her closet!

After we ate I we moved into the living room to let our food settle. I told her that I did a lot of running and used to run track in school too. I told her that it might be a problem with the way she ran that was giving her so much trouble with her feet. I told her that I could tell how she landed on her feet when she ran.

She didn’t believe me. I said I could prove it to her and asked her bursa eve gelen eskort to show me her old running shoes. She went and got them and handed them to me. She watched as I removed the insoles (again) and examined them.

“I sorry, I know they have to be really stinky” she told me.

“No problem. See I bet when you run you land directly on the balls of your feet” I said.

She asked how I could tell. I showed her how the impression of her foot was much deeper where the balls of her feet were.

“You have to land on your heel first, then roll your foot along the ground and push off with your toes.”

Then I decided to just go for it. I scooted near to her hand reached down and picked up her feet and swung them into my lap.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“I bet these shoes are the same way.” I said.

I slowly untied her right shoe and with one hand cupping her heel I slid her shoe off. Instantly I felt the heat coming from her foot on my leg. I untied the other shoe and took it off her foot too.

“I bet I can tell you which foot is your strong foot too.” I said.

Jennifer seemed a little nervous, but not overly so. I placed my hands on her socks and just caressed them for a second. They felt so warm and moist that I wanted to bury my face in her soles! I slide my fingers under the top of her right socks and slowly rolled it off her foot. Then I did the same to her left foot. I looked at my lap and saw the sexiest pair of feet I had seen in a long time.

Jennifer was totally chilled out and not looking nervous anymore. My fingers stroked up the length of her silky soles.

“Your right foot is the dominate foot” I told her. “See how the skin is harder along the side of your big toe and the slide of your heels. Your left foot doesn’t have that.”

She looked at her feet and said “Awww poor baby, am I working your too hard?” As she looked at her right foot and laughed.

“Its alright I have something for it” I said as I launched into a foot massage.

My fingers pressed hard against the bottom of her right sole. I worked my fingers up her foot until I got to her toes. Then I slid my index finger between each toe and also pulled gently on each one too.

“Wow, I haven’t ever had a foot massage before!” she exclaimed. “Don’t forget my left one!” she said joking.

I placed both ankles together in my lap bayan escort bursa and tried hard to conceal my erection. What could I do? All I wanted to do was just stare at her feet and run my hands all over them. Which I found myself doing. I massaged her feet for almost 30 minutes. I would raise one up to run my hand along the underside of her calf and try to get it close enough to my nose for a smell. I had one foot being massaged by both hands really hard and it accidently bumped into my nose when I tried to get it too close! The contrast of my big, thick tanned workmans hands and her little milky white feet was almost too much.

Jennifer looked up at me and told me directly, “You have a thing for feet don’t you?” At first I tried to deny it, but the evidence against me was too much.

“Its alright. I don’t think your a freak, I’ve just never met a foot guy before. Sooooo.. what do you think of my feet? Are they pretty enough?” Jennifer said with a sly smile.

“You have no idea” was all I could manage to say before I rasied her foot up and kissed the tip of her big toe. I looked up at her to get a reaction and all she did was let out a little giggle. That was it I was going all the way, damn it! I pressed both ankles together and buried my face in her soles. Her soles felt a little sticky and smelled so good! I slid her soles down my face as I inhaled deep until her toes where at my mouth. I opened up and stuck both of her big toes in my mouth. She let out a sexy little yelp and laughed because it tickled her.

Jennifer tried to jerk away out of a tickle reaction but my grip on her narrow ankles was too great. Her feet weren’t going anywhere. I gently nibbled on the balls of her feet as she screamed and laughed out loud. She was thrashing around like crazy trying to get away.

I wish I would have tied her up, but now it was just a battle of muscle. After seeing tears of laughter stream out of her eyes. I stopped my attackand gently ran the flat part of my tongue up and down the length of her soles. She moaned a little bit and bit her bottom lip as she watched me. By the time I was ready to have her toes, her soles looked like I had rubbed baby oil on them. That is how wet and shiny they were from my saliva.

I took my time and sucked each of her toes and made sure to lick between each one too. Finally it was time to get to work. The day was almost over. I told her I would be back tomorrow to finish her cable installation. As I was getting up I stuck her socks in my pocket. I gave her my card and gathered my things. She didn’t look to happy that I was leaving, but I had to keep my job. I got into my van and drove to the nearest park. I turned off the van and pressed her socks to my nose and masturbated. In about a half second I came all over her socks!

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