Jennifer’s Curiosity

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Ray Mattos

Jennifer and John, while at work, quickly became good friends. Jennifer is not married, but has a boyfriend. She is 27 years old, medium length blonde hair, small boobs, beautiful brown eyes and has a sweet little ass. John is married, a bit older at 42, brown hair, athletic build and a couple of tattoos. Working so close they became good friends. There wasn’t much either of them couldn’t talk about with the other.

Both of them were smokers, and went outside together to the designated smoking area. Jennifer usually sat down, while John stood there smoking. John wore jeans for work most of the time. And on a few occasions he noticed Jennifer taking quick glances at John’s front bulge. After John caught Jennifer, he would purposely get his cock hard so it was even more noticeable. Those quick glances turned more into glaring stares as John’s cock pressed hard against his jeans.

After lunch one day, they both headed out to the smoking area. When they arrived, there sat Lisa, a co-worker in another department. Lisa was an attractive middle aged blonde, who had gigantic boobs. They chatted a bit then Lisa went back to work, leaving Jennifer and John alone.

Jennifer spoke freely, “Geezus, what I would give to have half of Lisa’s boobs.” Peeking down at her smallish chest.

John chuckled, “Boobs aren’t everything kiddo, they probably give here back troubles.”

“Yeah, but if I had boobs like that, I would show ’em off at someplace like Hooter’s.”

Both of them laughed. John shaking his head, “Well then, maybe you should work more overtime and get a boob job then, if you’re so weird-ed out by bigger boobs.”

“Not going to happen, ain’t no knife cutting on me.” Again, they both laugh and head back to work.

Couple of days later Jennifer really got the conversation with John going after lunch.

“Remember when we were talking about boobs the other day?”

“Umm yeah.”

“Well, gizli çekim porno it got me thinking about my boyfriend and his small thing.”

John perked up, “Ah Jennifer, sure this is something you want to blurt out to the world honey.”

“Oh I don’t give a crap, I have small boobs, he has a small cock.”

“Alrighty then,” John replies imitating the movie character.

“Well, what about you, is yours tiny too?”

“That is really none of your business young lady,” John said with a big smile.

“Oh come on, tell me, I won’t say anything to anyone, just between you and me, promise.”

John thought for a brief moment, walked over nearer to Jennifer. “Okay, if you really want to know, take both of your hands and make a fist. Now put them together and add a head, that would be about my size.”

Jennifer followed his instructions, looking up at John, “Oh hell no, no way John, that’s freaking huge big.”

John shrugged, and said, “Trust me honey, my wife can use both hands on me, and still have enough to suck.”

Jennifer just stared at John, shaking her head, saying no way.

These kind of conversations went on for a good while, just simple harmless flirting, but nothing ever came from it. About six months later, Jennifer looked a little down trodden. John asked her what the matter was. Jennifer related that she had broken up with her boyfriend after being together for 3 years. John hugged her and said he was sorry to hear this. Jennifer appreciated it from him.

Friday came, both of them having a smoke again outside. Jennifer told John she needed get extremely drunk after the bad week she had. She asked John to come out with her Saturday night and have a few drinks. John accepted and was meeting her at a bar near work.

Saturday evening came, John walking into the bar, sees Jennifer sitting alone drinking. Jennifer is really hitting it hard, beer with glory hole secrets shots. John told her he was taking it easy with the drinking because he had a longer drive home. Jennifer didn’t care as she drank like a fish. All night long John listened to drunk Jennifer complain about her boyfriend.

Jennifer was feeling no pain as last call arrived. Repeatedly, she kept telling John, “You know, I really love you, you know.” John would jokingly answer back the same, “I love you too, you know.” Jennifer finished her last drink, John grabbed a hold of her. Told her, he was taking her home, she didn’t fight it, she agreed. John then poured Jennifer into his car, heading off to her apartment.

Jennifer slurred to John that she didn’t want to go home yet. But, John said where the hell do you want to go, all the bars are closed now. Jennifer said she wanted to go to the public river view and just watch the river. John chuckled and said okay, but just for a minute. Pulled into the river view parking lot and watched as the river flowed.

Jennifer drunkenly giggly, asked John, “Hey, can I ask you a huge favor and please say yes okay.”

“Depends what it is you want you lush.”

“Don’t call me that, just promise me you’ll do it okay.”

“Oh lawd, what do you want Jennifer?”

Jennifer looked at me with her glassy drunken eyes, index finger by the corner of her mouth, leaned over and quipped, “Can I see your cock?”

“What?” That’s the alcohol talking, no you can’t see it.”

She places both her hands on John’s right arm, “Please, please please, I just want to see it. I want to see how big it is for real.”

“No, Jennifer, I’m not showing you my cock.”

Jennifer fake pouts, “Come on, I just want to see it, that’s all.”

John sits there, somewhat stunned, but also has his mind swirling. Finally, he says to her, “Tell you what, I’ll pull it out, but you have grup sex to hold it with your hand for no less than a minute. You don’t have to do anything but hold it, then you can feel it instead of seeing it.”

Jennifer thought for a second, and then agreed. It was dark inside the car, as John unzipped his fly and pulled his cock out. He played with it for a bit to make it harder, sat back, and told Jennifer, “Okay, give me your hand.” John slowly guided her hand to his semi hard cock. Jennifer wrapped her little hand around his thickening shaft. Jennifer then cooed, “Oh my, that is nice, I knew you had a nice cock.”

She continued holding his shaft, not moving her hand at all. John’s cock grew more and more rigid. Jennifer looking out the driver’s side window excitedly asks, “Hey, is there a guy walking over there?” Pointing out the window. John turned his head, and then said, “I don’t see anybo…,” Before he could finish the word, Jennifer had bent over and wrapped her lips around John’s cock head.

John blurted softly, “Jennifer, oh my god, what what oh my god.” Jennifer now hungrily sucking down John’s hard cock. Soft sucking noises coming from Jennifer’s lips. The wetness from her saliva tracing down his rod onto his balls. She cups his balls, pulling them outside of his jeans. John leans back, looking down as his friend sucks his cock like a little whore. John strokes her head, as she flicks her tongue over his cock head and then his balls.

Jennifer keeps sucking hungrily and wild, her hand jerking him harder and faster. John moans out, “Oh god Jennifer yes, keep it up, oh god yes.” John’s body stiffens as his cock is ready to explode. And explode it does, cum shooting out, Jennifer taking in all that she can. Jennifer finishes John off, sits back up.

“Wow, what do you think of that big boy,” she said smiling with some cum still on her chin.

“That was awesome baby,” he said, wiping his finger over her chin removing his hot cum.

Jennifer and John both had a cigarette and didn’t say a whole lot. John then took Jennifer home, dropped her off, the headed home himself. Thinking on the way home, guess they’ll have a lot to talk about next Monday at work.

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